In Love With The Pregnant Lady

In love with the pregnant lady episode 10



“Good morning Justin!
I greeted.
He is already up and dressed for work, his outfit was looking so good and it fit him perfectly making him to look more handsome and charming.

“Morning Jenny! How was your night, I hope you slept well?
He asked as he combs his hair.

“I slept very well, what of you?
I asked.

“For sure dear, my night was so awesome”
He replied.

He adjusted his shirt’s checking himself if he is really good to go.

“I guess you are going to the hospital?
I asked.

“Yes dear, I have some patients to attain to this morning”
He said.

“Okay! Your outfits fits you, it makes you to look more handsome, your nurses even your patients will definitely fall for you and be wishing to have you”
I sounded with smiles.

He laughed, “Like seriously!

“Yes dear, I wish you will find your soul mate today”
I said with smiles.

“Jenny you are making me to blush”
He laughed out.

“But don’t blush too much to avoid wrinkles in this your soft cheeks”
I smiled touching his cheeks.

He laughed and said, “I will not blush too much dear”

“Okay! I hope you still remember what today is?
I asked as we walked down the stairs.

“For sure, today is the day we will show your superiority on the cooking competition to know who is the best chef”
He said.

“We shall see who win the competition”
I said.

“Who else? If not me”
He sounded.

“Don’t be too confidence Justin”
I laughed out.

Mother came out from the kitchen holding a frying spoon.
“Son so early to go to the hospital?
She asked.

“Yes mother! I have some patients I need to attain to this morning”
He replied.

“Won’t you eat breakfast before going, I waked so early to prepare breakfast for you and your wife”
Mother said.

“Mother I will take coffee at the office so you keep the food when am back I will eat it”
Justin said.

“Okay Son!
She said and walked back to the kitchen.

“Mother let me see him off to the car I will soon join you in the kitchen”
I shouted to her hearing.

“Wait oooo!
Mother ran back to us just about to open the door.

“What is it mother?
Justin asked.

“Son did you give your unborn child a k×ss?
She asked.

We stared at each other, mother is just being so unbelievable, what is she trying to do here.
“No mother!
He answered.

“See this boy ooo! Don’t you know you suppose to be giving this unborn baby a warm k×ss while leaving the house, you are not romatic Justin at all, I thought you took your father’s steps of being romatic, what are you still waiting for? Oya give this my grandchild a k×ss”
Mother sounded being so serious.

Justin looked at me with those his beautiful and romatic eyes and k×ssed me at my tummy.
“Mother can I go now?
He asked still starring at me with those his charming eyes.

“You can go now and I don’t want to remind you to be romatic with your wife”
She said and went back to the kitchen.

“Gosh! Mother is really acting like a drama queen, are you sure we can cope with the pretending because of the way mother is doing?
I asked as I executed him to the car.

“For sure, we can cope beside the pretending will not take long because mother will be leaving anytime soon”
He said.

“Okay! Take care and come back on time”
I said.

“I will dear”
He replied and zoomed out.

“So what are cooking mother?
I asked as soon as I got to the kitchen.

“Am preparing Jollof rice”
She said.

“Yummy! It gonna be so delicious”
I said with laughs.

“You can say that again”

“So what and what should I help you out with?

“I don’t need any help my daughter beside even if I need I won’t call you because I don’t want stress you nor my unborn grandchild”
She said.

“Oh mother! It seems you want to pamper me too much”
I sounded.

“Yes my daughter I need to pamper you oooo! Did you know how long I have waited and yawned for this day to come, a day my son will introduce his wife to me so my daughter allow me to pamper you as much as I want”
She said.

I dont know what to say anymore, I thought what her reaction will be when she will find out that we have been playing and deceiving her.

Look at how happy she is thinking that am I her daughter in law.
She is such a good woman with a good heart she did not deserve this from us.

Hours later Justin came back and the food competition began.
“You have fifteen minutes to run up with your dishes”
Mother shouted being our judge.

Fifteen minutes past, we were done with the food and dished out.

“Let me see what you guys prepare, so Jenny what did you cook?
She asked.

“I cooked Egusi soup with bitter leaf”
I replied.

“Oh I see! What of Justin?

“Mother I prepared a delicious banga soup with bitter leaf”
He said.

“Okay! Let the tasting begin”
She said.

She tasted the two soups and gave the same remark, yummy and delicious.

“Mother who is the best chef?
Justin asked feeling so
excited he will win.

“Dont feel so excited yet Justin until mother call out the result”
I sounded.

“Justin your banga soup is so delicious but what failed you is the meat and the stock fish were undone and one more thing the pepper was so hot, I don’t know if you want to kill your judge with pepper”
Mother said and Justin’s face changed automatically.

“Jenny kudos to you,your Egusi soup is so superb, yummy and delicious so I hereby announce you as the best chef in this competition”
Mother said.

“I told you that am going to win you, you see I won, thank you mother”
I shouted.
“Mother you did something here oooo! She suppose not to win”
Justin sounded jokey.
“Mother did not do anything, am the best chef”
I shouted.
“I know my son is also a best chef but your wife is more than a best, as they said woman belongs to the kitchen, they knows how to prepare a delicious food”
Mother said.
Few hours later,we were done with the food, mother really enjoyed my meal.
“So Jenny where did you meet his my charming son?
Mother threw that question at me, I don’t even know what to answer her.
I looked at Justin, “Mother we met at the supermarket, at the hospital”
We both replied with different words.
“Which one will I take, at the supermarket or the hospital?
Mother asked.

“Oh yes! It was at the supermarket first before we met again at the hospital”
Justin replied.
“Okay! So son when you met Jenny was it love at the first sight?
She threw another bomb question, why the interrogation, what is she trying to find out?
“Haba mother! Since when did start working as an invigilator? Why this interrogation?
Justin sounded.
“Justin is it a crime for your mother to know about your feelings?
She threw back at him.
“No mother! I did not say so,I think it was love as first sight”
Justin said looking at me in a romatic way.
“That’s good to hear, when I met your father it was love as first sight, so Jenny what’s makes you to fell in love with my son?
She threw another bomb question to me.
Am not feeling comfortable with all this questions, what will I tell her.
“Mother this your questions eehhh!
Justin said.

“Justin the person I asked the question is not complaining”
Mother said.
“Mother, your son Justin is the best man I have ever met in my life, he is humble, loveable, caring and respect woman a lot, he is also handsome, thousands of ladies are dying to have him but he choose me, he is indeed a husband material in fact words are not enough to describe how good Justin is”
I said starring at him.
“Wow! This is so awesome to hear, you know what Jenny it is because of you my son rejected thousands of girls,that means the love he has for you is too much, so Jenny I want you to always love and cherish him,I know what Justin passed through with his past relationsh¡p, once you give birth we will come and see your people”
Mother sounded.

“I will always love and cherish your son because he is indeed a good man”
I said.
“I got something for you”
She said and brought out a beautiful bracelet from her pocket.
“You see this bracelet was given to me by my mother in law and I promise to give it to the woman my son will marry so my dear take it and cherish it with love”
She said handled the bracelet to me.
“Thank you mother”
I said adrming the bracelet.
“I need to go rest my bones”
She stood up.
“Good night mother”
We both said.
“Justin makes sure you give your unborn child a good night k×ss”
She said before going upstairs.
“Justin I don’t like the way mother was interrogating us, it makes me feel so uncomfortable”
I sounded.

“So uncomfortable! Why?
“You asked why? You know am not your wife nor your pregnant fiancee, am just your patient and am not feeling comfortable the way we are lying to mother, look at the bracelet she gave me thinking that am your wife, I don’t think if I can continue with this pretending anymore”
I said.
“Don’t say that Jenny, mother will soon go and everything will be over, just a matter of time”
He said.
“Okay, I need to go and sleep”
I stood up.
I went to my room showered before going to Justin’s room.
He is already on the sofa sleeping.
Few minutes later, I heard his shout.
“Ouch! My neck!
He shouted.
“What is it Justin?
I rushed to him.
“My neck hurts me, I can’t even turn it at the right side”
He said holding his neck and trying to straight it.
“Am sorry, its probably this place you are sleeping, you are not resting very well”
I said.
“I cant even turn it the right side”
He said.
“I guess you need a massage, if you don’t mind can I massage your neck?
I said.
“You massage it, I need the pain to vanish”
He sounded.
“Wait let me bring oil treatment”
I said and went to my room.

She brought the oil treatment.
“Please come over to the bed”
She said.
We went over to the bed, she started massaging me, her hands are so soft and cool.
“Sorry dear”
She said as I started in pain.
“From now on you will stop sleeping there, you will be sleeping on the bed”
She said.
Few minutes later, she is done with the massage.
“Thank you so much, am much better now then early”
I said.
“I know you are not use to be sleeping on the sofa that’s why you have that dislocation on your neck”
She said.
“Is okay”
We lie down and back each other.
“Can I ask you something Jenny?
I said.
“Yes! What is it?
She asked facing me.
“Did you mean those words you said to mother about me?
I asked.
“Are we not acting as husband and wife? So it is just an act”
She said.
I said starring at her and her beautiful l-ips was tempting me to k×ss it.
“Why are you starring?
She asked.
I smiled and said, “is nothing”
She turned back.
I called back her attention.
She asked facing me again.
I went closer to her and k×ss her, I thought she will not respond but she gave in with the k×ss.
We k×ssed passionately.
“This shouldn’t has happened”
She shouted and pushed me out.
“Am sorry Jenny I did not mean to k×ss you”
I shouted as she walked out from the room.
What have I done? Shouldn’t have k×ss her, why did I allow her l-ips to tempt me.


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