In Between Two Deep Sea

In between two deep sea episode 1


Chapter One

From GranAmah’s Heart writing class

“.. Babe are you sure your mother would like me? I’m scared!” I asked Uche my fiance, as we were in his car driving to Onitsha to see his mother whom I have never met before throughout my two years of dating him.

It’s mainly because Uche insisted that it will be at the right time, when he is sure we are ready to settle down.

He clearly stated that he didn’t want a situation that after introducing someone to his mother, the relationship will later end so he needed to be sure it’s marriage before an introduction takes place between the two parties (future mother and daughter in-law).

That’s why I was so happy when Uche proposed to me two days ago and today we are on our way to his mother’s house at another city, so that he will get me introduced to his mother; my future mother in-law.

” I told you already my love that you have nothing to worry about, my mother will like you for sure” Uche assured me..

” Are you sure? remember you told me that she has disapproved of the two former girls you brought to her for introduction, I’m scared of being counted amongst the rest after two years of being in a relationship with you, I’m so scared babe! ”

” my love, you need not worry yourself on this, I talked to her on phone about you already.. I have told her all about your good qualities, I even sent her some of your cute photos and from her positive response over the phone, I can tell that she likes you as a daughter in-law already even without meeting you yet..”

” Awww.. Babe thank you so much for this words of encouragement, I pray let it be so too..”

” Amen love” Uche soothingly told me as he placed his left hand on my shaky hands which I placed on my hips, while he used the other hand to control the steering wheel.

After some minutes, we reached his late father’s compound where his mother stays. It was a beautiful bungalow painted blue and fenced all round with no gate.

We drove in, came down from the car and we both went into the house.

I was immediately in love with the interior decor as I sat down staring round the sitting room arena, while Uche left through a door to go inform his mom of our arrival.

I must admit that I was even more anxious when I was left alone by Uche. I was even sweating amidst the fact that the AC was on.

Soon I heard footsteps and almost immediately, an extremely beautiful woman emerged and I was wowed..

If not for the fact that I have seen Uche’s mother in pictures, I would have actually sworn that the woman I am seeing now is not a middle-aged woman, let alone a mother to a grown man of thirty-one years like Uche.

She was looking so young and breathtaking in person than in pictures.

It’s then I knew that Uche wasn’t lying when he said that his mother looked much younger than her age, a sweet sixteen! although I doubted him, I can now affirm that indeed he was right that his mother is a beautiful sweet sixteen replica!

I stood up in respect as I greeted..

” Good afternoon ma’am.. ”

She sat down opposite the sofa I sat before responding..

” Good afternoon dear, you can sit down.. how are you?” She asked, her vocabulary so accurate.

I sat down before anxiously replying to her question

” I’m fine ma, how about you?”

” I’m fine my dear. My son have told me your name already but as a matter of courtesy, lets have a little introduction. I’m Ngozi, Uche’s mother. what’s your name and where are you from dear?

” I’m Juilet ma’am, I am a twenty-seven year old, from Delta state, precisely ikpek Lga”

” Okay dear.. although I do know Uche might have told you all about me already. I’m in my late forties, forty-nine years precisely. I lost my husband about ten years ago and Uche is my only child..” Ngozi expounded

” My condolences ma’am, I’m sorry about your loss” I said sympathetically, just the same way I felt when Uche first told me about his dad’s death after a prolonged illness of heart disease.

” Oh! forget it dear, it’s all in the past now” Ngozi responds smiling mildly

” That’s true..” I replied with my head stylishly staring around, wondering where Uche was since the time he left me here. Almost immediately, I got an answer to my inner question..

“I see you are yearning for Uche, actually I asked him to stay put in the room for at least thirty minutes while I get acquainted with my future daughter in-law. t’s almost thirty minutes so I believe he will be out soonest dear..”

“okay ma’am, I never knew.. I also want to get acquainted with you ma”

” Juilet dear, to first do so then you have to drop the ‘ma’am’ and ‘ma’ title. Rather call me mom or better still Ngozi..”

” No! Mom is preferable.. I will call you mom from now henceforth. Thank you Mom for granting me such a privilege..”

“.. it’s not a problem dear.. Uche told me about your parents death last year. I’m so sorry dear that you had to be an orphan earlier than it should be”

” It’s okay Mom, God knows best..” I said already feeling sad as I was reminded of my parents death in a ghastly accident a year ago.

” Don’t worry dear, from now henceforth you are like a daughter to me. you are a very beautiful lady with an heavenly smile and above all, a cute face and so therefore you deserve no sadness in your eyes dear..” Mom says probably to cheer me up as she saw the sadness in my eyes

” Thank you for the compliments mom..” I reply smiling widely. I never knew she was so complimentary and fun to chat with.

her next question caught me off guard and I was very shy and short of a response to give..

” So Uche told that your guys are sexually active, is that true?”

“mmmh! yes Mom, we are sexually active” I replied shyly staring at my shoes.

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I must admit that I have always been a shy girl who gets shy and swayed away easily, especially with sex related questions like this

“oh! okay. Anyways you two are adults so I believe you two can make personal decisions on such matters and as well take care of yourselves”

” Thank you Mom”

” You’re welcome Juilet dear. And you don’t have to feel shy with me, we are both women and I believe we are having women’s talk as mother and daughter or aren’t we?..”

” We are Mom.. I’m sorry I am always unusually shy but I am still working on disposing most of my shy attributes.. don’t be offended Mom”

” It’s okay dear! you’re so pretty so just be yourself around me. I can hear footsteps, I think your husband to be is coming out..” Mom says and just as she speculated, Uche came out from the door he earlier went into.

He came towards me and sat down besides me on the sofa

” Sweet mom.. hope you are not killing my future wife with too many questions ohh. My love are you okay?”

“yes I am fine babe.. mom here is very accommodating, she is not killing me with questions at all. infact eh I am enjoying myself with her” I replied, smiling genuinely

” Juilet dear don’t mind this young man.. Uche dear Shea you’ve now heard it from the horse’s mouth? I am not a ‘killing’ mother inlaw as you term me ohh” Mom says sarcastically, while I watch mother and son laugh together.

The sight was so beautiful to behold and I was feeling happy to be there..

“let me set the table, I will be right back” Mom says, standing up and making her way towards the kitchen

” let me join you Mom, you might need help in one or two things” I said standing up but she declined..

” No oh, mba! you are my visitor and this is your first day in my house so I won’t let you stress yourself. Just sit down! I will be right back and the table will be set in no time..” she concluded and left to the kitchen

” Okay Mom..” I replied feeling blessed to have such a mother inlaw. I hear stories of mother inlaws who usually want their daughter in-laws to cook and do house chores on the first day of coming to see them. I kept praying mine would be different.

I’m glad my prayers have been answered. I sat down and turned to face Uche who smiled at me before he mockingly said..

“I told you didn’t I? That my mom is going to like and accept you and she does”

” Yea, I am so so happy babe.. I was initially scared but all those fears are gone now. She even complimented my beauty sef, your mom is so fun to be with”

” My mom and your soon to be mother inlaw..” Uche said as we smiled and I rested my head on his shoulder until Mom called us to the dinning table, where we ate and shortly afterwards we were ready to go back to Delta state.

” Juilet dear.. please be free to stop by anytime, any day. If possible I will be happy if you can come alone this weekend so we can get to know each other more and more on a deeper level!”

” Okay Mom, anything for you. I will come to visit this weekend, I too would want to know my mother inlaw more..”

” So you two are leaving me out, shebi?” Uche said jokingly

” Shift joor! My daughter inlaw is now first. okay see you two! take good care of yourselves okay..”

” Okay sweet mom..” Uche said and got into the car to drive out, I got in too as I waved mom goodbye..

” Okay.. goodbye mom, see you by weekend”

“Okay dear.. goodbye, safe journey home!.”

Uche drove out of his father’s compound, and we drove back to the city we base chatting happily on the way.

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