In Love With A Prostitute

In Love With A pr-stitute – episode 9



Ryan was heartbroken.

He contemplated on going out to the street maybe he could trace her but he turned back and went back in,side.

He looked over at where she sat and saw the bunch of money he gave her. Ryan sighed.

He moved forward and picked up the money. He had never been so far

Where and how was he going to find her?

His friends sauntered from the kitchen and they stared at each other.

“See what you’ve caused?” He asked them.

“What did we cause? Tell me,Ryan. What are you even thinking?” Felix asked.

“What do you mean by that? I’m even tired of agueing anything with you guys. Just let me be.” Ryan said,going upstairs.

Felix and Benson looked at each other and stared after him.

Ryan entered his room,his hands in his wa-ist as he stared around. How on Earth was he going to find her again?

Yes…she would be at the club house.

Tonight…he would go there and look for her.


Lucy entered the living room, carrying her daughter and stopped at what she was seeing.

Sam was on top of her mother, k-ssing her as they giggled.

“Mother!” Lucy shouted. They both looked at her and slowly departed.

“Why are you shouting for goodness sake?

Are you still a baby or what?” Patricia asked, lighting a cigarette.

She drew one breath of the cigarette in and coughed.

Lucy stared at her mother, shaking her head.

She looked at Sam disdainfully.” Just look at you…take a look at yourself… aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Sleeping with mother and daughter?” Lucy shouted at him.

Sam laughed.

“Why should I be ashamed? Don’t I pay you your money?

You are the ones who are supposed to be ashamed my dear not me.

Anyway,I’m not here for your mother…I’m here for you. I want you to spend the….”

“Oh,shut up! You animal. You want me to do what?

Sleep with you again? Huh,I’m sorry I will have to disappoint you this time around.

I’m not interested!” Lucy shouted at his face,hissed and started going to her room.

“Lucy come back here! You dare not! You dare not refuse this offer else you will leave this house!

You will have to leave this house o! I won’t continue tolerating this in my house!

You must leave this house if you will not follow him tonight!” Patricia shouted after Lucy who stopped and turned.

“Oh really? So,it has gotten to the point of that right?

Throwing your own daughter out of your life,out of your house?”

“Well I don’t care. You must follow him tonight,else….you leave ” Patricia said,before turning back to go to the sitting room.

Lucy’s eyes moistened with tears as she looked at Sam who sat, watching the spectacle with interest.

She turned back abruptly and enter her room.

“Definitely,she is not my mother.” Lucy said to herself,placing Rachel on the bed.

Furiously,she threw her wardrobe open and plucked out all the clothes in them, throwing them on the bed.

Rachel giggled,playing with the clothes.

Lucy stuffed them into her luggage one by one until everything was in,side.

She packed her daughter’s clothes in a box and zipped it close.

After she was done,she found out she did not even know where she was going to.

She had no money on her and she already dropped the one given to her by Ryan on the sofa where she sat.

First she had to make sure her little baby was going to be save.

Martha looked rather sad when she came by this morning to take her daughter.

She wanted Rachel to spend more time with her.

Lucy carried Rachel onto her laps and cuddled her.

Martha was taking really good care of her more than she,the mother had done.

Lucy had no other choice but to go back to Martha and hand Rachel over to her,this time more longer.

That was the only option.

Ryan came to her mind… should she go back to him and collect the money?

Lucy sat heavily on the bed and broke down in tears. She couldn’t stand so low.. so low indeed.

What was she going to do? Would she have to give in to her mother’s request and go out with Sam?


Martha was more than happy when Lucy brought Rachel back to her that same morning.

“Please…take care of her for me…. right now .. I’m facing a lot of things right now and I can’t suffer the poor little baby too.” Lucy said and Martha nodded, cuddling the baby and promising to take care of her.

That night,Lucy went to the club house and sat under the shade,ordering for drinks.

As she drank,she cried. She watched other girls calling men to patronize them.

Lucy was tired of life…she was tired of living.

She was drinking the third bottle of alcohol when a car drive in.

She quickly recognized Ryan’s car. She rushed up and went deeper and further into the shade, sitting at the back.

Ryan came down from his car, looking around.

He ignored the girls who paraded themselves in front of him,calling him costomer.

He knew who he was searching for….Lucy.

He glanced over at the very sport he saw her but she want there.

He was about going back to his car when his eyes caught someone bending her head and drinking herself to stupor.

Ryan walked slowly into the shade,looking at Lucy as she drank.

“What are you doing here? Oh….you want a night with me,right? Aahh…..or maybe two nights?

I’m so cheap,you know?” Lucy said drunkily and laughed.

Although she was laughing,Ryan could see the tears in her eyes.

Ryan moved forward and snatched the drink from her.

“What do you think you are doing!” He asked her,annoyed.

Lucy glared up at him and stood up, slapping him and Immediately staggered and fell against him.

Ryan caught her before she could hit the floor and looked into her face.

What was wrong with him? He had never felt like this before.

He scooped Lucy in his arms and carried her to the car. He put her in the passanger’s seat and closed the door, going around to the driver’s seat.

He entered the car,looked at her face once more before driving out of the compound.

His friends stared up at him as he carried Lucy in his arms and entered the house, going straight upstairs to his bedroom.

“Isn’t that the same girl?”Felix asked.

“It’s her!” Benson replied.

Ryan came back downstairs and sat down heavily on the sofa, burying his head in his hand.

“I don’t even understand you again…what’s wrong with you?” Benson asked him.

“And what’s that girl doing here,drunk?” Felix added.

“You guys should give me a break if you don’t understand that she needs help.” Ryan retorted.

“What help are you giving to a pr-stitute?” Benson queried.

“She’s not a pr-stitute!” Ryan warned.

“Are you blind or what? Where did you first meet her?

Did you not pay her before she followed you home?

Look,I don’t want your mother to think we are responsible for this o. My own hands are clean o.” Benson said again.

Ryan said nothing as he went back upstairs to his room.

“Hope it is not what I’m thinking?” Felix asked, looking at Benson.

“Oh my God! No o…tufiakwa! That will never happen.

His mother must hear this before it gets out of hand.”

Ryan sat beside Lucy on bed. She was very drunk and her eyes were dull as she murmured and opened her eyes.

“I’m so useless…right? I should commit suicide!” Lucy laughed, reaching up her hand to grab the collar of his shirt.

Ryan smiled…she looked even more beautiful, acting this way.

Her eye lids fluttered down.

Ryan felt her temperature. It was normal.

He looked at her face again,her chubby cheeks,her eye lashes and her l-ips.

Why is he feeling this way for the lady he barely knows??

He stared down at her l-ips again….it looked sweet and he felt his heart beat accelerating as he bent his head…going down towards hers as their l-ips met…………..


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