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In Love With My Little Sister episode 5 – 6


In Love With My Little Sister-Episode Five

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Jason’s POV
What Liza said sounded unbelievable to me , I mean who would have thought she knew about it when I haven’t told anyone yet.

“What are you talking about? I asked pretendedly.

“You know what am talking about ? It’s really obvious and I wonder why Amelia haven’t found out yet , I mean she’s really smart and senses things fast , I wonder why she hasn’t caught on yet , she replied and moved towards the scattered mirror.

“I stared in shock as I didn’t no what else to say or do.

“Is it really obvious? Does that mean that the others know about it? I wondered.

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“I kept staring at her and she rested her back on the wall.

Your blood is wasting you no , you need to bandage your hand to keep it from bleeding too much, she chipped in now staring at my hand.

But you need to get that out of your head, I think jack also knows but pretends he doesn’t course I figured out he kissed Amelia on purpose to see your reaction and you reacted very badly , she said and made to move out but I held her back.

“Will you help me? I asked and she rolled her eyes at me.

“Help you? And how I’m I gonna do that ? She added.

Make me fall in love with you, can you do that? I asked and she opened her mouth wide in shock.

Why..why..do..you…think I can help you?

Come on , cut the crap! Amelia told me you have a crush on me , I blurted and she pouted her lips starring at nothing.

Since you no that I like you I’ll be willing to help but the question is…do you wanna be helped?she asked and started going .

I want to…please help me! I yelled from where I was .

She smiled and nodded her head.

OK boyfriend, she chided and started going.

I exhaled deeply and went to wash my face.

You really need to get this off your head, your heart , I told myself before moving out to join them again.

I joined them in dinner and jack asked me if I was okay.

I looked at him to reply and recalled that Liza said that there might be a possibility he knows but his just pretending not to . I nodded with a smile and continued eating and few minutes later Lukas yelled standing up from the sit. He was sitting right beside me.

I also stood up startled by his outburst .

“What is it? I asked curiously as everyone else also stood staring at him but instead of replying he just stared at my hand.

I also looked at my left hand and remembered that I had injured and my blood was all over the place.

Geez! Christ! What happened to you ? Amelia screamed and ran to hold my hand in hers.

Uh…I..I…got injured accidentally, I replied staring at Liza .

“Well why didn’t you say anything? You’ve lost a lot of blood J , Amelia added already crying. Well she’s too emotional and fragile.

Lemme asked for first aid , jack added and left to the receptionist office.

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But I suddenly started feeling dizzy , Seems like I lost too much of blood. My vision was becoming blurry and before jack could return I fainted on Amelia.

Episode 6

Jason’ POV

I opened my eyes and was staring at a white ceiling. What happened? I wondered before turning to see Amelia keenly starring at me.

“Just then , the door burst open – my mom and dad rushed in.

“Son? My dad yelled from afar. Amelia was holding my right hand still, I tried sitting up and I did.

“What happened to you? My mom cried.

“Oh mom! It’s nothing serious, why are you here? I asked recalling everything that happened.

Amelia called to inform us that you got injured and fainted so we rushed over to see you , dad replied sitting by a corner.

“What happened Jason? Who injured you? Mom asked staring at my left bandaged hand.

“No , I just I..don’t no, I replied feebly.

“You’re coming home with us , mom reasoned .

“Uh..OK , I replied. Not that I wanted to go with them but I wanted to get away from Amelia , her being so close to jack is making me sick .

“I’ll get your stuff from where you guys lounged, dad announced and left.

“And what of you Amelia, are you alright? Mom asked and she nodded. I wonder why she hasn’t spoken a word since I woke up.

Uh Amelia stay with Jason I’ll go check up on the doc to know if we can take you with us today, mom said and left Amelia and I alone.

I rested back on the bed while mom left and Amelia freed her hand from mine standing up to leave. I wonder why she’s behaving that way.

She got to the door and turned to look at me again before existing the room.

“Wait, she didn’t say a word to me?”

That’s really strange…did Liza tell her anything? Oh my gosh! That’s it. Liza must have told he something to behave like way.

“I need to find out fast, I looked around and noticed my phone by a corner where my dad sat down before. I rested up and stretched my right hand to take it but couldn’t, oh shit! Seems it also affected my right hand.

I stood up properly and was about taking it before the door burst open , Liza walked in and saw what I was doing.

“What are you doing?” She asked as she ran up to me.

“Never mind, I don’t need that anymore. I mean since she’s here with me I’ll just have to ask her if she told Amelia the truth.

“Liz what did you tell Amelia?” I asked sounding cold.

“Meaning? ”

“Meaning ?” Are you asking me meaning? I fired getting angry.

“OK I told them something, she replied.

“Are you crazy?” You told “them”?

“Yes , Amelia is really sensitive, I needed to tell her so she won’t suspect me.

“Geez! Seems this girl wants to die! No wonder Amelia isn’t saying anything to me.

“Liza I think you’ve gone completely insane , I thought you wanted to help me , why then did you tell them the truth? I asked feeling some how.

“Wait, calm down, you don’t even no what I told them, she replied.

“What then did you tell them?” I asked.

Amelia asked me what happened to you course when you stood up to use the restroom, I also followed you and when you were asked what happened to you , you looked at me before replying so she said I knew exactly what happened but I’m keeping them in the dark so I had to tell them that we are dating and didn’t want them to know, she replied and I exhaled relieved.

Why didn’t you say it before ?

Well because you didn’t ask? she replied.

The door opened revealing Amelia as she stood by the door akimbo.

So its true that you guys are dating, she asked looking angry.


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