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The weather was nice for two lovers who were in love. Of course! It was just so suitable for two couple who were deeply in love with each other. The weather wasn’t so cold or hot. The rain wasn’t falling but drizzling. The sky was bright and clear just like the painting in a baby’s book illustration. Everything was going perfectly fine in the estate of Humpty. Well not in all cases because the houses may look peaceful on the outside but in the inside of one was them was a couple clash. The married couple exchanged hurtful words at each other cursing the first time they ever meant and swearing under their breaths not to have anything to do with each other in the next life. They didn’t consider the beautiful weather outside. They were so enraged to consider anything else but their misunderstanding. Their twins stared at their room door in fright wondering what was actually going on with their parents this time. They got really worried that the argument may lead to something else if it goes on that way.

“I am leaving this stupid house of yours! I am leaving! ” Their mum voice roared from downstairs as heavy footsteps were heard climbing up the stairs toward them. She walked past their room door toward the couple room which was two rooms away. The argument died down that instant. The children heard nothing more.

“Is mum really leaving? ” Felicia asked her brother. He shrugged his shoulders showing in confusion himself.

“I don’t know but with the sound of her voice, I am afraid she is” He replied making her whimper.

“Mum can’t leave us”

“I have told you I don’t know. Let’s hope she calms down and don’t leave ”


Her brother was wrong. Felix was certainly wrong. That night while she was asleep on her medium size bed, her mum had walked in sobbing. She tapped her slightly on the shoulder brushing her hair with her other hand.

“I love you dear. I love you so much ” She whispered afraid of waking her son. Felicia opened up her eyes slightly not recognizing where she was or who was talking to at first. But after rubbing her sleepy eyes and yawning, she did. Her eyes went straight to her mum’s bloodshot eyes. She looked so weak and distressed.


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what are you doing here? ” She asked in confusion. “Why are you crying? ”

“Nothing Felicia. I just wanted to check on you and tell you I love you so much”

“Alright mum but can I ask you something? ”

“Yeah. Of course ”

“This afternoon, you told dad you were leaving this house. Are you actually leaving us here? ” Her mother was silent for some few minutes as if not knowing how to explain things to her. She had lots to say but wasn’t sure she could understand at her age.


am not leaving you my dear. I can never leave you. Not in anyway. It’s just the house I am leaving. I can’t stay under the same roof with your dad anymore. I can’t remain his wife. Since he had never treated me as one then how can I even remain as one? I can’t put up a smiling face pretending we are happy when we are not”


he’s your husband mummy. He’s my father. You can’t leave alone like this ”

“There are some people who isn’t worth our time. He isn’t the same man I married. His character has changed alot. I am not sure of his plan but I will rather stay away from him. Don’t worry he will take very good care of you. I will try visiting you in school every break. Isn’t there okay by you? ” She asked clearing the tears in her eyes. Her daughter said nothing in reply. She pulled her for a hug instead.

“What has dad done to you to get you to hate him so much? I thought he was a good man”

“He is a good man sweetheart. The only thing is that he went bankrupt and blamed me for it when it actually wasn’t my fault. He had always followed another woman behind my back. He keeps doing things to hurt me and I have no reason why? This marriage cannot survive daughter. I will have to leave ” Her mum explained. Felicia found it difficult to understand. She had refused to let her mum go even though her mum reminded her she had to leave. Her mum felt hurt deeply but managed to pull her away.

“You are a strong girl. Stop behaving like a baby. Be like your brother, strong and fearless. Okay? ”

“Okay mother. I promise, ” The five year old gave her word. “After all, I am not four for nothing ”


mum smiled feeling so much pride for her daughter. That was exactly what she wanted. For her daughter to be so strong for her.

“Now I can leave in peace now. I am sure you won’t be bothered by the challenges you might face after today. You are strong after all” The young girl nodded her big head with a large grin. The generator next door was switched on. It seemed the residents were beginning to wake up.

” I have to go not dear. Bye! ”



The following day after their mum had left them promising to visit them in school, Felix got the wrong idea on this thinking their mum had abandoned for good due to her selfish reasons. Though he didn’t fully understand what was happening as much as his sister does yet he chose to stick to whatever decision his father makes. They had no friends except the few classmates they spoke to in school. Their parents normally never lets them out of the house but when their mum was still around she does take them out for a treat anytime they receive their result from school and get a pass all through their subjects which they always do. Now that their mum was gone, it seemed that won’t be possible anymore. Dad never takes them out. He sees it as a waste of time and prefer they study all day. There was always a timetable set for them. There was time for leisure, study, games and sleep. They dare not try double crossing their dad because he always has his eyes on them. He was always strict on them. He warns them never to make friends in school, anywhere in the estate or where they’d find themselves. He called it nonsense! Distractions!

“Children with friends never make it well in their studies. Focus and be wealthy like your father. Focus! ” he often advise them over and over again. Though their mum with her calm sweet voice would try telling their dad to be less strict but then their dad starts his yelling again. “the children will get spoilt because of you! All because of you! ”


Few weeks after their mum had left, their dad brought in another woman claiming she would be their new mother. The children didn’t like this idea at all. The young woman threw them a stern look wondering what their reaction would be.

“But what about our real mum? ” Felicia asked in confusion.

“There is no real mum. You have only one mum and that’s this lady here” The kids exchanged glances.

“But we don’t want her dad. We don’t know her ” Felix finally spoke concurring with his sister.

“Your decisions aren’t needed children” The lady had spoken even before their father could. “I am your new mother and we are not debating on that. Actually, I am very fond of kids. I promise, you will love me so much ” She gave her word smiling now but with an evil look. The twins shook with fear.

“Dad, we don’t want her” They pleaded.

“You heard her yourself. She is fond of kids. There is nothing to be scared of. She won’t eat you up” Their dad tried getting them to understand.

“Your former mother is dead to you both. I am legally married to your father so I am your new mother. Mrs Emerald James” She introduced herself. Felicia shook her head vigorously.

“I hate you! I hate you. I want my mother and only my mother. I don’t like you” She had yelled stumping her feet to the ground. The lady gave her an irked look and folded her fist.

“Stop being naughty Felicia hence you will skip dinner tonight ” Her dad warned. She threw the woman a scornful look and walked off. Her brother did the same giving her a threatening stare.

“I don’t like your children” Emerald said as soon as he was gone.

“Be calm darling. They are just children. Children act that way. They are really nice disciplined children ”

“Discipline you say! The children are really spoilt. I will show them” She told him with a sincere look. Her husband held her hand with a squeeze hurting her a little. She got confused and tried letting go.

“You are hurting me! ”

“Yeah and I will do worse if you dare lay a finger on my children or threaten them”. She gave him a disappointed look and pulled her hand off.

“Okay. I won’t do them anything. I promise ” She gave her word. He smiled and helped carry her luggage upstairs. She stared up at the kids room and then followed.


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