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Sequence 24

One week later, Monday morning day of the court case, I was very nervous I couldn’t eat anything at breakfast, I had prayed the wh0le week for things to work in our favor I watched Tash happily eat her breakfast with no idea of what was taking place.

Justine took us to court around 8, he kept telling me everything would be fine, the minute we got there I spotted Chloe standing by her car and she rushed to me and gave me a hug, she reassured me nothing would stand in the way of my happiness, having my sister by my side at that time made me feel safe and secure, with her by my side nothing would harm me.

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A few minutes later Audrey made her way to us and told me not to worry because everything would be fine then she said Losing doesn’t exist in her vocabulary.

Our case started around 09:00, the lawyers pres£nted their cases then they started calling people to the witness stand, I almost scre-med when I heard the lies that Dan’s family said against me about cheating on him and later running away from my home knowing very well I was pregnant, Chloe squ-eesed my hand and told me to just breath in and out slowly as a way of keeping me calm, Justine on the other hand looked relaxed.

Then Audrey started asking them questions, she was on the right track and I could see how embarrassed they looked, when I was called to the witness stand I was asked a few questions by the other lawyer and Audrey and few minutes later I was off the stand. Then the judge told the lawyers to pres£nt their closing arguments.

“Thank you your honor, as you have heard here today, Mrs. Mbao is an ins£nsitive woman, a woman who left her husband and married another barely two years after her divorce, she lied to that little child about who her father is and when my client approached her she denied him his rights to see his child. Yes my client might have made certain mistakes in the past but should that be the basis on which he should be denied the chance to know his child? Should that innocent child grow up not knowing who her real father is because of the mistakes of her parents? I rest my case” The opposing lawyer said

Then Audrey stood up, looked at me and smiled.

“Thank you your honor, Every day we fight against Gender Based Violence, we tell women to speak out and realize their worth, my client suffered gravely at the hands of Mr. Mumba and his family because she couldn’t have a child, she was abused emotionally and physically and to top it all up, Mr. Mumba brought another woman into his matrimonial home committing bigamy, was my client wrong from walking away? A mother wants to make sure her child stays in a safe environment, my client knows the environment in which Mr. Mumba stays in is not conducive for a little girl, is she wrong from trying to protect her child? If they managed to hurt her, we can only imagine what they would do to this little girl if put under their custody” I rest my case she said

The case was later adjourned to 14:00 that day and that gave me a chance to at least eat something, I had no appetite but I felt hungry, I knew I had to eat something for the sake of my babies.

When the court got back in session at 14:00 I was feeling better, I had enough energy to listen to the verdict.

“I have processed the wh0le case and evaluated the evidence shown before the court I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that the evidence shown is nothing but the truth, as a parent one always has to do what is right and place the needs of that child above theirs, because that child will follow through your steps, if your capabilities as a parent are being questioned be rest assured the child under your care will be misled. With this said I hereby grant Mrs. Mbao full custody of Tasheni Chansa Mbao and grant Mr. Mumba visitation rights which will be decided upon by the mother, this is Mr. Verdict”

“Court Rise” and we all stood up, after the judge left I was so happy I rushed to Audrey and k-ssed her, gosh I had never met such a determined lawyer like her, afterwards I got my baby and hugged her, while k-ssing her.

I walked out of the court room the happiest woman on earth, I had my husband and baby by my side, mine forever and no one would take them from me what more would I ever want in life, I watched Dan shake his head in frustration as his mother comforted him, he had gotten what he deserved but why was he so bent on wanting my child when he had Mary? I didn’t see Mary at the court, whatever happened to her and baby Dan?” I thought to myself


It’s been one year since we won the court case life has been great I can’t complain at all, little Tash is three already and her little brothers are two months old now what more can a woman ask for, I look at Justine and can’t help but feel content, he has been my super hero, the one man that has been there for me since day one, we argue here and there like most couples do but we always bounce back to each other. I can’t believe so many years ago I felt so incomplete and helpless but now I get to s£nse how it feels like to be complete.

Dan has been a part of our lives, I gave him visitation rights, he visits my baby and takes her out she knows him only as Dan and Justine as her dad, maybe when she grows up she will understand who Dan is.

Did I at one point think I would carry my own children? No I didn’t. Did I think I would find a man that would love both me and my child like Justine did? No I did not. Remember how broken I was and how unworthy of being a woman I felt, I was called barren but today I am being called mummy. In life trials will be there, we shall face difficulties at some point and sometimes we will pray and pray but no answer will come our way not because God doesn’t love and care for us but he is preparing us for something greater than we are hoping for. I found my second chance at love so can you, I am complete and content because I let God led, giving up is never a solution.

My name is Pam Chansa Mbao and this has been my story.


“You said yes, she said yes” are you being for real? I scre-med in joy the day Pam accepted my marriage proposal, the memory of how we met and finally got married where so fresh in my head. Where did I go wrong? I knew I loved her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her I wanted her to be the mother of my children but along the way life took a twisted turn.

For two years I was patient I waited and waited but that child never came, I became frustrated, I blame her for not conceiving, I beat up her and abused her emotionally as well, I allowed my family to insult and humiliate her, I tossed her down like garbage and one day she said enough was enough.

When I met Mary she was fun and wild, she gave me a listening ear and each time I was frustrated I would go to her place and talk, at first we were just friends till I realized time was going and I needed to have my own child so the friendship escalated into something deeper, we would go out, club drink and have lots of s€×. When she told me she was pregnant I was so up I ended up marry her without my wife’s cons£nt my family was there and they were happy I was marrying someone else, someone who would give me children.

When Pam left part of me felt I had failed her but another part told me I did the right thing so I continued living my life with my new wife when she gave birth I was the happiest man, I took ph-otos of my son, I carried him, danced around and soothed him, I was happy.

I started noticing changes in Mary along the way she stopped cooking she h-rdly spent time at home with me and the baby she was drinking excessively, I didn’t complain I continued showering her love but deep down I had started missing Pam. When she called me that night but didn’t say anything, I thought that was my chance to get back with her, I hoped she still wanted me back but my happiness was short lived when they told me she had just given birth. At first I wasn’t in my right s£nses as to think the baby might be mine but after I talked to her and went home to think, it occurred to me that she gave birth to my child so the battle began.

I begged her to give me my child or better yet get back to me but she refused, I decided to file for custody when I got to know Mary’s baby wasn’t mine, never in hell had it occurred she would pin another man’s baby on me.

I was disturb£d and humiliated when my son was sick and I was supposed to donate blood to him only to find out the blood wasn’t compatible because I wasn’t the father.

It hurt me deeply to realize I had been fooled like that but because Mary refused to divorce me I had no option but to continue sponsoring little Dan because she didn’t know who exactly his father is

My family h-rdly visits my house now because Mary doesn’t like them around she humiliates and insults them at any given opportunity they have hinted so many times how Pam was more of a woman than Mary is but we can’t dwell on the past life has to move on.

The only real thing I have in my life is Tasheni, I did all I could to get her back but the court thought otherwise maybe because of my dishonesty, it hates to see her calling another man Dad while she calls me Dan, to her I am just one of their family friends, I doubt I will have ever have the same relationship my daughter has with Justine, I have watched them talk and bond I get so sad to see him having what was actually supposed to be mine.

My life is now a mess I am so unhappy in my marriage and every day I have to look at Dan and remember he is not mine, if only I had been patient, if only I had waited just a little longer just maybe I would be telling a different story.

The End.

We’re totally incomplete when we are not with the right person. But when we found someone who loves us and accept us with our flaws then we are finally #Complete.

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