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Intimate twins episode 9



Written by author Nath

Once again Cynthia was driven by fear which activated her nervous system, trembling all part of her body and increasing her heartbeat. She wasn’t afraid of the question thrown to her but the consequences it might bring if she delivers the answer. Definitely, Jessica won’t spare her life for the second time. But she was a good lady who wished Amaya never indulged in the forbidden act of the blank world. So she slowly turned to the young girl who had managed to sit up on the bed, observing Cynthia’s trembling attitude.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Jessica about whatever we discuss here.” She assured her. “Tell me all that i need to know about the real world.”

Cynthia walked to the window where she gazed at the sky as Amaya anticipated her response. “Think of a world where things are made easier and faster.” She began still staring through the window. “A world filled with love ones and happy moments.” She turned to the young girl with an overwhelming joy that could be seen through the broad smile on her face. “Amaya, you need to experience a digital world; computer, the internet and various means of communication and transportation.” She took a few steps towards the door saying excitedly, “You walk into a dark room, with just a click on a switch, the room will be illuminated with shining sparkling light!”

“From the sun?” Amaya smiled happily. Just then, Benny, who wanted to come in to check on his patient, stood at the door listening to them.

“No, Amaya!” Cynthia drew closer to her. “It’s not a radiation from the sun, but an electrical energy made by man to power all electrical appliances like a television..”

“Television? What’s that?”

“Where should I start, Amaya?” Cynthia shook her head pitifully. She held the innocent girl’s shoulder like a mother to her daughter. “You need to see the real world Amaya, so beautiful. Do you know that you can talk to someone at Azra from here using what is called a cell phone?”

“Really?” Amaya widened her eyes.


“Does Jessica have it? We should communicate with people from the real world then.”

Hearing that, Cynthia became sad, walking back to the window. Amaya observed her once again and said sadly too. “I guess she doesn’t because she wouldn’t want any of us hear or go to the real world. That brings us to the reason why we are trapped here. Why? Why can’t we run out of this blank world to the real world?”

Cynthia turned. “Amaya, nobody knows the way to the real world. Before you were brought here, some people thought they could escape but they all died locating the path to real world.”

“But why are we here?”

“I don’t know, Amaya. Sometimes, I believe this blank world is not on earth. I believe it’s spiritual coz i don’t see why we have never seen an airplane run over us.” She turned back to the window, staring at the sky. Though Amaya didn’t know what an airplane is but didn’t bother. A sudden silence creep into the room. A few seconds later, Cynthia felt a hand that touched her from behind. She turned to see Amaya standing before her with the wound. Surprisingly, both stared at each other.

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“Back to the initial question” Amaya broke the silence. “What does it mean to be a parent, Cynthia?”

The question reminded her about incest which is the main secret Jessica kept from them. Aswering the question would definitely leads to the discovery of a family and it’s traditions. As Cynthia wanted to respond, Benny coughed at the door then entered, startling both of them.

“Amaya, I can see you’re up and kicking. Come back to the bed, I need to examine you.” Just as Amaya was returning to the bed, Benny gazed at Cynthia to let her know that he knew what she did. Therefore her heart skipped.
After sailing the paper, Sunay straightened up on the bridge when he heard a footstep from the entrance. He turned to see Jessica coming slowly. He stood like a soldier under training with hands behind him. The early morning sun reflected on his pretty face as he watched Jessica approached him like a commander in the military. Both glared.

“What are you doing here all alone, Sunday?”

The young boy glanced at the river to see the paper sailing gently, hoping the old witch doesn’t see it. “I needed a quiet time, Jessica.” he replied.

“Quiet time, huh?” She drew closer with a smile. “That’s the true nature of a man whose heart is bleeding for his sick lover. Don’t worry, Sunday, Amaya will be fine and yours.”

“Is that why you ordered for Lucky to be clipped?” Sunday swallowed hard after asking that question as an afterthought.

“Lucky committed an abomination. A male lying with his fellow male is an abomination likewise to the opposite gender. Such people must be clipped.”

“Then why am I still alive?”

Jessica turned her back on him. “Amaya is the reason why you’re still alive. She confessed to me how much she loves you. I think you should also show her the same love.” She began to walk out.
Still in the quest to locate the blank world, Pakyle strategized with his teenagers on the next mission, using Valentine as point of contact after discovering that he only sees the past of anything concerning the blank world. The plan was to take Val to the crime scene where Celina delivered and her children taken years ago if he could trace the path to the blank world from there. He stepped out of the panic room but Mrs Kate blocked him.

“You’re putting my son in danger, professor.”

Pakyle adjusted his eyeglasses. “First, I’m not putting your son in any danger. He has a connection with the blank world, and sooner or later, we must find out what it is. Secondly, I’m not a professor.”

“Hey, mister!” Mrs Kate’s voice arose. “My son has nothing to do with the blank world, period!”

Pakyle gazed at her without saying a word until he began to walk away. Just before he used the exit, Mrs Kate called on him, “Pakyle!” he turned. “Please, be careful.. hum… with the children” she said almost romantically. The old man nodded his head and walked away.

On the other hand, Valentine and Lina had been waiting at the back seat of their car speechlessly. Lina threw her face through the glass of the vehicle, still upset on the manner Mrs Kate yelled at her when she should have shot the child dead. Val noticed it then broke the silence.

“What’s the problem with you, Lina? You’re very quiet which is unlike you.”

She remained quiet.

“I’m sorry about my mom’s reaction. But seriously, would you have shot the child?” he added.

Lina turned to him. “Don’t see me as a heartless being, Val. You must do what you have to do to get what you want or keep someone safe.”

“The way you won’t allow anything happen to me today, right?” he smiled. That weakened the beautiful damsel, causing her to smile too. She held his hand.

“Nothing will happen to you, Val, not when I’m with you” she assured him as both stared at each other romantically, gradually bringing their heads to kiss but Pakyle’s presence distracted them. The old man entered into the driver’s seat, glanced at the teenagers through a mirror.

“Are both of you ready?” He asked.

They nodded their heads after looking at each other. Of course the only thing in their heads at that time was how breath-taken the kiss would have been. They looked at each other again and smiled. Pakyle set the car in motion.
The chirping of different kinds of insect could be heard at the destination. It was a forest with green shrubs and tall trees. Lina’s eyes never left all the trees as Valentine walked closely with her, also feeding his eyes with the strange place. Pakyle looked at him.

“Do you see anything, Val?” he asked.

“Not yet” the young boy replied. “What was Mrs Celina doing here at the first place?” he added.

“I wonder” Lina supported. “Does this place look like a delivery room to her?” She hilariously chirped.

“She was kidnapped to this place on her way to the hospital.” Pakyle clarified.

Suddenly, Valentine stood at spot with his eyes closed. He could see himself standing there in the past fourteen years, watching how Celina pushed her babies with tears in her eyes, screaming her voice out. He could also see another woman who carried the babies away with a few men in black, all covered their faces as Celina laid on the floor unconsciously. He followed them.

Pakyle shook him and said, “Did you see anything?”

Val opened his eyes, pointing at a direction. “They followed this way!”

All briskly took the same path as Val led the way, running and pointing fingers opposite them until they met a dead end where a lake was found, so they stopped.

“This is the last place I saw them” Val said, looking around.

“Well, are you saying this place is the blank world?” Pakyle stared at the lake.

“I don’t know” Val tried to stabilize his breathing rate. “I think..”

“Ssshhh” Lina interrupted when she heard a sound. “Swiftly, she pulled out her gun, likewise Pakyle. Only Val had no gun. So Lina dragged him towards herself. “Make sure you don’t leave me” she whispered. Meanwhile, Valentine’s heart had left him already in fear. Suddenly, grasses began to rattle from different angles until men in black surrounded them at gun point. All wore scary masks on their faces like deadly masquerades.

“Who are you and what do you want?” Pakyle asked them.

“We want him.” one of the men pointed at Valentine.

“Why? Why him?!”

“Just step aside”

Lina held Val very close to herself. “If you must take him, you have to pass through me first.” she pulled out another gun instantly……

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