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In love with a doctor



Helia sleep was disturbed by the bang on her door that night. At first she grumbled wondering who that might be. My mind got clearer and she recalled Anderson. She had to sneak with him into the hospital. How could she have forgotten? She got out of bed and hurried down the stairs toward the door. There he was in a dark blue shirt and black jeans looking really set for this.

“Be quick. We have to leave. Why haven’t you changed yet? ” He asked astonished at her dressing.

“Actually Anderson… ”

“We have no time for explanation. Go and change now. We are leaving. ”

“Anderson, I can’t go with you ”

“Why? You suddenly became scared or what? Why withdraw at the dying minute. I knew girls are weak”

“I am not weak. I am just…”

“it’s too late to say No now according to my rules. Go and change. I will wait for you here ”

“Anderson try and….”

“I am waiting ” He insisted with am adamant look. She got scared on his decision but knew it was all her fault. She had made the decision without thinking. Now she had to pay the price. She walked back in to change and soon they were both on their way to the hospital.


It wasn’t like they were sneaking into the hospital or something. Wasn’t it wired for a renowned doctor to sneak into a hospital he is well known in and trusted? He knew every nook and cranny of the hospital. It wouldn’t be a problem getting into Georgia office. As soon as they were in, he wore himself a lab coat and disguised Helia as one too. They got into the hospital with no problem at all.

“What are we going to do now? ” She asked almost in a whisper wondering what plan he had in his head.

“I will get her office keys from the receptionist and piece of cake, it’s done” He explained to her with a smirk. She got confused and turned her gaze towards him.

“You call this sneaking? Something you can do on your own”


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why I told you I can go alone but no way! You wanted to go with me. Normal character of a lady”

“That means this won’t be stressful then” she said with relief reminiscing what the doctor had told her. Anderson scoffs hearing what she did say.

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“Lazy girl” He mocked.

She pretended as if she hadn’t heard that. They both walked toward the receptionist who seemed to be busy with something. “Lady Gaga, please I need Georgia office keys” He requested informally.

“Dr Anderson, you know it’s against the rule to hand over the spare keys just like that”


know. But it’s really urgent to do this you know. She asked I take something for her”

“If that is the case, I have no reason to doubt you. Wait a minute while I get the key” She excused herself and bent over behind the counter. Within few seconds, she got the key and handed it over to him with no doubt at all of his motive. He gave her a seductive smile and walked off immediately with Helia. Helia noticed this too and grumbled in irritation.

“Why do you keep looking at women like that? ” she asked confused.

“That’s a charm they understand. If I don’t do that, they will fall for me rather more. I am trying to take things slow. Why did you ask anyway? ” He asked. She didn’t give a reply at all. Few minutes later they were before a flight of stairs which was to lead to the 5th floor where the office actually was. She panicked confused on why they were to use the stairs and not the elevator.

“Why the stairs Anderson? ” She wanted to know.

“Why are always lazy Helia? Are you a slot? Come on, I just feel we should take the stairs this time”

“Stairs? No Anderson. I think we should take the elevator ”

“I won’t listen to you Helia. We will take the stairs and that is it” He insisted.

“What is it with your stubborn attitude Anderson? I won’t climb the stairs with you. I will rather take the elevator ”

“The elevator to the 5th floor is closed at this time. You can’t get it. So if you don’t mind, let’s use the stairs”

“We can use the elevator to the fourth floor then”

“The stairs. You aren’t sick. Let’s do a bit of exercise for a while” He was still adamant on this. She couldn’t argue with him anymore and whereas he had insulted her a enough. She agreed to use the stairs but hope nothing goes wrong. Climbing up the stairs wasn’t a problem at all but by the time she was done climbing the flight of stairs she felt very weak and dizzy. Anderson paid no attention to her at all. He hurried toward Georgia’s office urging her to be quick in walking. Helia couldn’t walk anymore. Her legs grew weak. She leaned over the wall for support. Anderson walked out few minutes later with the fake will. He smirked at himself with pride and slowly shut the door. He didn’t notice Helia trying to get her self together. Her head felt very dizzy that she could hardly stand properly.


took me just two minutes to get this done but you, you didn’t bother to come inside at all. Why are ladies weaklings? ” He asked. The door was finally shut. He dangled the keys and finally turned toward her direction wanting to criticize the lady even more. Then he noticed her wired behavior and got perplexed by this.

“Are you okay? “he asked.

She couldn’t reply. He realize there was actually something going on with her and immediately rushed to hold her just as she lost her balance and almost fell. “What is wrong with you? Tell me” Again she gave no reply. He got confused on what to do. He couldn’t just rush her down, the other doctors might doubt his motive at the 5th floor. Of course they all knew Georgia never entrust anyone her duties. Not even him. He thought so hard of a solution and decided on one. He brought out his phone and called out one of the male doctors he’s know who would be working on shift.

“Dr Anderson, what’s up? ”

“There is an emergency up here at the fifth floor. Come with some nurses immediately. Be quick. Please.”

“Fifth floor? What the hell… ”

“Quit asking questions now! A woman collapsed here” He yelled at him on the phone getting really frustrated now. The call went dead immediately. Helia had gotten unconscious. Her pulse had gotten so slow now. He felt his heart sink and his palm sweaty. He couldn’t say why but he seem to be feeling worried for this troublesome lady. He wasn’t sure of why he had a feeling she was in some kind of serious trouble. She seem to be facing so much pain she wasn’t telling him about. He felt so reluctant to leave her but he knew he had to go for the sake of the file. He laid her carefully on the floor and rushed off to the elevator for the first floor. He’s hope the elevator works since it almost doesn’t. Luckily it did. He managed to get to the first floor on on time and return the keys before he ‘d finally rushed out to keep the file in a safe place.


Helia looked around her as she finally got conscious and was beginning to feel herself. At fist she wondered what she was doing in the hospital, then her mind went straight to the event that occurred the previous. She panicked and held onto her tummy immediately hoping her baby was fine. The nurse walked in just right in time she needed her.

“Madame, you are awake”

“Is my baby fine? What did the doctor say about my baby? ” she wanted to know.

“Ma, your baby is perfectly fine. No need to worry about her. Your friend went to get you your medications. He will back soon. Doctor Frank will be here any minute ” She announced to her with a big grin almost all in one breathe. Helia felt relieve her baby was fine but she got confused on the friend the nurse was referring to. Was it Benedicta? How the hell did Benedicta know she was in the hospital?

“What friend actually? ”

“Dr Anderson. You are really lucky to have him as a friend madam. He came to morning to see you despite his busy schedule ” The nurse seem to be a big fan of Anderson. She was kind of praising him way too much. Helia rolled her eyes hoping she was not one of those girls he has finally gotten into his charm. She sat up and finally wondered if he knew about her pregnancy or not. Had he been told already? She got so confused now. She wondered what he must be thinking at the moment. He must have lots of questions in mind. She felt her head hurt thinking of all this. The door opened slowly and Anderson walked in with a small packet containing the drugs. His face looked gloomy compared to the way he always looked. She got confused on how to start explaining.

“The drugs didn’t cost much” He told her placing the packet on the table.

“I was going to tell you. I… ”

“You were going to tell me?! You were pregnant for crying out loud. You almost killed your baby. How the hell could I have dragged you all along for such a risky mission”

“The mission wasn’t risky at all Anderson. Snap out of your fantasy world and face reality. The issue was the stairs. I told you I don’t want the stairs”

“You should have just told me you were preganant. You risked the child life” He seemed to be feeling guilty about all this. She could see the guilt on his face and hear the guilt in his voice. She knew it was entirely her fault. She was being so foolish that she wasn’t even thinking of her child all along.

“I am sorry. Dr Anderson. I should have told you” She apologized. Anderson was quiet for a momemt. Something seem to have struck his mine now.

“Hold on, how did you get pregnant? ” He wanted to know. She gulped a mouthful of saliva and began thinking of how to start explaining. Just as she wanted to speak, Dr Frank walked in interrupting their conversation.

“I don’t know how many times I will have to tell her to take care of herself Anderson. I have told her some many times not to stress herself. Is it because I haven’t told her the true fact on her pregnancy or what?” Dr Frank asked frustrated. Helia got interested in where he was headed to.

“What is wrong with me? ” she wanted to know.

“Your pregnancy is very complicated. You are risking your baby. Anymore stress can eventually lead to your child death or maybe you both if care is not taken” He explained. She got quiet now. “You are discharged now Helia but please try and take care of yourself. If not for your sake then for your child sake”

Dr Frank walked off at this piece of advice. Anderson eyes were still on her all the while but she tried so hard to avoid it. She really had lots to tell.


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