In Love With A Doctor

In love with a doctor episode 10 – 11


In love with a doctor



“I am almost there” Helia informed her Lawyer over the phone as she rushed toward his office bumping into everyone on the way. “Sorry! Sorry!” She had apologized as she tried making her way across. Mr Blackface had informed her 9:00am, but due to the stupid traffic in town, she had to arrive at 9.30am instead. She got alp tensed up hoping the doctor doesn’t change his mind as soon as she arrives.

“I am sorry. I am so sorry for being late. This wasn’t my plan” She apologized as she rushed in shutting the door behind her. “The traffic was too much ”

“It’s alright. You’re just lucky Mr Anderson is a patient man. Mr Anderson, meet Mrs Helia the lady in question ”

At that point Anderson was already throw over board thinking of her voice. Her voice was familiar damn! He tried making out where he heard the voice but it was vague in his mind. He chose to forget about this realizing thinking so much about it brought things futile. He turned toward his guest and felt his breathe seize. They both recognized each other immediately

“You?! ” he asked with a puzzled look.

“You are Dr Anderson? ” She hoped she was wrong. It just can’t be him. She stumped her feet to the ground helpless. “O! God. This can’t be”

“Is she actually the one I came here to help? ” Dr Anderson asked Mr Blackface who was wondering if they knew each other.

“Do you both know each other? ”

“Of course i know her” He rose up his feet and pointed his index finger at her being certain. She felt so irked.

“Well that is good then. Now I feel… ”

“This was the very same man who got me drunk that night. He is the very same man”

“I never got you drunk. You agreed on the bet”

“You think I wanted to have bet with you”

“You agreed on the bet”

“I didn’t… ”

“It’s okay now. Please! Enough of the differences” The lawyer cut in in anger. Their argument was getting childish.


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Mr Blackface, I can’t work with this man who is the cause of all this problems”

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“Excuse me mam, but how am I the cause of your bad fate? ”

“Look Helia, I know you both have differences but I will prefer you put your differences behind for now. We need to talk business here”

“I can’t work with this man Mr Blackface ”

“Dr Anderson was your mum’s choice so accept it if you love it or not. You both will have to promise me you will comply with each other “They both didn’t say a word. They gave each other angry glances. “Anderson? ”


gave her a lingering stare and sighed.

“Her mum was such a nice woman. She was my mentor. She had supported me all through my medical school. I don’t mind helping her in a time of need especially when it comes to working with a nasty lady as this” Helia opened her mouth in shock wondering where he got the courage to say such. She tried retaliating but Mr Blackface gave her a stern stare getting her to control herself. She eyed him and sat on the seat next to him.

“I will work with him” She told him reluctantly.


The files were placed on the table before them. The trio went through the files one and a time trying to get the relevant information that they needed on the hospital. All files we’re gotten except the Pius file and when it was asked she had to drag Chris in this.

“He is trying everything he can to get the hospital” She had let them know after reporting what he had done.

“He can’t get hold of the hospital. He has no power or right. He has no one to support him right now so just ignore him for now. He isn’t in the picture at all. He is the least of our problems. Let’s just finalize the deal. About the docvment, luckily it isn’t important. Your mum’s will is enough proof” Anderson waved off her complaints. She felt disappointed.

“Anderson, I know my brother very well. We will have to put him in consideration. We have to ensure he doesn’t cause any trouble for us”

“What is actually wrong with you ladies? If you don’t know you are the biggest problem here. We haven’t started the deal my head is already hurting badly. Working with you will be difficult. I am trying to help you so let me do the job given to me. Let me do the thinking girl! Your brother can’t get hold of the hospital since he has nothing to claim it. Forget him. Please ” he pleaded getting tired of her nagging. “Mr Blackface, Since everything is fine I think I have to see the hospital admin tomorrow”


then. You both should do whatever it takes” Anderson nodded proudly with a smile on his lips. Helia gave him a confused look wondering why he felt so excited on her case. It wasn’t even his problem but hers and still he acted as if everything was all about him. It was so obvious he was trying everything he can to make her look stupid. She really hated him so much. He wasn’t even good looking. Anderson gathered the files promising to go through them.

“Sorry about last week” he apologized as they walked out.

“What good will apology do? You really made a fool out of me”

“I never expected you to have over reacted that way. You shouldn’t have scream at me like that”

“What had do you expected? I hug you or shake you? I was so furious. The hospital is my life now”

“I am use to getting the whole blame for everything but it’s okay. Have you at least thought of yourself? You we’re trying to prove how good you could drink and that’s what made u drink”

“Even if that’s what made me drink, i still shouldn’t have especially at my state right now. I am not supposed to be drinking. If anything happens to me them or… I won’t be able to forgive myself. It would have been your fault’

Anderson gave her a perplexed look. She looked perfectly fine.

“What are you even talking about? I don’t understand you. What wrong with you? ”

“Who are you to ask that question? Not that you care. It’s none of your business. Good day” She stormed off out the exit and stopped a taxi. He twisted his nose and got hold of his cell phone thinking of calling someone.

“Hello honey, I am really missing you a lot ” He started the conversation as soon as the receiver picked up.

“I am missing you dear. I can’t wait to see you Anderson. When are you coming over to my apartment? ”

“By evening I suppose. Please dress to kill. You are certainly not like those boring ladies who impress less and talk more”

“Of course honey. I am always ready for that. Why am I your lover anyway? I am here for you’

“Thanks dear. I love speaking to you”

“How is your mum? I haven’t heard from her in a while”

“She is fine. She is just doing her usual routine… ”

“She must be into those church stuffs again. I am sure”

“She is very religious”

“I an sure about that. Anyway let me hang up now. I am about getting into my car”

“No p my honey. Love you”

“I love you too Prisca. Muaah” he pecked her through the cell phone causing her to blush. The call went dead.

Episode 11

“What?! ” Benedicta exclaimed as Helia told her all that occurred that afternoon. “You mean, the person that got you into this mess is also the person you have to seek help and assistance in getting out of it. What trick is life playing on you? ”

“I never expected life to play this kind of the trick on me. When I had thought I had gotten him out of my way, I never expected to draw him more closer to me. You won’t believe how rude he was today. When I told him about Chris, he acted like a he devil saviour. He didn’t care. He told me Chris had no one to help him”

“Are you certain Chris has someone? Just because he is a school drop out doesn’t mean he is stupid”

“That’s what I was trying to tell him but he felt he had no connection with anyone. The will is enough to proof that the hospital is in my name. My mum signed it”

“Maybe we are both exaggerating here. He is right. As long as the will indicates you have it then you have it. There is nothing he can do about it”

“I am not sure Benedicta. My brother is cunning”

“He can’t do anything don’t worry. There are so many proofs backing you up. The lawyer is on our side as well. I am on your side” Helia smiled and held Benedicta’s palm with a sign of gratitude.

“You are a true friend Benedicta”

“What are friends for Helia? Stop this now” She told her calmly patting her on the shoulder. Helia drew her close for a warm embrace still in smiles.


Arriving to the hospital at the agreed time, both Anderson and Helia went ahead to meet the admin of the hospital who seemed to be busy when they walked in.

“O! Dr Anderson and Helia. It’s a pleasure meeting you both here” She greeted giving them both a handshake. Helia smiled and took her seat.

“It’s no problem at all Mrs Sley. We had to come” Anderson said as they we’re all settled.

“You only come for work and never come to see me” She said in a seductive tone making the guy snap his lips. Helia gave them both a skeptical look wondering if they had both had an affair before.

“Mrs Helia I am really sorry about your mum’s death. This hospital was her life”

“There is no need to feel bad madam. It’s all gone now ”

“I still remember then she she use to consider the hospital her second home. She worked night and day just to get it going. God bless her soul”

“Yes. My mum was an hardworking woman. In fact it is due to her, I am here now”

“That’s not surprising because I can see the hospital was handed to your father’s relation. I am sure it will be in good hands ” Helia got astonished.

“I don’t understand. My father’s relation? ” she asked.

“Yes. According to her will, her hospital is handed over to her husband’s family”

“What?! Where is it even stated there? The will says the hospital has to be handed over to me or Dr Anderson. What is with all this new changes? ”

“New changes? Nothing was changed miss Helia. Your brother brought the will himself along with the lawyer. The hospital isn’t yours. It’s for your uncles”

“No! No! No! That’s wrong. There is a mistake somewhere. We can’t just give the hospital away like this” She refused shaking her head vigorously. This was really strange to her. She knew her mum would never do that.

“What makes you so sure you were given the right will? There is a tendency it was forged and given to you ” Anderson spoke out in confusion himself.

“It wasn’t forged. I can get you to have a copy at the copy I have if you wish” They both agreed to have a look at it. Helia hands we’re shaking vigorously. She was very nervous. She tries standing firm to the fact that it was forged but she had a bad feeling about this. What if her brother has successfully gained access to the hospital and there is nothing she could do about it? ‘

“Here! Here is the copy I have” She

let them have the copy. Just before Anderson could get hold of it, Helia grabbed it rudely with her hands trembling. She didn’t notice the frustrated look on his face. She read through it and felt her heart race faster. The letter looked genuine. Every content was written in plain English. It has her mother’s signature and that of Mr Blackface as well. Everything looked just in place. Like she was holding an hold plate, she threw the paper back to her rudely shaking her head again.

“you are a fraud! You are a real fraud! How could you have let this fake docvment get to you?! ” she yelled at her panting like a mad dog.

“Helia calm down now. You are embarrassing me” He pleaded getting hold of the paper.

“Who gave you this will? Who gave you his forged will? ”

“It doesn’t matter who gave me the will. You can see your mother’s signature on it and her lawyer as well. If you are so desperate who knowing who gave me then I will tell you who it was. It was no other than her herself ”

“You liar!!! You have something to do with this. You are working with someone to ruin me”

“Hold your lips you fool! It’s normal get way too emotional due to all this but know that I am doing just my job. Don’t point fingers at me like that. I can help you if you wish I do”

“Why will I need the help of a cheater? You are a really cunning woman

You are a criminal!”

“I HAVE GOTTEN ENOUGH OF THIS! ” The admin had stamped her table with her fist in annoyance. She turned her gaze to Anderson who was in no mood to handle female fights. “Why aren’t you able to control this woman Anderson? Just see how she insults me” Anderson finally stared at them both and placed the will back in it’s place.

“Helia, let me handle this and please be quiet” He ordered.

“Why will I be quiet This is my case not yours. I can’t just overlook this woman”

“Lady stop this disgusting character now! ” He snapped at her but she didn’t seem to care

“Do you even know how disgusting you behave? You are a married woman and still you behave like a flirt. I can’t believe you are having a relationship outside your relationship. Just see how you disgust yourself”

“You are no one go teach me how to live my life idiot!”

“I am not even interested in doing so either”

“You…. ” Georgia was interrupted by Anderson who felt he would have a really bad day if he kept letting them argue like teenagers.

“Helia get out! Wait for me outside” Helia gave him a surprised stare.

“What? Me… ”

“Go away please. I will talk to her alone” He didn’t bother to stare at the sad look on her face. She felt her heart sink. She wasn’t even sure if he doctor would ever understand her or not. Maybe he would never understand her. How the hell would they understand each other when he always felt he knows it? She just couldn’t work with him like this. Why her mum brought him in the first place baffled her? She hated him so much. She gave them both a hateful stare and walked out banging the door behind her. Just as soon as the door was shut behind her, she leaned unto the door and felt her head go dizzy. A nurse noticed this and helped her sit feeling concerned.

“Are you okay ma’am? Should I get you water? “Helia nodded in agreement feeling dehydrated and nauseous. She wasn’t feeling this way lately. This stupid doctor and his God knows friend had brought this annoying feeling back in her. She really hated it when she felt helpless and defenseless.


“If you are going to apologize on her behalf then I won’t listen Anderson” Georgia told him adamantly sitting back on her seat.

“Most of what she said is justified though but I will still apologize on her behalf anyway. You should try and understand she had lost her mother and she is in a really tough situation ”

“She is so lucky to have you as a defender. I wonder why you are always being nice to everyone. I understand her situation that’s why I won’t stay mad at her for long but I promise count me out in helping her. She has insulted me to the extreme. I am not sure any help I offer to her now will be useful at all. She won’t appreciated ”

“Georgia sweetie, you haven’t snapped out of this attitude have you?” he asked giving her a seductive look. She smiled and turned away.

“I really miss both of us. My husband is so boring you know. He travels all the time. I wish you will have time for me again”

“Focus on the politician dear. I don’t wish to get killed ”

“He is out. You can still try and come this evening. I will prepare something for u”

“I will be coming tomorrow evening but not for you actually. I will be coming for Helia. We will need your help in tracking down the source of the fake will” The lady looked disappointed but smiled anyway. She agreed gave him her card. Anderson was out few minutes later still holding the card in his hands. He caught sight of Helia waiting for him on a bench right in front of the office. As soon as she caught sight of him, she walked out immediately not saying a word. He got confused on what might actually be going on in her mind.


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