In Love With The Pregnant Lady

In love with the pregnant lady episode 11 – finale


What came over me, why did I have to k×ss her, I shouldn’t have done?
Frankly saying and honestly speaking I really enjoyed the k×ss.
Those l-ips or her’s were so sweet like strawberry.

I enjoyed the way our tounges were dancing in,side our mouths while k×ssing and she is good in k×ssing.

When I was k×ssing her I felt this shock of a feeling all over my body and butterflies around my stomach.
Could it be that am falling for her or what?
But how can I be in love with a pregnant lady?
No! It cant be love, it just a feeling that will soon disappear.

I rushed to the fridge and drank a full bottle of water.
Why did he k×ss me? Could it be he has started fallen for me or what?
Could it be love that he feels for me or something else?
But the way he usually stares at me seem to me that he has started fallen for me.
The k×ssing and the cuddle were awesome.
I love the way he k×ssed me, I have not been k×ssed like that before.

It seem that I have started fallen for him but how can I pregnant lady fallen in love with man that is not her husband?
I thought and went back to the room.

“Am sorry Jenny, I shouldn’t have done that, please forgive me”
He apologized holding his ears to show how sorry he is.

“Is okay, it just a mistake that will erase from our head
I said.

“Yes it is a mistake and it won’t repeat again”
He said.

“Good night Justin”
I said as I lie down and back him.

“Good night too you Jenny”
He replied.

I don’t think if I can forget that k×ss, my mind is just flashing back to that awesome k×ss we had.
I find it diffcult to sleep and my whole body feel like to talk to him and tell him that I enjoyed the k×ss and I need more of it but I can’t do it.
I just have to close my eyes so tight I will fall asleep.

I can’t sleep and my mind was on the k×ss and I feel like to k×ss her more and more and tell her the k×ssing was not a mistake but I can’t do that, I just have to control myself.
I stared at nothing still thinking about the k×ss until I slept off.

“Hello Rosy you have forgotten me nah”
I sounded on the phone.

“C’mon Jenny! How can I forgot my bestie that is like a sister to me, you know my work is not easy it is always keeps me busy”
She said.

“Okay, so how is everything over there?
I asked.

“Good dear but my work is not easy at all, how are you coping with your pregnancy?
She asked.

“Am doing well, when are you coming back? You I know its remaining two months for the little princess to be born”
I said.

“I don’t know yet but one thing am for sure is that I will be back before you will put to birth”
She said.

“Okay Rosy, you better come back before that time oooo because I want you to be here when I will give birth”
I sounded.

“I will dear, I hope you are not missing me too much being alone in that house?
She asked.

“I don’t miss you that much beside am not staying at home for now”
I said.

“Where are you, dont tell me that you went back to that Joe?
She shouted.

“Am I mad? Am staying at my doctor’s house”
I said.

“Doctor’s house!
She shouted confusingly.

“Yes dear, he is good and caring man”
I said.

“How come! How did you end up in his house?
She asked.

I explained everything to her, how we met, how good he has been to me and even told her how we are pretending to be husband and wife in front of his mother.

“Jenny how could accept such thing, did you even think how the woman will feel when she will find out that you are not her son’s wife rather you are her son’s patient and you have been fooling her all this while?
She shouted.

I told her how happy the woman felt when she saw me and mistook me as her daughter in law.

“You and your doctor should better tell her the truth before she will find out by herself”
She said.

“We will do that beside she is not staying for long, Rosy there’s this question that has been troubling me I don’t know if you can give me a correct answer to it”
I said.

“What is it Jenny?

“Rosy can I pregnant woman fall in love with a man that is not her husband?
I asked.

“Why did you ask? Dont tell me that you have started fallen for your doctor?
She sounded.

“That is it Rosy, I always thinks about him every time and whenever he is around me I got this feeling of k×ssing and cuddling him, I don’t know if I have fallen for him, last night we had a k×ss and I felt really good while k×ssing him”
I sounded.

“Wow! Jenny you are in love with your Doctor”
She shouted.

“Could it be love Rosy but how can I fall in love when am carrying another man’s child?
I sounded.

“Forget that Jenny beside the another man’s child you are talking about he is a rapist and also you are a divorced woman so my dear allow that love to flow in but what of your doctor, did he also feel the same way for you?
She said.

“I know he felt the same way for me but he has not confess his feelings”
I said.

“Now that you know that he has feelings for you, you have to allow the love to flow in you deserve to be love again by a man that will love, respect and cherish you”
She said.

“Thanks Rosy”

“We will talk later I have a meeting by 4pm let me start preparing”
She said.

“Okay dear, take care”

“And you too”
She said and I ended the call.

Justin came in.
“Jenny my friends will be coming over for a dinner”
He said.

“Okay, so we will prepare a delicious dinner for them”
I said.

“Yes dear, let me rush down to the hospital”
He said and went out.

In the evening, my two naught friends Joe and Jay came for the dinner.
“Who am I seeing here, Joe and Jay!
Mother shouted as soon as they stepped in.

“Mama dey Mama, I salute oooo!
Jay shouted.

“Mother I dey greet oooo! When did you come?
Joe shouted.

“It has been two weeks now”

“Two weeks!
Joe shouted.

“So Justin Mama came since you no fit tell me, you wan finish all the whole things she carry come abi?
Jay shouted.

“You will not understand oooo!
I sounded.

“What did you want us to understand? Mother came you did not even tell us”
Joe said.

“So Jay and Joe your friend Justin get pregnant fiancee and you two did not bother to tell me about it”
Mother said.

Why did mother said that, they are going to be expose us today.

“Pregnant fiancee!
Both shouted.

Trying to give them a sign to say yes to it but they ignored it.
“Mother it can’t be Justin”
Joe said.

“What did you mean?
Mother asked confusedly.

“Mother Justin be my cartel, I know say he no get babe talk more to get pregnant fiancee, where that one come from?
Jay said.

“You too are confusing me, let me call her out, Jenny!
She called out.

“Yes mother am coming”
She shouted from the kitchen.

“Jenny! Joe!
We both shouted out including Jay,he called out my name too.
I was so shocked of seeing him there.

“Did you guys know each other?
Justin asked confusedly.

“Yes! She is my wife”
Joe shouted.

“Your wife!
Mother and Justin shouted confusedly.

“Point of correction divorced wife”
I shouted.

Mother and Justin were so shocked, dumbfounded and speechless at the moment.
“But you told me your husband is dead”
Justin said still shocked.

“Yes he is dead to me”
I shouted.

“Can someone explain to me what is going on here?
Mother shouted being so confused.

“Mother see Jenny here was Joe’s wife”
Jay said.

I recognized that voice, I know that voice.

“Justin why did you make me a fool into believing that Jenny is your wife, why did you fool your own mother? Justin why?
Mother shouted.

“Am sorry I did not mean to lie to you but at the moment you set your eyes at Jenny i saw this happiness written all over your face and I decided not ruin the happy moments for you and also i don’t know Jenny is Joe’s wife,please forgive me”
Justin pleased.

“Yes mother, it was not our intention to fool you by pretending to be husband and wife, please forgive us”
I pleased.

“Justin why did you do that can thing nah?
Jay said.

The voice echoed in my head again, I think he is the man that raped me, I have to do something right now.
I rushed him and hold him on this cloth.

“So is you Jay! You are the one that raped me”
I shouted.

Mother and Justin shouted.

“Yes I was raped in the night after our wedding and the result lead to this, I know he is the monster that raped me”
I shouted.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, have you gone nut?
He shouted.

“Jenny how sure are you he is the man?
Joe asked.

“Am hundred percent sure he’s the one, I recognized his voice”
I shouted.

“Jenny he may not be him, his voice meant be familiar with the culprit”
Joe said.

“See it here, see the scorpion tattoo he drew on his neck”
I shouted.

“What are you saying? I did not raped you”
He shouted still denying it.

“Joe remember I told you the culprit drew a scorpion tattoo on his neck, the culprit is your best friend Jay”
I shouted.

“How could you do this to an innocent soul, how could you Jay?
Justin shouted.

“Jay I never knew you are heartless like this, how could you even think of raping your own best friend’s wife?
Mother shouted.

“So Jay is you that torn my marriage apart, so is you Jay”
Joe shouted.

“Why is everybody blaming me? Am I the one that plan it, Joe here plan everything along”
He shouted.

Keeping us in a confusion mood.
“What did you mean?
I asked.

“Joe is the one that planned for you to be raped”
He shouted.

“Joe planned that! How possible is that?
I shouted.

“Joe is it true that your hands are in this?
Mother shouted finding it so difficult to believe.

He kept quite as Mother asked him again,he still did not say anything.

“Why are you ignoring the question? Are you not the one that planned everything all?
Jay shouted at him.

“Joe I asked you a question,is it true that your hands are in this?
Mother shouted angrily.

“Yes mother!
He sounded.

I couldn’t believe my two ears it is as if I was dreaming,I cried out at the moment I realized it wasn’t a dream.

“How could you do this to me Joe, why?
I cried out.

“Joe you have the guts to planned this unspeakable thing to the woman you married, why?
Justin shouted.

“I don’t want Jenny to find out that I was impotent so I decided to collaborate with Jay into raping her and getting her pregnant and I will owe the child but when I find out that the result given to me saying that I was impotent was a fake one so I decided to abort the pregnancy by all means, I did all sort of things to get the baby out but all to no avail so I decided to divorced her since she refused to abort the pregnancy”
He explained all his evil acts.

“This is wickedness, you are heartless and you too deserve to be punish for this abominable act, Justin call the cops”
Mother shouted angrily.

I was shocked, I never knew that will marry someone that will be capable of doing such thing to me, everything that happened seems like a nightmare to me.

Few minutes later, the cops landed and we explained everything to them, they were arrested,finally justice was served.

Few days later,I decided to go back and clear my head off.

One faithful day, I got a call from the hospital that my father was admitted that my attention is needed urgently.
I rushed immediately to the hospital.

He apologized to me for not accepting me when I needed him the most.
I forgave him, he is my father so I bear no grudges against him.
Few minutes later, he kicked the bucket.

I wept and wept bitterly, my mother and father are all gone only me and my unborn child left in this world,he willed all his inheritance to me as his only heir.

It has been one month now since Jenny left the house and I have not been myself, I tried to reach her but all to no avail.
I don’t know where to find her.
I missed her so much, when she left the house I felt like half of me has also left,I think about her day and night.

“Son I know you love her so much then why won’t you go and get her back”
Mother said.

“Mother are you being serious?
I asked.

“Yes Son! I like Jenny, she is a good woman and I will support your union, so go and get her”
She said.

“I have tried to call her but it was not connecting, I don’t know where to get her address”
I said.

“She is your patient, can’t you get her address in your file”
She said with smiles.

“Wow mother! That’s a brilliant idea, I never thought of that, thank you mother”
I peeked her and rushed out immediately.

An hour later, I arrived at her house,I ranged the bell waiting for her to open the door.

“What are you doing here?
She asked at the moment she opened the door.

“Won’t you let me in?
I asked with smiles.

“Come in!
She ushered me in and waiting for me to say my reasons of coming to see her.

I held her hands with smiles,
“I missed you Jenny, please come back to me, i have grown to love you and I dont think if i can live without you, my life is meaningless and incomplete without you in it and i know that you love me as much as i do please come back to me”
I said.

“Justin i love you too, i have always love you but are you willing to accept me and my unborn child?
She asked.

When she said that my heart jumped with so much joy,the happiness I was feeling in,side is beyond human imagination.

“I love you deeply and am willing to accept this child as my own”
I said.

“I love you Justin”
She said.

“I love you Jenny and i promise to love you until my last breath”
I said and we k×ssed passionately.

Nine months later, I gave birth to twins a boy and a girl.
Rosy later came back as she promised.
Joe and Jay were given twenty years imprisonment.

When the twins turned to a year old, we did our court wedding and flew to Canada for recreation including mother.
We lived happily ever after.


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