In Love With The Pregnant Lady

In love with the pregnant lady episode 3



I went to the clinic and bought the pregnancy check test,my heart was beating so fast,i was sweating badly and my whole body was shaking.
“God please let it be negative,I dont want to be pregnant for that rapist monster”
I prayed.
I got the pregnancy test done.
I laughed and throw the sample”Can this be true that am pregnant? No it can’t be am just dreaming someone should wake me up from this dream”
I said and picked the sample and check it again.

“Oh no! this result is lying I can’t be pregnant for that monster,no is can be true”
I cried out after finding that the test result is positive.
I ran out from the toilet to the room.
I sat down on the floor,crying and rolling around.
“God why me?Why did you allow this to happen to me? How can I be pregnant for a rapist? What type of nightmare is this? This is not wish for myself God? This is too much for me to bear”
I cried bitterly.
“How will I tell Joe that am pregnant? What could be this reaction?How will he handle the situation?My life is now a mess up I don’t know what to
I wept bitterly.
“That rapist must surly pay I will that rest until I find him and put him to bar”
I cried.
When I came back Jenny did not came outside to welcome me as usually,I went inside I did not see her at the living room.

“I guess she is in the room”
I said.
I dropped the food stuff at the kitchen and went up to the room to check her.
“Love what is it? Why are you lying on the floor?
I asked and rushed to her.
“My love am deeply sorry,I did not want this to happen to our marriage”
she cried out.
“What is it love? you have being crying,see your eyes has swallowed up and so redish,what happen?
I asked being so confused.
I raised her up and wiped out her tears.
“My love I don’t know why God allow this to happen to us”
she cried.

“Talk to me love,what is it,what happen to us?
I asked still at the stage of confusion.
“I don’t know how to say this to me”
she said.
“Stop crying and say it to me any how I will understand,okay!
I said.
“Am pre….gn…ant”
she cried out.
I did not get what she said due to the crying.
“My love please will stop crying and talk to me let me understand you”
I said.
“Am pregnant love”
she cried.
“You are what?
I shouted.
“Am pregnant from the result of the rap”
she cried.
“No! Tell me you are joking,you did not mean what you say right?
I find it diffcult to believe that she is pregnant.
“My love I never wanted this to happen to our marriage but I don’t know why God allow such thing to happen us”
she cried.
“Is okay love! Stop crying God knows why he allow this to happen to us,put yourself together”

I said and wiping out her tears as she rest on my shoulder.
“I want you to forget about this,I want you to think the baby is our child and not from that rapist and you see that rapist must surly pay for this”
I consoled her and took her to the bed.
“Thank you so much my love,thank you for your care and attention towards me”
she said.
“You are my wife so I will always be there for you in time of sorrows”
I assured her and peeked her.
“Have you eaten?
“No love!I lost my appitite but now you are here with me my appitite is back”
she said.
“I brought some food stuff let go and get it prepare”
I said and went down to the kitchen.


“Yes who is at the door? hold on am coming”
I shouted rushing out from the kitchen to get the door open.
“Jay Jay Jay how far nah!
I shouted as we shaked our normal hand shaking.
“So Justin you came back you no even care to check your friends abi,nawa for you ooooo!!
he sounded.
“Jay will not understand,you know how my work is nah”
I said.

“I know Mr Doctor,your work no dey allow you to hang out with your friends nah”
he sounded.
“Jay don’t worry I will make it up to you and Joe”
I said.
“This food wan you dey cook go sweet oooo,I dey outside dey perceive the aroma”
he said.
“You and food Jay, find yourself drink let me check the food”
I said as I went to the kitchen.
Few minutes later,the food was done and dished out.
“My man this your food sweet die,I can’t lie to you with this your cooking talent girls are ready to fall for you over again and again once you cook for them”
he said devouring the food like someone who have not eaten for the past one month.

“I don hear,is only food that you know nah,Jay won’t you gist me about the wedding nah?
“My J you miss something for that wedding ooooo,that wedding na die”
he sounded with food filled up in his mouth.
“Tell me something,is the wife beautiful? you know I have not see her for once”
“You know your man Joe get a good taste,if you see his wife you will deflently fall for her and be wishing to have a night with her,that his wife is beautiful and s××y infact she looks like an angel,the wedding was so amazing and awesome”
he said.
“I really miss something because of my work,I need to go and see Joe”
I said.
“Suit yourself nah,you are always busy with your patients,abeg I need more food”
he said.
I laughed,”You are here requesting for more food you will not go and settle down with one of your side chicks”
“See person wan dey talk about marriage,you don marry?
he laughed out and went to the kitchen to get the food.

“Are you waiting for me Jay,go and marry stop living a bachelor’s life”
I shouted.
“Abeg forget marriage for now,that one dey for my black list”
he said holding a huge plate of food.
“I don’t know why mother will not allow me to have peace of mind,she is being too difficult for me,the only thing that is always in her lips is marriage”
I said.
“What did you expect the poor woman to do? She want her son to marry and give her grand children and you don’t want to grant that for her”
he laughed out.
“The worst part of it is that mother keeps on bringing girls to this house for me to choose as wife”
I said.

“Oh boy! nah correct food be that ooooo!
“What did you mean correct soup?
“If am were you I will taste those girls and know the type of soup they are,if they website sweet or not”
he sounded stupidly.
“Jay I can see that this your head no dey correct oo oo! see what you are saying”
I said.
“Justin you just mess up ooooo,you for call me may I come taste those girls for you nah”
he sounded.
“See your mouth! Mr taste remember say diseases dey ooooo!
“Forget that ooo! Beside where condom go nah”
he sounded.

“Is the wan I dey look at you,one day that thing inside skate will land you into trouble”
I said.
“My doctor dey nah,Justin see ooo! next time mother will carry those girls come here Abeg call me,may your taster come taste them for you and show you the one that sweet for bed ooooo!
He said.
“Those girls are not coming again so you forget about your tasting of the microphone”
I said.
“Why nah? You don find your wife among the girls?
“I don’t want them they are prostitute”
“See this person ooooo! So you don’t know na that prostitute dey sweet for bed?
“One of those girls swallowed liver naked for my face for me to use her”
I said.

“Oh boy see free food oo oo,I hope say you chop it?
“I did not ooo! I chased her out from the room”
“Justin you dey okay? person comot cloth give you her body freely and you rejected it,if not say you be my friend from childhood I for say you be vegetable,your thing know dey work”
he shouted.
“Jay am not you,its time already I want to go to the hospital I need to check my patients”
I said.
“Okay ooo! may we go nah”
“let me change my cloth”
I got my cloth changed and we went to the hospital.


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