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Intimate twins episode 23 – finale


FINAL EPISODE (Epiaode 23)

Written by author Nath

The sight of the panic room mesmerized Mello when he entered with Lina. Already, pakyle had punched in the name of the creator (Grande Masjid) on a computer in order to locate his location. Lina walked to him while Mello roamed his eyes around to see several computers of different shapes with their connections.

“Wow, there are many T.Vs in here” he wondered.

Lina glanced at him with a smile. “There are computers, Mello.” she replied.

“What’s the difference?”

Lina ignored him, giving her attention back to Pakyle who immediately got the location of the creator of the blank world. Both looked at each other then said at the same time, “5th arrondissement street.”

Their statement attracted Mello, so he joined in the amazing look saying, “Have you found him? I need to see him. Someone who was able to create the blank world is a genius and I’ll like to know how he did it.” he said.

“Me too” Lina supported while Pakyle glanced at her, taking a step away from her. “Which after I will put a bullet in his head.” she added.

“Me too” Mello smiled stupidly. “I’ll put a bullet in his head too” he clarified, yet others moped at him like one who was insane. That got him worried, then he said, “What… wait.. what is a bullet?”

Lina chuckled while Pakyle pulled out his phone to call honourable Wisdom. His voice on the phone was the next thing that filled the room. “Sir, we need your men. We’ve found the location of the creator.” he hung up the call. “Let’s go!” he hurried out. Before Lina used the exit, Mello pulled her back like a supper hero.

“What’s it, Mello?” she gazed at him.

“I… umm… I want you to be my sister” he replied.

Lina chuckled. “Like seriously? Thank God you said a ‘sister’ not my a ‘boyfriend’ coz I have one already who I’m working so hard to get out from the blank world.”

“I’m not in love with you, Lina.”

“Okay… brother. Let’s go!” she dragged him along.
Grande Masjid, an old fat man with gray beards surged to leave the city after the apprehension of the governor. A pair of medicated eyeglasses could be seen on his face as he shoved his clothes into a box for urgent travel. Due to his size, his voice seems to be like that of a female. On his forehead was droplet of sweat formed as a result of anxiety. Suddenly, his door broke open and policemen aimed their guns at him.

“Put your hands where I can see them!” One of them commanded. Without hesitation, Grande raised his hands up in the air.

“Don’t shoot!” he said, watching as a man search him from head to toe. Just then, Lina struggled in and kicked the fat man angrily while Mello watched with other policemen, but Lina was pull aside like a rat.

“Where is the key to the blank world?” the commander asked Grande.

“Wrong question!” Mello’s voice came from behind. “How was he able to create the blank world? That’s the right question coz I’m damn curious to know before I put a bullet in his head!” He added then lowered his voice shamefully. “Sorry, I still don’t know what a bullet is.”

“The flow of electron through electromagnetic attraction that draws the disc to the lake which does not affect the neodymium magnet, coupled with virtual alternating current to produce virtual reality and sustained by constant current of a river must be related with the electron flowing inside the lake.” Grande explained. But his explanation made the men weak especially the commander who asked him saying, “What does that mean?”

“He’s speaking in tongues!” Lina retorted.

“Yes!” Mello supported her as usual then whispered to her ears. “He spoke with his mouth, not with his tongue. You failed that one.”

Lina rolled her eyes then replied with a whisper too. “It’s a figure of speech derived from the bible where…”

Mello interrupted her. “Speech doesn’t have a figure. Numbers do.”

“Oh, Mello, you’re a moron.”

“Yes, an intelligent moron” he smiled, while Lina shook her head exhaustively.

Grande replied the commander saying, “I just explained how the blank world was created and no other disc can open it except the one with Jessica.”

“Are you saying there is no remedy?”

“Though there is; destruction of the world but it might cause the death of the people inside it.” He replied.

Hearing him, Lina’s heart skipped.
On the other hand, Cynthia stood at the bacorny once again, admiring the beauty of the city and thinking about the kiss given to her by Benny. Remembering it, she smiled unknowingly. That was a sign of love. She couldn’t wait to hear Benny tell her why he kissed her that faithful night. But how would she had known that the man in quote had kicked the bucket. Sunday met her, standing very close to her.

“I know you saw Jimmy and i” he broke the silence without looking at her. “I don’t know… but… but.. i love…”

“Just shut up!” Cynthia rebuked and glared at him. “It’s wrong to be s£xually attracted to your fellow man. It’s called homos£xualism. Not only does bible forbid that, it’s also a crime against nature and humanity. It’s disgusting! The earlier you stop that nonsense, the better for you!” she angrily left him. Sunday had never seen her so mean!
Everybody clustered before the building at Kezra as usual where Val stood like a commander in the military. The sky had gone dark, the river had given the environment its cold temperature and crickets supported the weary sound of the night.

“Good evening all” Val began. “Do not panic. We’ve spoken to the real world and they’re doing everything possible to rescue us. Also, thank you for your hospitality which you have been showing me.” he concluded alone coz Amaya wasn’t there.

“What about Amaya, sir Val?” One of them asked him.

“She’s tired and has gone to bed” he replied, encouraged them the more before they dispersed to their various houses.

Val walked into the room to see Amaya lying on the bed with her eyes open. Obviously, she had been upset with the phone call which, of course, Val knew. Nevertheless, gently, he laid beside her on the bed. After a series of silence, he said, “Your people asked of you, Amaya”

“I heard them from here” she replied without looking at him then another silence creeped in.

“Lina is a girl I love. Sorry i cannot give you what you want.” Val said.

Hearing that, Amaya turned to him in a way she never averted her eyes from his, feeling her heart broken by his words. Val could see tears gradually circulating her eyes. “Come here” he pulled her to his chest where the tears finally began to pour. “I’m so sorry dear” he whispered, patting her back.
The next day, people gathered in the forest to witness the destruction of the blank world by Grande Masjid. One could see different press, broadcasting live from there. Cynthia waited with anticipation to see Benny and Amaya, while Lina and Mrs Kate couldn’t wait to see Valentine. Policemen were ready to arrest Jessica if eventually she comes out alive but that’s impossible coz she had also kicked the bucket. Celina, Jimmy, Sunday and Mello were there too.

Pakyle whispered beside Mrs Kate. “I’m sorry for… I never knew your husband…”

“It’s Okay, Pakyle” she interrupted him. “I’m sorry too and I’m very happy to have my husband back”

“Did you tell him about us?”

She glance at him. “No need” she replied sarcastically.

Meanwhile, Grande had drained the lake and people discovered a large electro-mechanical device powered by water from the lake. At gun point, he began to disconnect it until a loud sound paved around the forest and a large area of it opened like a spreading vapour. Houses at Kezra, Azra and other places became visible to the eyes of everyone. Even the bridge and the river. It was a thing of surprise to everyone, while some called it a magic.

Mrs Kate sighted Val and Amaya coming out of the building then exclaimed. “Valentine my son!”

“Mom!” Val left Amaya, running to meet her. He embraced her warmly. “Mom, I’m so happy to see you!” he hugged her again.

“Amaya!” Sunday, Mello and Jimmy ran to the young girl who smiled happily when she saw them. She had to embrace three of them at the same time, strangely looking at all the press and policemen. However, Cynthia had been looking around too to see Benny among the crowd that were rushing out of the place until Amaya met her.

“Where is Benny, Amaya?” she asked her.

The poor girl shook her head. “Jessica killed him” she replied sadly, watching as Cynthia began to shed tears.

“Come, my daughter, come. I’m your mother” Celina embraced her with tears of joy. Amaya began to shed tears too but couldn’t define it.

Immediately Mrs Kate left her son, Lina jumped on him happily. “You crazy son of a bitch! I miss you!”

“You call my son crazy?” Mrs Kate retaliated.

“Oh Oh, Mom, not again!” Val retorted, still hugging the young girl. “I miss you too” she whispered into her ears.

Pakyle confirmed Jessica’s death likewise the police who gathered all the people, handcuffed Grande and began to take them away. All went out from the blank world successfully.
After a year, Pakyle died of liver cancer and handed his assets to Lina, someone he could proudly call a ‘daughter.’

Within the year, Jimmy was able to meet his family but Mello never did and didn’t worry about it. He was taken care by the government and never stopped calling Lina his sister.

In a school environment, Jimmy walked to Amaya from behind in a classroom then startled her. She swiftly turned, smiling at him then hit him romantically. “You scared me!”

“Sorry my love” he stood before her. “Come, let’s go watch a base ball or watch the cheerleaders!” he stretched his hand to her.

“I’ll go with you in one condition” Amaya folded her arms and closed her eyes. “You have to kiss me first” she conditioned.

Jimmy smiled, kissed her passionately then she followed him. Both walked out of the classroom, holding their hands.

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