Irreplaceable Love

Irreplaceable Love – episode 2

Irreplaceable Love (episode 2)

The sight of Sharon, talking to another guy almost gave Roland a heart attack. For some weird reasons, he couldn’t understand why he suddenly became angry and somewhat jealous. Sharon looked away and pretended as though Roland wasn’t referring to her.

“I just asked a question, what’s going on here” Roland repeated but no one answered. Their silence was beginning to get on his nerves and he started boiling with anger, “Sharon get up and come with me” he commanded but she gave him a disgusted look and sighed. Kelvin was a bit confused at first but eventually figured what was going on, “Sharon are you ok?” Kelvin asked, “I’m fine, I think I’ll be leaving now” she replied.

As their little conversation was going on, Roland couldn’t contain his anger anymore. He gave Sharon a piercing look, sighed and walked away. After he left, Sharon took a deep breath and shook her head. She suddenly became sad and her countenance changed, “I’ll be leaving now” she said. “Did you come with a car? If not, please can I drop you off?” Kelvin asked but she declined his offer, “I’ll be fine by myself” she said as she got up to leave. Kelvin didn’t want to lose her so he asked for her contact, of which she declined again. “Sharon, I don’t mean to be pushy but it would mean so much to me if I can see you again” he said. Sharon thought about it for a while and finally gave her number to him. Kelvin was extremely happy and walked her down stairs so she could board a taxi home, “I’ll call sooner than you think” he said as he waved “Goodbye” to her.

As Sharon headed home, she couldn’t stop thinking about Roland, “I’m scared he might leave me, did I go too far?” she thought. When she arrived home, she tried calling Roland but he didn’t pick up. Sharon didn’t know why she was scared of losing her relationsh¡p with him. For some weird reasons, she felt she couldn’t do without him. All through that night, she called his phone but he never picked.

After work the next day, she went to his office to check up on him because she knew he would be there. Roland’s dad owned the company, so he spent a lot of time there especially on Mondays and Fridays. “Please is Roland in” she asked his secretary, “Yes, he just finished a teleconference meeting so you can go in now” the secretary said.

Sharon majestically walked into his office and saw him going through some paper work. He wasn’t excited to see her, “What are you doing here?” he asked with a straight face, “I came to apologize for yesterday” she replied, “there’s nothing to apologize for, you can leave my office now” he commanded and looked away. Sharon was shocked at the manner he spoke to her, she felt humiliated and unwanted. “Roland what have I done to deserve this kind of treatment from you? If you don’t want me anymore why not just say it and stop with all these cruel words you say to me. I have done nothing wrong but love you, so why do you treat me this way?” she said with tears in her eyes. Roland was unmoved by her tears, he ignored her and kept focusing on what he was doing. Sharon became fed up and tired of looking like a fool, she turned and walked away.

Immediately she left, Roland stopped what he was doing and laid his head back on the chair. He was quiet for a while and called his secretary, “hurry and bring Sharon back here now” he commanded. His secretary rushed out of the office in search of Sharon but she had already entered a taxi. She returned to Roland’s office, “sir I couldn’t find her” she said, “that’s because you didn’t run fast, just go!” he angrily said and his secretary left and went back to her duty post.

Roland tried to concentrate with what he was doing but couldn’t. He felt guilty of the way he spoke to Sharon; he picked his phone and dialed her number but she didn’t pick up, he called again and she still didn’t pick up. Roland sighed, dropped his phone and continued with what he was doing. At close of work, he drove down to a birthday party of his friend. When he arrived, a lot of ladies identified him and rushed to dance with him. A lot of people knew him and how wealthy his family was. He partied and flirted with so many girls and finally retired home with one of them. Unknowing to him, Sharon was planning on visiting his house so they could settle their misunderstanding.

Back at Roland’s house, he took his shower and became cozy with the lady he came home with, “Do you have a girlfriend?” the lady asked, “Yes I do” he replied boldly. The lady smiled and asked “then what am I doing here?”, “You tell me instead” Roland redirected the question back to her. They laughed and changed the topic, Roland reached out for her l-ips and k-ssed it. They got into the mood and started car-ssing each other.

As all this was happening, Sharon arrived at his house and the gate man let her in because everyone knew that she was in a relationsh¡p with Roland. It was already passed 8pm in the evening; Sharon planned on spending the night with him, hopefully after they had reconciled. She had a spare key to his house so she was able to get in without Roland’s knowledge.

Sharon checked the living room in search of him but he wasn’t there. She climbed upstairs and walked towards his room, she heard some funny sounds coming from his room but thought it was the television. The door wasn’t locked so she gently pushed it forward. The sight of what she saw broke her heart into pieces and she didn’t know when tears started falling off her eyes.

Sharon held her heart as she sobbed and shouted “Roland!”.

End of episode 2

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