In Love With A Crazy Girl

In love with a crazy girl episode 4 -5



It’s been a month now since Angelica joined us in harmony high. She’s really been a great companion and also a very adviceable friend. She helped me out in times of difficulties and even to think that she was really brilliant. All that bothered me was her attitude towards Kyle. I learnt that she had a great crush on him and also followed him everywhere he goes. Stacy has been acting weird nowadays, she has been showing some sign of jealousy towards Angelica all because she was all over Kyle. I refuse to see a reason why they are killing themselves for a Playboy. I had a crush on him but I refused to let anyone know all because I was shy and very moody. Though, we had been best friends all the way.
One day we all went to the 🏫 school field together, watching the guys as they played basketball. I didn’t know that Angelica was so good at basketball ball not until that day. I didn’t quite value those stuffs that included using my energy.
That day, all the girls and also some boys where there to cheer Kyle up. He was the one that always won in every sport they played. So that day, Kyle won and was being cheered up by everyone. He was really happy and wished to defeat anyone that came out to challenge him.
“Now, is there anyone of you guys who wish to defeat me?” He asked in a smirk. All the boys backed off, they refused to challenge him. I looked at Angelica, she had a sad look and was contemplating on something.
“Since no one is challenging with me, am off to class”. Kyle said and picked up the ball. “Let’s go guys “. he said to his friends, Jade and Edwin and they followed him.
“I will challenge you!” Angelica shouted. standing up from the grass. Everyone turned to look at her in utter bewilderment.

Kyle and his friends turned to look at me. Edwin gave a scoff while jade smirked in a devilish way. The three of them burst out laughing after looking at themselves. They stopped and continued laughing again.
“Come on Angelica, you ought to have been in your class now, receiving lectures”. Edwin said and Everyone burst out laughing.
“And maybe, since she wants to challenge Kyle, let her , she can be a good player though”. They all burst into laughter again. I stared at them not hoping to loose out.
“Why don’t we have a bet?” I said Into Kyle’s face and he scoffed. His friends who had been taking me unserious stopped when I pronounced the word ‘BET’.
“Kyle looked at me dangerously, bitting his lips. “Then what’s the bet”.
“The looser gets to run down the field ten times”. I spoked obviously waiting for a cheer up by everybody, but they didn’t like the idea of running round the field, though the field was wide.
Kyle walked towards me and whispered in my ear. I knew what we had bet for was what I ever wanted but I had to play well if I have to be known by everyone. I gave a nod and he smiled devilish. We walked back to the post. “Now let the game begin”. Jade said and everyone wailed.
“You go first”. Kyle said and threw the ball at me. I caught it almost immediately. Then, the whitsel was blowed and the game began. I took the ball and shot it past the the hoop to the basketball net and he fell into place and I scored a point . Then it got to Kyle’s throw, he also throwed and got a point too. We dribbled each other using the ball as a bait.
Then, it came to the final stage. That stage determined who was gonna be the looser and the winner. I was passing and dribbling at the same time. it was not easy for me to get to the ball to the net. But finally the ball was thrown and everyone waited in utter disbelief. To my greatest imagination, the ball 🏀went out of the stand safe and sound. Kyle gave a loud skoff and shook his head negatively. My joy knew no bound. I was really Happy. Betty and Stacy, my friends came out to cheer me up. The guys carried me up from the floor as I rejoiced. I was really happy. I knew my late mom had been a great teacher all the way.
Soon later, everyone left the field. It was remaining only I and Kyle. He was running round the field lazily as we had bargained. I felt a sudden pity for him and decided to free him off. I jogged to him and held his hands. “Let me be you fool”. He said hotly and threw my hands down. It seemed that was not enough, he gave a hard slap across the face which sent me falling on the ground, while he continued jogging away. I touched my mouth, it was broken and blood was oozing out of the corner. “Bitch!!”. he called as he turned to look at me. Then, I decided to go to my class because of the burning pain that resisted in my mouth. As I turned to go, I heard someone fell. I turned back and saw it was Kyle. I quickly rushed to him and held his hand. “Look at what you’ve done to yourself. I told you to stop running”. But it was right there I knew that he had fainted. I dragged him up and he fell down, I didn’t have that strength.
“Please Kyle wake up. Please I beg of you”. I cried into his ears. Few persons were around the field but that were far away from me. it was then I sported Stacy looking at me from a very far corner behind a tree. I beconed on her to help me carry him but she ran off immediately. I bit my lips and a tear fell off my eye. Why was nobody coming to help me raise him up?
I saw a car coming from the school compound, then I knew I was in trouble. it was the principal’s car. I knew then that I will be expelled from the school. The car came to a halt in front of me and four people came out. The principal, secretary Kim, Stacy and the school guidance counselor. Stacy smirked at me and the principal looked at me with hate in her eyes. I wanted to explain but she shut me down with a wave of a hand. I felt I was dead. They all carried him into the car and Stacy came to me laughing.
“So you think you can take my one and crush and go Scot free. simply because you are pretty or what?” Stacy yelled at me.
“Stacy how could you? How could you do this to me”. I asked loosing my mind. She walked out on me into the car and they droved off.
I felt like I was dying. I cried my eyes out praying that nothing happens to him. I refused to go back to the class and instead I stayed back in the field. I cried and my eyes shooked. Why didn’t I Know soon enough that Stacy was not my real friend.
Betty came soon enough. it was almost Time for closing and she brought my bag to me. She understood what I was passing threw and she also stopped me from crying any longer.
“Stacy told us that you pushed him to the ground when he slapped you at the school field” Betty said. I cried more, I couldn’t believe it.
“I knew she was lying because I’ve been observing her these days and I knew she is really jealous of you”. Betty continued. “Am sorry I didn’t tell you about it soon enough”. She apologized. She cleaned my tears with the back side of her hand and also with her thumb . “Don’t worry everything will be ok. But please pray let him get well soon”. We stood up from the ground and I walked lazily away. All I ever wanted was to get home to my father. I really needed his advice and cuddling. Throughout the ride home, I couldn’t be my self any more. I was really shattered by Stacy’s word.


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The next day was a very boring one for Angelica, all through her drive to school, she was very moody and calm. She regretted ever challenging with him on the basketball game.

When she got to school, it seemed Everyone were all dead to her, Betty tried making her laugh but she gave up after fruitless efforts. Kyle was absent from school followed by the principal and Tracy . The three of them were all absent except for secretary Kim and the school guidance counselor. The day was very boring and everyone was moody. Angelica longed to see Kyle and also apologized for all what she make him go through. She knew that without Kyle’s interference, the principal Was surely gonna throw her out of the school. Besides, she was on scholarship.
All through the day she spent on school that day were all spent dumbly. She finally felt happy when the school closed for the day. She had to tell her father to help her beg for forgiveness.
When she got home, her dad was not yet back and she knew that it will be so. She couldn’t muster the strength to have her bath and she jumped on the bed almost immediately. She slept for some hours before her dad came back from work. As soon as he got home, he went into her unclosed door. He knew very well from his observation that things were not alright.
“What’s the matter with you Angel? You’ve been acting strange these days and I guess something is really wrong somewhere”. My dad spoke into my ear.
A tear fell off my eye. “Dad am fed up with life. I just want to die so I can meet mom wherever she is”. Angelica said calmly.
“Oh no! Don’t say that. Ok, just tell me, what’s the matter?”.
She cleaned her face with the back of her hand, then narrated the story to her dad. Her listened with rapt attention.
“It’s that why you are crying? Oh no don’t cry. Daddy promise to help you. Don’t worry you won’t be expelled, just be yourself and I will help take you back to the school, ok?”.
“Ok” she replied and lay on her bed. She was having a little fever due to the way she cried.

I dressed up quickly three days after, I needed to go see Kyle’s mom and make amends with her. She wasn’t taking Angelica likely this days, and punished her for the incident that happened between her and Kyle. I guess she was too hard on her, so in needed to go see her to beg for forgiveness. Why was I her dad after all?

When I came down the street lane, I took a cab down the road that dropped me off at the gate of her home. I checked the address again and it was the same street number. I pressed the bell ring and waited patiently. A face came shortly after and I knew at once because of her appearance.
“I will be right there” she said and disappeared from the screen.
Not quite long, a maid came out walking towards me, she opened the door and let me in. I walked behind her into the house. I got to the sitting room and sat on the chair the maid offered me.
“Please sir what do you care for?” She asked squatting.
“Don’t worry am ok” I said but she stood there still waited.
“Please sir can you just order for anything? She’ll be mad at me if she doesn’t see anything here”. she said pointing at the table.
“Ok, just bring me a glass of water”. I said, she smiled and said a thanks sir.

After taking a sip from the glass of water she brought, then I saw the principal coming. She was climbing down from the stairs gently. She finally came to where he was and he stood up. They had a hand shake and greeted each other. Then, she offered him a seat again. He sat and crossed his leg.
“So Mr…..?” she said giving him a questioning look.
“Sorry, Mr. Hale ” he answered.
“Oh” Was all she could say, giving him a smile. ” I like you”. she said and smiled.
“Sorry, what did you say?” he asked.
“I said what’s the reason for your coming” She said obviously finding her voice.
“Ok, am here because of my daughter”. he said calmly.
“Your daughter? who’s your daughter?” she asked again.
“Ok, Angelica”. she gave a shocking face, then he continued. “She’s been telling me something concerning some…….” Then a voice came up from the door side. Kyle barged into the house looking as Haggard as ever and not to think that he came with a girl who he makes people believe was his girlfriend. The girl went inside after greeting them in the living room. Then, Kyle came up, he didn’t even take notice of the people at the sitting room. He just barged up the stair case. He decided to look down, then he saw her mom with a man on the sitting room. He came down the stairs with an unknown expression.
“Get inside Kyle. I know what you are here to say, so just get inside and don’t make me loose my mind” her mom shouted, half yelling and half talking.
“Mom why? After all dad did for you is this how you pay him back? Am so disappointed in you. How could you, you think going out with a stinking man like this will pay you something? Definitely not!”. Angelica’s dad gave him a nonsense look and stood up. “Please what did I just here you say. Talking to your mom like that? Oh! I see, a boy has no home training here” he said giving a nod.”Don’t mind Mr. Hale. He’s just drunk” Kyle’s mom said trying not to make him angry.
“And you are even defending him. Don’t worry mom, dad must here of this”. he said storming up the stairs.
“Oh my God. Come back here you rascal. I regret ever giving birth to you”. she said then fell to the ground, crying.
“Oh! Am sorry ma. Don’t cry, everything will be alright” he said and cuddled her. She smiled faintly and stood up.
“Am very sorry, we will have to stop this conversation here. You can give me a call” she handed him her card. He watched as she climbed the stairs over, she was laughing silently. Then all of a sudden she came down the stair, pecked him and returned back again. He was confused. Did she just pecked him? After he healed from his confused, state he walked out of the house and went back home.


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