Irreplaceable Love

Irreplaceable Love – episode 3

Irreplaceable Love (episode 3)

The worst form of betrayal and pain; is catching the person you love p-nts down with someone else. Believe me when I say the sight alone can crumble you emotionally and completely shatter your heart into tiny pieces, especially if you genuinely love the person that hurt you. Sharon’s heart was completely shattered and seemed almost impossible to fix again. She was devastated and couldn’t stop the tears that effortlessly flowed down her eyes.

“Oh No!” she scre-med and walked away crying. Roland immediately rushed her and left the lady he was smooching behind, “Sharon wait, let me explain” he said as he caught up with her. Sharon ignored him and walked faster towards the exit door. Roland grabbed her tightly from behind but she knock his hands off, “Don’t ever touch me in your life again” she warned, “why did you come to my house without calling first?” he angrily asked and Sharon gave him a disgusted look. “You are a big joke and honestly, I think I’ve wasted my precious time sticking with you, thinking you would change someday and love me just as I have loved you but I guess that’s a dream that would never become a reality. Roland, I’m done and can’t continue to live this way, please don’t come after me again because I’m not turning back ever” she said sobbing.

Roland didn’t utter a word as she spoke and when she was done he asked her if she had finish talking. Sharon was disappointed by his reply, she sighed and walked away leaving him there. “I’m always going to be your one and only” he said as she left.

Immediately she walked out of his house, she burst into uncontrollable tears. The gateman had to come to her rescue because she was at the verge of doing something drastic to herself. “Madam e don do abeg, you want make I go call taxi for you or use one of Oga car carry u go your house?” the gateman asked and Sharon told him to help her get a taxi.

In a short while, the taxi arrived and she headed home. All through the ride home, Sharon couldn’t stop crying, she cried her eyes out till she had a headache. “Love is wicked and so unfair, what did I do to deserve all this? I’m just tired and would never open my heart up to any guy again” she said to herself as she sobbed.

On the other hand, Roland was angry but tried to get his mind off things by continuing with what he was doing before Sharon walked in. As he became cozy with the lady again, his mind wasn’t there anymore. He kept thinking of Sharon and tried to take his mind off her but it wasn’t working. As the strange lady k-ssed and car-ssed him, he wasn’t feeling anything again, “Stop!” he commanded and she stopped, “What’s the problem?” she asked but Roland didn’t answer. He got up from where they laid and asked her to go to the guest room, “I’m tired and want to sleep now” he said. Roland called the house keepers and told them to take her to the guest room.

As Roland laid on his bed to sleep, Sharon’s image came flashing in his mind. “Whatever, I’ll be fine without her” he said and tried to force himself to sleep but couldn’t. All through that night, Roland couldn’t sleep well as he kept tossing back and forth on the bed. He was greatly disturbed and didn’t know why, “It’s not even like I loved her that much” he said, trying to console himself but it wasn’t working. He looked at his phone as though he was expecting Sharon’s call but it wasn’t coming forth. After a long while of being restless, Roland finally put himself to sleep.

Back at Sharon’s house, her temperature started heating up as a result of crying. She tried to sleep and forget everything that happened that evening but it was a tough one. She checked her phone to see if Roland had called but didn’t see any missed call. It broke her heart the more when she thought of the fact that he had no regards for her feelings; he was carefree and reluctant with however she felt and had never bothered going the extra mile to make things right with her. She finally accepted her fate and zeroed Roland off her mind, “It’s going to be hærd to completely get him off my mind but there’s no going back on this resolution” she said to herself.

The next day, Sharon was completely down with fever but tried to go to work regardless. Three (3) hours into the day’s activities, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital by her co-workers. Her temperature was high so she had to be admitted. At around passed 5pm in the evening, her phone ranged and she checked to see who was calling but there wasn’t a name attached to the number. She sluggishly picked and greeted the caller, “Hello Sharon, how have you been?” the caller asked, “Fine, please who’s this?” she inquired and almost lost her breath when she heard “It’s Kelvin”.

Deep down in her heart, she was excited to hear from him again but acted cool. “How have you been kelvin?” she asked in a low tone, “I have been good, are you ok? Your voice seems down” he said and she told him she was at the hospital. ‘What! Please which hospital? I want to see you” he said, “Oh no, don’t bother coming, I’ll be fine” Sharon said but Kelvin wasn’t backing out and kept insisting that she gives him the name of the hospital. Sharon finally gave up and revealed the hospital’s name to him.

In less than an hour, Kelvin showed up and she was happy to see him but pretended otherwise. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked and she told him she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital from work. Kelvin asked if she had eaten and she said ‘No”, he drove down to a restaurant not far from the hospital and bought food for her. “Thank you” she said as he gave her the food, “Don’t mention, when are you going to be discharged?” he asked, “Tomorrow I guess” she replied.

Kelvin stayed back at the hospital to take care and watch over Sharon. He made sure she had everything she needed and slept over till the next morning. All through that night, Sharon woke up occasionally to stare at him, “Such a gentle and caring man” she thought to herself.

Sharon was to be discharged the next day. Unknowing to her, Kelvin had cleared the hospital bill before leaving in the morning and she only got to find out after he had left. She was smitten by his caring nature as Roland had never treated her that way before. When she arrived home, she picked up her phone and called Kelvin to thank him for clearing the hospital bills. “Thank you so much Kelvin” she said, “It’s all good, all that matters is that you get better” he said, “I’ll be having dinner by 6pm, can you please join me? I would really love that” he added. Sharon thought about it for a while and was afraid to open the door to her heart again, “I don’t think I want to come” she said, “Sharon, I like your company and always want to be in it. It’s just dinner, I promise” Kelvin said. Sharon smiled over the phone and told him she would be there, “should I come and pick you?” he asked, “Oh no! Just send me the location, I’ll meet you there” she said.

It was time for the dinner date and Sharon dressed casually because she wasn’t feeling too strong yet. Immediately Kelvin saw her, he smiled and removed the chair for her to sit, “You look beautiful, I must confess” he said smiling, Sharon smiled and said “Thank you”. They started eating but Sharon couldn’t get her mind off the fact that Roland had never complimented or treated her that way before. After eating, they got talking and laughing till it was time for Sharon to go. She started shivering due to cold and Kelvin gave her his jacket to wear, “Thanks for the jacket, I’ll return it when I see you again” she said, “You can keep it” he said smiling.

Kelvin drove her back home and there was silence throughout the ride. Kelvin kept thinking of how to pour his heart out to her but was scared of losing her, “who was that guy from the first day I met her? Are they still together?” he thought to himself. Sharon liked him too but was scared of getting hurt again, “Roland still hasn’t called till now since I caught him cheating” she said to herself as she took a deep breath.

The finally arrived at her house and Kelvin thanked her again for honoring his dinner invitation. She thanked him too and was about alighting when he stopped her, “Can we talk?” he asked, “Sure” she replied. He took a deep breath and said, “Sharon, to cut the long story short, I’m in love with you”.

Sharon’s heart skipped several beats and she asked “Why?”.

End of episode 3

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