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Intimate twins episode 3


Written by author Nath
The blank world is the exact opposite of the real world; no technology, electricity, education, religion, means of communication and transportation except the use of horses. Victims like the twins who grew up there have no knowledge of the existence of the above things. When you think of the blank world, cast your mind back to the

18th century era. Most of all, there are rules guiding everyone in the blank world which, if, by mistake broken by anyone, death becomes the punishment.
No one messes up with Jessica’s plans in the blank world and go Scot free. Everybody was a captive including workers like Cynthia and Lucky who were about to experience the wrath of the old witch. No one knew how they got to the blank world coz they were captured and blind-folded from the real world. Many had tried to escape but ended up losing their lives, yet never knew the route to the real world where they came from. They prayed for a rescue, a saviour who would save them from the blank world and wrath of Jessica. Fortunately God answered their prayers by giving them the smart twins. They were yet to discover that Amaya and Sunday were their saviour.
Apart from Azra and Kezra there were other places in the blank world where clothes and other basic materials are produced. The workers there are also captives, obeying the rules and laws of the land. They are also famers that maintain productivity in the land, praying endlessly for a rescure. The last people are those who enforce the law and know the secrets of the blank world. They are called Clippers, and they are not captives.
Nevertheless, how would Jacob explain to Sunday that homos£xualism is wrong? Would he back up his explanation from the bible? Of course not otherwise question like “What is a bible?” will arise. So he became dumb, staring at Sunday who also never seized to collect data from his behaviour coz he was very smart. He had the same feelings with his twin sister that everybody had been lying to him. Hence blank world was an illusion to them.
Sunday inquisitively sat down at the edge of the bed with Jacob and said, “You look not only worried but speechless. What are you not telling me, Jacob?”
“What you did with Lucky is an abomination in this blank world?” the old man found his voice.
“Abomination to who?”
“To.. to.. humanity!” Jacob stood up aggressively. “Law of humanity requires a male to lie with a female. Not the other way round! If you don’t make love with a female how then do you expect to form human babies with your sperm. fvck!!” he walked out of the

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room, making sure he locked it.
Sunday, for a while, critically indulge in a deep thought. Jacob’s behaviour didn’t fully have an effect on whatever he was thinking, rather his discussion with Amaya earlier subdued him to that..
The twins gazed at each other under the ornamental tree after Jacob and Jessica left. The degree of silence that took over could enable the sound of a fallen pin thoughtless of the chirping birds.
“Why do we look alike?” Both broke the silence at the same time, prompting a broad smile on Amaya’s face.
“I’m not surprise

because almost young humans in this place look alike especially at the working place.” Sunday was talking about the place where basic things are produced.
“Yes, I wonder.” Amaya frowned a little then looked at her twin brother. “Do you sometimes have this human instinct..”
“What instinct?”
“The instinct that this world is not limited here and everybody is lying to us.”
“We have the same thing in mind.” Sunday brought out the paper he picked from the river. Amaya was amazed to see it, then quickly confirmed it to be hers. She also explained how she sailed it from the bridge.
“It gave me an inspiration when I saw it, as a means of transportation on the river. Bigger size of it can be built for us to explore the river and know where it ends. Who knows, our curiosity could be satisfied with it.” Sunday explained, while Amaya admired his intelligence.
“It’s our little secret” she concluded….
Sunday brought out the paper once again, walked to the window where he analysed the nature and current of the flowing river.
At night fall, back to Kezra, Amaya, in her room, brought out a red solid rock which serves as a pen in the blank world. Intellectually, she began to make out something from the two words, ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’. She drew two humans whom she tagged as Father and Mother, staring at them critically then suddenly began to think aloud. “Older humans that take care of others… What if they love each other, have s£x to form human babies..” She drew a line from the two images to an intersection where she drew a baby human, then circled the three image and called it ‘BLOOD RELATED HUMANS’. Unknowingly to her, she was unconsciously drawing

a nuclear family which was one of the secrets hidden from them in the blank world. Suddenly, a noise came from outside. She rushed out to see Jessica with two clippers, taking Cynthia away from the house on a horse. Briskly, she ran to her horse too in order to follow them without their knowledge, but a male worker caught her.
“Where do you think you are going tonight, Amaya?” Benny, the worker, whispered.
“I’m following Jessica and the clippers” she paused with a strange look at Benny,breathing hastily. “Why are they taking Cynthia away? They want to clip her, aren’t they?”
“She broke the rules”
“The rule of telling me the meaning of mother and father?”
The average man kept quiet. Amaya could detect fear from his posture even from his breathing rate. She ignored him and gallop away with the horse.
On the other hand, Sunday hurried up from his bed when he heard the movement of horses as if matching to war. He clutched the door knob but found it locked from outside. Only then did he know that something was about to happen. “Lucky!” he exclaimed severally, anticipating to hear a response but fading sound of movement of horses filled his ears until everywhere became as quiet as a grave yard.
Lucky and Cynthia’s face were covered as they rode on the horses with Jessica, Jacob and clippers. Of course they knew that it was the end of their lives. They were being taken to the forest to be killed. Yet, they never knew Amaya was right behind them.
In the forest, Lucky and Cynthia were tied on a different tree like criminals about to be executed. Both began to cry when they uncovered their faces. Meanwhile, Amaya watched from a hidden position.
“Please, Jessica” Lucky began with tears. “Grant me the wish of seeing my parents in the real world before you kill me.”
Hearing his statement, Amaya marvelled especially when she heard “the real world’
“How dare you, Lucky?’ Jessica began. “How dare You try to ruin a plan I have been making for years? There is no mercy for you!” she looked at one of the clippers. “Clip him!” she ordered.
The clipper brought out his sward. Mercilessly, he slit his throat in a way blood splashed at Cynthia who screamed in tears.
“Clip her too!” Jessica ordered again.
When the clipper wanted to carry out the order, a clipper arrived with a horse saying, “Jessica, we are experiencing emagency delivery. You have to come now!”
All rushed to their horses, leaving Cynthia alive. Amaya used the opportunity to set her free, yet never listened to Cynthia who warned her not to follow Jessica and co.
Amaya followed them in the darkness, soaring places she had never been before in the blank world. She stopped at a distant when they all entered in a house of a crying new baby. She also sighted another house beside the river that channels from Kezra, her residence. She couldn’t believe the river extended there. Suddenly, she heard a crying male voice from the house saying, “Leave the human baby? What do you do with human babies!!”
Shocked, her attention went to Jessica and co who came out with a baby, running into the deeper and darker part of the blank world. Amaya followed them. She was close to discover the biggest secret of the blank world……

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