In Love With A Prostitute

In Love With A pr-stitute – episode 7



“Do you want me to go down and bring her in.” Benson asked and Ryan raised his hand, signaling him to stop.

He smiled at Lucy again.”Mind if I take you home for the night?” He asked.

His friends laughed surprisely but he ignored them.

Lucy turned her face to look at Ryan.”Sorry but I don’t go out with boys.

Go forward and pick your size.” Lucy replied bluntly and Ryan came down from the car, resting against it.

“Come on…I will pay you a large amount of money. I’ve got plenty of it here right now.” Ryan said, nodding towards the car.

Lucy looked at the car and back to Ryan.

“Where is the money?” Lucy asked.

Ryan looked at her for a long moment before turning around and bending over the window.

He took a large bundle of money from his bag in the car,and turned around again, waving the money in front of Lucy.

“Here it is.” He said, handing it over to her.

Lucy took the money, bringing it close to nose and inhaling the scent.

She smiled and followed him.

She entered the front seat and Ryan closed the car door going around to enter the driver’s seat.

They zoomed off and got to Ryan’s house 30 minutes later.

His friends worked in an oil company in Abuja.

They come by weekends at Ryan’s house to have a good time e together.

Ryan had insisted they stopped bringing different girls to his house but they would not listen.
He couldn’t do anything…they all grew up together.

“Yes,yes,yes girls! We’re here!” Benson announced as they all came in,side the large living room.

Ryan and his friends left the girls in the living room,going to the kitchen to get some drinks from the deep freezer.

Benson’s girl whose name was Sofia looked at Lucy as she say down, looking around.

“We are as equally beautiful as you and even educated as you see us so but why is it that it’s you our dream guy picked this night?”

Temmy,the other girl hissed too.” Don’t you know about juju my dear? Maybe she used it on him because Ryan would never pick up a girl no matter what? Why is this night different?”

Lucy looked and them and stood up.” Did I just here you say you are equally beautiful as I am?

Stop deceiving yourself,babes. You do not even meet up with my standard.”

Lucy replied them. She would never allow anyone intimidate her for no reason.

The girls laughed, clapping their hands.

“Look at this one o? Just who do you think you are to insult us like that? Do you know who I am? Do you want me to design your face for you?” Temmy asked, going closer to Lucy.

“Try it.” She said with a hærd voice.” I will make sure an ambulance will be ordered for you here,right now!”

Lucy threatened and the girls hissed going back to sit down when they saw the guys coming.

“Okay okay,we are here with refreshments” Felix said,going over to his babe as they k-ssed.

Lucy looked around the house. It was magnificent.

It looked like a palace. She looked at the girls whom were also staring at her with hatred but she ignored them.

Felix sat down with his girl, k-ssing her as they laughed.

She layed on him on the couch and Ryan looked away, sitting down.

Lucy sat beside him and tried to look normal but she couldn’t.

Somehow,she felt shy. Sofia was still even staring at her and she tried to ignore her else she would be tempted to go over there and give her a slap.

Benson took his girl straight upstairs,saying goodnight and Lucy felt a little at ease. No more annoying eyes staring at her again.

“What would you like to take?” Ryan asked Lucy who looked around.

She was embarrassed at the same time because Felix and his own girl were in a hot rom-nce just before them there.

“I don’t want anything. Let’s just get into business.” Lucy said as Ryan looked at her, nodding.

“Guy,go upstairs and let me see road na.” Ryan said to Felix who laughed and stood up with the girl.

They laughed as they went upstairs to a room.

Ryan looked at Lucy again.” Relax.” He told her.

Lucy kept mute. Ryan stood up and took her hand, leading her upstairs.

They got into his bed room and he changed out of his cloth.

He took a quick shower and wore his pyjamas.

Lucy stood up from where she was sitting and entered into the bathroom too.

She had a quick bath and tied a white towel around her chest.

It showed off all her laps as she came out. Ryan was already sitting on the bed,his back rested against the pillow and the wall.

Lucy walked s€×ily to him and started climbing the bed.

Ryan did not move. He stared at her as she got to him and started opening the buttons on his cloth.

He closed his eyes and felt his heart thumping.

As she was about unbuttoning the last button, Ryan opened his eyes a d caught her hand.”Wait.”

Lucy looked at him, confused and wondering why he was holding her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked carelessly.

“Sit down first. We need to talk.” Ryan said, amusing her the more.

Lucy laughed.” Sit down? Talk? What are we going to talk about?”

Ryan looked at her and started buttoning back his shirt. Lucy sighed,amazed.

“Like I said before,we need to talk.” Ryan said again.

“Well Mr Man,I don’t talk. What I do is business…night business.

I’ve got nothing to talk to you about or do you think I allowed you pick me up so we could sit down all night and talk?

Let’s get down to business.” Lucy said, coming closer again.

“Why are you doing this?” Ryan threw the question at her and Lucy stopped.

It threw her off balance. She moved backwards allowing her buttocks to hit the bed floor across her legs.

“What type of question is that?” She asked.

“I mean…why is an Angel like you into this type of thing? Why ..why are you selling your body out to men?

To different men?” Ryan asked again,his voice laced with concern.

Just who is this guy? Lucy looked away, suppressing the urge to burst into tears.

She tried to blink back the tears that threatened to fall out and stop her voice from quivering but she failed.

Her voice did quivered.” What do …you mean by that?…..What business of yours is it??” Lucy voiced out as Ryan looked at her.

“The very moment I saw you…I saw something that drew my attention. I’m not the type that picks up pr-stitute from the road side.

If not for my friends who forced me to drop them off…you wouldn’t have met me there. Just why are you doing this to yourself?

It’s not going to lead you anywhere good. You are going to end up in one problem or the other if you continue like this.

You are a beauty…..I’m sure you were created for something more than this… something valuable than this.

Why…why not give yourself that chance?”

Lucy slowly looked up at Ryan and the tears she had been trying to blink back,came down in a rush, pouring out from her eyes as she stared at Ryan.

She tried looking away from the concern in his eyes but she only stared on. She had this desirable urge to stand up and run out of the room and never looking back.

But her body seemed it had been paralyzed as her system refused to function.

In all her 22 years on Earth…. someone just… told her…the truth…???……


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