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Intimate twins episode 10




The scary face of the men alone got Valentine’s heart beating like a drum. He did not only hear it but also felt it as he hid between Lina and Pakyle who aimed their guns at only a few men coz they were many! How possible can they kill them all without a bullet scratching their skin, hence capturing Valentine as they requested?

Silence paved around the lake, soaring throughout the forest. Lina closed her eyes and sensitively opened her ears to hear the sound of water bubbles from the lake which kept pumping out in an interval like the movement of the second-hand of a clock. With the same frequency in tranquillity, she heard the men closely bringing their fingers to the trigger of their guns. Only then did she know that the war had begun.

Pakyle, who noticed Lina’s readiness shouted. “Val, get down!” He thrusted himself upwards at the same time with Lina like kungfu masters, while Valentine obeyed the command, thus escaping from the men’s angry bullets. From air, Lina and Pakyle shot some men who couldn’t die instantly due to bulletproof vest they had on their bodies. Of course Lina and her master had their own too which made the gunshot linger unexpectedly.

Tactically, the men rushed them, kicked off their guns. Obviously, it wasn’t a fight with weapons anymore but of physical combat and strength. Unluckingly, Valentine was taken away by some men while others withheld Pakyle who, unbelievably, exercised his strength perfectly, though like a jumping peacock.😁

“Lina!” Valentine’s voice came from afar, requesting for a rescue. When Lina tried to run after them, her enemy kicked her down, strangling her to death.

“Lina!” the voice came again, but fading in the air.

Pakyle had to save Lina’s life by shooting the man who trapped her on the ground. He died. Lina rushed up, running towards the voice like a bitch from a horny dog. ‘Val! Val!!” She kept calling him.

Meanwhile, Pakyle had uncovered the mask of the dead man to see a young black boy, dripping blood from his head. He exhaled, shakng his head pitifully like an agama lizard. “Who is behind this? Where is this blank world?” he thought, looking around the forest.

“Pakyle!” Lina returned. “They’ve taken Val!” she announced, breathing hastily.

The old man said nothing, rather stood up to the lake, staring at it like a cinema. Seeing the seriousness, Lina met him saying, “They’ve taken Val and you’re saying nothing about it!”

“Ssshhh” Pakyle stretched forth his hand for her to be quiet. He stepped inside the lake, walked around it as Lina watched him until he came out w€t.

“What?” the young girl broke the silence. “Don’t tell me you believe the blank world is inside the lake unless spiritually.”

Pakyle picked his guns without saying a word.

Lina blocked his way like a mighty warrior confronting her enemy. “What are we gonna do about Val. You’re behaving as if you don’t care about him!”

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“Lina, you’re over reacting” Pakyle found his voice. “And Jesus said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over.”” He began to leave while Lina lingered behind, feeling tears circulating her eyes. When Pakyle noticed that she wasn’t following, he turned saying, “Lina, let’s go with Faith. Val will be fine!”

“But I promised to keep him safe” the tears finally began to drop.

“You’re not God, Lina.” Pakyle consoled her.
Blind-fold, Val was taken away, tied on a chair inside a dark room. He could feel the cold temperature of the room and couldn’t hear anything. Sooner did the room illuminated with energy light like the presence of an Angel. Rauciously, a koi koi feminine shoe echoed all over the room until it stopped before the innocent boy. The unknown woman unfolded the blinds gradually then turned her back on Val.

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” Val spoke up only to hear the echo of his own voice.

“Hello, Valentine” the woman face him with a smile. Val could see an average old woman with red w€tlips, seeming deadly. She wore a gown which a part hung on her arm like an Indian woman.

“Let me guess, you’re Jessica”

“Good guess”

“How the fvck did you know my name?”

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations. Says the Lord of Hosts” she drew closer to the boy still smiling.

Val shook his head. “Why am I not surprise? Sounding like your ex husband, Pakyle. But he’s far better than you coz you’re a heartless wit…” a slap from Jessica sent the remaining words back into his mouth in a way he began to bleed.

“You dare not talk to me in such manner!” she warned.

Val spat out a bloody saliva on the floor in order to speak up, yet, couldn’t. His vision became blur just like his voice suddenly went dry. So he did nothing but to listen to what Jessica had to say.

“I was told that you’re a threat to the blank world” she began as medical handgloves struggled into her palms like a doctor about to commence a surgery. “Though I never believed until you began to manifest the ability. I think you’re connection with your father is provoking in you the ability to see past event about the blank world.”

Valentine raised his eyes at her. “You knew my father too?” he spat again.

“Knew?” Jessica looked at him. “I know you’re father”

“My father died when I was ten.”

“To you, he’s dead, but he lives in another world, blank world precisely.” Jessica walked to a wall where she pushed a button and electrified experimental bed thrusted out it. “When we take somebody from the real world, we have a way of making people believe they’re dead even their love ones” she pressed a button on the bed which activated a biomedical material from it. Val glanced at it, wondering what she was setting up.

“What are you trying to do to me?” he asked fearfully.

“I can remember what your father told me the day he found himself into the blank world” Jessica casted her mind back…
On a straight cue were able men, shirtless, blindfolded and tied, standing like fugitives. They dictated distance horses approaching them and wondering where they were. Sensitively, everywhere calmed like a turn off engine of a vehicle. One after the other, a clipper uncovered the faces of the men.

“Welcome to the blank world.” Jessica began. “As far as the people of the real world is concern, you are dead. Therefore never dream of going back. You’ll be working in the inner chamber of this very land. The rules here are simple and….”

“Do you know my son?” Jude, Valentine’s father, interrupted her. He was fearless and powerless.

“We know all your family members and keeping an eye on them”

“My son must find me wherever this place it, and he will kill you. Mark my words” Jude clarified….
However, two able men had surrounded Valentine, carrying him to the bed as he struggled like a child in the hands of his enemy. “What do you want to do to me, Jessica?!” he asked again.

The old witch smiled. “I want to kill you before you find the blank world and kill me as your father said.” She walked to the bed where the young boy kept struggling. Surprisingly, even at the point of death, Val took a deep breath and said, glaring at Jessica, “Make sure you kill me now coz if you don’t and I escape from here, you’re a dead bitch.”

Jessica shocked.
Like people who had been rubbed, slavishly and sluggishly, Pakyle and Lina entered into the panic room to see Mrs Kate who stretched her neck, anticipating to see her son but never did.

“Where is Val?” she broke the silence, while Lina entered into another room without responding. Mrs Kate drew closer to Pakyle saying, “You’re not saying anything. Where is my son!?”

“He has been captured.” he replied drily.

“What?! By who?”

“They… they….just came out from no where… Though, we gonna find him” the man stammered. Immediately, Mrs Kate began to cry, activating Lina’s tears gland from the other room where she sat on the floor. Suddenly, the door opened. Both turned to see Valentine entering the room. Pakyle stood up swiftly while Mrs Kate rushed her son. “Val!” she shouted happily.

Hearing the name, Lina rushed out, first, staring at him just the way he never left his eyes from her. She ran to him and hugged him tightly in the presence of Mrs Kate who glanced at Pakyle, suspecting the kids like an inspector to a suspect.

“What happened, Val?” Pakyle broke the silence.

“I have a bitch to kill” he replied, while others looked at one another….

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