In Love With A Doctor





At the club while the music went on, Helia couldn’t get herself to enjoy the club anymore. My mind kept thinking about about what had happened to her mum that evening. For the first time, she felt very insecure. The thought of whether she was doing right or not baffles her.

“Give me another drink please ” She pleaded to the barman looking sober.

“You have had two bottles already” he reminded her with surprise.

“I am the one paying not you. Just give me and keep your stupid mouth shut” She threatened banging her fist on the counter. He nodded and let her have it.

“Are you alright girl? You have been strange all afternoon ” Benedicta asked surprised at her unusual dullness.

“I am fine ” She lied hoping the discussion end there.

“No you are not. Tell me what’s with you. You are never found moody. No matter what”

“Just leave me Benedicta. Let me drown in my sorrow” She told her trying hard to control her tears.

“You can tell me anything Helia. We are friends after all”

“Yes! I know we are friends but I just can’t tell you everything. I am fine”

“What is it? ” She asked being adamant. Helia slammed her head and tried hard to control her tears but she couldn’t. She felt so hurt. She tried opening her lips to speak but no words came out. “You can tell me anything ”

“I think my mum is sick” she finally let her tongue loose bursting into tears.

“What? Your mum is sick? How do you even know that? Did you observe something?”

“I am not sure Benedicta but I know I have observed her behavior lately. She acts strangely and insecure too. She acts as if she is going to die anytime from now. I always thought she was trying to lure me into helping her with her business but what I saw this morning explains it all”

“What did you see? ”

“Blood was oozing down her nose. She was very weak and her skin looked pale. Her voice sounded different. At that moment I got troubled and couldn’t take my mind off it. Do you think she has cancer? Do you think she will die soon? ” Benedicta tapped her slowly on the shoulder shaking her head.


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friend, you shouldn’t think negatively about your mum. It might not be cancer or whatsoever you think it is. Your mum is fine and strong as always. It must be stress or some other minor sickness. I am sure she is fine”


think so Benedicta? It isn’t anything serious to worry about right? ”

“I know we barely go to church but this is the time when you should exercise faith and pray so much for your mum. She is okay” Benedicta words relieved her a great deal. Her words gave her hope. The rich guy she had made out the previous night approached her with a cigar hung on his lips. She threw him a quick smile and stood up ready to take her leave.


I am going home ” She had said immediately.

“What? Why? Collins just arrived ”

“I know but I am really not in the mood to party anymore ” She informed her before walking away. She didn’t realize Collins walking after her. When he’d catch up with her, he seized her arm and pulled her to a corner causing her to cry out in pain.

“Who do you think you are? You want to leave me just like that? ” He asked in annoyance.

“Look Collins or whatever you call yourself. I have nothing to do with you nor do I know you. I will prefer it if you just leave me alone” He wasn’t even listening to her. He was so angry to listen to her. He held her tighter. Some of his men gathered round them making her shocked.

“I never lose any girl. I love you and will get you at all cost. I will always get you ” He said. She got confused wondering if he was even normal at all.

“What nonsense are you saying? I know I have made out with you last night. It was a mistake. I was drunk. I just didn’t realize it. I am so sorry for wasting your time then but please let me go”

“You take me as a fool huh? You take me as a fool. You think I don’t know who you are and what you want. I have been in this clubs for months and I see you around quiet often hanging around with different men every seconds romancing them” Helia shut her eyes in disgust. “You have no definite man in your life nor do you wish to have either. You use men just anyhow you wish and get away with it. Do you think I am just any man? Do you think I am foolish? ”


Alright. I am sorry. I never wished things would turn out this sour as in it was my fault. I accept it. I shouldn’t have made out with you knowing it would mean nothing to me but why are you surprised anyway? Ladies do it at times” He let out a cruel laugh.

“Not to me idiot! Any lady that falls in my clutches never gets away easily. I get what I want when I want it”

“Leave me alone you Creek! You shouldn’t treat a lady just anyhow you wish. Keep your hands off me ” she snapped at him slapping his hands off her. He didn’t care at all Suddenly two strong arms grabbed her and grabbed her through the back door into a wagon before driving her off.

She was thrown into a w€t dark room which had a leaking roof. The sound of water dripping got her so frightened as she recalled the last horror movie she had watched. Of course! This was how it began. There was poor lighting in the room. She could barely see her own hand. Jumping up from where she laid due to how rough the push was, she raced toward the door and banged it so hard pleading they open up.

“Alright! Alright! I am so sorry. I was being stupid. I swear, I will never joke with your feeling anymore ” She pleaded but that hadn’t melted his heart at all. She wasn’t even sure if he was there or not. The whole building was quiet. Few seconds later, she began to hear movements in the room she was in. This got her more nervous. “Please open up! There is someone in the room. I beg of you please! I will give you any amount you ask of me. I promise to be your slave your whole life but get me out! Please! ” The footsteps had grew closer.

“Open the door you fool! Open the… ” She felt a strong arm cover her mouth so tightly and a sharp point of a neck close to her neck. Her palm got sweaty now. Her heart rate increased. She could smell trouble. Very big one.

“If you shout I will kill you ” A hoarse voice threatened. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She got blindfolded immediately and was warned not to do anything foolish. The entrance finally opened up and three men walked in. She could hear their voices but the fear that was in her prevented her from taking note of it. A strong hand began caressing her neck and a thick smell of strong alcohol got into her nostrils. She needed no one to tell her she was done for.

She opened her eyes slowly and caught sight of a white ceiling above her. Her eyes got hurt due to the white light. Her whole body ached. She couldn’t even move her head properly. She felt completely lifeless. Managing to tilt her head to the side, she caught sight of her mum sobbing silently with her face buried in her hands.

“Mum…” She had called nervously. Her mum suddenly raised her head with a smile.

“My daughter, you are alright. I can’t believe you finally opened your eyes ” She boasted out in excitement.

“Yes I am even though I feel a little different. Where am I? ” She wanted to know. She looked round her and realized she was connected to a drip.

“Why… Why am I connected to a drip? Mum an I in the hospital? ” She asked in a panic.

“Yes dear. You really need some rest now”

“Rest? Why do I need rest? Mum what’s wrong with me? ”

“You were missing for three days Helia. The police found you lying unconsciously in a forest completely bruised. You were bleeding in the mouth. It was confirmed you were raped by different and you were seriously infected by germs due to the exposure and all. But there is no need to worry, the doctors handled everything. You are back to normal” Her mum tried comforting her but she knew herself she wasn’t fine. She wasn’t back to normal yet at all. Her neck hurts a lot and so did head. The thought of Collins came back to her thoughts. Of course it was the devil! It was all his plan to punish her no reason at all. He just wanted to hurt her by molesting her. She never expected such action from him at all. Not after she willingly offered herself to him the day before her rape. She remembered them being four in number. All coming in turns to ruin her flesh and dignity. She couldn’t get what was so pretty about her body. She wasn’t even good looking at all.

“Mum I am sorry” she apologized with guilt

“Don’t be my dear. I had warned you against going to such clubs because you aren’t sure of people you meet there. This is surely but comes out of clubbing your whole life. The man behind the whole plan was arrested so there is definitely nothing to worry about. All you have to do now is mend your ways girl. Stop spending your time in such places” Her mum advised stroking her hair. She nodded with a weak smile.


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