In Love With A Prostitute

In Love With A pr-stitute – episode 4



Lucy opened her eyes slowly and saw herself laying on a bed.

She sat up looking around and immediately knew where she was.


She looked down at her knee,it was bandaged already.

She touched her head. Nothing happened to her there.

Lucy was relieved as she remembered how the car had knocked her down.

She looked around again. How did she get here?

She wanted to come down from the bed but her body was in pain, especially her legs.

She could not get down. She was seriously in pain.

Just then,the door opened and a woman came in, smiling at her.

“Thank God you are awake. I was so scared that I have killed someone.” The woman said, walking up to Lucy who stared up at her.

“Did you brought me here?” Lucy asked.

“Yes. You lost consciousness before I rushed you here.

But thankfully,you did not have any injury on your head…just a scratch beside your ear and it has been treated.

Also,you did not lose so much blood.” The woman explained.

Lucy looked at her , nodding.

The woman was probably her mum’s age or she could be older than her.

She looked d–n rich and beautiful. She smelt so good too.

“Thank you very much ma. I was the one who ran into the road without looking.

It was my fault but right now,I have to get going…my baby…I have to go and get her from my friend.”

Lucy said as the woman looked thoughtfully at her.

“You can’t go home just like this. You still need treatment and I’m ready to pay.

Just tell me where you live… maybe I can contact your husband… anybody.”the woman said and Lucy nodded. No need to full herself.

She would not be able to walk in her condition.

Lucy gave her the direction of the house and prayed the woman would meet her mother at home.

Even though they were having some misunderstanding, Lucy knew her mother would not hesitate to run along with the woman to the hospital when she hears about what happened to her.

Few hours later,the woman came back with Patricia who rushed to Lucy’s bed,alarmed.

“What were you looking for! Oh my goodness,do you want to kill yourself,Lucy!” Patricia shouted.

Lucy managed a week smile.”I’m getting better, mother. I need you to help me get out of here …I need to pick up Rachel.”

“Where did you keep that little girl,Lucy! What were you looking for? I try to show you the way but is it death you want?” Patricia snapped at Lucy.

Lucy glared at her mother and looked at the woman who stared at mother and daughter.

Lucy glared back at her mother, praying the woman dud not understand what they were talking about.

“Mother, please… can we not discuss about this here right now”Lucy asked silently.

The woman payed all the bills and even gave Lucy extra money for additional treatment.

“Is there anything I can help you with…let me know.”The woman said as Lucy looked at her, smiling.

What could she probably need from the woman? Lucy was fed up with life….she was still shocked at the experience she saw earlier.

“Nothing ma. I’m just grateful that you did not abandon me on the road and also for the additional money…what more can I ask of?

Thanks so much… goodbye.” Lucy said and the woman smiled back at the lady before her. She quickly took a liking to her but she had to leave.

“Okay….can you give me your contact…if possible?” The woman asked.

“Oh I’m sorry but I don’t have any available contact with me ” Lucy replied.

“Okay no problem. I guess it’s good bye for now.”

The woman said, carrying her bag. Lucy waved and suddenly stopped to ask her something.

“I will like to know your name, please.” She requested as the woman smiled.

“Susana Johnson. Mrs Johnson.” The woman replied,before leaving the room.

Lucy stared after the door,her heart urging her to go out and stop the woman, begging her for help but Lucy sat her heart made up.

The door opened and Patricia came in, looking at Lucy.

She went closer to her and sat beside her in the bed.

She coughed severally before she started talking.

“Don’t you think you need to treat this cough? It’s becoming too much.” Lucy said.

“Don’t worry…its nothing.

Lucy can’t you see? Being a good good girl or trying to be one is useless!

Where was your God when you had an accident? Why couldn’t he stop the accident and give you a job instead?

Use your brain!!” Patricia said aloud as Lucy looked away,tears coming out.

They got home around 9 in the night,with Rachel who had slept off in Martha’s house.

Lucy explained what happened and Martha was deeply sorry for her.

She took her bath and dressed in her night gown.

She was feeling pain all over her body but she endured.

Patricia was making up her face,getting ready for tonight’s outing when a knock came on her bedroom door.

“Come in.” She called and Lucy gently entered and sat on the bed, looking at her mother as she make up her face.

When she said nothing, Patricia turned to look at her from the mirror.

“What’s it? I thought you came in here to tell me something.

Did you come here to watch me dress for my outing?” Patricia asked, turning back to the mirror,to add her mascara.

Lucy breathed in, regretting what she was about to say,

hating herself for what she was about to do but she had no other choice…no other option…she just had to.

Taking another deep breath,she fought back the urge to break down in tears as she looked up at her mother.

“Mo…. mother…. I’m….I’m… ready…..” Lucy started and stopped as Patricia turned sharply to look at her.

“Ready…for what?” Patricia asked, hoping it was was she was thinking.

“I’m ready to join you….I’m ready to do what you do…the business you do….I’m ready to sell my body… make money…….I’m… ready.”

As soon as she said it, Lucy’s heart sank at the thought of her baby.

She had always wanted to be a good mother to her but right now…she hated herself and as she glanced at her mother’s jubilant face,she hated her the more…hated the world she lived in…..but right now…by tommorow….she would join forces with her mother and become a pr-stitute…..


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