In Love With A Crazy Girl

In Love With A Crazy Girl episode 17 – 19



“I will talk”. I said and sighed.
“Ok, let me hear it. How come you know me?”.He asked in a cool voice.
He offered me a chair and I sat down.
“I Know you and everyone knows you. We attended the same high school”.I answered and licked my already dried lips.
He gave a nod and continued looking at me stylishly.
“Okay so, apart from that, is there nothing else? ” he threw in.
“What else do you want to hear?” I asked somewhat scared again.
“I want to hear everything”. He added.
“Ok if you say so. Ermmm, you had a crush on me back then”.

“Hello? Excuse me!!” He laughed hard creating a secret dimple at the corner of his face
Oh my Gosh! That same laugh I fell for back then in I school. I couldn’t regain my complete self again. I continued looking at his lips as he laughed hard. His dimples were the worst of all.

“Me? Had a crush on you? nah nah. That can’t be possible because I don’t row with girls like you.” He continued laughing.
I looked at him and poked my lips.
“So, why are you now laughing?”. I sounded irritated.
“Because you are so funny. You look like a comedian also”. I faked an angered look.
He stopped laughing and looked at me straight in the eye with a hint of mockery in his face.
“You can go to your post now. Your attention is no longer needed”.
He said and I stood up.
I walked out of his office while he continued mocking me.

The restaurant closed for the day and I took my bag and walked out, with Steph running after me.
“Where the hell are you rushing to that you can’t even wait for a friend?” She queried.
“As you can see, am not rushing anywhere. I just decided to go clubbing tonight. I need to cool off my mind because today is Friday”.
“Oh I forgot so soon. You like clubbing on Fridays. Can I come with you?” She asked winking.
I rolled my eyes and laughed.
“Remember am going there to cool off my head. I don’t want any stress”.
“So am now a stress to you?” Steph asked blinking.
“That’s if you say so”. I walked away and flagged a cab down, which took me to my house.

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Once I got home. I quickly had a quick shower and I applied some lotion on my body.
I brought out a red fitted gown, and a black shoe and wore them. it was so perfect on my body though the gown looked in a way too tight in me. I preferred tight clothes. I applied my make up and walked out to the sitting room. After I had taken a supposed dinner, I walked out of the house.

I got to the club at dark. Music was blaring at the background and everyone danced with their partners. I looked for a quiet corner and sat down as I ordered for a bottle of champagne.

As she sipped the wine with her mouth, she felt someone near her. She turned shakkily to the other side and saw a guy smiling at her.
He sat down opposite her and stretched his hand forward.
“Can I sit with you” he asked.
“Not when you’re already sitting down”. She added with a little high pitched voice.
“I Know. Nice meeting you”. He stretched his hand again. She looked at him and continued sipping her drink.
“Don’t you think we’ve seen each other before?” he asked trying to get her attention.

She hissed loudly.”That’s what you guys say, when you don’t Know someone you’ll be acting as if you know. Like a guy I saw at the airport the other……” she stopped and looked into his eyes. She continued looking at him before she remembered.
“Archie? Are you not Archie? The talkative guy?” she asked somewhat going crazy
He smiled a little. “Yes am Archie. The guy from the airport”. He answered.

“Ohh!” She sighed.
“So, now you’ve known me, can we have a dance together”. He pleaded.
“I don’t dance with strangers”. she barked.
“But am no longer a stranger to you. Please please and please”.
“Thanks Angel. Let’s go”. he took her hand.
“I promise to dance with you but on one condition”. She bit her lip.
“Just make your request and It will be granted”. he nodded.
“Promise me you will pay for the bottle of the champagne🍷 wine I took”.
“That’s not a problem as far as you dance with me”.
He took her hand and they took to the dancing floor. Everyone else joined in the danced.
As I danced with Archie, I took notice of a guy dancing with a girl far behind me. Some people took notice of him and they stopped to watch him dance. This guy was so good In the clothes he wore. Some beads of sweat formed more on his body and that made him more good. I wasn’t interested in the dance anymore. I halfed looked at him and halfed danced.
“I will be right back. I need to go order for another champagne.” Archie said and excused himself.
As I turned to climb down, a felt a wave and I almost tumbled when everyone gave out a loud wail.
I was almost falling on the floor when a sweaty arm gripped me. With the clothes he was wearing, I knew it was that same guy I saw dancing a while ago.
He held me on my waist for what seemed like eternity. Our lips was almost meeting and at last, I looked at his face. I was shocked to my bone marrow.
“Kyle” I said silently.
“Angel? he called somehow feeling empty.
With the way he called me, unknown love music started playing in my head. I shook it off.
As I bent my head a little, my eyes meant with Archie. He was looking at me hatefully and I was confused.
We both straightened up from our position and I turned when I heard wailing from the clubbing guys.


her! kiss her!! kiss her!!!” they all wailed as they clapped.
It was then I knew that the whole situation had been planned with just a twinkle of an eye.
Kyle bent his neck to kiss me and I shook my head negatively……


Kyle bent his neck to kiss me and I shoke my head negatively.
He cupped my face in his hands and gave me a long kiss. As he sucked my lips, I crudded up in fright. I was afraid and the Same time enjoying the feeling.

As I kissed her, it seemed a new feeling erupted In my body. Some past incidence started reviewing back in my memory. Everything came back to normal and I knew how I found Angel and fell in love with her. The kiss we shared near the beach kept recollecting in my head and everything we done when we went camping. it was then I knew that I was in love with this girl.
We finally broke from the kiss and everyone applauded us. I took her hand and kissed it and she smiled.
We walked out of the gathering and everyone else continued with the dance.

He took me to a quiet corner and held my hand.
“Now I remember you Angel. I love you”. He said calmly.
“I love you too” I said and kissed his four head.
Just then, Archie came into sight. He wriggled my hand away from Kyle’s hand and pushed me to his chest.
Kyle charged towards him and drew my hand.
“Let her go now or I….” Kyle said
“Or you would what? You can’t do me anything. She’s my girlfriend”. Archie said looking at me, winking.
I released from his grip.
“I beg your pardon? Who’s your girlfriend? Who the hell do you think you are”. I barked at Archie.
He pointed his finger at Kyle.
“This is the second time you’re stepping on my feet. Who gave you the audacity to kiss her?” Archie asked Kyle.
“Hello?? I think something is going wrong here. Archie for crying out loud, I just met you today. How am I your girlfriend then?” I turned to Archie.
He became mute as he stared daggers at Kyle.
I stood at their middle preventing them from fighting as they stared at each other dangerously. I couldn’t believe that these two were actually fighting because of me. Or is it that the knew each other from somewhere?

“Angel I want you to say the truth in the question am about to ask you”. Archie said as he turned to me.
“Go on”.
“Are you choosing Kyle over me?” He threw the question to my face. I kept looking at him without blinking an inch. I didn’t Know the answer to offer him. I can’t just say am choosing him over Kyle, someone I’ve only met two times, neither do I choose Kyle, that too would break his heart.
I looked at Kyle and then at him, then a answer occurred to Me.
“I can’t choose anyone between the two of you. Excuse me’. I turned to leave.
“I take that as a yes Angel” I turned to look at him. “Just prepare for war”. He said and backed off.
Oh my gosh!! is it a must to love someone???🙄🙄🙄

The following week soon got to an end. I and Kyle had really gotten along really good and we had gotten used to each other. He was such a nice and caring guy. I never knew he was so caring to the extent of calling me every two minutes to ask how I was doing when we were both in the same place. He always called me Everytime to his office which kept Steph focusing on the two of us.

So Angel had the audacity to choose Kyle over me, after a month I spent in searching for her. I heard they were now dating and she was no longer a sales personnel but now his PA. The news was all over the medias. I was so crazily in love with this girl and I vowed never to let her go.

I walked to my office to see a woman waiting for me. I ushered her into the office and she sat down.
“So, how may I help you ma’am”. I asked her obviously angry from the news I received that morning.
“I came here with peace and I want you to cooperate with me to make it better. Am Angel’s stepmom and I also hate Kyle just the way you do. If you agree to work with me, then just consider her all yours”.
“But mrs, I didn’t ask for your opinion. I don’t need help from anyone because I lay my head just the way I want it. Thanks for your help but am not interested in working with you”. Archie told her.
She gave Archie a confusing look, then stood up. As she turned to go, she turned back and mentioned a few words out to Archie.
“Am after my husband’s will and because of that I will have to kill anyone obstructing me even if it means killing Angel”. She walked out and hissed.
Archie thought about the situation all over again. The woman wore a dangerous face which means that she meant everything she said. He sighed heavily.
“I think I will have to work together with this woman to eliminate Kyle”.


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