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Felicia stared around her looking very stupid. If she had known she had no idea the directions to various places in the enormous house really well, we wouldn’t have bothered coming out in the first place. Now there was high chance her dad would find her. As steady as a mouse, she snuck about every corner of the house hoping she finds her way to the kitchen. The number of doors she came across, she could hardly count. There were too many rooms. Smart enough, she began tracing the sound of the music. The Kitchen was close to the living room after all and the party was being carried out in the hall.

“Mr Joe, have no fear. It is all under control ” She heard her dad’s voice right behind the door she stood in front of. Her fear increased. She tried taking a step forward but her fear took a great control of her causing her to almost slip and lose her balance. Luckily she held a vase for support. “I have to meet Mrs Loveth down downstairs. Give me a minute” He excused himself. Felicia gulped out loud hearing her dad’s footsteps. She really had to find the staircase before she gets into anymore dilemma. Going on her fours, she crawled as fast as she could out of the lobby into the first room she saw. To her shock she had found her way to the stairs itself. This got her surprised at first. She never expected to get there so fast. The footsteps got closer now. She stood up slowly and began raving down the stairs. “Who is there? ” Her dad yelled. She knew he had already detected someone was at the stairs. She got more nervous and increased her speed. Luckily she was able to find her way right into the kitchen just before her father came out to check what was going on.

“Mr James, it’s nice to meet you ” Miss Loveth greeted catching sight of her as she walked up the stairs. He turned his attention towards her deviating his mind from the strange event earlier.

“Comes upstairs. I want you to meet Mr Joe” He said and he led the way back to the lobby. Felicia felt at ease realizing she was safe and began searching her large eyes for the jug. Catching sight of it on the counter, she tried getting hold of it but the counter was so high. She could barely reach. Confused on what to do she stared around for an alternative plan. There was a small stool at a corner. Taking advantage of it, she was able to get what she wanted.


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Who are you?” a male voice asked from the entrance. She got scared and turned around almost dropping the cup. It was a 6 year old girl who seemed to one of the guests.

“I…. I… I” she lost her words. She didn’t know what to say in response. Fear gripped her so much.

“You must be Mr James daughter right? The one mum told me about. Felicia right? Hi Felicia, I am Becky” She introduced with a friendly smile. Felicia got more nervous now. The girl looked nice but the thought of her dad made her so reluctant to speak with her.


away. I don’t want to talk to you” She responded rudely before trying to walk out on her. The young girl stopped her immediately.

“No wait. No need to be scared. I am just a friend. I won’t cause you trouble I promise” She gave her word. Another child came in and this time it was a boy. He was almost a year older than Becky. He stared at them both for a while before turning to the earlier girl.

“Becky, have you gotten the ice block? ” He asked.

“I was just about it then I saw Mr James daughter. This is actually Felicia. One of the twins ” She informed her brother who smiled.

“Hello. I am Gerald” He introduced himself. Felicia got confused on what to. Then the last two came joing their siblings. Horald was just her age while Beatrice was The oldest of them all.

“Felicia! ” Emerald voice roared from the door instantly making her finally let the cup crash to the floor. “What are you doing here?”



Tears built up her eyes now knowing the trouble she would get into due to Emerald. She turned her gaze down immediately not ready to cry in front if the heartless woman.

“Will you tell me what you’re doing here Felicia? Are you being a disobedient child now? Tell me what you are doing downstairs instead of studying?” The lady yelled making her feel so weak. The words were like a bang in her ears. The more she heard, the more she knew she was in trouble. The other children stared on in confusion.

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“I only wanted… I only wanted to… I only wanted to get Felix a glass of water” she explained with an impediment in her voice.

“What a filthy liar you are! You are a disgusting liar just exactly like your mother. Your father must hear this ” She said furiously and stormed out heading toward the stairs. Felicia sobbed out of the kitchen all the way to the stairs toward the bedroom. She’s knew her dad would punish her severely for going against his wish.

“I only wanted to help my brother” She said to herself as she sobbed on walking into the room. Felix heart beat skipped a bit seeing his sister in trouble. He needed no one to tell him they were in trouble.

“Don’t tell me daddy found you? ” He pleaded not ready for any trouble.

“It’s Mrs Emerald. She saw me in the kitchen. She called me a liar and threatened to report me ” She reported to her brother still sobbing.

“It’s my fault Felicia. I lied to you i wanted water when I actually didn’t. I just wanted you to tell me what was going on downstairs” Felicia stopped sobbing and stared up at her brother.

“You what? ” She asked with surprise.

“I… ” before he could complete what he had to say, the door opened up and her dad walked in his usual scary manner. Felicia sobs started again only that this time harder.

“I am sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to go downstairs ” She pleaded stepping away from him.

“You dare disobey me Felicia you dare disobey me?! ” He asked bringing forth a whip.

“No daddy. I swear I never disobey you. I only wanted to get Felix water” she defended herself hoping he believes.

“She is lying darling. I saw her discussing with Mrs Laura’s children. She has made friends with them already. How sweet” Emerald lied trying to prevent her from getting away from her punishment.

“No! No! Daddy, Mrs Emerald is lying. I didn’t…. ” She hardly finished her sentence when the first whip fell on her. Felix strapped himself to the end of the bed feeling weak and sorry for his sister. He got all sweaty. He felt his arm trembling. He couldn’t hide his guilt anymore.

“What did you just call her? ” He yelled at her making her realize her mistake.

“I am sorry daddy. I just don’t want her to be my mother” He explained feeling the pain on her arm.

“I am your mother you demon. I have tried all I can Felicia. Everything I can. Why can’t you just accept me? If you really wanted to make friends why didn’t you just tell me? ” Emerald asked feigning to feel sorry for her. Her act got Felix furious. “Look dear lying you went to take water for your brother just to play downstairs isn’t good teaching dear. If you end up having a younger one then what will you teach her? ” She asked with a smirk.

“My sister isn’t lying. I was the one who told her to get water” Felix defended his sister getting down the bed. They all stared at him. Felicia shook her head immediately trying to signal him to stop but he didn’t pay heed to her warning. ” I actually told her to get water for me dad. I am the one to be blamed. Beat me instead. Don’t beat her”

“What?! ” his dad roared out in anger. ” You too Felix? You are trying to support your sister in her lies. You fool is trying to support your sister in her lies? You are trying to call my wife a liar right? ”

“No daddy Felix didn’t do anything” Felicia defended. Emerald got perplexed on why she suddenly twisted the while matter.

“I have no time for this nonsense. Both of you should come with me” He ordered. They both followed him slowly. Down the lobby, he stopped before a small dark store room and threw them roughly inside.

“You will stay there all night. I hope by tomorrow morning you will learn not to go against your father” after this words he shut the door with a loud bang. Then there came a key turn. Felicia crawled to her brother and gave him a hug trying to find solace in him.

“I can’t take this anymore. I miss my mum”



Laura stared around for her four kids wandering where the hell they were. She recalled one saying she wanted to get something from the kitchen but she ended up not seeing anyone in the kitchen. That was really awkward.

“Mummy” She heard her first daughter voice just right behind her. Also behind her was Becky, Gerald and Horald.

“I need an explanation all of you. Becky, you said you wanted ice block. Gerald you said you wanted to go after Becky. All of a sudden, you all disappeared just like that. What is happening here? ” She asked looking serious.

“Mum, we want to go home” Beatrice said on behalf of her sibling with an upset look.

“Why? Why do you want to go home? ” She asked in confusion.

“I don’t like the owner of this house” Becky answered folding her hands.

“Yes. Exactly mother. I don’t like how his wife treats her daughter” Beatrice added. Laura gave them a long stare for a while and realize they had seen something suspicious. She had always doubted the behavior of the family anyway.

“Hmm.. Kids, I also don’t like this party too. Why don’t we go home? You will tell me everything there” She said to her kids smiling nicely.


“Felicia was really crying so much. I haven’t seen a child cry like that before. I almost thought it was my fault” Becky concluded her story to her mum. Laura stared away with an uncomfortable look. She knew something like that was happening. She knew the parents weren’t going to be responsible at all. Especially that Emerald.

“Look mother, I wonder why a father won’t let his daughter have friends. They will be dull” Gerald let out his view. “As in, I greeted her. She was all, I don’t want to talk to you! I don’t like scared girls”

“It’s not her fault Gerald. She is being being scared. That’s all” Horald defended her.

“I hate that whole family” Gerald went on. “I will never visit them again”

“You never like anyone Gerald. Just go and sleep. You never say useful things anyway ” Beatrice said to her brother throwing him an angry look.

“Mum good night” He hurried off to bed not taking his sister seriously.

“Go with him Horald. It’s late anyway ” Laura released her younger son who agreed and walked after his brother.

“Mum what can we do to help them? ” Becky asked in concern.

“Don’t worry dear. They will get over it. It’s just something temporary. When they mature enough, they will be able to suppress their parents” She replied trying to calm down. “I just hope Gerald isn’t right though? I just hope it wont be worse then ”


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