In Love With The Pregnant Lady

In love with the pregnant lady episode 5





When I noticed she has fell unconscious,I hurried and untie the rope.
“My love please wake up,I don’t know what came over me,please open your eyes”
I pleaded trying to wake her up but she was not responding.
“How can I do this to my wife,what came over me? Please Jenny open your eyes,am deeply sorry”
I said and rushed inside the bathroom and brought water.
I sparkled the water on her,she sneezed and opened her eyes.
“Please my love am sorry,I don’t know what came over me,am deeply sorry”
I pleaded trying to touch her.
“Don’t touch me! you are a heartless man,you don’t have heart at all,how could you do this to me,how could you Joe?
she wiped out.
“I know that what I did to you was so terrible,I was not in my right sense,I don’t know what came over me please forgive me”
I pleaded.
“I don’t know that you are like this,I regret getting married to you,I can’t stay here with such a wicked man like you before you will kill me and my born”
she cried out and managed to stood up with her weakness,I held her hands.
“Please don’t live me,what I did to you was the hand work of the devil,I promise you that I will never raise up my hand on you again,please don’t go”
I cried.
“I don’t think if I can stay a minute with you in this house,what you did to me is beyond human imagination,there’s nothing different to compare you with the rapist,I hate you Joe”
she cried out and walked to the wardrobe slowly bringing out her clothes.
“Please don’t do this to me,I love you so much it just that I don’t know what came over me,please don’t live me remember the vows we share together at the altar”
I said bringing out her clothes from the box.
“Vows my foot! Did you remember the vows when you were maltreating me and doing all manners of ill things,Did you remember that vows Joe!
she shouted packing her clothes.
“My love,don’t live me,I don’t want to loose you,please forgive me”
I pleaded but she gave a deaf ear to me.
“Joe am done with this marriage,I don’t want to die all your hands since you don’t want my unborn baby and want to kill me and my child it is better I live”
She said and closed her box.
She carried her luggages and walked slowly to downstairs,she wanted to fall I caught her.
“My love you don’t have to go consider your weakness”
I said.
“Don’t touch me! and one more thing thank you so much for letting me know the type of man you are”
she said and walked out from the door.
I followed her outside still begging her but all to no avail.
“One more thing,take back this”
she threw her wedding ring back to me.
She walked out from the gate.
“No! I can’t allow my wife to leave me,it is just two weeks we got married and now our marriage is fallen apart,I have to fix this mess I got myself into”
I shouted and ran inside.
“What type of a man is Joe? I don’t want my unborn child nor me to die in his hands,it is better I live the marriage.
I never knew that Joe will be this heartless,what he has done to me is beyond human imagination.
I know the father of my baby is a rapist but that should not warrant me to abort an innocent baby.
I stopped a taxi and directed him to my father’s house.
“My love you don’t have to worry anymore,nobody will hurt you again,we have left that monster’s house”
I said touching my tummy.
I got to my father’s house,the taxi man helped me with my luggage,I payed him and want inside.
“Small Madam good evening!
Musa the gateman greeted.
“Evening! Is my father at house?
“Yes,he dey inside”
he said and took my bag inside.
I went inside and Dad was not in the sitting room,the cook went up to call him.
I went straight to the fridge and took water because thats what I need right now to cool my head.
I was drinking the water and father came down.
“Good evening Dad!
I greeted and he looked at me and my bags surprisedly.
“Evening Jenny! Why are you here by this time with your bags,what of your husband Joe?
He responded and went straight to his sit.
“Dad am done with that marriage”
I said boldly expecting to hear the worst from him.
“You say! Did I hear you correctly?
He sounded.
“Father Joe is a monster and I don’t want to die in his hands”
I said.
“What did you mean that you don’t want to die in his hands?
He asked confusedly.
Father never knew that I was raped in the night after my wedding.
I sat down and narrated everything to him.
I got the shocked of my life after narrating everything to him.
“And so! Don’t you know that you have to obey your husband and abort that bastard”
he shouted.
“Father why are you saying this to me,when you know fully well that abortion is like committing a murder”
I said.
“You have to go back to your husband and fix your marriage”
he shouted.
“Father am not going back there,upon all I told you that he did to your daughter and you want me to go back to him,Why father?
I shouted.
“Is your stubbornness that made him to do all that to you,Oh! Did you think I will accept you in my house and you will have that rapist in your womb born in my house? You lied Jenny”
he shouted.
“Father you don’t care about my happiness,why did you want to send me back to the person that wants to kill my child?
I shouted in tears.
“Jenny your happiness is not important to me at all,my reputation is what matters to me,you know am a popular lawyer in this town and if you don’t want your father’s reputation to be ruined by your mistake you should better go back to your husband and abort that thing”
he shouted.
“I will never set my foots in that beast house”
I cried out.
“Not in my house will you stay either,you better go and fix your marriage”
He shouted.
“Am not going back to that house”
I cried.
“Leave my house,I will not have you stay here to ruin my reputation for me”
He shouted and pushed me out from the door.
“Father why are you doing this to your only child,why father?
I cried out.
“Until your marriage is fix that’s when your two foots will steps into my house again”
he shouted and threw my bag and banged the door.
How can father do this to me? he knows he is the only one I can run into in time like this.
Father don’t care about my happiness rather he cares more about his reputation.
If mother is here she wouldn’t have allow this to happened to me.
I took my bag outside the gate,I called Rose my bestie to infrom her that I will be coming to this house but it was not connecting due to network.
I stopped a taxi and directed him to Rose’s house.
I later phoned her and informed her that I will be coming.
“My little one you don’t have to worry we are going to a save place now,father abandoned me because of you but I will never abort you”
I said.
Some minutes later,we got to Rose’s house.
I ranged the door bell and she came out immediately.
“What am I seeing? Jenny why are you like this,why all this bruises all over your body,what happened to you?
She shouted.
I cried out and hugged her so tight.
“Stop crying Jenny,come inside”
she said and took me inside.
“You need water?
I nodded.
She brought the water and I drank like someone who has been in the desert.
“Jenny why are you like this? What happen to you?
She asked as she sat beside me.

“Rose,Father abandoned me when I needed him the most”
I said.

“What happen?
she asked surprisedly.

I narrated everything to her.
“How could Joe be that heartless? How could he be cruel to you? And your father that suppose to be your comfort pillar turn his back at you,this is so bad,how could your father be that mean to you?
she shouted.

She wiped my tears,”Jenny stop crying,am here for you nothing will happen to you and your unborn baby,stop crying and for that wicked souls the rapist and Joe they must surly pay for what they done to you”
She shouted and wiped my tears.

“Thank you so much for accepting me in your house”
I said.

“C’mon stop that! are you my bestie and like a sister to me,I know if am in your shoe you will do the same thing for me besides what are friends for?

I need to rest because the little angel need a lot of rest,you can lie down at the sofa,let me go and prepare something for you”
She said and carried my bag.

I know father is so harsh and I never expect any of this from him in fact he has proven to me that am not his daughter and he hate me.
I know Rose will never be like others,she will surly accept me whole hearty,I will deflently owe her for this.




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