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In Love With A Doctor Episode 4 – 5




when she was out of the hospital, she took a vow upon herself to begin a new chapter. She accepted her mum’s offer and did all she was told to do. She started her own organization and soon got employment in one of her uncle’s establishing companies. Though she did all this with a willing heart, she just couldn’t stop her drinking habits. She found it difficult to. Her mum saw that as one of the vices which got her raped and tried convincing her to get rehabilitated but she refused. She promised to stop herself but that was just what she said with her tongue on her cheeks.

After three months trying to battle with her drinking habit which was no futile at all, she decided to pay a visit to her favorite aunt who lived outside the city. The old lady couldn’t hide her excitement seeing her. She welcomed her warlmy immediately and promised to teach her all she needed to know about her family. Aunt Joyce was always fond of that and she knew it. No wonder she wasn’t surprised at all. in fact, she was really in desperate need of the information.

“Your Grandfather was a very great soldier. Though he never went to war but he was very patriotic and always swore to fight for the unity of the country. He really tried his best sincerely speaking. People loved him and couldn’t stop talking about him. Every lady wanted to have him as a hubby according to your Grand mother. Her family didn’t like him due to his job as a soldier and went he asked for his hand in marriage, they refused promptly. Your grandparents were so much in love with each other and fought hard to get each other. With time, your Great grandparents realized how strong their love was agreed to their union but on one condition ”

“What could that be aunt? “Helia asked curiously.

“Only those from her linage could have access to the family properties. There had caused lots of fight and deaths but that condition but never changed. It still stands till now ”


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don’t understand aunt”

“Your Grand father had a textile factory which he built for your grandma. He built it from deep down his heart my dear to ensure she doesn’t end up lacking when he dies but that hadn’t happened as he planned. The textile industry was forcefully claimed by your grandma’s uncles leaving us with nothing. She died out a frustration. She was a really young woman when she passed away. I was just out of university then. Your mum was still behind me. This same conflict will start all over when your mum dies. Her family members won’t let you have anything she owned. But I trust my young Helia. You are smart enough to handle your mum’s company well” Helia smiled realizing how much faith her aunt had in her. Her mind wondered back to the hospital. The hospital was at stack as she could perceive. She would really need to keep it no matter what.


what the hell will they do the hospital when they get it? They can’t even run it”

“You say run it my dear? Who has time to be running at hospital as big as that? They will rather sell it and keep the cash. That’s what we call business . Your focus should be on the hospital and nothing else. You have to do all you can to keep it”

“My mum introduced me to uncle’s firm. He is thinking of making me the CEO”

“That will be a good start my dear”

“I won’t just be a CEO. I will use my position to invest in the hospital ” The old woman smiled at her wife idea. Helia suddenly felt herself get dizzy. She grabbed hold of the chair handle to support herself. Confusion was written all over her face. She wasn’t liking where that was going at all.

“You don’t look good” Her aunt noticed her strange behavior. She felt more uneasy now and had the urge to throw up. She rushed into her room immediately saying a word to her aunt. After throwing up, she rushed to bang her room door shut. She rushed in front if her mirror breathing heavily and rushed to get something from her bag. She couldn’t find it. She got so impatient and poured out all it’s contents on the table. There she caught sight of what she needed. A pregnancy test. She felt herself sweating for no reason as she raised it up toward her face to see the result. She’d noticed these sighs for the past few days so she was advised by Benedicta to have a pregnancy test. She had it but refused to see the result because she was scared. She couldn’t bear being pregnant for a rapist. Just as she feared, the result struck positive. She was actually pregnant! The pregnancy test fell her hand immediately as she sunk into her bed with tears flowing down her cheeks. She felt very guilty. Really guilty. She never realized things would get this worse. How the hell was she to help her mum with a protruded belly? Her mum’s condition would only get worse realizing she was going to be a single mother. What had she expected anyway? They were four in number an she was fertile at that moment. She was sure go get pregnant. The thought of who to tell this news to first struck her mind. She couldn’t tell her mum, or her brother or her aunt or Benedicta. It would be a shame before them. The loud bang on her door for her out of her thoughts. She couldn’t get out of her bed. Her heart was too heavy to answer anyone at that moment. She didn’t pay attention to the knock or yelling of her aunt. For hours she didn’t come out of her room or eat anything. This persisted for two days. Her phone was switched off so no one could reach her. On the third day, she recovered her senses and finally let out all her pain on her child. She just couldn’t keep the child. She thought of aborting it. Her aunt was already in the sitting room with a policeman discussing about her when she had stepped out in a tight jeans and multi colored shirt. As soon as they both caught sight of her, they sprang up their feet immediately. She threw them a grin causing them to be very confused on her suddenly change of state.


good morning ” She greeted giving her a warm hug and peck on the cheek. Her aunt got furious and pushed her off.

“What sort of greeting is that or who do you think you are deceiving? Why were you locked up inside like that? What if something had happened to you? ”

“I am fine aunt. Really? I was just having a fever that’s all but I am fine now ”

“Don’t lie to me Helia. Tell me what’s wrong” Her aunt insisted causing her to feel uncomfortable. How possibly could she tell her aunt she was pregnant?! Not that her aunt would take the news with a big smile anyway. The news would only make her mood worse so it would be far more better if she stops insisting on knowing the truth. Her aunt was sure to tell her mum then her mum will tell her brother who will then tell her friends who will end up taunting her. This scared her. Maintaining the smile in her face, she stared at her wristwatch and gasped.

“Aunt I have to go out now. It’s really urgent ” She excused herself and rushed out. The police was completely lost. He couldn’t hold back his reaction anymore.

“Are you sure she was locked up for two days? She looks just fine to me” The woman frowned.

“Yes I am very sure of what I am saying or are you now calling me insane? in fact you are not needed anymore. Leave please ” She ordered him out. The policeman was angered by this. What else had she done other than waste his time? Grabbing his bag, he walked off. The worried aunt gazed out of the window and caught sight of Helia successfully waving down a cab.

Helia smiled as soon as the taxi stopped. She got in immediately and shut the door behind her. Just as it moved slowly, she stared back at her aunt who was watching her through the window.

“I am sorry aunt” She apologized under her breath wishing she could say it in front of her.


An hour after she’s leave, Her mum dropped by with a tensed feeling having heard the news about Helia’s condition. Aunty Joyce didn’t realize this until she opened up the door only to see the shock of her life.

“Sister?!…” She exclaimed in amazement. Her sister pushed her off the way having her daughter in mind.

“How is Helia? Is she still locked up inside?” She had asked.

“Your daughter is fine. Actually, she suddenly left an hour ago. She looked perfectly fine”

“Where did she go? ”

“I have no idea. She didn’t tell me anything. I was even too surprised to ask”

“Can’t you even listen to yourself?! What are you her aunt for then? My daughter in a wired attention of mind walked out of the house just like that and you didn’t even bother to ask where she was going. What if she is depressed or in a trauma or is being blackmailed by someone?”

“Don’t be negative. She is fine. I had brought a police because of her but the police man ended up insulting me because there was actually nothing wrong with her. I misunderstood the whole situation ” Her mum was already panting heavily trying hard to catch her breath. Her head was getting drowsy.

“Are you sure? Are you sure she is fine? ” She tried asking gasping for breath. She leaned over her sister with my eyeballs rolling back.

“Mrs Kim, Calm down. Your daughter is fine I swear” She tried calming her down but the woman’s condition got worse. She suddenly slumped on the soft rug and got unconscious. “Mrs Kim! Mrs Kim!”

• *

After paying the cab driver and collecting her change, she turned before her and there was Ter.S hospital facing her openly. Taking a deep breath, she held unto her bag handle and walked in. The hospital was huge. Workers walked in and out of offices looking really busy. She made her way to the receptionist immediately and asked for Dr Frank.

“He has been waiting for you. His office is the first room at the second floor. Just turn to your right” Helia thanked her and made her way toward the place described.

Dr Anderson was just done with a patient when she walked in. He gave her a smile as she walked in.

“Mama’s girl. You showed up at my office for the first time. I am sure your situation was be really tough ” She didn’t say anything in reply. Not even w greeting. The doctor doubted her silence and sighed. “Fine, what’s wrong? ”

“Promise me you won’t tell my family members about this” She insisted with a nervous look.

“What’s wrong? ” he asked .

“Just promise me”

“I am sorry. I am your family doctor. I can’t keep anything ” he confessed sounding professional. Her heart sunk and she got really disappointed. She hurriedly grabbed her bag and stood up to leave.

“Alright. I promise ” He finally gave his word.

“You’re sure? ”

“Yes” he answered reluctantly. She felt better and sat down again. “Now what is actually the problem with you? ”

“I am pregnant ” His eyes opened wide on hearing this. “…and I want to abort it” she completed her sentence getting him completely shocked.

,”What? Why?” He asked in amazement. She’d felt he had asked a foolish question.

“I don’t want them baby” she replied not bothering to stare at his face. The doctor adjusted his glasses.

“It’s alright if it was a mistake. Temptations do happen but that doesn’t mean the child has to suffer for your mistake. You have no reason to abort the child”

“You don’t understand. It wasn’t a mistake. I was framed. I was assaulted. Four of them laid their filthy hand on me and this good for nothing child has the poisonous blood of one of them. Imaging how much I had been through and… and. and… you… you… you… think it is wise to keep such a baby?”

“I am really sorry to hear that but still I don’t advise abortion” Her eyes opened widely stunned.

“Are for real? Are you actually for real? I was raped doctor. I don’t want a child. It’s a rape case we are taking about here. How can I harbour such a child in my womb especially when I have lots to help my family with? I am not even married yet. My mother will die if she finds out and my friends… ”

“I understand you. I also understand the situation of your mum but keeping this from her will make things rather worse. I will advise you keep the baby considering everyone’s feeling. Anything can come from this abortion. You might loose your womb ”

“I trust you doctor. I very well know how professional you are in your field. The thought of me losing my womb is far off the line. I know you can do this. I know you can kill this child”

“I am a father Helia. You are just being stubborn

Alright, let’s say I’ve accepted this proposal of yours. I still need your mum’s permission ”

“My mum mustn’t know about this. She is sick. You promised me! ”

“Helia this is a risk you are taking” Helia angrily rose on her feet realizing he was difficult to convince.

“I didn’t make a mistake coming to you did I? ” she asked with unease. The doctor sighed and ordered her to sit. She refused.

“Look… Alright. We have a deal. I will abort your pregnancy without alerting your parents” He gave in. She felt excited and sat down now. “You will come tomorrow morning for the abortion ” She felt a little surprised realizing he was in a hurry in doing this but calmed herself knowing the sooner she does it the better for her.


Mrs Kim was awake on the hospital bed looking really weak. Aunt Joyce and Chris sat beside her attending to her needs.

“Helia isn’t back yet is she? ” She had asked looking sad.

“She will be back. I am sure of it” Aunt tried convincing her.

“Have you been calling her? “Aunt Joyce recalled trying the girls number thousand of times but not reaching her at all.

“Yes. She picked up and said she is fine “The old lady lied. “But I will try one more time for your sake” She promised and hurried out with her cellphone. Out of the ward, she tried calling the girl but her phone was unavailable. This baffled her.

“You never spoke to her did you? ” Chris asked from behind smiling craftily. She shook with fear and turned to him before nodding. “That girl is so irresponsible. Just see what she made me do? ”

“Your mother is sick Chris. You shouldn’t speak like that”

“What wrong did I say? I chose to stand by my mum because I am her son and I love her a lot. That isn’t bad but now I am getting tired of nursing her. I am tired of staying here. I have to hang out with the guys to night. It’s Helia duty to take care of her not me”

“You both have this responsibility. You should both take care of her together ”

“No aunty I can’t. No way. But I do trust you aunt. You will handle mum well till Helia arrives”

“What if your mum askes about you? It will unfair of both kids aren’t here”

“O! Now what are you trying to say? That you are afraid to take care of her alone or what? ” Aunt Joyce got embarrassed and pulled his ears.

“You are such a brat ”

I have no time to waste here. I will be back by tomorrow morning” He hurried out immediately after saying this. Aunt Joyce stroked her greying hair wondering what to explain to Mrs Kim.

Helia stopped out of the hospital still thinking of the decision she had made. As she thought hard of her tremendous step, she waved down a taxi and said her home address. The man set off. Thinking hard of how she would face her aunt and what explanation she would give, it suddenly occurred in her mind that if she had to leave for the abortion the next morning from her home, it might be difficult getting past her aunt. Her aunt might not listen to her this time. The abortion was really important. Unless she got rid of the baby, she wouldn’t be able to be herself. Rethinking on this, she changed her mind and decided to stop over at Benedicta new apartment instead. She could spend the night there with no issue at all.

“Driver, sorry it was a mistake. I am going to Str.7 instead Amazing love route ” The driver gave her an angry stare realizing he was just very close to her previous destination. She stared at her aunt’s home and sighed. “Don’t worry, I will pay you double ”


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