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Intimate twins episode 2


Valentine unknowingly ignite a war between the real world and the blank world by stepping a foot into the house, revealing the existence of the twins to their mother who had remained fainted on the floor. He also collapsed on one of the cushions when he realised himself because it was not of his power that he saw the past. That prompted a sudden tears from his eyes, seemingly confused.
Mrs. Kate, the mother, also became speechless because, first, she didn’t know the woman that just fainted. Secondly, her son was in tears for a reason she couldn’t put a finger on. “Val, what’s going on? Where did you know this woman and whatever you told her?” she asked.
“I don’t know, mom. It just came like a flash.” Valentine replied.
“How can you have a flash of the past you never been to?”
“I said I don’t know!”
The boy stood up to check on the fainted woman. Before he could get closer to her, someone barged into the house like a gentle arm robber with no weapon. Though you hardly suspect that he’s dangerous from the look on his outfit: corporate attire with a medicated eyeglasses. He left his beards unshave, looking like a professor in the verge of educational insanity. His statements are always biblically bizarre, only smart people can decode the meaning. He adjusted his eyeglasses and cleared his throat saying, “Many people follow Jesus Christ because they believe they must be safe with him. So if you do not wish to perish in hell, be the follower of Christ.”
More confusion in the head of Mrs. Kate and her son. How could they be surrounded by strangers whose actions send a deadly message to them? Alright, nonetheless, they must have known the cause of the fainted stranger on the floor. But what of the strange man standing at the door, speaking like the next messiah? Everything was happening so fast!! Still wallowing in mental contemplation, the strange man began to leave the house.
Mrs. Kate looked at the son. “Val, i thought you’ve given your life to christ.”
Valentine shook his head helplessly. “Mom, don’t tell me you’re buying what the strange man said.”
“He was preaching, and in as much as I’m concern, the message was for you because you’re so upset with the presence of God’s holy sanctuary. You hardly go to church!”
Valentine ignored the mother coz that wasn’t the first time she rant on heavenly issues. He swiftly looked through the window to see assassins angrily coming out from a bus with guns. All dressed in black attire. Instantly, he elongated his neck like a giraffe to another direction tosee the strange man staring at him from a hidden position. “Oh my God!” he turned to the mother. “Mom, that man was the Christ we needed to follow to be safe. That’s what he meant otherwise hell will be our next destination.”
“I rebuke you, this boy!!” the mother shrieked.
“Don’t rebuke me, rebuke them” Valentine opened the window curtain for her to see the men in black coming with power and might.
“Val, what have we gotten ourselves into?” She began to tremble especially when they heard close footsteps at the door, matching like horses in front of a battle field. A few seconds later, the men barged inside to see it deserted except the fainted woman. Sooner did they hear a car engine that sped away–that was the strange man, driving away Valentine and his mother who escaped through the backyard of the house.
“Who were those men? And who are you? The second messiah?” Mrs. Kate queried the man from the front seat of the car, while Valentine listened from the back seat.
“My name is Pakyle” the man replied sarcastically. “You’ll know everything when we get to our destination.”
“Well, let our destination be heaven since you’ve saved us from hell…” she kept talking.
Pakyle glanced at her as her mouth moved like that of a parrot. She was young and beautiful. Therefore he couldn’t admire her less, though not knowing Valentine observed him from behind.
Darkness had become the nature of the atmosphere when Pakyle drove through a large gate that closed immediately. Mrs. Kate and his son kept staring at the magnificent building until they entered inside to see powerful computers, radio transmitters and other telecommunications devices. They could also see a teenage girl working on one of the computers who suddenly rushed them saying, “Thanks to you but your life is totally at stake now.” she glanced at Valentine.
“What’s she talking about?” Val directed his eyes to Pakyle for an explanation.
“Probably you’ve not heard of the blank world. I’ve spent years trying to locate it and monitoring their activities. Their agents are everywhere in the real world, monitoring their victims too…”
“Wait,” Val stepped forward. “The woman that fainted is their victim? Are they the ones that took her babies away?”
Bemused, Pakyle said, “Yes and how did you know that?”
“I don’t know, I see past event sometimes.”
“Revealing the existence of the babies to that woman has put you in danger because you’re a threat to them. They must find and kill you.”
Mrs. Kate and her son glanced at each other while the man continued.
“Fortunately for us, your presence in that house made us to receive a frequency from their panic room where your execution was ordered by their leader called Jessica. In the blank world, they make kids practice incest for retual without their knowledge. That’s probably why they took the woman’s babies.”
“Where is this blank world?” Mrs. Kate interfered but saw the teenage girl chuckling. “What is funny, kid?” She provoked.
“My name is Lina and the blank world is nowhere.” The girl, almost the age of Valentine, replied.
“What do you mean nowhere?” The woman turned to Pakyle.
“Where in the world is garden of Eden, ma’am?” he asked then silence creeped in. “Don’t you think if the garden is anywhere in the world people will not hesitate to go there for the fruit of life regardless the sharp swards that guides the garden as recorded in the bible?”
“Are you saying the blank world doesn’t exist?” Val interfered.
“It does exist but almost like the garden of Eden. Hard to locate” Lina replied him.
“How do you people know this?”
“Because I’m an uncle to the babies you saw. The fainted woman is my sister. Don’t worry, they won’t touch her” Pakyle concluded to the amazement of others except Lina.
Sunday seated before his teacher who had been handling him on s£x education for the past one week. That was the last day of their lecture. One could see the image of a female and male s£x organ well drawn and labelled on a wall.
“Remember, Sunday,” the male teacher began. “When you’re s£xually arose especially with a female, explore all her erogenous zones: the [email protected], kiss not only her lips but her neck, stimulating her cl!toral region. Can you locate the cl!toris?”
Sunday pointed at the image. “There, just above the vulva before the vagina.”
“Smart one!” The teacher reinforced. “Remember the panis as a male is meant to enter into the vagina, stroking in an interval until you release a sparm that will form a baby human in the womb of the female” he summarized.
On the other hand at Kezra, Amaya had just concluded her lecture too then rushed into her room excitedly. She collapsed on the bed, staring at the roof of the sanctum with smile all over her face. She was totally lost in thought without knowing when Jesaica entered into the room.
“I can see you’re excited” she brought back the young girl to reality who quickly sat up. “How do you feel, Amaya?”
“I don’t know” she bent her head, feeling shy. Jessica understood, walked to her and sat beside her with a meek voice.
“Do you sometime have s£xual urge, Amaya?”
The girl raised her head at her. “Do you mean the urge to be with a male?”
Jessica nodded.
She bent her head down again, twisting her fingers. “Not really, but I feel my vagina w€t sometime and I discover that it feels so good when I rub my cl!toris during such moment.” She raised her head. “Is it normal?”
“Yes my dear.” Jessica crossed her hand over her shoulder. “When you’re in such a mood, it simply means that you need a male especially the one you love. Don’t worry, we shall visit someone tomorrow.”
Amaya smiled. “Thank you mother Jessica.” She said.
Surprisingly, Jessica frowned. “Who taught you that?” She asked. Before Amaya could answer, Cynthia entered to pick an item. Amaya stared at her as an answer to the question by Jesaica who pretended like it wasn’t a big deal.
The atmosphere was favourable in the blank world enhancing a lovely mood to Amaya’s heart who rode with Jessica on a different horse, going to Azra, Jacob’s residence. Moving out of the house had always excited Amaya coz she was restricted to several places except her environment. Therefore, she rode the horse happily until they got to their destination. She sighted Jacob drinking outside under an ornamental tree with another young boy of her age. Seeing him, a butterfly triggered in her stomach like Juliet in the presence of Romeo. How would she had known that the young boy she just fell in love at first sight was her twin brother? Nevertheless, they stepped down from the horse and joined them, drinking and chatting. The twins occasionally stole a glance at each other. Suddenly, Jacob stood up saying, “Sunday, why don’t you continue with Amaya while Jessica and I get something from inside?”
The two left the teenagers in order to establish a relationship. They watched them from a window to see Amaya laughing at everything Sunday said. That was a good sign that they were getting along smoothly. Hence their plan was also working gradually.
Jessica glanced at Jacob at the window. “There is something about Sunday’s behaviour towards Amaya.” She said.
“What’s that?” Jacob looked through the window to detect what the old woman tried to substantiate.
“Sunday doesn’t seem as happy as Amaya”
“It’s always like that” Jacob averted his eyes from the kids then continued. “In a relationship, the love of one person is always greater. I think Amaya’s love is greater.”
Jessica exhaled.
Hours later, Amaya began to ride home with Jessica who monitored her lovely mood then asked her. “It seems like you love Sunday, don’t you?”
Amaya smiled. “I like him but..” She intensively looked at Jessica. “..but it seems like we almost resemble except that I have a long hair while his is short. Like I can see his nose, lips and eyes exactly like mine. Why?”
“It’s just a coincidence in nature. Don’t worry you can always visit him anytime you want.” Jessica hope she had convinced her.
On the other hand, Jacob entered Sunday’s room to see him spacing through the window. He closed the door behind him saying, “Are you okay, Sunday?”
The young boy turned. “I’m fine, Jacob.”
“Well” he sat at the edge of a bed. “Why don’t you come and tell me what you discussed with Amaya?”
Sunday smiled. “She did the laughing while I did the talking”
“Do you love her?”
Sunday hesitated to answer the question, wallowing in a deep thought..
It was midnight when Sunday’s door cracked opened. Lucky sneaked in. The room was illuminated with a candle light which helped him to see Sunday lying half [email protected] on the bed. He gently met him then began to romance and kissing him until the young boy reciprocated and got er£cted. For the past few years, Lucky had been molesting the boy, making him suck his d!ck and penetrating through his anus. He practically turned him to a homos£xual which after he always tell him “I love you” and make the boy reply after every homos£xual intercourse….
“Do you love Amaya, Sunday?” Jacob’s question brought him back to reality.
Sunday shook his head. “No, I don’t. I love Lucky.” The response was the beginning of their problem in the blank world but the end of Lucky.
Jacob became amazed….

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