In Love With The Mad Man

In love with a mad man episode 5





I went home battling in anger, the face looks so terrible with the anger in me, I rushed inside without uttering any word to my mother not even greeting.

He just embrassed me and Rose was making jibe of me and people were mopping at us every soon now they will start talking, they are radio without battery.

I know he is mad but I didn’t expect such from him, he just ruined my day.

My eyes sighted at the flower he gave me, I collected it.

“Why did you do that, you just embrassed me today, I had a dream about us last night, playing together you even sang a romatic love poem for me, the way you walked to me looking so handsome I thought it will be the way I will see you today but rather you embrassed me and ruined my day, I know you are mental disorder that you can do any awful thing but what you acted there was out of my expectation”

I said talking to the flower.

Some minutes later, my mother came inside, I rushed and hide the flower under my bed, I don’t want her to see it before she will start being suspicious, she sat beside me.

“Angela what is it, your face is not bright at all, what happen?

“Mother is nothing”

“Don’t tell me nothing when your face is like this, what is it my daughter?

“Mother you won’t understand”

“Am your mother I will understand, did you had a fight with the man we are yet to know?

“Mother, he did the most terrible thing I hate in my life”

“My daughter I want you to understand that in any relationship there’s always a mistake so you just have to learn how to forgive because Refusing To Forgive Someone

Is Like Drinking Poison,

And Waiting For

The Other Person To Die and don”t forgive people cause you are weak rather forgive them because Iyou are strong enough

to understand people make mistakes so you just have to forgive him and forget whatsoever that happened”

She said.

“Thank mother for your word of encouragement”

I hugged her.

“Anything for my daughter and stop being angry lighten up your face”

“Am no more angry again your words has lighten me up”

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“Let me go and finish up what am doing”

“Okay mother, I will soon come out and meet you”

I said and she went out.

My mother is always perfect in her words of encouragement, her words changed my mind because I was even planing not to see him for three days.

My mother really lightened up my mood, she is good in that.

I cleaned my face and went to the kitchen to help her out for dinner.

The next day, I went to market and bought all the necessary things that I think my man needed to look perfect for my parents, I will be introducing him to them.

Later in the day, I rushed out to meet him, as I was going i felt someone following, if I turned to see who the person is but I will not see the person only people that were concentrating on what they are doing, minding their own business.

The person keeps on following me.

“No one is following me,maybe it is just my imagination”

I said as I stopped checking who the person.

I got to my destination, my love’s face was not bright, his face seem sad and unhappy.

Immediately he saw me, he rushed to me and knelt down folding his two hands.

“Please my love, forgive me, I will not do it again”

He pleaded, crying like a kid.

I held his hand and raised him up.

“Stop crying my love, I have forgiven you”

I said wiping out his tears.

“You mean you have forgiven and you will not leave me?

“You are forgiven my love beside why should I leave my one true love, don’t you know that I cant live without you in my life, my life will be meaningless without you in it”

He hugged me so tight

“I love you so much, please don’t leave me, if you leave me I will die”

He sounded.

“My eyes has seen my two ears, so Angela it is true!

My mother shouted, she was really shocked and dumbfounded of what she saw and I now know she is the one that was following me.

Her shouting secard me and we rushed and resisted from the hug.

I was mopping at her speechless, my body was even shaking, I didn’t expect her to find out this way.

“Angela so the rumor is true, you are now messing around with a smelling mad man, why Angela, why, how could you?

She shouted with tears filled up in her eyes.


I don’t even know the appropriate word to use.

“Angela how could you be messing around with a mad man that smells around sheat sheat, Angela why have you decide to bring shame to us, why Angela?

She shouted.

“Mother, my love is not bringing shame to anybody rather she loves me and I love her too and I want to marry her”

He said defending me.

“Will shut up that your dirty smelling mouth you have not brush for years, look at this onye ara(mad person) that always smells wee wee”

I have to take courage and tell her the truth and expect the worst to happen.

“Mother is the man I have been telling you about, the one after my heart, I love him so much and I have chosen him as my love”

I sounded even my body was shaking.

“Angela what sort of nonsense is this, is something wrong with your head, how could you love a mad man, No! This not ordinary this mad man has charm you, he has been the one you have been given my food to”

She shouted.

“No mother! He did not charm me, my heart and soul accept him as my love”

I said.

She gave me a slap that even swallow up my eyes, this type of slap that someone will slap you and you will feel this stars all over your eyes.

“If I hear that nonsense from your mouth again I will skin you alive”

She shouted bitterly.

“Why did you hit my love”

He shouted.

“Shut up that your sinking mouth”

She shouted and pushed him.

“Your father must hear this shameful thing”

She shouted dragging me on my ear.

“Mother leave me you are hurting me!

I pleaded.

“Leave her, stop hurting my love”

He shouted rushing after us.

“Will you take back your smelling body to where you came from”

She shouted using strick to chase him back.

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He ran back without even acting violates like fighting back at my mother like how mad people normally dose.

“This mad man has bewitched my daughter and I must cast that spell out”

She shouted.

“Mother please leave me, my ear is paining me”

I pleaded to her but she gave a deaf ear to me.

People were mopping at us, they were laughing at us, she did not care.

She dragged me like that until we got home, we met father outside paincing all is not well with him.

“My husband the worst has finally happened”

My mother shouted as she pushed me down and I fell in front of my father.

“So it is true Angela?

He bitterly.

“So father as also heard the rumor too”I thought.

“Why have you sworn to disgrace me in this community, this is so unbelievable that the only child of a respected Chife in this community is messing around with a mad man, what did that mad man gave you to eat my daughter?

He shouted so so buttered.

“My husband when I heard the rumor I did not believe it because I know my own daughter will not do such thing, yesterday she told me that she had a fight with the man that want to marry her so this evening I decided to follow her without her knowing to see the man and talk to him concerning my daughter and what I saw left me in a stage of shock, I met her hugging a smelling mad man”

She shouted angrily.

“Father I don’t want to bring shame into this house, I love that man and something in me tells me that he is not mad”

I said.

“Will you shut up that your mouth! You no longer have respect for your father again, you are standing in front of me confessing your stupid love towards a mad man to me”

He shouted.

“My husbabd this is not ordinary, something need to be done because I will not sit down here and allow my only child to be taken away, that mad man is nothing but a ritual who what lures my daughter into loving him and use her for money ritual”

She shouted.

“Mother don’t say such thing, he is not a ritualist, i love him beside is it a crime to love a mad man?

I shouted being so bold.

“My husband you see what am telling, he has already bewitched her, we have to act fast and cast out this spell on her before soap will enter our eyes”

She shouted.

“I Chife Omeagu will not allow his only child to use for blood money, this is really a spell, tomorrow morning you will go and call that prophetess before the worst will finally happen”

He shouted.

I stood up and started shouting.

“Father am okay, no one bewitched me, no need of calling a prophetess, am still in my right sense”

“We shall see by the prophetess”

She said.

“Am okay, no one or anything will stop me from loving him, my whole body belongs to him”

I shouted and rushed to my room.

I lay down to in the bed crying,

“My head is aching too much, what happened today is out of my expectation, I don’t want them to find out like this and now they think am bewitched and they want summon a prophetess, if only this people can keep their mouth shut and mind their own business things couldn’t have come out like this.

No matter what they said or do, they can’t change the way I feel about him nor stop me from loving him.



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