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Episode 19

“I can’t believe Anderson wants to marry that unfortunate lady instead of me. I know we have fought so many times in the past but we had a wedding we were preparing for right? ” Priscilla had let out her frustration to his mum as they walked toward the balcony.

“I also don’t understand what is going on in his mind. He told me he has no feelings for her and now he is just so crazy over her. I don’t know if this is a nightmare. I just don’t want to believe he is marrying her due to her rape. If that’s the reason then the marriage can’t happen”

“It is because of her rape. What else? I have spoken to him harshly these few days concerning his behavior towards women. All this is my fault. I have to apologize to him ”

“It’s of no use. That’s not why he wishes to marry her”

“Then for what reason? He never takes a woman seriously”

“He believes he was the one that raped her that night. Actually he was one of them so he decided to make up for his mistake”

“So, she was the lady of the night? ”

“Yes and now she is pregnant. I am not advising my son not to feel guilty or take responsibility. But getting married without love is wrong. I can’t let him ruin himself like this. He is my son ”

“But what sort of dumb girl will marry a guy that rapes her? How could she have been so blinded by money? ”

“Helia isn’t the type that likes money. I know her well enough. He hasn’t told her anything. The girl will never push through with the marriage if she discovered the truth”

“Then why don’t you tell her? This marriage has to end you know ” Anderson mum was quiet. She paced toward an old picture frame on the table containing the picture of her and Anderson when he was graduating from high school. She smiled recalling those moments. “For my son’s happiness, I will ”


Helia smiled with pride as Anderson introduced her to his family members during a get together. They complemented on her beauty and teased Anderson for getting such a pretty damsel into their family. Helia enjoyed having a conversation with them and with time she was able to know their faces. Anderson had an Uncle named Mr Sade who runs an auto mobile company both in Abuja and Lagos. He had an obese look. Helia wondered how a man of his size could eat so much. While they discussed about his business, he still had an hamburger in his hands which he was yet to finish. He had a blood shot eyes and a wide open teeth gap in between his incisors. Each time he laughed,he got everyone irked due to how loud his laughter was but aside all that he was a very intelligent young man. He was very great when it came to mathematics or advanced physics. He knew calculations like hell. He seemed to be a calculator himself.


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meet my mum Mrs Heritage. Mrs Heritage, meet Helia ” Helia heard right beside her while she was engrossed in a conversation with Mr Sade. She turned her gaze from him and noticed Anderson’s beautiful mother who looked more beautiful than she had imagined. She realized where Anderson got his good looks from. She smiled.

“You look beautiful ma’am” She had confessed after they both exchanged greetings.

“Don’t flatter me too much Helia. You are more beautiful and with the sound of your voice, you are intelligent too”

“You have a very wonderful son Mrs Heritage. He is so loving and caring. He takes very good care of me. I am sure he got all this from his loving parents ”

“Of course. We train our children the right way and avoid them tarnishing our good name”

“He is well mannered. There are few guys like that in this world we live in. He is self controlled and disciplined ” She went on praising Anderson. Mrs Heritage gave her a weak and threw Anderson a disappointed look. It was so obvious he hadn’t told Helia yet. Anderson realized things weren’t as pleasant as before and began walking Helia away from her.

“You have spoken enough with her now mother. I will introduce her to move people ” He excused himself as they walked off. Helia got perplexed by this.

“Why did you react that way? I still wish to speak with her”

“Sorry but the party will begin soon. I want to introduce you to everyone before then”


are really annoying Anderson. I was already getting to know your mother and impress her as well” She cried out in disappointment.

‘Maybe not ‘ he thought as he stared back at his mum who still had a squeezed face.

“Hi Anderson” Priscilla greeted giving him a warm hug. Helia got jealous a little as she caught sight of the cloth she wore and how well it fitted her. Anderson seem to look uncomfortable seeing her.

“Hello Prisca” He replied looking away.

“Hold on Anderson. Won’t you introduce me to her? ” She asked with a smirk. Anderson threw her an angry look.

Episode 20

“Helia, meet my former Fiancee Priscilla and Prisca meet my Fiancee Helia” He introduced not bothering to look at faces.

“Huh? Anderson, you had a fiancee? ” The question he expected struck his ear drum.

“Of course, he had me almost everywhere. His school, apartment and bedroom… ” She said with her head tilted with a crafty smile. Helia got irked and turned her gaze away from her. Priscilla eyed her and walked off.

“Helia… ”

“So you had someone you wanted to marry before but told me nothing” She nagged.

” I was expecting you know this night. That was why I brought you to this party. What is the use of this argument? We will discuss later”

“A very important thing, you kept from me. What more secrets are you keeping from me Anderson? What are you not telling me now? I am beginning to lose trust in you”

“Don’t Helia. We can discuss this but not here” He pleased. Priscilla wanted to cause trouble and now she has successfully caused one. Helia trust in him was still weak. Just a little collision can ruin it all.


“Get me lime juice” She had requested from a servant as she walked into the kitchen. The servant obeyed and few minutes later, she had it in her hands. It’s been a while since she drank it and she’d felt she needed it since she had a really terrible headache. An headache Anderson caused.

“Don’t drink that” Mrs Heritage prevented collecting the cup from her. “Lime juice isn’t good for pregnant women” She continued. Helia realized her mistake and slammed her head.

“I almost forgot. I thought of my headache but not my child. I was so stupid”

“You shouldn’t be careless about your health. You are very fragile now ” The woman advised giving the juice back to the servant. “Lots of vegetables is what you need. Lots of fruits too. They will help you guarantee a safe and easy delivery ”

“I don’t really like vegetables that much”

“Why? ”

” I have never liked it since I was a kid”

“You can take supplements but still try taking the main food from time to time. You don’t want to have a still born or miscarriage. I heard you have complications already”

“My carelessness caused it”

“I don’t blame you. Your mum is no more. You have no Elder to advise you on what to do and what not to do but it’s alright I am here to help. I have always longed for a daughter. I am glad I got to have one”

“Thanks ma. I really miss my mum”

“I shouldn’t have reminded you of her ”

“It’s alright. She has always been in my heart ”

“So…where were you when your mother was hospitalized? You weren’t found anywhere for a whole day” she wanted to know. Helia got surprised hearing the question. She didn’t expect she ask her at all.

“I.. I… ”

“I know everything. You wanted to go for an abortion but ended up keeping the child”

“Who told you all that? ”

“Does it really matter? All that matters is that you didn’t abort the pregnancy. Anderson would never have forgiven you if you had”

“He is such a nice guy. Despite knowing my dilemma, he still supported me unlike any other man… ”

“Why won’t he support you Helia? Stop being funny now. He is trying to be a responsible father especially after forcing himself on the mother who unfortunately got pregnant ” She spilled the bin acting very innocent and pretending it was a slip of tongue. Helia got shocked hearing her say this.

“What do you mean by that? ” She asked.

“You don’t know? I thought he told you”

“tell me what? ”

“I thought he told you he also played a role during your rape. O! He never told you he was the first guy to lay on you that night. My bad. I shouldn’t have said anything. He warned me not to. This is very bad now. I wonder what he will do to me” Helia felt really upset hearing this. Tear began rolling down her eyes.

“You are lying to me. He will never hurt me” I beg of you to take back what you said. Anderson will never hide such a thing from me. He will never hurt me like that ”

“He did. He is fourth guy the police is actually searching for. I knew about them rape so I sent him off to another city until the case dies down but I never knew he would court a girl he raped and find her worthy enough to marry or fall in love with her ” Helia couldn’t hear this anymore. She fell onto the floor of the kitchen shedding hot tears. She tried not believing all Mrs Heritage said but how the hell can a mother lie against her own son. On a dirty case for that matter? Was that even possible? How could she have ended up courting her rapist.

“Don’t take all this by heart. He doesn’t love you at all. He told me so. He is doing all this to make up for his mistakes in the past. You have to give him a chance to…”

“What stupid chance is that?! ” She boasted out in anger as she rose on her feet. “He has fooled me enough and I won’t let him fool me again. How dare he rape me? What was he thinking? Who does he think he is? He thinks he can have his cake and eat it right? He thinks he can treat a woman anyhow he wishes right? I really can’t believe this” She cried out and rushed out. Mrs Heritage smirked and rolled her eyes.

“Well, that was a piece of cake. She is finally out of our lives for good. Just like a leaf blown away by a slight little breeze. She is no naive not to think of her future. She just can’t see my son’s care for her. She definitely deserves him not”


Anderson stared around for Helia and wasn’t able to catch sight of her. He got worried and hoped she was alright by herself.

“Hey Anderson…”

“Prisca.. ”

“Anderson, I am really disappointed in you. How can you think of marrying that… ”

“If you have nothing meaningful to say then leave ” he ordered.

“You are really blind. Can’t you see that? Despite having you in my life you still yearned for that girl. You know well she can’t take care of your needs as much as I do”

“Prisca please. Thanks for taking care of my needs or whatsoever you mean but it’s over now. What matters more is how much I love you and since I don’t have a single feelings for you then just get lost. I love your body that’s all. I only admire your beautiful shape and…” An hot slap flew across his face immediately before he could complete his sentence. Priscilla was staring furiously at him now with her hand itching for another hot slap.

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