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Intimate twins episode 17



Written by author Nath

Constant humping and dangling inside a dark large container due to blindfolds indicated the location of Pakyle and co—inside a moving van, taking them to where they had no idea of. For the first time, Sunday, Mello and Jimmy felt what it’s like to be on something in motion that isn’t galloping like a horse. They wondered with active ears to distant engines and music. Jimmy faced Lina inside the van, Mr Jude to Pakyle and Cynthia to Mello. Only Sunday wallowed in the darkness of his blindfold alone with heads down, thinking about his sister and who his mother could be.

“I can sense that we’re on a horse!” Mello broke the silence thoughtfully.

“What?” Lina’s voiced sounded surprisingly. “Are you kidding me? How can a horse be this fast and comfortable?”

Cynthia raised her head even though she couldn’t see anybody. “You don’t blame him, little girl. They’ve known no place except the blank world.” With instinct, she turned to the direction of Mello’s voice. “It’s not a horse, Mello. It’s a van, like a car… hum.. they are in different categories. you’ll be familiar with them sooner than you think.”

“I just hope they have strong hooves coz the speed is much” Mello never stopped stupidly, while Lina smiled from her seat, shaking her head.

“Cars don’t have legs and hooves…”

“What?! Mello startled on his seat like one at the verge of insanity, thus, interrupting Cynthia. “This thing isn’t safe! I mean how the fvck does it move?! Does it fly? Is it a bird?”

“No, it runs with tyres”

Mello rushed up, standing on his feet. “My goodness! That sounds tiring. The tyre gonna get tired and we will all fall and daaa…!” Unfortunately to him, the van took a sharp bend thereby hitting him on the walls of the van before sending his waist to the ground, nearly injuring the poor lady before him. “You see what I’m talking about. The tyre is already tired! Please, take me back to the blank world.” his voice began to break emotionally like one who’s about to cry.

“Pull yourself together, Mello!” Mr Jude interfered from another end. “Nothing gonna happen. If you must die, this van isn’t the one that will kill you.”

The van calmed at that moment. Cynthia, inwardly, thanked Mr Jude for putting a stop to Mello’s hilarious loquacity as the silence lingered.

“Listen everybody!” Pakyle began. “Play along with this men that took us. I’ve planned it all before we met you at the gate. We have a tracking device, so there will be people coming for our rescue. We just want these men to lead us to a suspect. The actual person behind the creation and mystery of the blank world.”

“Who are those coming for our..”

“The police” Lina interrupted Mr Jude. While Pakyle, her master, continued saying, “As we received your voice transmission, I met a top person in the government, showed him evidence that the blank world really exist before he agreed to involve himself to this investigation in search of the person behind this evil act”

“Who’s this top person?” Mr Jude asked again.

“He’s name is Honourable Wisdom”

Just then, the van pulled over, back trunk where Pakyle and co sat was also opened, allowing a bit of fresh air and moonlight inside it. The men took them out to a distant before unfolding the blinds to see their current location, but never untie their hands. Pakyle looked around likewise others to see nothing but a desert and gunmen aiming at them. After the environmental survey, Mello said, “A real world without trees and crops? Alright, I’ve seen enough. Take me back to the blank world!”

“Shut up!” Sunday kicked him down on the sandy ground when he couldn’t take his words anymore. Obviously, they were about to be shot dead by those men but the quarrel between Sunday and Mello delayed them. Just then, police vehicles emerged, opened fire immediately. Already, one of the men had shot Mr Jude. Cynthia screamed while the three boys bent their heads due to the sound of gunshots, wondering the kind of weapons those were.

All the men received a bullet on their foreheads except one who struggled on the floor due to two bullets that paralysed his two legs. However, Pakyle and co had been untied. In an instant, Mr Jude was carried into an ambulance straight to the hospital while the three boys kept mopping at the ambulance that shone different colours of light. It was a total new sight to them, even the police vehicles.

“They are beautiful” Jimmy smiled.

“Bigger than horses” Sunday supported.

“Yes, but the tiring tyres can be very risky” Mello added.

A policeman who untied them stretched his hand towards one of the vehicles like an usher in a church. “Please, get into the car, we need to take you home!” he said, well sophisticated with his uniform. The boys took a very good look at him and some of his colleagues with gus.

“What are they?” Mello asked.

“They are policemen” Cynthia stepped forward.

“Like the clippers?”


The boys followed the policeman to the car. However, Pakyle and Lina had met the commander who was going to meet the paralyzed enemy. All walking simultaneously, pinning their toes on the sandy ground for a thrust-forward movement.

“You have to make him confess who sent them!” Pakyle reminded the commander who smiles at his words. He was huge and black with a moustache.

“Are you teaching me my job, Pakyle?” he questioned.

“I’m just saying coz we need to find the key to the blank world. They are people still in there.”

The commander ignored him. But surprisingly, Lina blocked him in a way her hands were placed on the chest of the huge man, glaring into his eyes like fearless David to Goliath. “Listen to him big man! We really need to get another key to the blank world coz someone I love is trapped there, okay?!”

Pakyle let out a smile coz he knew Lina to be like that—action girl. Though the commander exhaled, looking at Pakyle in a way that shows: TELL THIS CLOWN TO LEAVE MY WAY.
Pass midnight, all were driven to Celina’s residence after Cynthia had spoken to the press about their experiences in the blank world. Therefore the news would go round the world before day break. The house was brightly illuminated by electricity, powering a broadcasting television and air conditioner. As the boys made use of their eyes, Celina came out from her room. She looked from Pakyle to the boys. Seeing the pure resemblance of her late husband in Sunday, she began to shed tears. “My son!” she held her chest while the tears poured uncontrollably.

Hearing her voice, Sunday stared at her, seeing the exact figure of nose his twin sister has. She looked at Cynthia. “She must be my own human mother”

“Yes, she is” Pakyle replied coz Cynthia couldn’t fully comprehend. “And I’m your uncle” he added. Cynthia glanced at him again.

Celina happily hugged her son, reciprocated by the boy, while others wished to see their mother too. Mello strangely walked to the television, rubbed the screen, hoping he could touch the people in it. Lina couldn’t hold her smile, watching him until she began to chuckle. Mello turned. “Who are these inside the booming box?” he asked.

“It’s not a booming box. It’s a television” Lina replied, chuckling.

“Tell them to come out! It might be harmful in there” he seriously pointed at large screen.

“They are just pictures, hum.. Mello.” Pakyle began. “Television is a three-part invention: the TV camera that turns a picture and sound into a signal; the TV transmitter that sends the signal through the air; and the TV receiver that captures the signal and turns it back into picture and sound.”

Of course it sounded to him like a man speaking in tongues or rather blabbing coz even the acronym ‘TV’ was very difficult for him to decode. In order to experience more drama in the sitting room, Lina put off all the light. Everybody looked up.

“Now, the sun has gone down” Mello said.

“Yes, let’s wait for it to rise” Lina left the house laughing, while Pakyle shook his head indicating that she would never change….

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