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In Love With A Crazy Girl episode 23 – end



It’s been two weeks now since Angel was kidnapped. I had not been myself ever since then, due to the way I had treated her right from the scratch. I never knew I was going to miss her this much. The worst of all was that, everyone had forgotten about our marriage all in the name of finding her. I promised myself that if I don’t bring her back, there was no other way I would be able to be happy again all my life.

I drew her step mom’s hand to a corner, looking at her worriedly.
“What’s with that face, huh?” She asked as if she wasn’t bothered.
“Am now seen as a criminal every where I go. The police can’t stop searching for me and you think I can be ok with that. My company has been on the police custody and also with my house. What do you expect me to do?? To be happy?” I asked regretting my mistakes.
She turned to look at Angel who was staring at us peacefully from a corner. I had to loosen the ropes from her body when I found out that she was very ill and also had fever that morning.

“Actually, am also scared too. I don’t know what else to do. Now that Kyle is been protected by the police, the spies can’t get to locate him and time’s getting out of hand”. She stared at me worriedly.
“I guess we should move her from here because the police can get to capture us any moment from now”.
“That’s what have been thinking about. But that’s going to be really hard”.
“I know and that’s why……”. We heard a hard coughing sound and we turned to look at angel. She was coughing really hard, while she ran out of sight to a corner. We ran after her and also watched as she vomited some white substance from her mouth. She was so heal and pale in the face and I hoped it was not what I was thinking.

We helped her up and sat her up on the chair while theresa examined her. I was so scared when theresa winked at me and I followed her to a corner.
She looked at me for what seemed like eternity before asking me the question.
“Did you by any chance had any s£xual intercourse with her?”
“How can i. I can’t, I never did that”. I said worriedly.
“Well to be sincere, Angel is 🤰 Pregnant!” She threw the bombshell at me.
I was alarmed!!
“Wha….. Wha…. What did you just say? Preg what?” I asked not believing her
“I said she is pregnant. I guess Kyle already had a s£xual intercourse with her and I guess it’s now time to give up.
I knocked my head hard against the wall. My eyes were red and fluffy. How dare Kyle?? My woman? my pride, my everything. How could he?
I was really angry and I vowed to end his life there.
“Before you go, remember he’s under the 👮 police’s custody and I bet’s that you’ll be trying to involve yourself all in the name of killing him”.She added eyeing me.

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I punched my fist on the wall. I was ready to kill for this. I turned to look at Angel and I found out she was finally asleep peacefully on the couch.

As i bit my lips badly again, Theresa’s daughter; Stacy ran into the room breathing hard. She was holding her chest and breathing badly.
“What’s wrong with you, Stacy? what happened?” Theresa asked her.
“Mom….. mom… mom I heard the police her after you guys. They are on their way here right now. I heard it when I spied on the station a moment ago”.

“Oh my world! We have to get away right now. Let’s pray the police don’t get to see us here”. Theresa said in a haste.
I quickly grabbed a note and I pen and scribbled some things on it. I wouldn’t want Kyle to Know that I was running away from him. I dropped quietly it in a place where they could locate it quickly.
I took a quick hold of Angel and carried her in a bridal style into my car. I had to make sure the road was secured before I zoomed out of the arena.

We got to the address the system had ventured on us. I prayed silently to see my angel there because I was nothing without her. Seven of the officers surrounded the building while three others joined me while I walked into the building. I was in a big haste to see my angel.
I stood in a room while the other three officers went to search in the other rooms. I knew Angel had been there in that room all because of the scent that filled my nostril. I knew her scent which was made up of strawberry and 🌹 rose flower. I kept standing in one position before I figured out a piece of paper at the far end of the table.


ran there and was surprised to see it was a written piece. As I ran my hand through it, it read…..

Never try searching for
us because you’re never
going to find us. I and Angel
will be traveling over the country
to start a new life there because
Angel is never going to find love in
you any longer. She is already pregnant
for me and I pray you see a girl who
would love you just the way ANGEL
is to me.
Hope to see you soon,


I was shocked as hot tears ran down my eyes 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭 Could this be true???


I sincerely handed the note over to the police, they read it with me and were also shocked.
“I don’t think this is true because a hint of lie is certainly in, at this moment. We see something like this almost Everytime we go out to operate so there’s no need for you to be scared. We always get them”.
I unwillingly followed them out of the building. I couldn’t be myself anymore as bad thoughts came flying over my mind but I hoped non can’t be true.
I pray to find her unhurt some day and I swear I wouldn’t dare touch her again, even though she does something very bad to me.

I opened my eyes to find myself in a cold dark room. I was shivering and I felt bad for my self all because I was tied to a chair. I had to find any possible way to run away. I can’t just keep waiting for Kyle.
As a thought flashed my mind, I heard steps. It was from afar but it kept sounding as if the person was in my front. I kept staring into space because I was scared.
The person came face to face with me holding a knife. It was no one else other than Theresa. She was staring at me badly as she had a cruel look on.
I continued staring at her not minding her burning eyes. I had to save my self. She walked more closer to me to the extent that we were almost touching. She gave a loud hiss and continued staring at me while opening the file. She finally signalled a place for me and requested I signed on it. I was fed up
“Why do you expect me to sign on what I don’t know about. Do you think I can fall so cheap for you? Besides, what the hell is wrong with you guys? Haven’t you done enough already?” I asked as if I was gonna die.

“Ok, please just sign this docvment and I promise I will do anything you request from me”.
I blinked my eyes and stared at her unbelievably. I knew the docvment she was asking me to sign on were for me to hand over my father’s properties to her. I knew something was amiss when the lawyer told me back then that I couldn’t own the property, I knew they were working together.

“Okay, just tell me where my mother is and I promise to sign them”. I said pointing at the docvment.
She laughed so hard until trips of tears began to pile out of her eyes.
“Your mom?? Your mom ?” She laughed. “Your mom is since long gone. She died when she was coming back from the states to see your dad. So, don’t waste your time searching for her, she’s already dead”. She said and shoke her head in a mocking manner.
She placed the docvments on my lap and I picked it up looking at her devilishly.
She smirked, then licked her dried lips.

With her eyes still on mine, I tore the docvments and threw the pen at her. She was shocked and watched in awe as i did those things. She couldn’t do anything as she watched me with red eyes.
A hot slap landed on my face! I knew it was Theresa that gave me those loud and painful slap but I refused to take that in. Another slap landed again and I kept watching her as red blood kept oozing her at the corner of my lips.

“How dare you?!” She barked again angrily and spanked me hard across my face. Then, my head began to make funny sounds. I began seeing two Theresa’s in front of me.
Before I knew what was happening, my eyes closed and darkness invaded me.

I woke up to see Stacy tiptoeing gradually to my direction. She didn’t Know I was awake because I had one eyes closed and the other opened. My head was still hurting badly from the slaps I got from Theresa.
She finally got to where I was and stood in front of me.
“Am here to help you, Angel. I know we’ve not be friends but if I don’t help you now, I don’t think I will be happy all the rest of my life”. She whispered in my 👂 ear.
She moved closer to me and started loosing the ropes from my body. She watched her back as she continued loosing them. I guess she was afraid of her mom
She finally finished loosing the ropes from my body and I stood up. I hugged her dearly and kissed her on her forehead.
“I love you so much step sister. You are one in a million”. I withdrawn from her body.
“I will help you get out of here but please run as soon as you come out, I wouldn’t want my mom to see you. Please come with me”. She drew me and took my hand.

We walked into the forest hand in hand. She didn’t mind if she was pregnant as she drew my hand tiredlessly past the 🌲 trees. I couldn’t believe she was this kind and thoughtful.

She left me seconds later after I had gotten to the main road. I was totally confused. I didn’t Know where to go and what to do at that situation.

It was then I remembered my phone was inside my trousers pocket but It was on silent.
I quickly picked it up and was shocked to see I had fifty missed calls from Kyle. I quickly dialled his number and waited while he picked up.
“Kyle is that you?” I asked as Soon as I heard his voice.
With the tone he used, I knew he was shocked.
“Angel how are you? Do you still love me? Where are you now? How are you faring? Are you sure you are okay”. He continued asking non stop.
“Kyle Please do come to save me…….”
“Where are you now ?” He breath into the phone heavily.
I looked at the sign board and was shocked I was a bit that far from home. I told him where I was was and he promised to be with me in a jiffy . I was happy, at least I had heard from him.

I waited there for him for more than an hour . He was not showing up and I knew at once that theresa might already be looking for me everywhere. I was scared. It was already night and the only sounds I was hearing were the ones coming from the 🐦 birds.
Some minutes after waiting, I heard squawking of leaves. I knew I was already in danger with the way it sounded in my ear. I knew something was amiss.
As I stood right there, I saw theresa running out of the trees with Stacy running and pleading with her to let me be. She paid deaf ears to her and continued walking to meet me.

As she ran to catch up with me, a police van drove into the arena. I was worried and tried to run but she quickly got hold of me and drew my hair. It was then I knew that she was with a gun.
Archie ran into the arena not knowing what was happening but he immediately went down when he sighted a gun on Theresa’s hand.
“If anyone dare come closer, I swear I will blow the person’s skull off”. She threatened as she watched every situation taking place.

I knew she couldn’t shoot me. Besides, she needs me to sign the docvments for her, else she can’t own any of the properties.
I wriggled myself from her hands and shifted backward. She also pointed the gun at my head.
“I swear, if you move an inch there, I will kill you this minute.”
“I know you can’t do that”. I answered.
“Please don’t talk back at her”. Kyle pleaded as he also surrendered.
“No!! Come get me if you can”. I said and moved an inch.

She fired a gunshot and before I knew it someone was running before me to take the shot in my place.
The person lay slump on the ground. I couldn’t believe the person was dead.
“No!!!!!” Theresa shouted and held her mouth, tears trickling down her face……

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“Noo!!!!!” Theresa shouted and held her mouth, tears trickling down her face.
I ran to meet Stacy, holding her hand. She was breathing lightly with tears also trickling down her eyes. I couldn’t help but cry. Was this how she loved me????
Archie ran to me to help raise her up but she shouted in pain saying her baby was coming. I couldn’t help but cry for her. I stood up again and stared daggers at Theresa.

“You! You slut. You made me kill my daughter and I assure you that you must pay for it. Am gonna kill you right away so prepare for death.” She pointed the gun at my stomach and I moved backward.

“No! Don’t do that theresa. I wouldn’t allow you do that to her. Please spare her life”. Archie pleaded on my behalf.

“Keep your mouth shut Archie, you don’t know what loosing a daughter feels like”.
She pulled forward the trigger and empty out a shot. This time, it was Archie’s time to come forward. He fell on my body as the shot emptied on his forhead. I was shocked and scared. How come?
Stacy was still staring at us faintly and her water broke right in those minutes.
Archie died on the spot, in a quest to save my life.😭😭

“Ma’am please drop that gun and stop wasting lives. We can say the rest at the station”. A police man threw.
She laughed hard. “So you think I will follow you guys to the station and end up called a murderer. Come on, it’s better I die and go with my daughter”. She said and laughed hard again. I knew she was crazy.
She started acting strangely. Which mother wouldn’t act like that after shooting her daughter?

She pointed the gun at her forehead and closed her eyes. The bullet floated in and she lay flat to the ground like a sack of beans.
Kyle ran to me and quickly hugged me. He kissed me on my lips, then whispered some words softly in my ear.
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After those stuffs, I realized Stacy was still on the floor breathing heavily. I rushed her up and we took her to the hospital………….

“Mummy mummy mummy” Little Stacy called from the children’s room.
NOTE: (Stacy died while trying to give birth to her daughter and we named the child after her mom)

“Yes darling. Why the shouting?”.
“Mom, the visitors has started arriving and I thought it’s best to call you over”. “Okay” I answered trying to add a finishing touch to my makeup.

“Alright, where’s princess and her twin brother?”
NOTE:( Princess and prince are the twins I had from the pregnancy back then).
“They are playing at the garden. Should I go get them?” Stacy asked me.
“That’s so thoughtful of you. Please do so”. I added. She walked out seconds later.
Little Stacy was that type of girl that always love talking which made her got into trouble every now and then.

Kyle walked into the room slowly and hugged me from behind. I turned to look at him and smiled still trying to fix my ear rings.
“I will help you with that”. He collected the ear rings from my hand and applied them.

He turned to face me and he kissed me passionately on my lips.
He pushed me lightly on the bed and fell on me almost immediately, still kissing me.
I broke from him.
“The visitors has started arriving, so let me join them. We can do this later”. I added. He continued not minding me. it was as if I was talking to myself.
Just then, Stacy came in to sight dragging the crying twins up with her. I pulled away from his body and lay on the bed while he stared at me, laughing.
“You almost killed me”. I breath out and laughed hard. “I was almost suffocating”. I added.

Stacy brought the twins to me and I quickly dressed them up. We were all set to go.

When we got to the sitting room, all of our ex classmates had all arrived.
Betty and jade were there with their son, Sofia had married Kelly and were expecting a baby in a month’s time, Kathryn was still single, though.

I was in all smiles haven’t seen my long time friends. It was a happy reunion. We danced and sang with our kids. It was my best day ever.
As we ladies sat in an area discussing our marriage life, Kathryn exclaimed.
“Look! “She added and I turned to look at where she pointed to. I saw Kyle walking to me with a red flower in his hand. I stood up and gave a wowed look. He finally stood before me and looked into my eyes.

“Ever since I married you, i’ve been really joyful during those seasons. I knew that if I had not married you, I would not have been a man now. All thanks to you Angel, you’ve been there during hard times and I thank you for that. You were, you are, and you will forever be my woman.” Kyle confessed and kissed me.
They all applauded us. The kids came forward and we hugged each other. We in turn took pictures.
That was the most joyful moment of my life. To be married to the man of of my dream.

I wish everyone of you to finally marry the woman/man of your dreams…. My wish to everyone of you……….

THE END😜😜✔️✔️✔️

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