Intimacy episode 3

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Episode 3
🍷!ntimacy 🍷
👗[My v!rg!n Girlfriend]👠
By: Bless!ng D writes
(It’s CB)
👟Charlie’s POV👟
$h£ cat walked towards me with silly smiles.
I kept my eyes fixed on h£r big sized b*o*s and h£r V.
Damn th£y looked so appetiz!ng.
Wh£n $h£ got to me, $h£ placed one knee on th£ b£d beside me th£n bent d©wΠ a bit and started klzz!ng me.
I reciprocated th£ klzz and $h£ worked on my shirt, $h£ ₱v||ed even th£ cap and all off.
Th£n you no th£ rest.
👠 Rosanna’s POV 👠
We walked !nto th£ company room j√$t !n time.
Th£ showcase is j√$t gett!ng started.
Tara and I sat side by side and watch£d th£ wh0l£ show.
Hours later.
“Ros, if you’re asked to wish for someth!ng, what could that be?” Tara asked me as we walked d©wΠ th£ road after th£ showcase.
“Um..that will be to get wealthy” I answered h£r.
“What ab©vt you? What will be your wish?” I asked h£r.
“Well, to get to be with th£ love of my life” $h£ replied and placed h£r [email protected] on h£r ch£st dreamily.
“Huh, and who could that be?” I !nquired.
“Well, its CB, h£ is really really dreamily, j√$t watch!ng h¡s shows and watch!ng h¡m perform live is th£ best th!ng ever, I wish to hold h¡m…I wish to be with h¡m, I wish…”
$h£ was still say!ng wh£n I left h£r.
$h£ must have lost it, how can $h£ be dy!ng for someone $h£ barely knows? Someone that doesn’t even no if $h£ exits or not.
I know we all like h¡m, I also like h¡m and I f!nd h¡m [email protected] but geez, I can never give up my pride for h¡m, not someone like h¡m.
I h£ard h£ has slept with a wh0l£ lot of celebrities, h£ even got a daughter with©vt a wife, th£ girl’s mom is even currently married to someone else.
Geez, I can’t dream ab©vt h¡m th£ way most of my colleague does.
“h£y Ros, wait up” I h£ard h£r s¢r**m as $h£ ran up to me while I !ncreased my walk!ng pace so $h£ will not meet up with me.
“Come on, wait up” $h£ half yelled and h£ld my arm.
“How could you be so cruel to leave me?” $h£ asked mak!ng a puppy face.
“Because you’ve f!nally lost it upstairs, you have loss your bra!ns to CB” I replied roll!ng my eyes.
“Come on, everyth!ng I said is true, every damn th!ng I said is true, why are you pretend!ng as if you’re a sa!nt, I know you th!nk ab©vt h¡m late at night” $h£ gr!nned with a dirty w!nk which almost made me puke.
I hit h£r on th£ h£ad and left h£r th£re aga!n.
$h£ is really crazy.
🍷 Charlie’s POV 🍷
“My pr!nce charm!ng, you are th£ best” $h£ giggled happily as I put on my cloth£s.
$h£ was still ly!ng on th£ b£d narked.
I didn’t reply h£r until I was done.
“You are also good but you’ve gat to put m©r£ effort next time” I said !n a non mock!ng way.
“Mike will settle you once I leave th¡s room h£ is gonna come !n” I told h£r and made to leave but paused.
Hold on.
I turned to look at h£r with a straight face.
“You mustn’t disclose what happened b£tweeΠ us both to anyone and don’t get pregnant because I’ll force you to abort it, so you better take ¢ar£ of yourself” I said sternly th£n f!nally left.
I can’t afford hav!ng anoth£r kid.
No, Ria is enough for me.
Th£y are troublesome and [email protected] to ¢©Πtr0|.
Immediately I stepped ©vt of th£ room I saw mike th£re.
I knew h£ also followed me h£re.
“j√$t settle h£r very well and make sure to warn h£r to take pregnancy pills, I can’t afford hav!ng anoth£r child from a different person” I said to h¡m th£n left h¡m before h£ could even reply.
I got ©vt of th£ h°tel, th£n to my car. Got !n th£n drove ©vt.
👗 Rosanna’s POV 👗
We were still cat walk!ng on th£ road wh£n suddenly Tara s¢r**med.
“What? What??” I asked look!ng at th£ direction $h£ is po!nt!ng at.
“Its CB, Ros its CB” $h£ po!nted to a sport car driv!ng at a s1©w pace ab©vt to divert to our direction.
I starred ¢ar£fvlly at th£ car as its f!nally diverted and before I could say anyth!ng to Tara $h£ already left my side with speed th£n ran to th£ !ncom!ng car, $h£ stood !n th£ middle of th£ road which made th£ car stop.
Its really h¡m.
By now, everyone @r0vnd had already seen h¡m and were rush!ng to h¡s car which had stopped.
Tara was already at th£ w!ndow side of th£ car try!ng to open th£ door.
$h£ is over crazy.
You might be wonder!ng how we got to no that h£ is th£ one, well h£ rides th¡s particular sport car and th£ gla$$ w!ndow was won d©wΠ which made us see h¡m.
A lot of people crowded th£ car and for few m!nutes h£ rema!ned stuck !n that position until h£ opened th£ door s1©wly and stepped ©vt look!ng so magnificent.
“Wow” I wowed at th£ cute figure up ah£ad of me.
TBC Charlie.
Let’s see what happens next.
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