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In Love With My Little Sister episode 7 – 8


In Love With My Little Sister-Episode Seven

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Jason’s POV

So it’s true that you guys are dating? She asked looking angry.

I wanted to speak up but couldn’t find the right words to say.

Uh..I..we…em..Amelia it’s not what you think, I replied feeling guilty.

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So we have become so distanced that you can’t tell me anything any longer? Am still your little sister you no, she said amidst tears and rushed out.

I wanted to run after her , the guilt is killing me but Liza prevented me from leaving by blocking me.

“What is it?” I asked angrily.

“You can’t go after her Jason” , she replied.

“You wanted me to help you and I’ve agreed so you can’t go after her okay?” She added but I ignored her.

I pushed her out of my way ignoring the wires fixed to my body, I wanted to go but the wires prevented me so I angrily pulled them off me and reached the door and was about to open it when she said something.

You’ll only end up falling deeply in love with her and it will hurt you both at last.

I turned to face her and I could see tears forming in her eyes . I don’t understand why she’s in tears but she’s the least of my concern.

I finally opened the door and was about looking for her before mom showed up.

“Son?” Why are you up now? She asked with concern.

“Have you seen Amelia?” I asked ignoring her question.

“Yes , she headed that way , she replied pointing at the right hand side of the hospital.

“OK, mom thanks, I replied and wanted going after Amelia but she held me and dragged me back to my ward.

“Are you okay?” She asked touching my fore head.

“Yes mom, I replied still feeling uneasy.

“Your dad will soon be here” , Amelia will stay with them until she decides to get back home okay? Mom said and I nodded.

“Good morning ma’am” , Liza greeted and that’s when I realized she was still in the ward.

“Oh morning Liza , how are your parents?” She inquired.

“Quite good , she replied and excused

Throughout my stay at the hospital, I didn’t see Amelia again.

I got discharged and went home with mom and dad.

“I couldn’t even stop thinking about Amelia, every second, every minute I think about her, I was gradually going crazy. It’s high time I tell mom and dad so they’ll no what to do with me.


Hmm I hate the turn of things a lot . I can’t deny my strong feelings for Jason but I’ve always known he has feelings for Amelia even before he found out himself.

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The way he treats her, it was more than a brotherly love and feelings so I looked into it and confirmed my suspicion.

The way Jason is still behaving, it will be quite hard to let go of his feelings but the worse of it all is Amelia.

She, the fact that she also likes him…what am I saying…she loves him and she already told me about it but I thought she was kidding and now everything is confirmed.

Jason doesn’t know about how Amelia feels and Amelia doesn’t know how Jason feels.

I just feel real pity for both of them , I love Jason but at the same time love Amelia…. I think its best I let Amelia know about Jason’s feelings and maybe they can resolve it .

Episode 8


“Mom, dad ,why aren’t you saying anything? “you’re scaring me ,I added feeling so scared of the next thing.

After a long silence from them my mom finally said something.

“Honey come here, she said stretching her hand towards me.”

I stood up and went to sit with her not understanding the situation at hand.

Em are you sure about what you just said, she asked caressing my hand.

“Yes mom, I’m hundred percent sure of my feelings, I’ve been feeling this way for a while now, I added and my dad sighed heavily.”

“Can you help me? I further asked and my mom smiled.”

I can’t honey , but you can help yourself, she replied making me really confused.

“Mom help myself? If I had a way I couldn’t have even informed you guys , I replied soberly. ”

My mom looked at my dad and he nodded his head and she faced me properly.

“Listen Jason, listen to everything I want to tell you and after that you’ll figure out how to help yourself, she said and cleared her throat while I waited for what she wanted to say. ”

Writer’s POV

It happened long along when you were just 6 years ago Jason , Jason’s mom began.

Your dad took you for picnic and there you saw a little girl playing alone, you felt attracted to her and you left your dad to go talk to her and ask her why she’s alone.

You talked to her and found out that she is an orphan living with her adopted mom who blearily fed for them. From there you had a liking to the girl despite her poor dressing and all.

The next day you saw her again and from there you two became so close and you brought her home as your new friend.

You guys will always be together playing with your toys and all and from there you liked you despite your little age. We took it as a joke tho.

Days and weeks passed by and you two became fond of yourself .

One certain time we were heading to your dad’s company together and we saw her crossing the road in tears. We stopped by the road side and you ran out of the car to go meet her at the other end but unfortunately we didn’t notice a bike rider and he ran into you.

You hit your head hard of the road and you were rushed to a nearby hospital and we were informed your accident affected your memory a little and you forgot a lot of things including the little girl. We later found the little girl and found out the reason for her tears , her adopted mother had died and no one refused taking her in so we took her in.

“What??? Jason shouted and faced his parents.”

What are you trying to…

Just listen Jason, his dad cut him in.

We took you to los Angeles and you grow up there while we took the little girl in and adopted her as our daughter, seeing the way you liked her. we didn’t think twice before doing it as it might help in bringing back all your memories.

So you stayed in los Angeles for a long time and by the time you came back we told you that you had a kid sister and you were so happy and it all started again , the playing and all.

Well we didn’t think history will repeat itself again but I’m quite sure the little girl on her own didn’t recognize you either when you came back, she concluded.

So the little girl is Amelia, Jason’s dad added.

Jason opened his mouth wide in shock and couldn’t believe his ears.

“So? So you mean its alright to be in love with Amelia cause she’s not my birth sister? “He asked and the mom shrugged.

Well if you ask me I’ll say its your “fate”, she replied.

He stood up and faced his parents properly.

“Thanks mom, thanks dad , I think I know what to do , he replied and the mom smiled.”


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