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In Love With A Doctor Episode 21 – 22



Episode 21

“You fool! How could you have thought that about me? Despite everything I have done for you! Who do you even think you are? What do you even take me as? ” She yelled out in anger. “All this while you had never had a single feelings for me”

“How could I have liked you Priscilla when you don’t mind dressing to kill and not just to blow my head off but other men as well? You do know well men stare at you lustfully ”

“Why are you calling me by my full name? You never do that and how can you imagine that of me. I wear what I want to wear whenever I want to wear it. You are no one to force your choices down on me. I never told you to pluck your eyes out when you look lustfully at women. You are just impossible Anderson. No woman can ever get to understand you. No matter how hard she tries”

“You are very much wrong Priscilla. If you ever think I will cheat on Helia then you are wrong. I can’t because I can’t bear to disappoint any other woman anymore”

“Your mother said you don’t love her. Why won’t you disappoint her? All you do is feel pity for her”

“She is wrong. I do love her a lot and I can swear it on my life” Priscilla wasn’t ready to believe this at all. She only hissed in envy.

“Whatever. Let’s see how well your love can save your weak relationship. Mum told Helia you had raped her. I can’t wait for the outburst ” She informed him with a cruel smile and walked off.


The thought of what Helia’s reaction would be at that moment baffled him. She must be really upset. He thought. He wondered why he wasn’t surprise. The truth had to come out someday anyway. All he had to do at the moment was proof to Helia he meant no harm and he was really in love with her. He was really sorry for his mistake. He knew it wouldn’t be easy but he would try anyway. He loved her so much and feared losing her. Loyd noise from a lady’s heel jogged him out of his deep thought. The lady was rushing some where. He wasn’t sure where but she seemed to be frustrated. He lifted up his head to see who it was and to his shock it was actually the face he wanted to see. Helia!


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wait! ” he called out to her but she refused to wait. She went on running until she’d stopped all of a sudden feeling drowsy. Anderson caught up with her and held her before she fell.

“Helia are you fine? ” he asked as he shut her eyes slowly. She was too weak to speak. Before he could think of another thing to say, she fainted in his arms.


Opening her eyes slowly, she caught sight of heads staring at her. It was that of Anderson’s mother, Uncle, Anderson himself and Priscilla.


I am so happy you’re alright” He cried out in joy. Helia frowned seeing his face but was too weak to do anything. Anderson helped her sit comfortably against a cushion. The music had stopped. The whole building seemed empty now. All the guests were gone.

“Get her water” Mrs Heritage ordered one of her maids.

“Helia, we can talk about this” He tried calming her down. Helia felt her strength slip back into her. She recovered her senses and stared at him with hatred. Lots of hatred. She never saw his love for her in his eyes. She saw only the of a traitor. Of a deceit. Of a heartless rapist! She raised her hand slowly and gave him a very hot slap with all the strength she had. Anderson didn’t say a word. She stood up immediately and threw him a disappointed stare.

“You of all people Anderson?! You? All along you pretended to love me and care just to cover up for your mistakes in the past. So that you won’t go to jail! Don’t you know how much that hurts me? Don’t you know this is more like a slap on my face. You not only deceived me. You made fun of my situation too. You’re trying to act as a hero by making me a zero. How could you? You’re not even the father of my child! ”

“That’s where you’re mistaken. I am possibly the father”


if I care. I don’t care a bit about this. I will never even in my wildest dreams have a thing to do with a rapist. I rather remain a single mother my whole life!!!! ”


All attempts to make her understand went fruitless. He could hardly concentrate on his work anymore. He found it very difficult to avoid being guilty. His conscience hunt him every now and then. He felt like a criminal. A criminal who has been on a run for so long. His number tried deviating his mind from Helia towards other girls but Helia had already captured his heart. He couldn’t give her place to anyone else. The more she tried the more he got suspicious of her. The poor woman got confused on what he saw in her that he just couldn’t move on. Georgia was caught few days later while trying to escape the country with essential docvments which belonged to the hospital. After thorough investigations, it was discovered she was head bent on selling for hospital to a foreign body. The negotiation had already started. All she needed was to finally go over to Australia and finalize the deal when she was nabbed at the airport. Fate wasn’t on her side at all. She had ran into a corp who recognized her despite being in an unknown disguise. She was a discovered to be behind Chris critical condition an she’s confessed with no guilt.

“He wanted to kill me first. The traitor wanted for hospital for himself alone and not according to our deal of handing it over to me. He had made attempt on my life many times but I was just so lucky to surpass them. I had to make my move in order to prevent him from ending my life. It’s just unfortunate he didn’t die” She told the police as she was being interrogated. The negotiation was ended by the police who claimed it as fraud and handed the docvments of the hospital back to Helia who rightfully claimed it. Helia felt a little guilt knowing Anderson could handle the business better than her but what he’s done to her in the past prevented her from speaking to him.


Few days later Anderson was claimed missing. No one’d head from him. He seemed to have disappeared just like the wind. Helia had no idea about his disappearance until his mum came over to her apartment few days later to ask about him. She confessed not knowing where he was but she wasn’t ready to accept that.

“I know Anderson is here in your house. Tell me where you are hiding him” She shouted forcing her way in.

” What do you mean by that madam. I haven’t seen Anderson in weeks. What is actually wrong with Anderson? What happened? ”

“Anderson have been missing for Five days now. No one has seen him anywhere. I came to check if he came over here since you’re the only one he has in mind”

“No. He isn’t here. He didn’t come here at all” she confessed.

“Thank you” the woman replied disheartened and walked out. Helia shut the door behind her as soon as the woman was gone. She felt tensed wondering what was happening. Why did Anderson go missing? What was he up to now? Why was he always head bent on making her life miserable? He knew how much she had feelings for him and still he had to get her to pass through all this now. She felt herself get angry at him. She tried not letting the matter get into her head but she found it difficult to ignore. She was beginning to have a bad feeling about this. Suddenly Benedicta walked in with a newspaper.

“You won’t believe what is on the headlines? ” She said as soon as Helia caught sight of her.

“What? ”

“It is about your doctor. That doctor Anderson ”

Helia heart skipped a bit on hearing his name. She got really worried now.

“What… What… What did it say? ” She manages to ask.

“He turned himself over to the police imagine. He confess to have been behind a rape case that occused six months ago. He is claiming he raped you” She explained showing her the headline written in bold Arial black with Doctor Anderson picture showed in handcuffs. Helia got shocked at this.

Episode 22

Semi Final


Helia smiled at the inspector as he agreed to slow her meet Anderson who was already sued on a charge of rape and also escape. She wasn’t sure if to feel proud of him or get even more angry at him for turning himself in. The guy’s behavior was a mystery to her. She just couldn’t understand him anymore. What was he thinking when he turned himself in? He thought not of his child or her or his name? Just this one move he made had led to the tarnishing of his good name. He had losed his license of being a doctor and had also been considered a disgrace by so many people. Due to how popular he was, he was all over blogs and newspapers. People’s nasty comments about him got her heart broken because she’d know it wasn’t his fault he’d raped her. He was drunk and was also not in his right state of mind but no one would believe her since they also knew of the story about their affair. They called him Pig, Dog, Goat. The insults were tearing her heart apart. She felt all this was her fault. She was so harsh on him. She had definitely landed him into this mess. As soon as they both met each other, she ft tears flowing down her cheeks as she caught sight of the messy state he was in. He no longer looked like the Anderson she knew anymore. He had been beaten up by his inmates and perhaps starved for days. She drew him closer an gave him a very tight hug unable to control her emotions. Anderson tried not to get emotional too hence he might regret taking this action.

“I am so sorry Anderson. It has all been all my fault ” She apologized as she broke the hug.

“No. It wasn’t. This is the right thing to do. I have to be punished for what I did to you it’s a fair thing ”

“Don’t say that Anderson. I don’t want you to be punished at all. It wasn’t a mistake at all. It was destiny. We are both meant for each other. I love you so much and you know it. There was no need to do this to prove your guilt”

“It is still the right thing Helia. Please don’t get too emotional about this. I will be sentenced in court soon”

“I will stand as your witness. I can’t let you rot in jail like this ”

“No. Do not do that. I don’t want you near the court on the day of my final hearing ”

“Anderson… ”

“Promise me you will let the judge handle this” He pleaded.

“At least think about the baby Anderson. I have done a DNA test and the results will be out today. What if he is truly your child? What should I tell him when he grows? ”

“Don’t think of this too much. All will be fine. I promise ”

Helia pulled him close for a hug again. She just couldn’t stop crying. Anderson pulled her carefully away from him and wiped her tears lovely.

“Stop crying. You are making me weak”

“How did you family take this? What will your mum do for you? ” She asked.

“Mr Blackface promised to help me out. My mum decided not to have anything to do with me after what I did. Don’t worry, she will understand ”

“You can’t stay here without her support ”

“I am her only child. She will reconsider and come back to help me”

“Are you sure? ”

He nodded. She smiled and patted him on the cheek.

“Let me come to your trial Anderson ”


“Anderson…. ”

“Swear that you won’t ”

Helia had no other choice but to give her word. Anderson sighed with relief and took her hands. As they both gaze into each other’s eyes, they could feel some connection between them. They had no clue when their heads moved closer to each other for their first kiss. As their lips almost touched, the inspector walked in disrupting the romantic moments.

“Enough of the visit. You may leave now Miss Helia” He told her as he approached them both. Helia felt reluctant to leave. She gave Anderson an helpless look.

“I will visit you everyday” She promised.

“Don’t come back here”

“What? Anderson? ”

“I will transferred to the City Jail soon. There is no need for that” Helia couldn’t believe he was saying this so comfortably. She wanted to speak but the inspector wouldn’t let her.

“It’s over now. You are not allowed to speak with him”

“Please Inspector. Just one more minute please. You can see what he is saying to me right now”

“Your discussion isn’t my business. Let’s leave” he urged with a stern look. Helia didn’t blame him. He was following rules. She turned back at Anderson who smiled at her trying to hide his pain within. She felt hurt and began to walk away slowly.

“Helia wait…” Anderson stopped her as soon as she reached the exit. She stopped and stared back at him. He walked toward where she stood, gabbed her face with both hands and planted a deep kiss on her lips. The police got surprised and dumbstruck. He tried separating them but all to no avail. Realizing they were both lost in their immense desires, he decided to let them be.


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