In Love With The Pregnant Lady

In love with the pregnant lady episode 9



I waked up straighting my back, yawned and smiled as I remembered the beautiful company I had last night with Jenny, she is just a funny person to be with.
I have never had a such company for over years.
“I really pity her, as her early marriage she is now a widow, mr death couldn’t even allow her to enjoy her beautiful home with her husband and kids before snatching him away from her”
I said as I remembered her beautiful smiles.

“I need to prepare breakfast for her before she wakes up”
I said.

I went straight to the bathroom wash my face before rushing down to the kitchen.

I waked up, starring at the ceiling fan, I smiled as I remembered last night.
“He is just a funny man,he is very talented in cooking, his delicious food will make thousands of girls to fall for him, he is funny, handsome, so cheerful to count it all he is indeed a husband material, I wonder why he is not married”
I thought as I keep on smiling recalling last night.

“I need to surprise him with a delicious breakfast and show him that he is not the only one who can cook, I can also cook better than him”
I said.

I worn my night gown jacket and walked down to the kitchen, I met him at the kitchen humming a song.
“You are already wake Doc Justin”
I said surprisedly.

“Yeah,I wake up early to prepare a delicious breakfast for this my beautiful pregnant patient”
He said slicing the onion.

“Doc I even wanted to surprise you with my own breakfast but you waked up before me”
I sounded.

“Oh! You don’t have to bother beside you are in my house so it is my duty to take good care of you”
He said.

“Okay Doc Justin as you said but one day I have to prepare my own meal for you not everytime you will be in charge of the food”
I sounded.

“I hear you Jenny but I don’t want to keep reminding you that you should addresse me by my name Justin not accompanying it with Doc”
He said with smiles as he dragged my cheeks softly.

“Okay! Correction taken Justin so what are you preparing?
I asked with smiles.

“Am preparing Mushroom sauce”
He replied.

“Mushroom sauce!
I sounded surprisingly.

“Yes Mushroom sauce! Have you not tasted it before?
He asked.

“No Justin! I have heard about it before and wonder how it is being prepare”
I said.

“Okay! I guess I have to teach you how to prepare it but you must pay”
He said with smiles.

“Don’t worry I will pay, start with the teaching”
I said.

“Okay, you have to help me slice the tomatoes”
He said.

He taught me everything I need know while preparing a mushroom sauce, few minutes later we were done with the sauce.

“How is it?
He asked as I tasted the sauce.

“Oh my goodness!
I shouted as shooked my head.

“Yeah! How did it taste?
He asked.

“Wow! It is so delicious, so yummy, I love it”
I shouted with smiles.

“I know you will like it”
He laughed.

“Justin who taught you how to prepare this delicious mushroom sauce?
I asked still licking the spoon.

“Kudos to my Mama!
He said.

“Your mother must really be a best chef, please Justin can I have more taste of it?
I asked.

“Don’t worry Jenny, you will have as much as you want but firstly we have to set the dinning table”
He said.

“Okay sir!
I said smiling.

We set the table,I can’t even wait to start devouring the food, the aroma was so good.

“Justin I must confess this Mushroom sauce is the best sauce and thank God I have learnt how to prepare I will be making it everyday”
I said as I placed the mushroom sauce on top of the toasted bread.

“You have to pay ooo!
He sounded.

“Don’t worry I will pay you, this your sauce is ready to make any lady to fall for you”
I sounded as I was eating and shooking my head.

“Are you flattering me or what?
He asked with smiles and the more he smiles is the more those beautiful dimples in his cheeks will be going dip in,side making him to look more handsome.

“That’s the f×¢king truth, am not flattering you”
I said.

“Okay oooo! I hope you are not falling for me?
He asked as he drank his coffee.

“C’mon how can I fall for you with my present condition?
I sounded.

“Dose it matter,you are a human being so you can fell in love and your present condition won’t stop you from fallen in love”
He sounded.

“Am not fallen for you beside I won’t fall for you”
I said.

“Okay! Noted Jenny”
He said.

“Any lady that will end up with you will really enjoy your cooking and company so much if I may ask when are you planning to end this your life bachelor?

“I don’t know, it meant be next year or next two years so I can’t tell”
He replied.

“But why did you said so?
I asked curiously.

” That will be story for another day, I hope the little one in the womb is kicking well?
He asked changing the topic.

“The little one is kicking fine and I know she enjoyed the meal prepared by the awesome chef, she said I should tell you thank you mr chef for the delicious breakfast”
I sounded as he laughed out.

“Thank you so much”
He blushes

“You are blushing, stop blushing oooo! You can’t cook more than me, if I cook for you, you will use your tongue and wash the plate”
I sounded.

“See that cooking competition, we must do it and know who is the best”
He laughed out.

“We shall see!
I laughed out too.

Few minutes later we were done eating his phone ranged.
“Hello Nurse what is it? Okay am coming immediately”
He shouted and hanged up the call.

“What is it Justin?
I asked as he stood up.

“My presence is needed at the hospital urgently”
He shouted and ran upstairs.

Few minutes later, he came down ready to go.
“Jenny take good care of yourself and make sure you eat a lot of fruits”
He shouted and ran out from the door.

“Becare and drive safety”
I shouted to his hearing and locked the door.

I wonder what the urgent emergency will be that made him to ran out, let it not be what am thinking, negative thoughts bumped into my head.

I cleared the plates and tidy up the kitchen, I ate some fruits and slept off.

I waked so late around 7pm and he is not yet back.
“What is keeping him?
I thought and I don’t have his number I could have call him.

An hour later, he came back looking so tired.
“What happen at the hospital Justin? What is the emergency all about?
I asked as he sat down so tiredly.

He breathed and said, “I lost a patient today and it pains me so much”
He sounded sadly.

“It is well Justin, is not your fault that the patient dead so you don’t have to hurt yourself so much this can thing do happened in every hospital”
I consoled him placing my hand around his shoulder.

“But why did God took her away, she is just a small child that has not even start the jounery of this life”
He sounded painly.

“Justin we can’t question God because He only knows why it happened beside God gives and take so please put yourself together okay”
I said.

“It breaks my heart when I lost a patient in my hospital especially the young ones”
He sounded sadly.

“Its okay, as I said God knows why it happened, please you have to pur yourself together, let go upstairs”
I said and took him to his room.

I wanted to prepare food for him but he insisted that I should not bother.
He is too emotional, I have never seen such Doctor with any emotion before, doctors don’t even care if they lost a
patient and some will not even consider the condition of the person before demanding for deposit and treatment will commenced, that’s why people lost their dear ones, how I wish that doctors are like Doc Justin the rate of death will reduce in this country.

Doc Justin has human sympathy, which doctor will be in his right sense and accommodate a pregnant lady in his house?
I thought all this as I starred at him, his face looks so pale.

After starring at him for a while without him knowing, I went to my room and slept off.

It has been three days now I have been staying in Justin’s house, he cares and pamper me so much like an egg, he make sure that I eat enough vegetables and fruits, he never allows me to do anything at home, he take care of the kitchen and every other things.

Sometimes I even wish I was married to him because the way he cares for me is too much.

One faithful evening, we were preparing dinner and all of a sudden someone ranged the bell, I went to get the door.

“Good evening Mother!
I greeted her as I opened the door, I know she meant be Justin’s mother but he didn’t tell me that his mother will be coming.

“Evening my daughter!
She replied as she looked at me from head to toe.

All of a sudden, she started singing, dancing and rejoicing which got me in a confusion stage.

“Where is my son? The true son of his father, Justin my son come and give your mother a very tight hug”
She shouted still rejoicing.

Justin came out from the kitchen.
“Mother welcome, you did not tell me that you are welcome”
He sounded so surprisingly to see his mother.

The mother hugged him.
“Son you have made me proud, congratulations son for secoring the goal, now I know the reason why you rejected those girls I brought for you, Justin my son you have made me happy”
She shouted.

I was so confused I don’t know what the woman is talking about.
“Mother is not what you think it is it”
He said.

“Don’t worry son, am so excited for the awesome surprise I will soon be a grandma”
She rejoiced.

Grandma! What did Justin told her about us?
I thought.

“My daughter come and have a rest”
She said with so much joy holding my hand.

I winked at Justin and he gave me go ahead sign, I don’t understand what’s going on here.

“Sit! I don’t want you to stress yourself too much especially that my unborn grandchild”
She sounded and I sat down

She brought a cushion and placed it at my backside.
“Keep your legs on the table to make the baby to rest well”
She said.

“But mother I was helping Justin in the kitchen before you came”
I sounded.

“You are not going anywhere, Justin came handle the kitchen, Son I hope there’s fruits in the fridge because a pregnant lady needs a lot of it to keeps the baby healthy?
She shouted to his hearing.

“Yes mother there are assorted fruits in the fridge”
He replied back.

I was mopping at her and thinking what Justin meant told her about me.
“Could it possible that he told his mother that am his pregnant fiancee because the woman addressees me like her daughter in law”
I thought still confused.

“My daughter relax, let me go and get you fruits”
She sounded with so much joy.

She went to the fridge and brought fruits.
“Eat this fruits I want my grandchild to be healthy and looking so fresh”
She sounded happily.

“Thank you mother!

“You are welcome my dear daughter, this my son is kicking well oooo”
She said as she touches my tummy.

I laughed and the way she was doing made me to remember my mother.

Few minutes later, the food was done and set out to the dinning.
“My son is at it again, this food smells nice”
Mother said as she opened the food.

“Mother don’t you trust your son onces it comes to cooking, you know am the best chef”
Justin laughed out.

“This food is so delicious”
She said, eating and shooking her head.

“Mother kudos to you for impacting this cooking habit to Justin”
I said as I ate the delicious food.

“You know he is my only child, my everything both my daughter so I have to make sure that I taught him how to cook in case the wife is doing shakara for him, he will just go to the kitchen and take care of this stomach”
She sounded joyfully.

“But mother Justin can’t cook more than me ooooo! If you eat my food you will demand for more and more”
I sounded.

“Is a lie! Nobody can cook pass me, am the best cook in the whole world”
He shouted.

“Is a lie! You see that cooking competition we must do it, thank God mother is here to judge and call out the result”
I shouted.

“Enough of the argument, the cooking competition will be holding tomorrow and we shall see who the best cook is”
My mother shouted.

“Who else will win? If not your son, the best cook”
Justin sounded.

“Is a lie! You will not win me Justin”
I shouted.

“Wait ooo! Something is missing here”
Mother sounded.

We checked around the table to know what could be the missing item.
“What is it Mother?
Justin asked.

“You too are here eating and gisting while my grandchild is feeling lonely in,side”
She sounded.

“How mother?
I asked.

“Justin don’t you know that you have to feed your wife r0mantically so that the baby will feel so happy”
Mother sounded.

“Feed r0mantically!
We both shouted.

“Yes nah! When I was pregnant for you my husband your father pampered me a lot, he feed me while eating, k×sses the baby in the womb, carried me on his laps, plays with me tirelessly and it makes the baby to feel so good and happy that’s how I want you to be doing with my daughter Justin”
Mother sounded.

We were mopping at her as she was saying all those things.
“So Justin feed Jenny r0mantically now”
She said.

“But mother!
I sounded.

“No but Jenny, I want my grandchild to feel so happy”
She sounded.

How can mother suggest that I should feed Jenny r0mantically, how am I going to do that knowing fully well she is not my fiancee nor wife.
“Justin what are you still waiting for? Feed her nah”
She said.

I guess I got no other choice but to do what she said.

I looked in,side her eyes r0mantically and fed her.
When I was feeding her, I felt this shock around me, this butterflies in the stomach, I have never felt that way for a very long time.

“Yes! I know my grandchild will be so happy that his father fed him, that’s how it suppose to be Justin”
She sounded.

Few minutes later, we were done with the food, I carried the plates to the kitchen.
Mother looks so happy, the happiness was written all over her face at the moment she set her eyes on Jenny thinking that she is my pregnant fiancee, mother has ever wanted me to settle down and give her grandchildren and now that she thought that Jenny is my fiancee she is over whelmed and I don’t want ruined this happy moment for her.

I guess I have to pleased with Jenny for us to pretend as husband and wife in the presence of mother once she is back to the village will can continue our normal way.

I went back to meet them at the sitting room, cracking jokes and laughing, mother indeed looks so happy being with her.

I joined them with the jokes and few minutes later mother decided to rest her bones.
“I need to go and rest, good night to you son and you too Jenny and my lovely grandchild”
She said touching Jenny”s tummy.

“Good night to you too mother!
We both said.

“Justin make sure you give his boy in the womb a good night k×ss before you sleep”
She said and went up to her room.

“The moment I has been waiting for is now here, Justin what did you tell your Mom about me?
Jenny asked.

“Nothing Jenny”

“Nothing! Asking nothing! Then why is Mother taking me as her daughter in law?
She asked curiously.

“Jenny see, mother has been distrubing me to settle down and give her grandchildren so at the moment she set her eyes on you she thought you are my fiancee”
I sounded.

“Then we have to tell mother the truth nah”
She said.

“No we can’t”

“Why can’t we?
She asked with her eyes wide opened.

“Jenny you know that the moment mother set her eyes on you I saw this overwhelmed joy written all over her face, she was excited and I don’t want to ruined her happiness”
I sounded.

“Then what are you saying?
She asked.

“Please Jenny I want us to pretend as husband and wife in front of mother”
I said.

“Pretend as husband and wife! How possible could that be?
She sounded.

“Jenny I know it will not be easy for you to act as my wife but please for the sake of mother’s happiness you have to help me out”
I pleaded.

She breathed and said, “For how long?
“As long as Mother stays with us and once she goes back to the village we can continue our normal way”
I said.

“Okay I will help you out but Mother will definitely find out one day so how will you handle the situation?
She asked.

“Jenny you don’t have to worry about that one when will got to the bridge we shall know how to cross it but as for now Mother is over whelmed with so much happiness I don’t want to ruin it for her”
I said.

“Okay as you said, am feeling sleepy I need to go and sleep”
She said as she stood up.

“Okay we can go to bed together, you know we will be sharing the same room as husband and wife”
I said.

“The same room!

“You got nothing to worry about, we will not share the same bed”
I said as we went up to the room.

“Wow! You have a nice room”
She sounded with smiles.

“Thank you Jenny, you can make use of the bed while I use the sofa”
I said.

“No Justin! I can’t sleep on your bed let me use the sofa instead”
She said.

“No Jenny, I don’t the little one to feel uncomfortable so I suggest you should make use of the bed”
I said.

“But are you going to be ok on the sofa?

“Yes dear, I feel comfortable”
I said.

She lie down on the bed as I moved aside to change and take my shower.

After the shower, I checked on her she is still awake.
“You have not slept yet?

“Yes! Am waiting for you?

“Waiting for me!

“Yes Justin, I have a question that is troubling me”
She said.

“And what could that be?

“Justin why is it you don’t want to settle down and give your mother a grandchildren?
She asked.

“You will not understand Jenny”

“Tell me I will understand, did something happened in your past relationsh¡p?
He asked.

“Since you insisted to know then let me open up to you, I love and cherish someone with all my heart, she is everything I desire and wanted in a woman, the love I had for was so much that I can’t even stay a seconds without hearing from her,I was drunk and madly in love with her.
Then I decided to propose to her on the day of my birthday but not knowing that my love for her will shattered at that moment, she rejected my prospal and made me to forgot everything concerning love again because the stage she got me into was so much for me to bear, my heart was torn into pieces and the chapter of being in love was closed at that moment.
Now you know the reason why I find it difficult to fell in love”
I explained.

“So bad for you, I can imagine how hurted and traumatized you were but my dear If you ask me how many times my heart has been broken and I will tell you to look in the sky
And count the stars. So dear this our hearts are meant for breaks up and the only way for us to mend it is to move on with life and forget the past until one day we will see the right one our heart is meant for someone that will not break it”
She encouraged me as she tapped my backside.

“I have heard you and I guess I have to move on and forget the past”
I said.

“Yes Justin you have to, the past will bring you nothing but pains beside if not for any other thing for the sake of mother who always want her son to be happy”
She said.

“Jenny thank you for your word of encouragement, I appreciate it so much”
I said.

“You are welcome Justin, I need to sleep now, good night”
“Good night to you too”
I said as I retried back to the sofa.


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