Indoors episode 21 – 22




Clock ticking.

Tick Tock




“FELICIA WAKE THE HELL UP!!! IT’S THE FINAL DAY OF EXAM TODAY!!! ” Felix yelled with all his might wondering why she preferred sleeping like a log of wood. It was few minutes the exam would start and the assembly must have been over by then. He had longer been prepared waiting for the lazy bone to wake up but no! He had to end up waking up the Sleeping Beauty himself.

“Stop disturbing me Felix. I didn’t sleep early ” She said lazily feeling reluctant to get up.

“Dad and mum aren’t home right now. We better be off to school before they arrive ”

“So! What do I care? I just want to sleep peacefully now. Leave me” She grumbled feeling reluctant to wake up.

“This is your promotion exam sister and it’s maths today too. Seems you want to go back to stay in SS2” he purposely said knowing she wouldn’t dare imagine it.

“SS2? What? Yuck. I just want to do and graduate. I can’t bear Mr Ige anymore” Her eyes meant the clock she screamed out. “Felix! You are at it again. Why didn’t you tell me I was already very late? Why do you keep doing this to me? ” She complained jumping off the bed and rushing to get her toothbrush.

“Madame, I have been trying to wake you up for the past fifteen minutes ”

“You didn’t try harder. Gosh! Because of you we will be late again. What a brother you are sha” Felix shook his head wondering why she always ends up blaming him for everything when he often tries to help. He stared back at his school bag and discovered Blaire’s wrist band lying there.

“O! Mine! Blaire is going to kill me if I forget her wrist band here. That girl never jokes with it” He said to himself putting it safely in his bag.


The two arrived the school gate looking elegant in their school uniform. Felicia plaited her usual braid but didn’t hesitate to decorate with her favorite hair ring, while Felix barbed punk. The gateman shut the door immediately preventing them from entering.

“Mr Kumar, please let us in. We promise we won’t be late tomorrow ” She begged fearing she would miss her exam.


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said the same yesterday and since the beginning of this week” He reminded her realizing she was not serious.

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“I know I hadn’t been serious yesterday but I swear,i will be serious from now on”

“You are not serious Felicia. You and your brother are not serious at all. We won’t let you in”

“Mr Kumar, I understand why you are this way but please accept our apology” Felix apologized calmly. Kumar stared at Felix and smiled.

“Our future senior prefect” He praises with a smile. “Look Felicia, if not for your gentle brother I would have just left you both here. Stubborn girl” He opens the gate for them to walk in. Felicia squeezed her face and sticked out her tongue.


will come late tomorrow. You’ll see”


The exam ended that day on a good note. Becky and Felicia approached the talk shop thinking of celebrating their success with a sausage and a bowl of ice cream. While they enjoyed their treats discussing about how their long holiday would be, they caught sight of a girl hovering around Gregory as if he were a honeypot.

“Why does that girl follow your brother everytime? What does she want? ” Felicia asked with a little irritation.

“That’s how the girls of this school are. They have been eyeing the poor guy since the administrator said he would be the future block prefect. They haven’t seen handsome boy before ”

“They have no shame. They seem to be jobless”

“Well I don’t blame them at all. My brother is hot of course. All girls will want him” Becky said virtuously still licking her ice cream.

“Hot? Why will you use such words Becky? They are not right”

“You know what I have been trying to put up with you lately but now I have discovered, you being locked up in your house all day have made you a block head. Girl wake up, we are in the 21st century. Actually my brother is very handsome and I am sure you won’t deny that”

“Being handsome isn’t enough. He has to be clean inside too but he is not. I don’t like him. It’s a good thing he repeated class last year. Now he will have to be more serious ”

“Stop it already Felicia. You haven’t ever liked him a bit since he locked you up in primary school. You love keeping malice ”

“No. I don’t. It’s just that he acts like someone who will never change you know”


him now. He will spoil our celebration. Don’t worry dear, I will teach you lots this holiday. We just have to find a way to hang out”

“My parents will never let me go out”

“Don’t worry girl. Becky’s got your back”

While their conversation went on a guy of Felicia’s stood at a distance stealing glances at her which made her irked. He often loved doing that. Becky knew about this but she feigned not seeing anything. She went on with the conversation until she discovered he wasn’t ready to look away.

“Seems someone wants to talk to you. I will be back ” She excused herself hinting the guy to come. Felicia got confused.

“Hi! ” The guy greeted grinning. She got more irked. He was being unnecessarily happy.

“What do you want? ” she asked rudely.

“I want to talk to you. Can we go to the library? ” he asked.

“No! Talk to me here ”

“Why are you always mean to me? ” he asked in confusion.

“Kenneth, leave me alone. What do you want from me all the time? ”

“I just want to talk to you ”

“Well I am all ears”

“Alright. If you want me to talk to you here then… ”

“Go on! ”

“Okay. I… I… I like you a lot and I want you to be my girlfriend ” He requested.

“Sorry Kenneth but no thanks. I don’t want to be your girlfriend. I have no time for that”


“go and study and stop wasting your time on girls. You will be more useful” She advised and walked off with a hiss. Becky who had been eavesdropping rushed toward her in confusion.

“Stop it Felicia. Why did you turn him down? ”

“Don’t tell me you are taking his side? ”

“I am not. He is just a good guy… ”

“If you like him so much then take him as your boyfriend. He is single”

“Yuck! He is not my type ”

“He is also not my time. No one is my type” She said harshly and walked off.



Felicia glued her eyes to a novel she was reading. She had read the novel a couple of times already. She had to force herself to read it over and over again due to the fact that she had no other one to read. Her dad never agreed to buy her a new one. Felix was helping the driver wash their father’s car despite knowing their father hated his children doing the works of servants. What baffled her more was why her father haven’t yelled yet at him yet? He has been downstairs for hours. Feeling bored, she jumped down the bed hoping to find an apple in the kitchen. She did. Everything was just going perfectly well for her until her step mum walked in ruining everything with her sight. Felicia frowned with hatred but preferred to ignore her. Maybe she would ignore her as well but too stupid for her to think that way. Madame never ignores her not even in her sleep.

“Where is your father? ” She asked collecting a cold bottle water from the fridge. Felicia bit her lips recalling she had kept it in the fridge the previous night.

“I don’t know” She replied with a nonchalant attitude.

“Excuse me? ” The lady tried getting her attention. She groaned but turned toward her anyway.

“What? ” She asked rudely.

“How dare you speak to me like that? Do you even know what I can do to you now? ” Emerald asked with her usual strict tone.

“You can’t do me anything because my father will of course kill you if you dare hurt me a scratch. Stop threatening me and ask the driver. He might know” Emerald stared at her as if deep in thought. Felicia knew she was thinking of something terrible in her mind as usual.

“You are not too big to be punished. I will punish you to the extent you wouldn’t dare look me in the eye”

“You can’t do me anything. Stop bluffing” She advised. Felicia collected the rest of her apple and walked back into her room. A loud laughter was heard from the other side of the fence. She got curious realizing the roar of laughter was from Becky’s compound. Peeking out of her window, she smiled watching the family hang out outside. Becky relaxed on a rocking chair, having on a eyes a sun shade to protect her eyes from the sun. Her siblings kept themselves busy searching for insects Among the short shrubs behind their building.

“Pssst! ” She tried drawing Becky’s attention. Becky turned toward her and waved. She waved back promptly.

“Felicia…” Felix called from behind. She stared back catching sight of him.

“I was just waving at Becky”

“No need to explain. I just wanted to find out if everything is going well in school ”

“Yes. Everything is going well. It’s just the usual problem. Kenneth” Felix frowned. .

“He’s still troubling you? ”

“Yes he is as usual. That guy is so jobless. I don’t wish to discuss about him now”

“I swear if he bothers you again, I will hurt him” Felicia smiling realizing her brother’s love for her.

“Don’t worry. Everything is fine. I can take care of myself ”


Few weeks later, the school vacated and everyone left for home so as to begin the holiday. Felicia skipped through her family album knowing she was going to spend the rest of the holiday at home with her brother. Her father would never take them out. Her mind flew back to her moments with her mum as soon as her eyes caught sight of Lisa pretty picture. A smile came on her lips trying to avoiding being to emotional.

“Few days is my birthday mother. I am sure you’re wishing me where you are”

She didn’t notice someone throw pebbles on her window. When it occurred the second time, she got alert and shut the album immediately.

“Who is that? ” She asked with a scared expression.

“Psst! Felicia ” She heard someone whisper from outside. She recognized the voice and frowned.

“Becky! ” She wanted to yell at her but stopped knowing she would only be getting herself into trouble. “Wait there! I am coming ” She ordered and shut back her window. She had almost gotten hyper. Becky was right in her compound. How the lady got in was so strange to her. The poor girl would get her in trouble one day and worst of all her parents were at home. Wondering what to do, she calmed herself and sneaked out of her room. Sure no one was around, she hurried downstairs sharply.

“Where do you think you’re going Felicia? ” Emerald asked giving her a sharp dangerous stare. Felicia heart skipped and her feet froze where she was. “Why am I even asking? I already know where you are going. I am not stupid”


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