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In love with my pastor batch 9


In Love With My Pastor episode 19

Continue from the last scene

After I said those word, he immediately went pale, his eyes red like a monster, I was so sacred, I thought he wanted to transform into a wolf or something. He got up from the bed and stood close to the window.


When you said you wanted to, it was because of this right? You were fighting your feeling for me right?

I nodded indicating he was right, he turn to face me.


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I’m a pastor, yes you are right but we are also humans, we have feelings and our heart beat too.

I didn’t understand anything he said, but I sure know this man is fu*cking burning inside to have me.


Daddy, I’m sorry if I arose your feeling, it must be hard for you since your wife is in the state. And now you see me everyday, sometimes almost [email protected] and your feelings began to change.


I am (he pulse) I’m sorry, this never happened (he walked out)

I stood beside my window looking through it, it was a mix feeling for me, I’m I to be happy that papa and I kissed or sad that the kiss was a bad ideal?

I went back to my bed and lay down, my head aches and my body was still on fire, (you know it’s hard to fix your head when you h—y right). So it was different feelings at the same time. Should I go after him, or just stay on my own too? No that won’t be fair on his part, he was here for me last night, I should be there for him too. So I went to his door and knocked. He didn’t reply me but I enter anyways. He was standing close to his window. “Nice view right” I said immediately I walked in. He turn to look at me.


Yeah sam, it remind me a lot of someone.

Please I will like to be alone.


I’m sorry, but I can’t do that, I’m here for you, whatever you are feeling I’m here to listen. He drew close to me (I bite my low lip) does he want another kiss? Hell no my body is still hot, if he touches me again I might loose it I thought inwardly.


You are so cute and adorable when you sound like that. (he smiled)


Thank God you are now smiling, you scare me some minutes ago daddy.

He moved closer again, his hand on my shoulder and his eyes fix on mine.

“Sam all I want to do now is kiss you” (he voice soft and husky) please don’t pull away from me ok. I was shocked to the bones, I was still h—y and here is this man tempting me with a kiss. I moved back a little from him. “It’s going to end bad if you do that daddy” he moved closer again his breathe on mine, he smelled so nice, his w€t lips begging for mine.


In Love With My Pastor

Episode 20

Continue from the last scene

His eyes on mine, his w€t lips begging mine to meet it, God this is so hard for me to resist, I closed my eyes and waited for whatever it was that was coming. I felt his breathe closer to my nose and boom his lips met mine, it was slow, calm and gentle then it began to get hot, then hotter I felt weak, I lost control all I wanted was for him to make love to me, whatever comes next? I wasn’t border, I didn’t care all I cared for at that moment was him inside of me. He carried me bridal style to the bed, took of my shirt and I did the same too, the kiss was still going on. He let out a soft m0an I smiled his so s£x starve. Then it hit me we are in the month of October and in two months time, his wife will be back and he will forget this moment ever happened. I pulled away from him.

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What’s wrong, I mean again? (his eyes full of desires)


I can’t do this, I love you so much, and this? I want it so badly. But I won’t be able to live with myself if we return back home and we start acting normal like this never happened.

He sat down and bent his head, was he thinking of what I just said or regretting what we almost did?


Say something, anything.


I love you too sam, I know it sounds crazy but ever since the death of my wife, no one has ever made me feel this way.

“What? Death? I must be going crazy I guess I didn’t hear right.


WHAT!!! Can you say that again?

Your wife dead? When I mean how?

He walked to the window again backing me.


It’s a long story sam, and I don’t think you would like to hear it.

What the hell, me not want to hear it? Hell yes I want to hear it.


We have all the time in the world, so tell me I wanna hear it.


Ok, I will tell you but not now, maybe before you leave on Friday.

I frown, how can he post me till Friday today is just Monday I’m anxious to hear everything.


No, please tell me now please!!!!!

He turned from the window and moved closer to me. “Sam I will tell you when I’m ready please? (his eyes begging me to let it go)

I took I deep breathe and asked if I should make lunch for him but he refused, ” what I want now is to sleep” I didn’t like the ideal but I started to go anyways when he said “like we were last night” so he wants me to sleep and cuddle him like he did with me last night? Hmmm I like this man. I held his hand and brought him to the bed. Our eyes locked on each other “thanks sam” he said.

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