In Love With A Doctor

In love with a doctor episode 8 – 9


In love with a doctor


On her way home, she inhaled a noseful of the nice fresh atmosphere. This made her feel really good about what was actually going on. She thought it would be hard to convince her mum’s stern lawyer. Little did she know, the lawyer had plans in favor of her mum’s hard work. Like her mother, the lawyer was strict too and always wanted the best for his clients. Changing her mind on going on and making the decision to stop by her favorite restaurant instead just to celebrate her victory, she branched into the restaurant and took her seat. Ordering for a plate of pounded yam and vegetable soup with lots of chilly, she didn’t notice the restaurant filled up with customers. The waitress gave her a strange look realizing she was a fan of pepper buy ignored and wrote it down before she trod off. Waiting for her order, she took her time admire the surroundings this time. She hummed a song admiring the interior design of the restaurant. The architect and surveyor must have done lots in the structure. It looked high class even though it was meant for everyone from all walks of life. Their meals were hygienic and superb. So where their special drinks. Though what she hated was their orchestra who played a really slow music dulling the spirit is f the restaurant. She’s wished they recruited a DJ instead. It was DJ that was reigning after all. Anyway, they had promised to do that by next month. Turning her gaze from the orchestra to the customers, she caught sight of a young girl who tried eating a piece of potato but ended up spilling it on her cloth. Her mum who must have been in her early thirties helped her clean up promptly before anyone noticed. The father too busy struggling with his chicken lap to notice anything. This event reminded her of her father. A man who’s face she never saw. His image never existed in her mind aside a photograph of him she had seen. She’d hear her mum most of the time call him a quiet man but she doubted if he actually was. His strict look and muscular body showed how harsh he could possibly be. Most of the photograph he had with her mother, she never smiled. She always had this frightened uncomfortable look of her face as if she wasn’t happy with her marriage but her mum never said so anyway. Turning to the extreme end of the room, she caught sight of a familiar face discussing with a lady and a guy. She squeezed her face recalling who the guy was. It was no other than the party freak.


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You there! ” she called out almost immediately walking toward him. He turned toward her and gave her a strange look as if he didn’t recognize her at all.

“Excuse me?! ” He told her in confusion.

“O! So you can pretend this much you hypocrite. After ruining my whole life, you come here sitting with your friends and discussing what I don’t know ” The expression of the guy changed immediately. He didn’t seem to understand what she was trying to say.


your tongue for your second lady and make yourself clear. What have I done to you? Who are you? ” He was getting really furious now. His friends stared on wondering what was going on. One of them tried calming him down but and suggesting they discuss outside but he wasn’t ready to listen. “Stay out of this Miriam! Let me hear what she has to say ”

“I am not so stupid to start narrating the whole event all over again. The very thought of this breaks my heart so much. All these happened just yesterday for crying out loud. Why are you pretending not to know? ”

“Look woman, you are not making yourself clear. What have I done? ” He wanted to know keeping calm now.

“You got me drunk and almost landed me into a pit of problems. I told you o wasn’t interested in that challenge of yours but you were so insistent. You won through gambling. So? Does that have to affect me? My life! ” Everyone began to murmur among themselves. His friends watched in shock. Her eyes began to linger aimlessly. He had a knowing look on his face. He did recognize her now as not only the lady he met at the club but the patient in the hospital too.

“It’s not me. You are mistaken on someone else” He denied immediatetly. “I am a doctor lady. I have no time for all that” she got really shocked. How dare he deny his fault? Of course it was him. She knew it.


not deny it! I know it’s you ” She barked at him at if ready to pick up a fight.

“Look madame, you have to stop accusing my friend falsely now ” His friend had warned her with an upset look. “He said he isn’t the one. Why do you keep insisting? ”

“Because I am right! ” she turned toward him with a disappointed look. ” I feel so bad for you. Really bad. You can deny it now but bear in mind that whatever you did in the club had almost cost my life and my mum’s hard work. It would have led my life tumbling if not kill me. You would have ruined me” she had let out her pain to him before walking off. The accused watched her leave with a guilty conscience. He tried so much to ignore but couldn’t.

“What a woman! ” Miriam had told him with an irked look.

“I am leaving” He announced to his friends shortly after.

“Wait! You can’t just go because of a crazy lady accusations. It is so obvious she knows not what she was saying” Austin had joined in trying to convince him not to leave but he had made up his mind. He grabbed his bag and rushed out. Looking both sides, he tried catching sight of the lady so as to apologize for his immature attitude the previous night but she had disappeared into thin air. He banged his head wondering why he often does crazy things anytime he was drunk without realizing. He must have been drunk at that time.

“Anderson what’s wrong with you? Ignore already” Miriam pleaded rushing after him. “Or are you actually the one who got her into that challenge? Do you actually behave that way despite having a fiancee? You know well she is a crazy kind of lady who wouldn’t like that” he ignored her and hurried into his car before driving off forgetting he had to drop his friends over first.


Helia arrived home with her mood completely spoilt. Benedicta had almost thought she had been thrown out of the lawyer’s office rudely but cleared her misunderstanding realizing it wasn’t actually that. She doubted something was wrong with her and asked her for what was wrong. The lady felt reluctant to speak. After so much pressure she did.

“O! Lady you mess up big time. Chai! ” she showed her disappointment.

“Why didn’t you just slap him or rain insults on him? Must you always be mild anytime it comes to situations like this”

“I really don’t understand why he did this to me. I don’t know why he denied it. He’s a doctor and so?! ”

“That’s how some of them are. Always proud. They hardly let anything spoil their image but really if I had met him myself, I would have rubbed his reputation unto the mud. I am sure he wouldn’t get to recognize himself ever” Helia gave her a weak smile. Her head was beginning to hurt again.

“I don’t feel good now. Maybe I should go and rest ” she said rising from the chair.

“Maybe I should call the doctor so that he can give you a check up”

“No. Do not call any doctor. I am fine” she declined the offer and walked upstairs.

Episode 9


Anderson walked into his sitting room completely exhausted due to the long road trip home. The restaurant was quiet far away for crying out loud. How could he have chosen that site for his friends monthly hangout? He never expected it to be that stressful. His phone rang and a frown came across his face realzing who was on the line.

“I am home already. Is there any need calling me again? ” He’d asked with a frustrated look.

“There is no need son. I just wanted to hear your masculine voice before getting to stare at your face” She replied before walking out of the kitchen which was few metres away.

“O! Goodness” He groaned under his breath feeling like a child again.

“Welcome my son! You won’t believe how much I have missed you “She confessed in smiles.

“I can’t imagine myself ” he replied sarcastically wondering how on earth she could miss him when he was just away for free hours.

“How is the gloomy situation of the hospital? Hope it didn’t get into your head” She fiddled with his cheeks while she said this but be brushed her hands away.

“Come on, I am not a child!” he repeated himself wondering why she never understood.

“What do you mean you aren’t a child? I had nurtured you in my womb for 9 good months. You are still a child in my eyes and no complaints” She cautioned giving the 26 year old a serious stare. He reluctantly nodded.

“Alright, what have mum prepared for me today? ” he asked hoping to tempt her with his cute smile.

“Unfortunately nothing dear. Your mum got weak all of a sudden so she couldn’t cook anything ” Anderson expression changed and his smile disappeared. “Are you alright Anderson? ”

“I am fine. I think I should go and freshen up” He realized smiling the terrible odour of sweat on him.

“I will tell the maids to get you something to eat instead. I heard they prepared something special today” She informed him making him nod. As he picked up his suitcase and walked slowly up the stairs, she realized something and stopped him.

“I almost forgot, a lawyer had called. He called himself Mr Blackjo” Anderson opened his eyes widely hearing the name.

“An old friend ” He told himself wondering were he had been all the while. “Don’t worry, I will call him”

“He had agreed you see him too”

“Yes I will. He is the lawyer of dad’s close chum anyway. Why won’t I see an old friend of ours?.


Anderson sunk in his bed placing his ear piece in his ears enjoying a song newly released by Lil Kesh which was a big hit in town. As he enjoyed the beat of the music nodding his head according to the rhythm, he scrolled through his chat wondering what was new. His mind wandered to Mr Blackjo. He thought of putting him through.

“Anderson! ” The deep voice of the elderly man had called out as he picked up.

“Mr Blackjo, you seem to have remembered your old guy today. What’s new? ”

“Nothing much dear. Everything is still as it is. Lots of work load here”

“I understand sir. I think you shouldn’t stress yourself too much because I know you very well. You are so judicious”

“Thanks my boy but I do that you have some attributes of your father. You are just as hardworking ”

“Not so hardworking. I tend to give more time to my family unlike him”

“I need to discuss with you about something ”

“I am all ears… ”

“”There is a client. Her name is Helia. She is a daughter to the popular Mrs Kim. You know the woman well”

“Mrs Kim? ” He repeated trying hard to recall her. His eyes suddenly widened as soon as he got an idea of who she actually was. “Yes! I remember her now. She is my very good friend and her hospital was a complete success. She was a very good friend of mine I swear. I felt completely hurt hearing about her death. I was thinking if sending my condolences to her family one of these days ”

“That won’t be a problem at all. Maybe you can arrange that with her daughter when you see her”

“Her daughter? ” he exclaimed in surprise. He’d heard the woman had a very pretty daughter but had never gotten to see her. She might just be the one he wanted. “So you’ve met her Barbie? ”

“Yeah I have. Before Mrs Kim death, she had an intention of handling her hospital management over to you because of the trust she has in you ”

“She kind of told me something like that but I never took it seriously. I thought she was joking…”

“It would have been the responsibility of her daughter but due to her daughter’s reckless lifestyle and irresponsibility, she chose to hand this to you”

“It will really be an honor helping her. I don’t mind at all” He accepted but still having a little doubt about this. He wasn’t even sure if he was able to handle a clinic talk of an hospital.

“Great. It’s settled then. We will be having a meeting this weekend. I will like us all to meet at the Terraco Cross by 2pm on Saturday ”

“Noted my guy! ”

“Take care” The call ended at that point. Anderson dropped his phone for a while wondering how all this just occurred within few seconds of trying to get himself back to normal after his Convo with the lady in the restaurant. This was like a huge load placed upon his shoulder from no where. A very heavy load actually.


Helia got the files ready for the meeting hoping she had it all complete. She would be meeting with the doctor for crying out loud. She had to be prepared for this right? She tried recalling her mum’s advise few months ago while telling her about the business and the names of the essential files needed for the presentation. Though she never took her mum seriously, she had listened. This was really helping her a great deal. The big mess in this was that she couldn’t find few of the important docvments she needed despite searching really hard. This got her really disappointed. She couldn’t imagine standing foolish in front if both her lawyer and the doctor. That wasn’t her style at all. She had to do all she could to get the docvments at all cost. As she thought of where next it could possibly be, Benedicta walked in shocked at the mess in the room.

“Really? No seriously Really?! ” She asked with a deep frown.

“Benedicta what’s wrong now? ” Helia asked.

“I have been calling your phone for the past one hour but you never picked up. What’s wrong with you this time? ”

“Sorry Benedicta. My phone was on silence because I need no disturbance at this moment”

“Alright. Let me buy that” She replied sitting comfortably on Mrs Kim’s former bed with her arm folded. She inspected Helia’s movements and discovered she was up to something.

“What are you up to? ” she wanted to know.

“I have been searching for the Pius docvments all day. It is really essential ”

“Which one is Pius docvment again? I thought you have gotten all the files ready”

“No I haven’t. The mist essential of them all isn’t here. Don’t you understand?! I have searched all morning for them”

“Where do you think they are? I mean they can’t just grow wings and fly off” Benedicta joked demonstrating what she said.

“Of course they can’t. That’s why I am devastated right now”

“You have to take it easy Helia. You shouldn’t stress yourself so much especially at this state… ”

“At what state Benedicta?! I don’t care what state I am in! I just want things to work out fine, that’s all” Her brother walked in right at that moment making her hiss rudely. Benedicta popped the gum she was chewing knowing this was time for another sibling drama.

“What do you want Chris? ” Helia asked harshly.

“To ask if you need help around here”

“I don’t need any help from you. After you had abandoned mum when she needed you the most and showed disrespect during the declaration of the will, how do you expect me to accept your help? ”

“Don’t pretend to be a saint. You are the reason mum died okay?! When she needed you the most, you were out clubbing with your Jamaican boyfriend grinding on him,” Helia got shocked on hearing this. Benedicta couldn’t believe he had just said that.

“How can you say that about your sister? You aren’t even helping the situation ”

“Stay out of this Benedicta! None of this is your business. Everyone knows Helia and her lifestyle. And we are very well aware she isn’t responsible enough to take care of mum’s business. She is just going to ruin it. You might think I am jealous of her or foolish buy I swear to do all I can to get that hospital into my name”

“Chris don’t be stupid” Helia told him calmly now. “This isn’t a game”

“It is a game Helia. I am very well aware you are getting mum’s accomplice involved. Well get him and explain everything to him but I swear, the game has just begun. I won’t let any of you get that hospital. It belongs to me! ”

“Chris stop being immature and grow up”

“I have grown up enough Helia. It’s your turn to grow up and be wiser” He brought forward the docvments she was looking for. She got puzzled. “You were looking for this”

“Exactly Chris! ” She exclaimed happily. “Chris you have to give me that… ”

“But… ”

“Now!!!! ” She yelled the way their mum would hoping he will tremble as he always does and hand it over but that was a foolish strategy she took. He agreed to hand it over to her but tore it in shreds instead and thew the pieces at her with a smirk.

“That is that docvment you asked for. Have them and use them well” He advised her cruelly before leaving with no feelings. The poor lady got completely shattered staring at the pieces in tears. She got confused on whatnext to do. In no time she felt dizzy and became unstable. Benedicta got tensed and helped her sit. She brought forward a glass of water.

“I told you not to stress yourself but you didn’t listen. Now see how horrible you look” Helia Ignored her and collected the cup of water. She took sip without saying a word.

“You know your brother before now. Just ignore him” Benedicta advised trying to calm her down.

“No! No! ” Helia screamed smashing the glass cup of water on the wall spilling it everywhere. Benedicta stood stunned at her reaction.


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