In love with a mad man episode 3





“The worst has happened! Where that good for nothing daughter of mine that has sworn to disgrace me! He shouted so angrily.

I thought what could be the problem, we ran out to find out.

“My husbabd what is it, who annoyed you?

He sat down at the bench beside a mango tree hitting his two legs on the ground.

“Woman where did you get this child from? He shouted.

I looked at my mother, wondering why my father will asked such a question.

“My husband why such question, what happen?

“Have you not heard about the rumors that has spread all the community?

He shouted still battling in anger.

I sighed aside immediately I heard it, so this is the reason why he is like this.

“My husband what rumors?

“I went out to buy my stuff and people were talking about this girl saying that she came from the marine kingdom and has a spiritual husband that’s why she has been rejecting all her suitors the worst part of it they said that my family is a bad luck”

“My husband! That can’t be, our daughter did have any spiritual husband nor belong to the marine world”

“Why have she rejected all her suitors and disgraced me? He shouted.

“Father! The simple answer is that I did not love them, they don’t have the quality i need in a man”

I replied being bold.

“Will you shut up that your mouth! What did you know about love?

“The only way for me to stop this rumors is to consult a seer to tell us why you have rejected ten suitors and know how to delivery you”he shouted.

“Father no need of consulting a seer nothing is wrong with me, once I see the perfect man I will let you know”

“Consulting a seer my husband, did you think is a best solution?

“It is the best solution, we need to find out what is wrong with this girl, the disgrace is getting out of hand”

“Father nothing is wrong with me, am okay”

“We shall if you are okay or not”

I walked out from their presence.

Father is unbelievable, how could he suggest to consult a seer to know if his daughter is possessed or not.

I need to go out and clear off my head, I cant go to Rose’s house, am not ready for her mother insults now.

I guess I have to walked around and see if I can find my one true love(the mad man)

I need to find him, God please show me a sign of where I can find him and bring him to my father and stop the rumors.

I just need a miracle right now.

I checked an uncompleted building to see if he is there but no sign of him, I keep on searching believing that I will find him today it will not pass today.

I came to a junction, I saw someone that looks exactly like him conducting cars.

I went a little bit closer to check if he is the one.

My heart was filled with so much happiness immediately I discovered he is the man I have been seeing in my dream, the happiness I felt that at moment was beyond imagination.

I wanted to hug him so tight but I couldn’t do that because of the place he is.

“Are you not seeing me, you over there, Oga over there, yes be coming”

I stood there smiling as I watches him conducting the cars.

He is just exactly the same way I saw him in my dreams, I wish he will turn now and see me, I want to know if he also dreams about me, I want to how he will react once he sees me.

I waited for some minutes and he later turned and saw me.

He ran to me with so much happiness written all over his face and hugged me so tight.

I didn’t push him even due he was smelling so bad rather I hold him tight.

All eyes were on us, people were laughing and saying the mad man is in love oooo is the way he hugged this girl oooo.

I pushed him immediately people started talking.

“Is that you my love! I know you will come, I have been waiting for you”

He sounded with his childish voice, could it be that he was also looking for me and could it be that we share the same dream?

“Where have you been, I have searched for you everywhere?

“I have been in my house my love waiting for you to come and take me”

“Your house! Where is your house?

“It is over there”

He pointed at the same refuses bin I always seen in my dreams.

“Come let me take you to my house”

He said straighting out his hand.

I held his hand as we walked to the refuses bin he called house.

I felt so comfortable, peaceful around him, I have never felt that way with any man before.

I have deeply and madly fallen in love with this mad man.

This something strange about him that I cant really tell.

“Welcome to my house”

He said smiling like a kid.

The environment was smelling so bad and disgusting but I can withstand the odour.

I went inside the refuses and sat on it, the love I have for him is making me to behave like a mad person too, I know people meant think that am crazy or he has bewitched me but it is just that am drunk in his love.

“So what is your name?

“Name! What is name?

What silly question? Can I asked a mad man his name when he don’t even know himself or knows what he is doing.

“See my love I don’t like this place you are staying is not good”

“You mean you don’t like my house? He started crying like a kid.

“No my love! That’s not what I mean, see I love your house but I want you to stay in a beautiful house”

“You mean I will live in a beautiful house like how beautiful you are?

He asked rejoicing.

“Yes my love, you also have to change your clothe, barbe your hair and you will look more handsome”

“Okay my love! I will do as you said because you are my love”he hugged me.

“My love I will like to start going, it is getting late”

“Don’t go my love, you will sleep in my house”

He sounded with his kid voice.

“I can’t sleep here my love, let me go tomorrow I will come and see you”

“Are you sure you will come?

“Are you not my love again, I will come”

I hugged him and takes my leave.

I am the happiest person in the whole universe, the joy am feeling inside me right now is beyond imagination, the man after my heart, the man my heart beats for, my dream man, the man I love and desire so much I have finally see him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him, something in me tells me that his madness is not ordinary and I believe that one day my love for him will restore back his insanity.

I met my friend Angela on my way going home.

“Angela where are you going?

“I was actually coming to your house, wait oooo, what could the reason of this beautiful smiles written all over your face?

She asked at the moment she noticed my happiness.

“Angela am the happiest person in the whole world, did you know why? ”

I shouted and jumped to express my happiness.

“I don’t know ooo and I will like to know what makes my friend so happy”

“At last, my dreams has turned to reality”

I said still smiling.

“What dream comes to reality?

“Angela am I deeply in love with his handsome man I has been seeing in my dreams for months now and I have always wish and hope to see him and today God grant me my wishes”

I said still smiling.

“And you met him?

“Yes Rose, I met him today, looking so handsome you know the loving part of it is that he feels the same way for me and we share the same dreams”

I shouted with joy.

“Wow Angela! I will like tomeet this man that has stollen my girlfriend’s heart”

She said rejoicing.

“Don’t worry you will see him and don’t fall for him ooo, he only belongs to me and nobody else”

I jokey said.

She laughed and said,”it seem he is damn handsome is one you are saying I should not fall for him?

“When you see him, you will confirm it by yourself”

“This man is really luck, what trick or charm did he use on you?

“Rose no trick rather his love charms me”

“I can’t wait to see him, will you introduce me to him tomorrow?

“I will gladly do that and he will also like to met you”

“I will start going now no need of going to the house again and remember tomorrow you will introduce me to your heartbeat”

“Okay! Bye see you tomorrow”

I hugged her as we departed from each other.

I got home so happy, my mother noticed it and asked me the reason of my happiness.

I couldn’t tell her that am in love with a mad man.

They will not take it likely with me if they find out, I want to make my love to look good before introducing him to my parents.

Rose did not even allow day to break very well, she is already in the house for me to introduce her to him.

I know she is just being excited for me that finally I have gotten someone that matches to my taste of a man.

“Haba Rose!Are you kidding me, so early! Won’t you allow day to break fast before coming?

“How will I wait for day to break, don’t you know that am so happy to see this your man that has finally matches your desire for a man”

“Rose it is still early to go to a man’s house so we have to wait to afternoon”

“Afternoon! She sighed

“Yes afternoon! So since you are here and i know that you dont want to go back so i guess you should help your friend to tidy up the house”

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“I know that’s what you will say”

“What else did you expect me to say? Since you came early so you just have to help me out”

“I have heard, what of mama?

“I think she is at the backyard”

“Okay! Let me go and greet her”

We did the house chores, before we could round up it is already afternoon.

We decided to walked down to see my love before Rose will die of desperatio.

What will be reaction when she will meet him?

Will she think that am also mad too?

How will she take it?

The thoughts were running through my mind, I really don’t know how she will feel.

“Angela! Once he tasted this your delicious food he will die to have more of it”

She said breaking the all my thoughts.

“Are you serious?

“You know you are the best cook i have ever seen”

She flattered.

I decided to brought food for him then eating that rubbish he got from the bin.

“Have will not reach his house?

“We are almost there Rose”

Within some minutes we got there and on reaching there, I saw this children playing with him.

“Mad man sing for us, mad man sing for us”

They were shouting and clapping.

“Leave me alone, stop calling me a mad man, am not a mad man, if my love come here he will beat all of you for calling me a mad man”

He was replying back to them.

“Mad man have a love, mad man have a love”they laughed and chorused together.

I couldn’t stand the way they were treating him, I rushed to them

“Will you disappear from here before I will sound on you people”

I shouted giving one a konck and they ran out.

The moment he saw me, he ran to me and hugged me so tight.

“My love why did you leave me? Those people were calling me a mad man, am not mad”

He cried out with his kid voice.

“Don’t worry, am here I will not leave you again”

We resist of the hug.

I can see the expression of confusion written all over Rose’s face.

“Angela who is this dirty and disgusting mad man?

She asked confusedly.

“Mind you he is not mad, he is my love”

I threw out the bomb to her.

She laughed and laughed, couldn’t believe her two ears.

The look on her face was too much, it is not what she expected, I know she was expecting to see a good looking man and not a mad man.

“Angela are you kidding me? It is not funny at all, how could a mad man be your lover?

She laughs again.

“Watch your tongue Rose, he is not mad, he is the one my heart beats for”

I threw back.

“What did you mean? How probably can you identify a mad person if not by their look, this is unbelievable Angela I did not expect this from you, upon all the suitors you rejected is a mad man that pleases your heart”

She shouted.

“He is not a mad man, he is the idea of a man I want, he makes me happy, he has the quality I need in a man, he is the one my heart yawns for”

“Angela this is ridiculous! How can a mad man makes you happy if not to irrate you”

She shouted.

“It is love Rose, I am deepy in love with him”

He was there mopping at us, picking nothing from his hand and chewing it

“C’mon Angela! This is not love, it is call madness, what have this mad man done to my friend?

She shouted.

“Absolutely nothing rather he gave me love over flow and happiness”

“This is not ordinary at all, I can see that you have bewitched”

She shouted.

“Yes am bewitched of his love”

“My love I brought food for you”

“You brought me food? I nodded.

“My love brought me food, my love brought me food”

He was repeating it like a poem.

I held his hand as we sat down.

“Oh my God! She is even sitting down with him in that disgusting place, what type of madness love is this?

Rose sounded disgusting.

“Okay let me feed you”

I started feeding him, he was eating like a mad man.

“Your food is so delicious”

He said with food filled in his mouth.

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Rose shifted from us looking and shooking her head, people were passing and mopping at us, I didn’t care beside why should I care when am with my love.

Few minutes later, am done feeding him.

“Thank you my love I love your food”

Cleaning his mouth with his hand.

“Anything for you my love”

“I got something for you my love”

“What is it?

He brought out a bunch of a dry flower.

“I bought this beautiful flower for you my love”

He gave me the flower.

“Did you like it?

“Yes! I love it, I will be going, I will come later and see you”

I stood up.

“Okay my love!

We hugged and he waved at me immediately I walked out.

I went to meet Rose who has been standing waiting for me.

“Rose sorry for keeping you waiting”

I said tapping her at her shoulder.

“Don’t touch me with that hand you used and touched at mad man”

She shouted cleaning her cloth.

“Stop referring to my lover as a mad man”


“See what he gave me”

I said with joy showing her the flower.

“What is this? A dry flower!

“Yes and I love it, I will treasure it because it was given to me by my love”

“Can I ask you something?

“Yes! I have all ear”

“The way you hugged that mad man is your nose not active again to perceive a bad odour?

“I don’t care if he is smelling or not”

“Have you ever wonder what people and how your parents will feel regarding this madness love you have for a mad man?

“Rose I don’t care what People will say but as for my parents I will convince them and make them to understand how much I love him”

“Don’t be silly! Did you think you parents will take it funny?

“I was thinking to wash him up, clean him and make him to look so perfect for my parents”

“How can you clean up a mad man?

“I will definitely do that”

“It is still shock to me that I left my house so early just to see a mad man”

“Not a mad man, my lover I will keep on correcting you”

“I have seen and heard a lot today I need to rest and clear off my head, so good bye”

She said and departed from me.

I really have to do a good work on my love, I need to clean him up I don’t want my parents to reject him.