Indoors episode 25 – 26





Benedicta lowered the volume of her TV realizing there were movements in her compound. She got confused wondering who it might be at that time of the hour. She wasn’t expecting anyone and no one had called either. Sliding her legs in her slippers, she dropped the remote control and approached the door.

“Lisa! ” She exclaimed with astonishment as she opened her door to see who was there.

“I am so sorry I didn’t call Benedicta. My phone was having fault and I really had to stop by” Lisa explained.

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You can come in” She gave way for her to come in. And when she did, she sat on one of the couches feeling so tired.

“I really need a glass of water” She requested politely. Benedicta agreed and in few minutes, she offered her a glass of water and watched her gulp it down.

“You look stressed out today Lisa. Since you arrived here with me, you have been working yourself out”

“Don’t worry about me Benedicta. I am fine. It’s just this stupid man I had to make a deal with”

“You have made deals with so many people and all worked out just fine. Do you still have to stress yourself for more clients?”

“It’s not about the stress. It’s about my dream. All I have ever wished for growing up was to have my own textile company and that’s what i am getting”

“I know why you are doing this Lisa. You are doing this to forget your children. You don’t want to miss them” Lisa growled and jumped up her seat.

“No! Benedicta. How can you say that? I will never forget my children no matter Wat. I don’t even know where they are right now and I am missing them badly but I am sure they will be proud of their mother when they see how much progress their mum is making. I am very sure all will be fine. They will be really proud of me”

“I get you Lisa but aren’t you yeaning for them? ”

“I am. I am yeaning for them but I an very sure that wherever they are, they are very happy and my husband is taking good care of them ”


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husband? You still call him your husband? You are still young Lisa. You can still conceive. Why don’t you just move on and marry again? Mr Gilbert had asked for your hand so many times but you turn him down”

“I am not desperate in search of love that I will forget my children and get married. What will they think of me when I get married again and whereas I still love my Lawrence ”


Lawrence you say. That wretched man who abandoned you for another woman. Mr Gilbert loves you a lot. He is a billionaire. He can change your life for good. He is a widower for crying out loud and his children loves you a lot”

“But he is smoker and also a drinker. He had cases of assault in the past. Have you forgotten that or you were going to remind me? ”

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“That’s his past. He is a changed man”

“Changed man my foot. I have found men really difficult to trust since Lawrence dumped me and separated my twins from me. I never saw that coming at all. I don’t want another experience before I learn the right thing ”

“So what will you do now? ”

“I will remain a single woman and wait for my twins to come to me. That’s all. I don’t need any other thing. I am connected to them through my heart and I am sure they miss me wherever they are and will find me”

“Stop dreaming Lisa. This is reality ”

“I have made my decision. And please, this conversation is getting dry. Let’s watch a movie at least” She pleaded grabbing the remote control.


The birthday party was going to be the next day. Felicia wasn’t sure if her father’s plan for her yet but she’s knew as usual her father would come to her room very early at dawn and wish her a happy birthday. He would then give her a new novel. Things never get any better. Felix never wanted to celebrate his birthday despite knowing it was a day after hers. He never cared at all. This got her worried on why he never saw the importance of their mother. She was the only one who takes them out on occasions like that. Even though their dad never let’s them celebrate the birthday in a grand style, she tries to make it special for the. Tuesday came in just a flash. As usual her dad walked into the room while they were still asleep and wished her with a calm voice showing his soft side.


daddy ” She thanked after he’d wish her.

“Guess what I got for you today? ” She rolled her eyes knowing what it was.

“A novel” She answered smiling.

“Not this time honey. This year is special. It’s actually a HD camera. I know you love photography a lot” He brought forward the brand new camera making her yell with joy.

“Thanks daddy! I really love you a lot” She appreciated giving him a warm hug. Emerald walked in on hearing the noise and got jealous seeing the camera.

“Honey you are spoiling her these days dear. What if she gets distracted by the camera and fails her exams?” She asked hoping he collects the camera back.

“No. She isn’t a child anymore. She can have it” He responded brushing Felicia’s hair. Felicia smirked hearing her father’s response and knew it would hurt Emerald. It did especially with the way her face looked on hearing his reply. Felix seemed astonished watching all this and knew his big day would be the next day. He never expected anything worse. Of course his dad might get him a guitar which he had always wanted. After all he was in music class and he knew how to play the guitar a lot. Morning turned to Afternoon then Afternoon to Evening. The twins were already prepared for the risks they were to face later that evening. Becky signalled them she was around and luckily for them both, their parents were already off to bed early due to their jobs the next day. The twins snuck down the stairs out of the house making no sound that could be suspicious. As soon as they were out, they were joined by Becky who asked for the plan. Felix promised to take care of the gateman and in few seconds they were out of the compound into the dark.

“Interesting! ” Emerald said to herself as she watched them through her window smiling. “They think I will never get them. Well now I won’t only punish them, I will also ruin their lives too. This poor kids don’t know what the party is all about. I am very sure their lives will be ruined before they arrive tomorrow morning. So due to that, I will keep my mouth sealed till tomorrow morning. I am being fair right? Well enjoy your party brats”



“Hello Ma, please we are looking for Lola “Becky said to a beautiful chubby woman who had opened up the door she had knocked on. Actually they were in a strange building which she had said belonged to one of her friends known as Lola. The woman had let them in recognizing Becky’s face. The house looked classy. Right from the entrance of the house to perharps the back door.

“Your friend is really wealthy” Felicia’s commented admiring the beautiful portraits on the wall.

“She is. She is the daughter of a millionaire for crying out loud. What do you expect?” Becky asked with a laugh. They climbed up the stairs freely with no one stopping them. Becky seemed to know the house so well.

“How long have you been coming here? ” Felicia wanted to know.

“Since my mum became friends with her mum. It’s been a while though but she attends out school and she is also attending the party too ” Becky explained and then walked into a room which looked enormous. Felicia jaw also dropped as she realized how large the room was. The girl’s bed had occupied no space at all. The room was damn too wide. All this for a teenage girl? She wondered. .

“Hi Becky. Hi all” Lola greeted as she turned towards them. She was already dressed in a lemon fitting gown which was stopped to her body. The girl face was made up with cosmetics which made her look so stunning in her dress. “Felix, my brother is in the next room. He can help you out” Felix walked out immediately to join the boys.

“I am sure we are both right on time. I have gotten the dresses ready” Becky told Lola as she had put down the bag she was holding all the while and brought out two beautiful dresses which caught Felicia’s eyes immediately.

“You can’t be serious Becky. Where did you find the money? ” She asked taking a close look at them both.

“My dad gave me money. That’s how. Now stop interrogating me as if I had stolen and try this dress on” She requested handing her a pink one. Felicia agreed and went into the washroom to change. The dress got strapped unto her body bringing out her exact shape. It was then she realized how pretty she was. Her hands trembled. She could hardly recognize herself. She watched herself form head to toe and admired her large waist and burst.

“O! God. Daddy will kill me” She said to herself wondering what the hell should was doing. Her daddy would never let her dress like that. Though the dress was not revealing, Her whole shape showed and that might be a problem when it came to boys.

“Are you going to sleep in the bathroom or come out so that we may see if the dress fits or not?” She heard Becky’s voice yell from the room.

“I am coming” She answered and tried making the gown look bigger but no use. Giving up on it, she walked out playing to God in her mind. Becky got stunned seeing her and smiled.

“I knew it would fit her. I knew she had the shape” Becky said virtuously admiring her from a distance.

“You are really a beautiful girl Felicia. You really are” Lola complemented smiling. “I am sure you will look more prettier than Blaire in the party” Felicia said nothing in response. She only smiled feeling uncomfortable.

“Well, come girl let me make you up before I get my dress on” Becky ordered showing her the dresser. Felicia tried walking toward the dresser but felt really reluctant to. Her legs refused to move. She had the urge to tear off the cloth and wear back her former before taking her heels home. If her father ever find out about this, she would be a disgrace. Not only her but her brother too. “FELICIA!!! ” Becky called out with a raised voice getting her back in her senses. She jogged out of her thoughts and finally follows her. In few minutes they were all ready to leave. Lola bid her mum good night and told everyone to get into the family car. Lola jumped into the front seat while the rest got into the back. Felicia found it reluctant to stare at her brother especially with her makeup on. She tried avoiding him and shifting away but he had already caught her.

“You are looking beautiful ” He complemented.

“Really Felix? you think so?” She asked nervously.

“Yes of course. You are looking more beautiful than before”

“But if dad sees me in this then I will be in trouble ”

“Calm down. Dad won’t see you in nor will he know. Stop being tensed” He advised. She calmed realizing he hadn’t thought of her as a bad person and felt relieved a little.

“She is your sister Felix? ” Lola brother asked as he gazed at them both. Felix agreed immediately. “Wow. You both aren’t identical at all”

“We are not identical twins ” Felicia corrected him.

“I know you both aren’t identical. No need to correct me. Actually with the way you spoke, I don’t think you love your dress or makup”

“Yes. I hate it” She confessed hoping he didn’t ask to make fun of her.

“That’s strange. I taught all girls love makeup. I have never seen a lady who hates makeup before”

“I don’t like it at all”

“Actually, I think you are wired. You’re looking gorgeous now and still you hate what makes you gorgeous ?” he asked with surprise. She ignored him this time feeling it was pointless talking to him. He must be one of those senseless boys who just can’t take their eyes off makeup. They finally arrived at Blaire’s mansion. Though the mansion wasn’t as enormous as that of Lola’s but the furnitures and equipments were more luxurious.

“I think it is in the hall” Lola informed them before leading them to the hall. There was the Hall prefect in a beautiful dinner gown taking charge in being one of the usher for the ceremony. The young girl welcomed them in recognizing them. The hall was filled with lots of students who danced crazily to the beat of the music playing. The DJ was no other than one of the music students in school who was a relation to the music teacher. The party was animated by the jovial attitude of the students and their cooperation towards it. Felicia felt shy and didn’t realize herself sticking to Becky every second.

“Thanks for attending my party everyone ” Blaire appreciated as she welcomed them all with a friendly hug. She was dressed in a royal blue princess gown. Her long beautiful hair was adorned by a silver crown which made her look more like the queen of the day. Actually she was! Felicia smiled at her and complemented on her dress. It was after then Becky brought up a a gossip which got Felicia bored. She turned toward her brother to ask how he saw the party and caught him lost in his gaze at Blaire who didn’t notice. She got confused and shook him immediately.

“Felix… ”

“Huh? ” he replied wondering what was happening.

“Why are staring at Blaire that way? ” She whispered to him.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. Why will I stare at her? ” He asked scratching his hair with a shy look. Felicia smiled realizing what was happening.

“You have feelings for her! ”

“No. I don’t ” he denied promptly.

“Of course you do. She is looking pretty after all”

“Stop it Felicia. You know dad will kill me if I have anything to do with her. Let’s forget this”

“That’s right. But she looks exactly like your type” Felicia teased making her brother blush. He turned back to Blaire who turned her gaze towards him.

“You’re looking very handsome Felix” She complemented making him blush.

“What… Uh… Thanks”

“Why are you often scared Felix? There is no need for you to be. We are friends after all”

“I am not scared” He denied immediately fearing she would see him as a coward. “Actually, you look beautiful”

“Really? Thanks Felix ” She thanked him smiling her usual gorgeous smile which made him melt. He had been having the feelings for long now but feared telling her about it. “Actually, I have been longing to introduce you to someone special. Hold on” She walked off and few minutes later, she came back with a guy who looked really handsome in his designer wear. “I want to introduce my boyfriend Sean. I have always wanted to tell you about him but I wanted to surprise you” Felix got shocked on hearing this.

“Boyfriend? ” He asked still shocked.

“Yes. He has been my boyfriend for a month now but I wanted to introduce him to you in an occasion like this. Sean meet Felix, my best friend at school ” She introduced in smiles. Felicia gulped a mouth full of saliva knowing how hurt her brother would be. She held his hand.

“Yeah. Of course… I didn’t know… I didn’t know you had a boyfriend ” He responded trying to hide his hurt feeling.

“She has told you so much about you Felix. You both have been childhood friends. I am jealous ” He said jokingly.

“Yes. He has been my childhood friend. He was my male friend back in those days and I feel proud having him as a friend ”

“I also felt proud having you as a friend too. You acted different from other girls in class and that was what made me see you as special ” He told her making her smile broaden.

“It’s getting emotional now. I don’t want to cry Felix. Why don’t we do this? I will get drinks for everyone ”

“No. No worries about that. I have to see others ” He excused himself.

“Okay. Have fun ” She waved at him as he walked up. Felicia watched him leave and felt pity for him. She’d hope he gets over it soon. Looking around her, she discovered Becky had disappeared. This got her really nervous. There were so many students and she could hardly recognize everyone of them. She got terrified and began moving away from the crowd of students. Suddenly someone grabbed her arm getting her nervous. She stared to see who it was and saw Gregory.

“Wow, so your father finally let you out of the house weakling? ” He asked in his usual annoying tone. She got furious and removed her arm.

“Have you no shame to touch me like that? ” She asked harshly making him confused.


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