In Love With The Mad Man

In love with a mad man episode 1





“Oh no! Not again! Not this dream again! I shouted as i waked from sleep.

“Why did i keep on have this dream, what could be the significance of my dream? How can i have a romantic dream with a mad man? Who could be the strange mad man that i always dream of? I rubbed my face and bend my head wondering the reason why I keep on having a romatic dream with a mad man.

It has been months since i started having this strange dreams, I can recall very well the first day i dreamt about the mad man.

I met this strange mad man looking so dirty, smelling so bad, his clothes were torn apart, his hair and beard over grown like a forest, dirty cans and bottles tied around his waist, a pairs of slippers on his neck, eating a rotten food probably gotten from the disposal refuses he was sitting on, it seem to me that he has been mad for years due to his looks.

I pity him the moment I set my eyes on him and immediately he saw me, he straight up his hand asking for help.

“Please my love help me, I know you will come, I have been waiting for you”he stood up coming closer to me.

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Unlike me, i stood still without running, me that hate mad people with passion but incase of this strange mad man I felt for him and I wonder why he addressed me his love.

“Please help me! Don’t live me my love I have been waiting for you”he said weeping so bitterly.

He came closer to me straighting his hand.

I don’t think if I have ever seen a mad person crying bitterly, I really felt remorseful for him.

“Who are you? Why are you crying? I asked as I held his hand without minding that he meant bit me.

“I don’t know who am I, please my love help me and don’t live me”he cried out.

“Stop crying! I wiped out his tear.

“Please my love help me”he said.

“Who are you and why did you call me your love? I asked.

“Because you are my love, and your heart beat need your help”he sounded.

“What happen to you and why should I help you? I asked still holding his hand.

“Am I………. He didn’t complete his statement because I waked up with a heavy shout by mother.

Today’s dream was something else, I dreamt about him playing together, feeding him, laughing with him like a mad person with him, people were looking at us thinking that am also mad too, some mock at us saying the mad man has found his lover.

I wonder why i felt so comfortable and peaceful around him, he is so gentle and harmless and i felt this butterflies in my stomach, he is so loveable to be around with.

Sometimes I found myself thinking about him and I wonder the type of feeling i have for him, could it be pity or love? Probably it can’t be love, how can I be in love with a mad man?

I have searched for him around the community, the market where the mad people normally stayed to know if he exited but all to no avail.

My mother shout cut me off from my thinking.

“Yes mother! I said frightening and stood up immediately.

“I have been calling for ages Angela, what are you thinking? She shouted.

“Nothing mother!

“I hope you remember what today is?

“Today! asking today’s day? I don’t even know what today is.

“Don’t be stupid! Have you forgotten that your suitor is coming today with his people so you better go and tidy up the house”

Almost forget that my suppose suitor is coming today.

“I don’t want what happened the other day to repeat itself again so if it do you will have to face your father’s anger”she said and walked out.

I don’t know how I will make my parents to understand that am not ready for any marriage now,suitors keeps coming both handsome and ugly, wealthy and poor.

I keep on chasing them away by escaping or using any trick to secard them.

I tidy up the house, waiting for my so call suitor.

Around 2pm the supposed man came with his kinsmen, they were welcomed.

After the normally introduction as usual, I was called out to greet them.

The man looks so ugly, since I have been meeting suitors I have never seen someone so ugly like chimpanzee.

“My daughter this handsome man came with his people to ask for your hand in marriage so we want to know if we can proceed the marriage or not”my father said.

“Greetings my elders, please I will like to have a little moment with my husband to be”I said.

“There’s no problem, you can go ahead”one of the elder said.

I took him to the backyard thinking on how to secard him out.

“So mr man if I may ask, what do you do for a living?

“Am into exporter”he said smiling.

“So what did you export?

“I export goods like slippers, shoes, clothes and other materials”he said.

“Oh I see! So why did you want to marry me beside you have not seen me before?

“I love you so much and you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen before, if you marry me I promise to make you happy for the rest of your life”he sounded.

“If I may ask, did you ask questions before coming?

“I don’t need to ask questions because I have known you already, you are humble, kindhearted indeed a wife material”he said with so much confidence.

“My dear, you need to ask questions before coming to ask someone’s hand in marriage because you don’t know what meant wait for you”I said and I can see the confusion written all over his face.

“What did you mean? He asked confusedly.

“Come let me show you something”he followed me and I took him to my grandmother’s grave.

“Am not who you think am I, this is my grave, I have been in this grave for the past two years so if know what is good for you run for dear life or you will be a dead person”I shouted serious with so much boldness in me rollting my eyes making it scary.

“Wh….. At….. Are…. You…. Say….. Ing”he stammered.

“If you love life so much run for your dear life unless you will”he couldn’t even allow me to complete the word he tire race.

Well down to me am really a good actor, I laughed and laughed, I have to face my father now.

“Chief why didn’t you tell me you are habouring a ghost in your house? He shouted.

“What did you mean?

“My son what happen?

“I can’t marry your ghost daughter I don’t want to die before my time, my people let go”he shouted and they ran out.

“Where is that good for nothing daughter of mine that want to send me early to my grave, Angela! Angela! My father shouted with so much anger.

I ran out from the backyard.

He ran inside and brought out cutlass.

“I will kill this girl today,what sort of embrassment is this”he shouted chasing me.

“Father am sorry, please forgive me”I pleaded running and dodging at the back of my mother.

“If I did not kill this girl today call me a fool”he shouted.

I have never seen my father so angry like this before.

“Please my husband don’t kill her, you know she is our only child, please drop the cutlass”my mother pleaded.

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“It is better for me to be childless than having one that keeps on disgracing me and want to kill me before my time”he shouted and keeps chasing me.

“Father am sorry, please forgive me”I shouted and ran away.

“You are running abi? You will come back here and face me today”he shouted.

I was running so fast breathing heavily, running to my friend’s house, i almost run pass my friend.

She dragged me back,”Angela what is it, who is after your life? She asked.

“Rose is my father oooooo, he want to kill me”I shouted breathing heavily.

“What happen, why did your father want to kill you? She asked.

“What did you think it could be if not marriage issues again? I sat at the ground.

“Did you chased your suitor again?

“Yes I did but this one is worst”

“What did you do?

“I secard him pretending to be ghost”

“Haba Angela! How could you do such a thing?

“See Rose, i don’t want to marry him”

“Angela why did you keep on rejecting your suitors, people are talking that you are possessed, you belong to the marine world and have a spiritual husband that’s why keeps on rejecting all your suitors”she sounded.

I stood up and laughed and laughed.

“Angela is not a laughing matter, people are talking, they are saying all sort of rubbish”

“Rose leave them, let them talk, if people did not talk about that means you doesn’t exist”

“Angela I want you to tell me the truth as your friend and like a sister to you, why did you reject all your suitors? She asked.

I placed my hand on her shoulder, “See Rose, I don’t love any of them, they don’t match to my taste, they don’t have the quality I need in a man”I said.

“What type of quality did you want that you have not seen in any of the men?

“I need a man that is caring, attractive, self control, honest, humble and nevertheless a man that will love me and adores me like the strange man in my dreams”

Oh my God! I just spilt it about the strange man I hope she doesn’t hear it.

“Strange Man! What strange man and dream are you talking about? She asked curiously.

“Strange man! No there’s no strange man or dream”I pretended.

“I heard it clearly Angela so don’t lie to me, we are friend we suppose not be keeping secrets rather we suppose to support and trust each other so tell me about the strange man and dream”she said being so serious to know.

How will I change the topic I can’t tell her about my dreams.

“C’mon tell me, am waiting”

“Is nothing Rose, no strange man nor dream”I said.

“I know you are lying to me but it is okay you will definitely tell me about it one day”she said.

Thank God she did not be too adamant to know beside why did I mention the strange man.

“So are you going back to the house?

“Noooooo! Did you want my father to kill me, I will only go when is temper is calm and not now it is too hot”

“Okay, that’s means we have to go my house”

“I hope your mother is not at home?

“Nope! She went out for a meeting, so lets go”

Thank God her mother is not at home because am not ready to receive her insults, she has wronged me several times to stay away from her daughter that am a bad luck that’s why I keep rejecting my suitors that she don’t want such a bad luck around her daughter.



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