In Love With The Mad Man

In love with a mad man episode 2





“Rose I need to start going before your mother will meet me here, I know by now my father’s tamper will be calm now”I said.

I was still at her house after the fight I had with my parents.

“Angela you really need to apologize to your father and make them to understand your desire of a man you did in your life”she said

“What makes you think that I have not done that but still they don’t understand, they just want to marry me off”I sounded.

“C’mon don’t say that, I know your parents want the best for you”

“If they want the best for me then let them leave me to choose my our husband and not forcing me into marriage”

What I have been avoiding is here, her mother.

“Mama good evening!

“Hold that your bad luck greeting there, I don’t need it, how many times have I warned you to stay away from my daughter before you will possess my daughter with your bad luck”she shouted.

I was expecting her insults it was not really a surprise to me.

“Mama, Angela is not a bad luck”she said.

She dragged her on her ear, “I have warned you serval times to stay away from her you will not listen until she possess you with her bad luck, will you get inside! She shouted and pushed her.

What a mother?

“And you! You are still here? Today will be the last day I will warn you to stay away from my daughter the next I see you with my daughter or in my house I will cut off your legs”she shouted and I walked out immediately, am not ready to loose this my beautiful legs.

Her mother was not really like that, she was a good friend of my mother and a kind hearted woman due my rejection of suitors and the false rumors that has gone round the community that am a possessed child that i have a spiritual husband that’s why she hates me.

As for me i don’t care about the rumors because am not possessed neither did I have a spiritual husband.

One day they will know that am not what they think am I because I know that my dream man will show one day and it has always be my wish to see him.

“She is coming, let wait for her to pass before she will infect us with her bad luck”

“I don’t want to start rejecting suitors like her”

“She have a spiritual husband that’s why she has rejected all her ten suitors”

The girls stood and cleared the road for me, i did not utter any word to them and beside they gossip did’nt effect because that’s what they are good at gossiping they will not go look for their own husbands and leave others business.

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I got home and I decided to follow through the backyard side to avoid meeting my father at the front house, I met my mother picking beans her face was not bright at all.

“Mama good evening! No respond.

“Mama am greeting!

“What should I use your greeting for, should I eat it? She shouted.

I sat closed to her placed my hand around her neck.

“Mother I know you are very angry with me, please forgive me, am sorry”I apologized.

“Am not the one that owe that apology so you better take it to your father”

“How is father,i hope his tamper is calm?

“How will expect him to be when you have decided to keep on disgracing him by rejecting all your suitors, not one nor two, ten suitors! She shouted.

“Mother I don’t want to disgrace you nor father it just that the men that are coming for me I don’t love and beside I don’t see the quality I need in man in them, when I see the man of my dream I will marry please mother try to understand me”

“What is it that you want that you have not seen in any of the men, is it rich? They are well wealthy”

“Mother riches is not what I want, money can’t build true love, I want true love, a soulmate, a man that will love me wholeheartedly I don’t care if you are poor or not, what I want is unconditionally love, a man that will stand and face any circumstances that may befall us”

“And you still think just a man still exist in this world?

“I know such a man still exist and one day I will introduce such a man to you”

“I pray such day to come”

“It will mother, please help me to talk to father and make him to understand”

“You will face your father by yourself”

We finished the picking the beans and cooked dinner for that day, I didn’t see my father because I don’t know how I will face him.

He(mad man) saw me and hugged me with so much happiness written all over his face, I didn’t care if he is smelling or not, I hugged him back so tight.

“My love I have miss you! He said shyly covering his face.

“I have miss you too!

“Come let go inside to my house”

He held my hand and took me to his house, his usual place at the refuses bin, he brought out a torn dirty clothe and placed at the floor.

“Sit here my love! He smiled.

I sat down without minding anything, one thing about him is that he talks childish, i mean his voice is like a kid voice.

“You know, you are in my house what should I offer you my love?


“Don’t say nothing my love, see I bought this juice specially for you”

He brought out empty bottle of juice.

“Drink it, is sweet”

“I don’t want to drink”I smiled.

“Please my love drink nah, I bought it specially for you, don’t reject it, did you want me to drink it first?

He drank it being empty,”so sweet taste it, you will like it”

“See my love there’s no juice in it, if am I coming to see you next time I will get you juice”

“Okay my love, but you have to drink my own to show that you love me, if you did not drink it I will start crying”

He started to crying being serious.

“C’mon my love I don’t want you to cry, I will drink it”

I took the empty bottle juice and started drinking.

“Hmmmmmh! So sweet!

“I told you, you will like it”he smiled.

“Your nails has grown and it looks so dirty, let me clean it for you it will be fine like my own”showing him my nails.

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“I want it to be fine like my love’s own”

I brought out razor blade and cleaned his nails.

“It is now like your own, thank you my love for cleaning it”he hugged me.

“Anything for my love”I hugged him back.

“Did you know I can sing very well”he said with his childish voice.

“You mean, you can sing very well? I started smiling.

“Let me sing for you”

He brought out stick using it as his mic.

He sang and sang with a sweet voice, I have not hear such a sweet voice before, his voice is awesome and can melt the heart of everyone.

“Oh my God! What a sweet voice you got!

He hugged him and peeked him on his forehead.

“I like it?

“I love it”

“Thank you my love”

“Let me start going”

“Don’t go my love, I want you to sleep here with me”

“C’mon my love I can’t sleep here”

“Don’t you like my house?

“I like it but I need to go now I will come tomorrow and see you”

“Promise me you will come”

“I crossed my heart, I will come”

“I will miss you”he hugged me.

“I will miss you too, bye”

We waved at each other.

I sighed as soon as I realized it was all a dream.

“It is a dream again, when will see dream come to reality?

I want to see this man badly, am really in love with him infact drunk in love and stop having his sweet and romatic dream of him.

“What a sweet voice he got?

His voice is so sweet and it ready to melt people’s heart, the love I have for him made me to drink an empty bottle of juice.

I even peeked a mad man in my dream, people can call him a mad man but as for me he is not, he is the true love am waiting for, I don’t know when I will see him.

His sweet voice was echoing in my head, I was smiling, grooming over love and wishing to go back to my dream.

Am I desperate to see him but I don’t know where to find him, I have searched everywhere I probably know mad people will be but I didn’t succeed.

“Who were you looking for at the market especially where the mad people normally stay ? Rose asked

“Nobody Rose”

I can’t tell her that am in love with a mad man it will really sound stupid and funny to her.

“Am really sorry for my mother’s behavior towards you, you she is not like that, just that she listened to the rumors”

“It is okay, am not really angry with her it just meant to happen and I just pray that I dream man will come soon and all this rumor will come to an end”

“I pray so my friend so that people will know that you don’t have any spiritual husband”

“Hey my beauty, my shine star, please can I have a moment with you” he said.

That’s Emeka that has been disturbing me, proclaiming his stupid love for me.

“What is it Emeka? Have I not warned you to stop addressing me like that?

I shouted, I so much hate him.

“Angela you know I love you so much, I want you to accept my proposal, am willing and capable to make you happy rest of your life, you know who my father is, all his wealth belongs to me”

I laughed and laughed making him to look more stupid.

“Emeka your mate are out there in the city making money, building houses and you are here wasting your useless life and waiting for your father to join his creator so that you can inherit his wealth, still living the same roof with your father, still eating mama thank you, did you know what you are? You are nothing but a hopeless human being ”

“Mind your language Angela”

“If it pain you, go and think what you will do with your miserable life, Rose please let go I don’t have time for a hopeless human being”

We walked out I know it really pain him.

“That’s so harsh on him”

“Thats what he need, he need to be told the truth than wasting his time here composing his father’s wealth”

“I know by now he is be in the mood of thinking”

“If he want to amend his hopeless life”

She laughed, “I will come to your house tomorrow”

“I will be waiting”

We departed to our various houses.



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