In Love With A Prostitute

In Love With A pr-stitute – episode 5



“I promise you….you are going to love it!

I will contact Sam Immediately to come over from Abuja.

You remember him right? That guy that came to our house with chief Abdul.

You rejected him even after all the money he promised.

I know he will be willing to come back for you.” Patricia said, happily.

Lucy nodded, managing a smile. She would have gone out for her first night but because of Rachel and the pains in her body,they decided to make it tommorow.

The next day,Lucy went to Martha and told her the change in plans.

She begged her to keep Rachel with her through out the night, promising to pay.

Martha agreed.

By evening,Lucy bathed Rachel,clothed her and took her to Martha with so much grieve that it showed on her face.

She we t back home and get her mother in her room, putting a cloth for her in the bed.

By the time her face was painted and rearranged,Lucy looked like a s€×y lady.

She was actually a black beauty with all the curves in the right places.

Patricia smiled at her from the mirror, proud of the work she had done.

“Now,I will go out for you to dress. Hurry up for your first night.

Sam is already at the airport and has given me the address of the hotel he’s going to be staying in. You don’t have to be dad.

He’s d–n rich and he’s also going to pay well.” Patricia said as Lucy nodded, smiling with pain in her heart.

“And also,there are some advice I want to give you concerning this midnight work.

You must not follow a car with more that one guy in,side. You must not sleep with any man without protection.

Under no circ-mstances should you allow a guy to take you to his real house whether married or unmarried.

You must abide by this time, understand.” Patricia asked and Lucy looked at her, nodding.

“You don’t have to worry. I won’t disappoint you.” Lucy replied and Patricia smiled,and went out.

Lucy stood up from the mirror, turning to look at the cloth on the bed.

She allowed the towel around her drop to the floor and picked up the jump suit and started dressing into it.

By the time she was done and looked into the mirror,Lucy gasped at the image she saw.

She looked so hot and s€×y.

“Oh my goodness!! Your first night is gonna be hot!”

Patricia sang happily as her daughter emerged from the room.

Lucy said nothing,she only managed a smile.

Around 9:30 pm,they left the house for the hotel.

When they got to the Porter’s lodge, they asked for the room number and we’re directed.

Patricia winked at Lucy.” Make sure you win his heart for another night.

Treat him well and give him your best,okay?”Patricia said,before rushing out of the place.

Lucy breathed in, looked up the stairs and started going up.

She knocked on the door and her heartbeat accelerated as a make voice asked her to come in,side.

Lucy turned the door knob a d it swooshed open.

She entered and saw Sam, standing by the lamp side,pouring himself a drink.

He was waiting nothing but short briefs that left little to the imagination.

“Wow,Lucy!! I can’t believe you actually came.

I thought your mother was only trying to force you again after what happened the last time.

I’m glad you are here.” Sam said, smiling broadly at her.

Lucy looked at him and looked away.”Where is the bathroom? I need a towel too.”

She responded and Sam showed her the bathroom.

Lucy took a white towel and went intk the bathroom to change.

She came out and saw Sam already on the bed,his manh-od already up and thankful.

Lucy endured all shame,all regrets and walked to the bed.

She climbed up and sat on Sam, loosing the towel off her body to reveal her full b-obs.

Sam sunk in his breath as he grabbed one and lifted his head, s-cking at it madly.

Lucy closed her eyes and pushed him back onto the bed.

She gave him a s€×y m-ssage pinning him down to the pillow.

She licked his chest down to his navel….down his hairy part and made him go crazy.

Sam stood up and turned her over on the bed, penetrating her before she could slid off.

Lucy gasped,as though she had just been violated for the second time.

“Oh my goodness,Lucy!! You are so sweet…you are do good!!” Sam said hoarsely in her ears.

Lucy held onto the bed sides, tightly as Sam made his entry,making sounds of pleasure over her painful gasps

“I’m going to pay you so well …can we do this another night! I’m going crazy!!!” Sam raved on, losing control.

He grabbed one of her br-ast,pulling, m-ssaging… cupping them till her n-pples hærdened.

She was supposed to be filled with want but what she felt right now was guilt and pain.

She held his shoulders tightly and felt another round of tears on her face.

But she choosed this part because she  had no other choice,did she not?
So she had to endure and look forward to the money…..she just had to……


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