In Love With A Prostitute

In Love With A pr-stitute – episode 6



Lucy opened her eyes early the next morning, sighing out loud.

She was weak…so weak she could barely move.

“Morning honey,how was your night?” San asked, holding her close and k-ssing the back of her neck.

Lucy snapped away from him, gathering the bed spread to her unclad body.

“What are you doing? Are you going to pay for this morning too?” Lucy asked,glaring at him.

Sam smiled and laughed.”Trying to be smart,I guess?

Well then you are so sweet and more active than your mother and I’m going to pay you well…no…I think you should name your price.”

Sam said,getting up from the bed too.

Lucy stared at him. What was he trying to say by that? Does it mean that he had also had s€× with her mother?

God…Lucy felt cheap…so cheap!

She rushed into the bathroom where she left her cloth and quickly took her bath.

She dried her body and wore back her cloth.

She came out of the bathroom room and walked to the bed side and carried her bag.

“I’m leaving…where is the money?” Lucy said to Sam who say on the bed, drinking wine.

“How much do you want? Just name your price…I want to treat you well so you will be able to give me a good treat another time.” Sam said and gave a little laugh.

“100k.” Lucy replied and Sam looked at her, surprised.

“100k….wow…that’s quite large but I’m gonna give it to you for your good treat.” Sam said, getting up.

He pulled out his brief case from under the bed and brought out a bunch of naira notes.

Lucy snatched it up and left the room without another word.

She kept staring at the money in her bag as she journeyed back.

Her mother would be so happy with her…just for a night…her first night…she got a large prize.

She went to Martha’s shop as soon as she came down from the bus and picked up her daughter.

She gave Martha five thousand naira from the money for appreciation.

She then left for home. As soon as she opened the door,her mother’s loud cough rented the air.

She was sitting down on the floor, coughing so hærd.

Lucy’s eyes w¡dened as she rushed to her. She layed Rachel on the chair and tried to pull her up.”What happened! Since when did this cough started!” Lucy asked.

Patricia coughed again before she managed to sit back on the chair,hitting her chest.

Lucy rushed and got her a cup of water.

It subsided after she drank two cups of water.

Lucy saw a pack of cigarette on the table and sighed.”Go! Mother…you have to stop smocking! It’s killing you.!” Lucy said,taking away the cigarette.

“How was your first night?” Patricia asked,in a cracked voice.

Lucy sat down,removed her shoes and, pulled out the money from her bag.

Patricia’s eyes w¡dened as she gasped at the large money.”

Oh my God! How much is this??” She asked,her voice suddenly becoming clear and strong.

“A hundred thousand. He asked me to name my prize.”

Lucy said and Patricia stated unbelievably at her.

“Hey!! You should have asked for something more larger!

My goodness!! We are going to become rich!” Patricia said happily as Lucy looked at her,carrying up her baby who had started crackling up.

They went to the mall and brought a lot of things they needed.

Together with her own money,they payed their house rent in advance.

Lucy brought new clothes for Rachel and new shoes and brought toiletries for herself.

They returned home in the evening after leaving Rachel with Martha.

Lucy got ready for her second night.

She came out of her room and saw her mother sitting down in the living room, undressed.

She was surprised.”Are you not going out tonight?” She asked.

“No…I will leave it to you. Hope you heard everything I advised you about?” Patricia asked and Lucy nodded.

“Good. And more one thing….when you go there to the club…stand alone.

Don’t stand with other girls. You won’t be noticed on time.” Patricia said and Lucy nodded.

She went out and got to the large club at around 10:30.

She saw other girls,who were almost unclad standing outside and calling men who came to pick them.

There was a large shade beside the club house and in,side it were tables and chairs for drinking.

Lucy catwalked to a des**ted place and stood, standing s€×ily.

She tried to shot her ears away grom the noisy pr-stitutes but they kept rushing in,side her head.

“You no see this thief! You wan take my man!

“He be like say your village people dey play afro beat for your brain abi? Abi thunder wan fire your mama?”

“Costomer..come na…come see packaging ooohh!!”…..

Lucy stared on, waiting for someone to come to her.

She knew she was looking good in her black mini gown with a single hand.

Just then,a limousine drove in, stopping in front of the shade.

The girls crowded the car,show casing themselves but Lucy stood at her position, parading herself.

Three guys came out if tbe car, discussing noisily and laughing.

One of the guys,who appeared to be more handsome and cute, stood resting against the car while his friends went to make their choice.

They cane back with two hot girls.

“Ryan….this one you ate standing here like this…are you sure you don’t want to pick any girl?

Benson,one of the two friends asked,putting a arm around his girl. Ryan smiled cooly, indicating no.

“Leave him. Let him be playing holy holy holy as if he’s the holiest.” Felix,the other guy said.

Ryan have a small laugh.”I don’t know why you guys are so irresponsible… because this isn’t even right.

I have to come here with you guys because you insisted bit I will stop coming here before you corrupt me too.”

Ryan said and they laughed.

They all got into the car, ignoring the rest of the girls flaunting their selves in front of the car.

He gave a loud horn and they all fled.

But Lucy came out as they fled,and catwalked in front of the car, going back to her position.

Ryan stopped and looked at her as she walked past then slowed the car more.

Just as he slowly passed Lucy by,his eyes went outside and caught her face.

He drove by slowly and his friends looked at him.

“Wettin dey appen? You don change mind?” Felix asked and Ryan looked at him thoughfully.

“The girl I saw now…I don’t think she’s a pr-stitute..and I wonder why she’s standing out so late.” Ryan said and reversed back.

She stopped in front of Lucy who chewed her chewing gum more noisily and looked away.

Ryan rolled down the windscreen and looked out, looking at her.”Hi.”

Lucy turned to look at him and looked away again.

“I….saw you standing out here and I wonder what you ate doing here …’s late already.” Ryan said and Lucy looked at him, suppressing the urge to laugh.

“Oh my gee…this is where I work and the appropriate time for me to start!” Lucy snapped and Ryan looked up and down at her, noticing for the first time how she really looked.

He looked back at his friends.

“She’s one of them.” He whispered to them and they shrugged.

Ryan looked back at Lucy, wanting to start the engine and drive away.

But each time he tried to start the car,his eyes kept lingering on her face… doubting she was what she claimed to be.

Even in the darkness right there…he could see a troubled soul,a soul full of pain and frustration.

 in,side those eyes..he could see an innocent soul, pleading for help and he felt himself,coming down from the car and going out to offer her that help……………..


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