In Love With The Pregnant Lady

In love with the pregnant lady episode 2




Blood was flowing out like a river, I was in a pool of blood, my private part was paining too much, the pains was unbearable for me, my two legs were so painful too.
“God why did you allow this to happened to me, on the night after wedding, why God?
I cried out.

I looked at Joe who was still lying on the floor unconscious, I tried to stand up but couldn’t, no more I stand is the more I will keeping on falling.
“That bastard must surely pay for doing this to me”
I cried out.
I managed and stood up, walked to him slowly with the pains inside of me.
I couldn’t walked properly, I was walking like someone that got some bore leg because of the pains I was feeling inside of my private part and it was so hot like fire.
Blood was dropping on the floor like water.
“Joe please wake up”
I cried pushing him.
My voice has even eased because of the cry.

“Please my love wake up, wake up”
I cried continue pushing him.
I pushed him for the third time and he opened his eyes.
“My love see what he did to me, he has taken away my v-rginity”
I cried out and lay my head on his shoulder.
“Stop crying my love, they must put behind bass for doing this to you”
He consoled me.
“My love, it is so unbearable, I cant bear it, its pains so much, how could this happened to me in the night after our wedding”
I cried out.
“It is okay my love, justice must be serve and I promise you that, please stop crying and put yourself together”
He consoled me.
He removed the stained bedsheet and arranged a new one.
He took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up.

“My love you need to sleep tomorrow morning I will take you to the hospital for proper check up”
He said as he lay me on the bed.
“I don’t think if I can fall asleep, how can i sleep and forget the awful thing that happened to me?
I cried.
“My love, I understand how you feel even me its pains me too much watching you helplessly being raped by that bastard,it breaks my heart that i couldnt do anything to save you,my food you have been keeping for me since we met has finally be taken by arm robber,I promise you that rapist must surly pay,I swear to you”
He said consoling me.
“My love I don’t think if I will be able to forget this awful incident”
she sounded.
“Don’t sound that way my love,with the love will share together and the undying love I have for you will help you to move on and forget this day and pray we will find that rapist one day,did you see his face or anything that we can use to identify him?
I asked.
“I was not able to see his face but I saw something like tattoo”
she said.
“How is the tattoo like,where did he drew it?
I asked being so curious to know.
She kept slient for a while trying to remember something.
“I cant really remember what the tattoo looks like or where he drew it”
she said.
“Don’t worry,you don’t have to stress yourself once you remember it just tell me because it will be the only evidence we can use to catch him”
I said.
“let me go and get you hot tea once it is morning we will go to the hospital for proper check up”
I said and peeked her on her forehead.

I came back from the business trip,I was so shocked of what I saw at my house.
I met my mother with these girls that I don’t even know where she get them from,five of them rushed to me as soon I came down from the car.
“My love welcome,we have been waiting for you”
they chorused trying to touch me.
“Don’t you dare touch me with that your dirty hands”
I shouted angrily.
I walked to mother immediately.
“Mother what is the meaning of this?
I shouted.

“what is it Son?
she asked.
“Mother where did you get those girls from beside what are they doing here?
I shouted.
“Oh is that why your face is like this? you don’t have to panic they are here for you”
she replied.
“They are here for who!
I shouted.
“They are for you son,I want you to show one of them as your wife”
she said.
“Mother this is unbelievable!How could you bring this dirty rags in my house?
I shouted so upset.
As I was still shouting those houseflies came inside.
“My husband what did you want for dinner?
first asked.
“Will you like to take your bath let me set the water for you?
the second said.
“My husband you know I can cook for Africa,if I cook for you,you will lick all your fingers even your elbow”
the third said.

“Tell him Amara,if you eat her food you will request for more and you meant even run mad because of her delicious food”
Mother said.
“Enough of this rubblish!What sort of nonsense is this,Mother first thing tomorrow morning you will take this houseflies back to where you get them from”
I shouted.
“Mama! Did you hear what she said?
they shouted.
“Don’t worry girls you are not going anywhere until you girl’s mission is accomplished”
Mother said.

“We shall see if am not the one that own this house”
I shouted and walked.
“Your house is also my house so they will go nowhere”
Mother shouted to my hearing.
I walked to my bed and lie down,my mother is at it again,why cant she leave me alone let me be with my life,is it by force to marry?
This is not the first time is she doing this,she keeps on bringing smelling dirty girls to my house for me to choose as wife.
I don’t know why she find it difficult to understand that I don’t want to marry,marriage is not in my list.
I undress took my bath and went back to bed I did not eat because meeting those girls made me to lost my appitite.
I was cross checking something in the system and this girl came to my room wearing what I don’t know that she probably think it is s××y looking so ugly.
“What are you doing in my room?Oh my God!you sink did you even take bath?
I shouted.

“Yes I took……………..
I did not even allow her to complete her statement I discut in.
“Hold it there I don’t want to perceive more of your smell,please you may take the door”
I shouted at her and ran out feeling so embarrassed.

Mother will not allow me to sleep this night she will keep on sending this disgusting girls to my room.
Within some few minutes another girl came,posing all her s××y style walking to meet me.
“Don’t you dare come near me!Did you even check yourself before coming to my room? Did you know how you smell? in case you don’t know let me tell you,you smells like a pig”
I shouted at her.
She did not utter any word,she ran out crying.
“What sort of nonsense is this,am tired of this rubblish I just need to lock my room”
I said and went to lock the door.
Just about to lock the door another girl came and gave me the shock of my life.
She pulled off her cloth standing naked in front of me.

“Mr handsome am good in bed once you enter me you will not dream of coming out again just taste and comfrim”
she said holding her two apples in a s××y way.
“What nonsense is this?I can see that you are insane you have gone mad”
I shouted.
“Mr handsome,just have a taste you will not regret it rather you will be requesting more,I swear to you,you will enjoy it am very sweet ooooo”
she said still holding her apples,pressing it and checking them.
“Will you take this your disgusting body out from my room before I will sand you”
I shouted raising up my hand to slap sense into that her stupid head.
“You will enjoy it,just have a taste am giving you freely,can’t you see how s××y I look?
she said.

“I said you should get lost”
I shouted and threw out her gown.
“Nawoooo! for you oooo!Somebody dey give you something free you know want,I know no if you be man ooooo!
she shouted and walked out.
I locked the door forcely and went straight to the bed.
my eyes has seen my ears this night,what sort a girl is this?
Since Mother has been bringing girls to this house I have never seen any girl like that one.

Where did Mother brought this prostitute from?
That girl is really mad oo oo,so she thinks that if I want to pick any girl I will choose her,that over used human being,nonsense!
Tomorrow morning I have dressed up to go to the hospital and check my patient then later I will go and see Joe and his new wife.
“Yes coming in!
Someone knocked I hope is not one of those houseflies.
“Mother good morning!
I greeted.
“Morning Son,I see you have dressed up for work?
“Yes mother!
“Before you go,I want to have a word with you”
She said and sat down.
I already know what is her mind.
“Son why did you keep on rejecting all the girls brought for you,are they not good,can’t you pick one as your wife?
She sounded.
“Mother I have told you that I don’t need this girls stop bringing them in my house,I don’t want them”
I said.
“You know you are my only child and I want the best for you,I want to see you settle down son”
She said.

“I know mother but I can’t pick any of the girl,you described as humble,respectful,wife material but they are Spoilt prostitute”
I said.
“I want my son back,the son that is always happy,cheerful,I want that son back,look at what your past relationship has done to you,I want you to move on son and the only for is to settle down and forget about your past and face the present”
She said.
“Mother I have already forgot the past and moved on with my life,I will settle down soon beside I have seen the woman I want to marry so please mother stop bringing prostitute in my house again”
I said.
“Son! Are being serous or did you say that to stop me from choosing a wife for you?
She shouted.

“Mother you don’t have to waste your time anymore and also the time of those girls by giving them false hope of getting marry to one of them,am alreday engaged and very soon you will see her”
I sounded being so serious.
“Wow! Son this exactly what I want to hear from you,I have been waiting to hear this good news from you,why didn’t you tell me since?
She hugged with so much happiness.
“Mother I wanted to surprise you but you ruined the surprise by bringing this prostitute you called a wife material”
I said.

“So when am I going to see her?
She asked.
“You will soon see her mother”
I said.
“Tell me when,the day you will bring her home,I need to see the woman my son has fallen in love with”
She said.
I dragged her cheeks and said,”Oh mother your blood is too hot,relax you will soon see her”
“Why won’t my blood be hot? Don’t you know that am so happy that my son is in love again,I need to meet the woman that made you to believe in love again”
She said also dragged my cheeks too.
“Mother don’t worry you will soon see her as I said,am ruining late,here is some money for your up keep,the driver will drop you and those girls back to where you brought them”
I said.
She hugged me tapping me at my backside.
“Am so happy for you son!
She smiled.

“I love you mother,call me once you get to the village”
I peeked her and ran out.
Mother will not allow me to have rest of mind,she is very much interested for me to get marry.
I don’t think if I will marry in this life,my past relationship really torn my heart into pieces,the heart break was too much for me,It better I live without dating any lady nor have a wife because I don’t need more heart breakers,ladies has taught me something in this life.
“Musa is the car ready?
I asked my driver who was busy listening news on the radio.
“Yes Sir!
He shouted with a salute.
“Give me the car key”
“Sir I no dey take you to work today?
He asked handling the key to me.
“No! You will take Mother back to the village”
I said and went inside the car.
He opened the gate as I zoomed out.

It has been five days now after incident,my body have really recovered fast but the incident is very much fresh in my mind I don’t think if I can forget that awful day.
“Hey babe!
Joe came in and lie beside me.
“Are you done with the football?
I asked,he has been watching ball for the past three hours.
“Yes babe!guess who the team that won the game”
He said feeling so excited.
“I know is your team nah beside the expression is written all over your face”
I smiled.
“Yes babe!
He shouted with so much excited and k×ssed me.
“I don’t even know what you guys see in ball match”
I said.
“You will not understand babe,you needed to see how they were playing the ball inside the nest it was so amazing”
I said feeling so happy.
“You know don’t like playing football talk more of watching it,football is men’s stuff and not for me”
I said.
“Okay babe!
He said starring into my eyes r0mantically.
Within a seconds we started k×ssing,we k×ssed,r0mancing each other passionately.
At the moment he about to undress me,that awful incident flashed to my memory.
“No! Touch me,somebody help me!
I shouted.
“Calm down,its me babe”
He said to me,calming me down and I realized I was with him.
“Am sorry I don’t think if I can do this”
I said.
“Is okay babe,I understand”
He said.
“My love I don’t want you feel upset because of this just need time”
I sounded.
“Why should I be upset when I know what you pass through in the hands of that devil”
He said being so understandable.
“Thank you love,always remember that I love you with all my heart”
I said.
“And I also love you so much”
He said and k×ssed me.
Joe is just a caring person,so loving to be with since that awful day,he has been doing all the cooking,giving me breakfast on the bed without complaining,giving me all the attention and trying his best to make me to forget that day but it is impossible for me.
We starred at each other holding hands and slept off.


“Oh no! Not again!
I shouted coming out from the toilet,I have been throwing up and this one will make it five times.
I don’t know what is wrong with,I have been feeling dizzy,weak all over my body and sleeps too much for the past two weeks now.
“Could it be am having malaria or what? I guess I need to visit the clinic to know what’s wrong with me”
I thought as I ran inside to throw up again.

OH MY GOD! Could it be that Jenny is Pregnant?

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