The Game Of Wits

Incomplete episode 23


Writer: Anonymous❤️

Sequence 23

“Love is such a maze but so amazing when you find it, sound that makes you crazy till you find yourself inside it, it’s you that I have been waiting for, forever I will be in your heart” The song that played when we cut the cake on our wedding kept lingering in my head, it was a week after Tasheni’s party and a Monday for that matter, Justine was at work while Tash was at the day care, I was home because I wasn’t feeling well, my legs where swollen.
Nono prepared warm water and m-ssaged my feet and I was beginning to feel better when she stood up to check who was at the door, she came back to tell me Dan was looking for me which made me furious because he has been a constant nag over the months, when I admitted Tash was his child he tried to pursued me to get back with him so we could raise her together, that was before I was married and the minute he heard I had finally tied the note he kept bugging me to give him full custody of her. As much as I was upset, I stood up and went to hear what he wanted to say to me this time around.
“Don’t you ever get tired of doing this?” I asked
“Doing what?” he asked
“Following me around like this. You and your family humiliated me, you tossed me on the ground and now that someone has picked me up you want to cause drama?” I asked
“Pam you know how much I love you despite whatever happened in the past and I tried begging you to get back with me before you got married so we could raise our baby together but you pushed me, which leaves me with no option but to file for custody” he said
“I don’t love you, what we had is in the past, you may be her biological father but Justine will always be her number one father, go back to your family” I told him
He looked defeated, he kept quiet for a while then he handed me an envelope, when I opened it I found court sermons, it indicated I was to appear in court the next Monday.

“So you are really suing me for child custody you fool?” I asked
“She is all I have Pam let me a part of her life” he said
“What happened to Mary and her little baby boy, aren’t those enough?” I asked
“You wouldn’t understand Pam”
“Fine then see you in court” I said and got into the house banging the door behind me
I wasn’t ready for any kind of drama so I told Nono to pass me the phone so I could call Justine.
“Don’t worry about that, even if he proves the child is his we will make sure he is not granted custody at all, let me call my friend and see if she can see us today” Justine told me when I explained to him about the sermon.
“Okay baby I will be waiting” I told him
“Don’t stress yourself I will be home in a few hours” he told me
Nono continued m-ssaging my feet till I felt better and went to sleep, I was woken by someone planting k-sses on my cheeks, when I opened my eyes I found Tash, next to me.
“Mummy’s girl I missed you” I told her
“I missed mummy” she giggled
I woke up and changed her uniform just then Justine entered carrying her bag.
“Hey baby” I said
“Hey my love” he said as he k-ssed me
Then we sat on the bed and he told me about his day at work and what his friend had said,
“Audrey will come over tomorrow in the morning then we will talk about how to tackle this case” he said

Now that I had found my happiness there was an impending issue to deal with, why was Dan so bent on causing me drama, taking me to court first he humiliated me, left me broken and now he was acting as though everything was fine, the stress was getting to me, sometimes I never trust our law they may just end up granting him full custody and that would kill me and my unborn babies.
“Don’t stress yourself baby Audrey is a great lawyer and she will win this case for us, I trust her” Justine told me as we were about to sleep, I was really stressing, I have never been a fan of courts. So before sleeping I got down on my knees and said a prayer for everything to go well.

The next morning I woke very early I hardly had any sleep, I was anxious to meet the lawyer and find out what she had to say, I needed to know that Dan had no case against me despite being the biological father of Tash.
I took a quick bath then sat down to read a magazine because it was way too early to even make breakfast, after a while I went to Tash’s room and watched her sleep. She was the reason for my existence, the one thing that brought me joy amidst my brokenness I would never allow anyone take her away from me, I was praying the law would be in my side because I had suffered enough, this was my time to be happy but without my baby by my side I would never be happy
Remembering all the things Dan’s family did to me brought tears to my eyes, its one part of my life I had decided to leave behind but with Dan’s constant nagging I would never do that.
“Stop crying already?” Justine said as he came into the room shirtless
“Morning baby” I said blinking away the tears
“I won’t allow anyone to take her away from you, I promise Pam,” he said
“I know” I replied
“You are stressing yourself, this is not good for you” he said
I stood up and hugged him then later went back to our room, he said he would make us breakfast so I needed to just relax in bed, when Tash was up Nono bathed her and after we had our breakfast Dan took her to the day care. He came back minutes later because we were waiting for the lawyer.

To keep my mind of things we decided to watch a movie and at around 10:00 Mrs. Audrey Mutale made her way in, she wasn’t what I expected, I thought it was someone old and more experienced but judging from the way my husband talked about her work she must have been good. She was dressed in a blue short office suit, a white shirt inside and blue heels. She let her hair fall loose on her shoulders and I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked.
“Hey Audrey” Justine stood up and they hugged
“”Tsup buddy” she said and hugged him back
“Good to see you, you haven’t changed one bit, meet my wife Pam” he said while pointing at me
“Hey Mrs Mutale” I said
“Just Audrey will do, look at how beautiful you are, my friend did well for himself” she said as we offered her a seat
“What can I offer you?” I asked
“Just water” she said and I stood up to get her the water
“How is your husband? In fact how is married life treating you?” Justine asked
“Well married life is fine and Bwalya is fine as well, I am so sorry I missed your wedding buddy “she said
“Its fine I know you were held up but you owe me” he told her
“Okay let’s get to business” she said while removing a notebook and pen to take down points of what I would be telling her.

I took my time to explaining every little detail to her, it was hard talking about certain aspects of my life with Dan but I had to do it, so I could win the case, she listened attentively as I narrated my story to her, jotting down notes here and there while urging me to continue talking. When I finished talking I breathed a sigh of relief.
Afterwards she took us through the wh0le court process and assumed how the case would turn out, she made everything seem so easy, she was my only hope and I had to trust in her.
“I have never lost any case and this one will be a walk over” she said while smiling as she packed her things
“Are you sure?” I asked
“Yes they might give him visitation rights, which is fine because you can call the shots on how often he can visit her” she said
“Okay I trust you help us” I faked a smile
“If that will be all I will take my leave now because I have another appointment to attend to” she said while standing up
“Thank you very much Audrey” I said extending my hand to her
We walked her out and when she reached the car, she hugged us both and told us to relax.

“Thank you so much buddy I know I could trust you, pass my regards to Mr. Mutate” Justine said
After Audrey left, my heart was more calm and Justine decided to take me shopping just so I wouldn’t have to think too much about what was going on, we bought stuff for the babies and Tash then had lunch, we got home took a nap together then Justine woke up at 15:30 so he could pick Tash up, I didn’t feel like remaining at home so I tagged along.
Tash has always been very particular with who picks her from the day care, she prefers Justine does it than me so when we got to the school Justine was on phone and I decided to collect Tash from her class.

“Tash mummy is here” I heard the lady in charge of her callout her name.
“Hey my baby” I said but she didn’t respond, she was so gloomy I wanted to laugh. “So you won’t even say hi to mum?” I asked but she just ignored me and we went to the car, the minute she set her eyes on her father she was all over the place smiling and talking to him.
“This girl is something else” I told Justine
“Can you imagine she refused to talk to me when I got her from class” I laughed
“Daddy’s girl” he said
“Daddy’s brat” I smiled
When we got home, Justine changed Tash then gave her something to eat and we all sat down watching cartoons. Looking at them smiling like lunatics as they watched TV made me content, I couldn’t wait to have the twins then my family would be complete.


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