In Love With My Little Sister episode 2 – 3

In Love With My Little Sister-Episode two
®️Blessing D
Jason’s POV
I was still on my project when a noticed someone’s presence, I turned and it was Jack.
“Hey jack ! I greeted and continued with my project.
“Hi buddy , he replied and took a sit next to me.
Where is Amelia? He asked and a thought niggard at me.
I know jack likes Amelia and he’ll be willingly to take her out.
“Uh..Jack can you do me a huge favour ?
“What is it? He inquired.
Can you take Amelia out for picnic ? I asked and his eyes widened.
“Really man? That will be a pleasure, he replied smiling.
“But, why ask me? He asked.
Well , I have this stuff to take care of , I replied showing him the project.
Come on buddy , that project is to be submitted next months, he replied.
“I know but I just don’t want to follow her, I replied more like a whisper.
“And why’s that? He asked leaning closer.
I want to stop taking her out , I mean she’s eighteen, guys might think I don’t want them around her that’s why am always taking her out , I replied even tho I no that’s not the real reason.
You no her buddy , she won’t take it , jack replied and I nodded my head .
That’s why I need your help , I need you course I no your feelings for her so am allowing do all that, I said and he smiled.
“I want to J , but it..you no she doesn’t go out with anyone expect you, he said.
“We are gonna change that Jack , from today onwards I won’t take her anywhere.
Whoops that will be crazy.
I will give it a try , he replied, stood up and headed upstairs to her room.
You and I need this Amelia tho I no it will be a bit tough , I thought to myself and continued with my project.
Amelia’s POV
A knock came at the door and I ignored it thinking it was Jason.
Amelia its me jack , open up, I heard and immediately stood up to open the door.
Hi, I cooed and he starred at me.
Uh..you see Amelia Jason is busy and I’d love to take you out myself, he said.
Really? I asked.
“Yea ,will you follow me?
I’d love to but I’m no longer in the mood jack , Jason really spoilt my day , did he tell you if I offended him In anyway? I asked and he shook his head.
“Am so sorry jack , I can’t.
Okay what of tomorrow? He asked.
Em..I’ll think about it , but will Jason follow us?
“Nope he won’t, he replied.
OK then I’ll think about it, I replied and closed the door.
Wait Amelia think about what ?I thought and opened the door again.
He was about to go down .
You no what jack ? I yelled and he turned.
I’ll go out with you tomorrow, I replied and I could see the smile that formed in his face.
6:00 pm then , he replied and went down while I closed the door.
Episode 3
Jason’s POV
Jack walked down dancing happily.
“What’s up jack? I asked turning my full attention to him, I really wanted to know if she agreed.
“Did she agree ?
“Nope she didn’t, he replied .
“But why are you so happy if she didn’t agree ?
“Because she agreed to go out with me tomorrow, he replied still dancing.
“Oh okay, I replied and continued my work.
I was done with the project and the maids were serving dinner .
“Go and get Amelia , she’s in her room , I told one of them and she left.
“She came down few minutes later without Amelia .
“Where’s she? I inquired.
“Sir, she said that she isn’t hungry, she replied.
“What? She isn’t hungry? I asked and got up to call her myself.
“I got to her door and knocked.
“Amelia open up! I yelled from outside.
“I’m not hungry okay , she yelled back from inside.
“Nope, just open the door first.
“I’m not opening it , just leave ! She replied.
“I signed and leaned on her door, I know she’s behaving like this because I refused to take her for picnic .
Okay Amelia suit yourself, I replied and headed downstairs to have my dinner but couldn’t course I suddenly lost my appetite.
“I seem really affected that Amelia is angry , I hate it when she’s like that but what can I do? I’ve got to get all this foolish and silly feelings off my head and maybe have a girlfriend.
“Yea that’s the first step , a girlfriend, I thought to myself.
Next day
After closure from school jack came over .
It was in the evening.
Amelia haven’t spoken to me since yesterday even at school .
“Dude is she in? Jack asked and I nodded in response.
Amelia came down few minutes later putting on a long pencil white trouser and pink top with a little makeup and she looked as pretty as ever.
Jack stood up smiling like the happiest man on earth.
He went to meet Amelia and wrapped his hand around hers and they left without saying anything as if I was invincible.
I suddenly became angry and my anger turned to jealous.
Geez what the hell is wrong with me?

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