In Love With The Pregnant Lady

In love with the pregnant lady episode 8





“My w–st! My w–st! its paining me! It’s on fire!
I shouted as soon as we got to the hospital, the strange man rushed down immediately from the car and summoned the nurses,they came immediately and took me to the theater.

I thought why they brought me to the theater when I know that am not in labour,my pregnancy is just seven months.

Could it be that am in labour now? If that happens that means I will be giving birth to premature baby,No nah!

“Why did you brought me here? my pregnancy is just seven months so why am I here?
I asked to clarify my thoughts.

“Calm down madam! the doctor will soon come and check on you”
the nurse said.

The pain in my stomach was too much,my baby was moving and kicking me too much making the pain to be more painful for me to bear.

The nurse went out and came back within a short while with the doctor.

“YOU! I shouted shockingly.

“Yes is me”
he replied with smiles.

The person that got me into this pain is a Doctor”
I thought.

“I know is my fault that you are in this pain but you don’t have to worry about anything am I here to examine you”
He said with smiles written all over his face.

“I need to inject on you for the pain to vanish”
I said.

“Why injection? Can’t you give me tablet instead?
I asked looking so scared.

I hate injection right from when I was small,I prefer to take tablet than injection.

“No madam! the injection is more effective and very fast in working and beside we don’t have the tablet that the moment”
he explained.

“Oh no! am so secard of injection”
I shouted forgotten the pain I was into.

“Madam you don’t have to be secard the injection is not painful and I will be injecting you in your arm”
he said.

The nurse came to inject me and I shouted.
“You know what Madam,just look at me and you will not know when you are injected”
he said.

“Are you sure?
I asked being so scared of the injection.

“Am very much sure Madam,just look at me”
He replied giving me his assurance.

I starred into his cat brown eyes,he look so handsome,his pointed nose suited his handsome face.I was starring at him while he was smiling at me without the reason why am in the hospital.

“Am done with the injection Doctor”
The nurse said calling back my attention.

“You are done already?
I asked being so surprised.

“Yes Ma!
She replied with smiles.

“Like seriously! I did not feel the pain of the injection at all and the pain I was feeling has vanish,Doc what type of magic did you use on me?
I asked smiling.

“I know how to treat my patient very well especially those who are scared of injection”
he replied with smiles.

“I need to examine the baby”
he said.

He checked the heartbeat,the scan and the auto sound of the baby was so good,he touched my tummy to be comfrimed if am still experience any pain.
He examined me so good.

“Madam,the position of the baby is good but I will like to meet you in my office”
He said after the examination.

“Okay Doc!
I replied as he walked out.

I changed back to my cloth,i was wearing the ante-natal gown.
The nurse directed me to the Doc’s office.

“Madam you may have a sit”
He said.

“Thank you Doc!
I said and sat down.

“Madam I will first of all apologize to you for my reckless mistake towards you,am deeply sorry for putting you that condition”
He apologized with his hands folded.

“Is okay Doc!
I replied with smiles.

“So madam I hope you have been going for your ante-antal?
He asked.

“Yes doc!

“Have you run some tests and taken malaria drugs that is mainly for a pregnant lady for the help of the baby?
He asked.

“Yes Doc,I have done some tests altogether with the malaria drug”
I replied with smiles.

“I hope you are taking the injection for TT (TETANUS TOXOID)?

“Yes Doc the doses is not yet complete”
I said.

“That’s perfectly all well and one more thing Madam you don’t have to be driving a car considering your condition incase of any emergency”
he said.

“I will not try that again”
I replied.

“So you have to call your husband to come pick you up”
he said.

What should I tell him? Should I tell him the truth or what?
I thought about for a while and decided to tell him something.

“I don’t have husband Doctor!
I said and he looked at me so strange.

“Pardon! you mean?
he asked confusedly.

“Doc my husband is late so I don’t have anyone,it just only me and my unborn baby”
i said.

Joe is dead to me and gone out forever in my heart.

“What a pity? am so so sorry madam,why did Mr death took your husband so early leaving you all alone”
He sounded so pity.

“Is okay Doc,God knows why it happened that way”
I sounded.

“I hope you are staying with somebody at home?
He asked.

“Am staying in my friend’s house but she travelled for a business trip so am alone now”
I explained.

“You don’t have to be alone Madam considering your condition,what of your relative?
He asked.

Why is this man asking me so much questions,is him interrogating me or what? Well let me keep on answering him and see where is questions will landed us into.

“Doc I got no relative,no one to turn to just all me”
I said.

“So bad! You can’t continue staying alone in case of emergency so I suggest that you should stay in my house until you give birth you can go back”
He said.

“Stay in his house! What’s this man up to?
I thought.

“Doc I appreciate all your kindness and care towards me but I can’t go to your house”


“You know what emergency they said happens unexpectedly so my dear as my patient you are now it will be my honor for you to stay in my house for the in case of that baby after giving birth you can go back,what if you are alone at home and something bad happens or emergency of labour happens how will manage with your present condition and drive yourself to the hospital? If not for anything but for the sake of that child accept my proposal”
He said being so mean and serious for me to stay in his place.

“But Doc why are you being so adamant for me to stay in your house? If I may ask what of your family,will your wife accept the decision of me staying in your house?
I asked.

He laughed and laughed.
Why is he laughing? I asked a serious question and he is laughing,what is funny about what I asked?

“Doc please answer me,i don’t want any woman to accused me of having affair with her husband saying nasty things about me”
I sounded being so serious.

“As you can see any not married”
He said showing me his fingers for me to know that there’s no ring there.

“Doc you know most married man doesn’t like to wear their ring reasons best known to them so how am I suppose to know that you are telling me the truth”
I asked.

He laughed and said,”My dear I know married dose not written on the face for you to believe me,as I said before am not married in case you still have double mind you can clarify your doubt by following me to my house and see things for yourself after then you will accept my proposal for staying in,did you accept?

He asked with similes written all over his face.
I thought and thought and accepted to follow him.

“I have accept”

“Okay,I guess we have to start going now”
He said and make a phone call to one of the nurses and directed her on what to do.
“So Madam can will go?

“For sure,please Doc you can address by my name Jenny that madam sounds awful by me it usually meant by old people and am not old”
I sounded.

He smiled,his smiles looks so beautiful.
“So why your name instead of Mrs somebody?
He asked.

“I prefer my name”
I replied.

My name is okay to me beside why should answer Mrs when am no longer married,after that,we made our way to his house.

What a pretty lady? Why did Mr death snatched her husband away from her not minding her condition?She need someone by her considering her condition,am in the right postion to help her out beside she is now my patient.
I turned at back to check on her she has already dozed off.
I smiled as I starried at her.

“Why am I even smiling? She need to rest”
I said.

Immediately we got home,i came down from the car and went to her at the back sit.
I tapped her at the shoulder twices and she waked up.
“Sorry for disturbing your beautiful sleep,we are now home”
I said with smiles.
She yawned,strengthens her body,I held her hand and helped her out from the car.

“Oga you never tell me say you getting beautiful pregnant wife”
Musa the gateman stupidly said.

I did not utter any word to him,I took her in side.
She was looking around everywhere probably looking for an evidence that prove am married.

“Welcome to my humble house”
I said as I ushered her in.

“Your house is so beautiful”
She said still looking around.

I laughed and said,”You will find nothing so stop stressing yourself by looking for evidence to prove that am married,Jenny you got nothing to worry about nobody is here to trouble you so you need to rest,I know you are hungry let me quickly prepare something for you”
I said.

She laughed and laughed.
“What’s funny?

I asked with laughs too.
“You prepare something! Did you even know how to cook?

She asked with laughs.
“See this lady ooo! If I cook for you here you will throw cap for me,with my cooking the whole Africa will bow for me”
I said with laughs.

“Enough Doc! Go and prove it”
She said with laughs.

“You will see it but don’t swallow spit to much ooo because of the aroma of the food ooo”
I shouted rushing in,side.

“Doc am already to have that food tasted”
She shouted to my hearing.
I waked back to her and said,”Jenny please stop addressing me as Doc,I prefer you call me by my name Justin”
I said and She smiled back at me.
“Just give me thirty minutes,I will be done with a delicious food for you”
I said as I rushed in,side.
I went up to the room and got changed before heading to the kitchen.
“I hope the aroma of the food is not making you to swallow spit too much I will be done”
I shouted.

“The aroma is superb,I can’t Wait to have a taste of it to prove if the way the aroma is will also be the way the food will taste”
She shouted to my hearing.
“Few minutes to done”
I shouted.

Few minutes later am done with the food,I dished it out to the dinning.
“Wow! White rice with vegetables sauce”
She shouted as she opened the food.
“Yes vegetables! That’s what you need as a pregnant lady,it makes the mother to be healthy and also gives blood too which the mother will eat passed it to the unborn baby making the baby to looks so fresh and healthy while coming out to the world”
I said with smiles.
She took two spoons of the food and shooked her head.
“How did you see the food?
I asked.
“Wow! Wow! So so yummy!
She shouted as she takes another spoon.
“Did you like the food?
“Like is understatement,I love the food,Wow Justin who taught you how to cook?
She asked devouring the food.

“My mother did ooo! You know as the only child of my parents my mother took her time in teaching me everything concerning kitchen she also added in case my wife is doing shakara to go to the kitchen and cook that I can just help myself with that”
I sounded with smiles.
“Wow! Your mother really done a great job,kudos to her”
She said with smiles.
“Thanks Jenny!
“This your food is so delicious,I dont think if I have ever seen a guy that can prepare such a delicious meal like this one with this your talent of cooking if you open a restaurant the whole world will be coming to eat in your restaurant”
She sounded.

“You are danm serious?
I asked with similes written all over my face.
“I mean what I said but don’t blush too much because you can’t cook more than me”
She shouted.
“Is a lie,nobody can cook pass me,am the best chef”
I replied.
“Okay as you said Justin but we have to prove who is the best chef but the only way to do that is to have a cooking competition,so is that a deal?
“I love this type of challenge so its a deal”
I replied.
Few minutes later,we were done with the food and I brought assorted fruits to degist the food.
We gist and gist until late in the night,I took her to her room and went to my own room.

I really enjoyed her company,it makes me feel so good and amazed.
I have never had this type of company for a very long time.



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