Irreplaceable Love

Irreplaceable Love – episode 5

Irreplaceable Love (episode 5)

Kelvin was shocked to see Roland standing in front of Sharon’s door at that time of the day, “What on earth could he be doing here at this hour of the day?” he thought to himself. Roland was also surprised to see another man in Sharon’s house at that ungodly hour. They were consumed by rage but comported themselves.

“Can I help you?” kelvin asked, “Where’s Sharon? I’m here to see her” Roland said with a straight face, “OK, let me call her” Kelvin said. He closed the door and walked back to the living room, “Sharon someone’s here to see you” he said and she hurriedly came out of the kitchen to know who it was. “Who’s that?” she asked and Kelvin told her to go check for herself. Sharon rolled her eyes in exhaustion and walked towards the door to see who it was.

On seeing Roland, her heart skipped several beats, leaving her mouth wide open. She needed some time to completely process the fact that her worst nightmare was standing right in front of her. “What are you doing here?” she angrily asked, “I’m here to see you, please can we talk?’ he requested but Sharon declined his offer. “I want you to leave my house this minute and never return again” she said, “what makes you think I’ll ever be interested in having any conversation or whatsoever with you. You must be a joker! She added.

Roland tried to calm her down but it wasn’t working, so he tried to play with her emotions, “Who’s the guy that opened when I knocked?” he asked, walking closer to her. Sharon laughed hysterically for a while and said “you lost the right to asked me any personal question the day you cheated on me and If you take one more step close to me, I’ll rain down a truck load of the anger I’ve been harboring in my heart for you due to everything you put me through”. Roland looked into her eyes and said “I’m so sorry for everything I put you through, I honestly feel like a jerk for being the cause of most of the pains you had to endure just to stay with me. I can’t and don’t want to lose you ever, please forgive and take me back into your heart”.

As Roland spoke, Sharon felt for him but this time, it wasn’t a feeling of love but that of pity. “I feel sad for you because whatever quest you seek can’t be won, my heart now belongs to someone who deserves it so there’s nothing I can do for you” she said and told him it was time for him to leave. As all this was happening at her balcony, Kelvin was at the living room eavesdropping on their conversation. As a gentleman that he was, he didn’t want to interrupt or invade their conversation so he laid low.

“I’ll be back because I’m never letting you go” Roland said and walked away. Immediately he left, Sharon held her heart and rushed to the living room to check up on Kelvin. “Baby I can explain everything that just happened” she said and sat close to him on the same couch, “there’s no need for any explaining dear, I heard everything and totally understand” he said.

Sharon felt guilty as she tried to put herself in Kelvin’s shoes, she moved close to him and hugged him tightly. “Baby I’m truly sorry, I know how bad and insecure I would feel if your ex came knocking at your door by this time of the day” she said, “I’m glad he came knocking because that shows that I’m lucky and blessed to have you. He wants what I have and that’s enough reason for my day to be made” he said smiling. They changed the topic and discussed about other things. After talking for a while, kelvin took his shower and they finally slept.

On the other hand, Roland was restless all night and couldn’t sleep properly. He was refusing to come to terms that Sharon wasn’t his anymore, that was a reality he wasn’t willing to accept. “Who does this new boyfriend of hers think he is? Sharon must be joking to think that I’ll back out or give up on her” he said to himself. He began to sort for ways to get her back!

The next day, Sharon had to leave early for work. She got up early to make breakfast and took her bath when Kelvin was eating. She joined him afterwards and they finished the food together. Kelvin dropped Sharon off at her work place before heading home.

Sharon stepped into her office to the sight of beautiful rose flowers on her desk. She was confused and didn’t know who could have sent them, “Jane!” she shouted and her secretary come to enquire why she was called. “Good morning ma’am” she greeted, “Morning, who are these from?” she asked and Jane told her that it was delivered by the flower company. “It actually came with a note, here’s it” Jane said and handed the note to her. Sharon dismissed her and opened the note to see what was written on it and it read “I want you back”, signed by Roland. She shook her head after reading the note and threw it in her office trash can. She called her secretary to take the flowers away from her office and put them on the reception desk.

All through that morning, Sharon was moody but suddenly became happy when she saw Kelvin’s call. “Hey baby” she greeted, “How are you doing honey?” he asked, “I’m better now you called” she replied. Kelvin smiled and told her that he just called to check up on her, “Thanks babe, I’m glad you called” she said, “Should we do dinner at your place, a restaurant or my place?” he asked and Sharon chose her house. “Come over after work” she said and they exchanged goodbyes before ending the call. When the call ended, Sharon’s countenance changed and she suddenly became happy again.

At close of work, she rushed to the market to get some food items she would use in cooking that night, she arrived at her house earlier and prepared dinner. Kelvin had an urgent issue to tend to and couldn’t make it to her house that evening again. He called to inform her and it broke her heart that he wasn’t going to eat the delicious food she prepared for him. “It’s ok babe, I understand. Let’s see tomorrow” she said.

Sharon sat in the dinning table and was about to eat when she heard a knock on the door. “Could it be that Kelvin changed his mind” she thought and hurriedly ran to the door to open it and almost dropped dead when she saw Roland. “What in God’s name are you doing here, I thought I told you never to come to my house again” she furiously said. “Did you get my flowers?” he asked but Sharon remained on the topic at hand. “Why are you here?” she asked, “I want you back” Roland replied.

Just as Sharon was about to utter another word, Roland moved closer and k-ssed Her!

End of episode 5

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