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Is It A Sin episode 23


Is It A Sin

Episode 23

“When are you throwing the companies parties?” Chioma asked brusquely.

“In two weeks time.” Mr. Ade riposted instantaneously.

“That’s the day we accompanies my mission but we have to discuss some issues with you tomorrow.” Mrs. Chioma concluded.

“Can I trust you?” Mr. Ade asked leery.

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“Sure!” Chioma echoed back and she vanished from the vicinity.





“No I can’t do that.” Mr. Ade screamed loudly.

“You have to do it for the sake of Anita, for the love you have for her.” Chioma defended.

“Forget Anita, I can’t do it…” Mr. Ade retorted.

“Then say good bye to life.” Chioma said and she brought out a gun, she was about to pull the trigger when she sense that she’s inside a hotel.

“I will do it, I will do it ma.” Mr. Ade replied, shaking, panting, sweating and stammering at a time.

“Good, if you execute a well done job, you pay is Twenty Million Naira (#20,000,000).” Chioma riposted happily.

“Twenty Million Naira, I have done it.” Mr. Ade replied immediately.

“Don’t try to act smart, if you try to leak this, I will eliminate none but every members of your family.” Chioma threatened.

“Not at all ma, as far as money is involved, I will do it, to hell with Anita, to hell with the love I have for her.” Mr. Ade expressed happily.

“Now leave.” Chioma yelled and she kept her pistol gun inside her pose. Mr. Ade wanted to run but he could only walk because his legs seem too heavy for him to run.

“Hey come back here.” Chioma riposted, she dropped a parcel of 1000 naira note on the bed.

“Use this as your transport fare.” She concluded. Mr. Ade picked up the money in disbelief, he examined the money and he confirmed that they are truly real 1000 notes.

“Thank you ma.” That was the word he could uttered, he leave the rest room for his house.

“I will rather destroy your reputations and respects than to see you marry another wife after me, I won’t be the loser, my children and I own all your properties.” Chioma thought as she burst out laughing.





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It was the day, the companies party, all the branches workers were all sited, different companies named after Mallshaft Company Limited owned, managed, financed and directed by Chief Nnamdi Richard (Mallshaft) were all sited gaily, no workers is excluded, the lowest ranked workers working for Mallshaft Companies Limited were all cordially invited to the great party. Chief Nnamdi Richard sat with all Departmental Managers, Branches Managers and Directors, his Personal Secretary and Anita; the Chief Accountant; they all sit down merrily, gisting and laughing, on the table were different kinds of foods, assorted meats, wines, sea foods, different kind of breweries products, no kind of fruits is missing on the table, foreign foods were also made available in excess. Anita sat down by the right hand side of the chief, Mr. Ade sat down by the Chief’s left hand side. Mallshaft day used to be a memorable day for all the workers working for Mallshaft, an unforgettable day for all the workers; it was done once in a year, foods, drinks and all sort of assorted were made available in excess, no workers pray to miss such a wonderful and outstanding day, different upcoming artists on stage with the hope of getting sponsored by Mallshaft, comedians crack ribs, magicians play their worth, dancers were all invited and notable singers sing and merriment the day. Schools were invited for the debates and quiz competitions; brilliant, excellent and intelligent students got awards and scholarship from Chief Nnamdi Richard, and the DJs were the professional ones. An eventful day that is always remarkable by all workers.


“Excuse me sir.” Mr. Ade excused.


Mr. Ade walks out of hall, he went to his car and opened the boot, he brought out three wines, he examines the wines and he took the wines along and went back to the hall.

“Sir, I specially get this wine for you and the Chief Accountant.” Mr. Ade uttered smiling.

“For me, this wine is rare, I haven’t seen this before.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling.

“Wine from America, Wow! Thank you Mr. Ade I can’t wait to dip this down.” Anita expressed smiling.

“Sure it’s all yours.” Mr. Ade replied happily.

“Thank you Ade.” Chief Nnamdi appreciated as he was struggling to open the wine, he succeeded in opening the wine, he fetch himself some quantities and dipped down, Anita did the same.

“This wine taste good.” Anita expressed and she fetch herself another cup full and dipped in, Chief Nnamdi also does same.

“What of ours.” A manager asked Mr. Ade.

“Here is my car key, they are in the boot.” He replied as he handed his car key to the manager.


Shortly, most of the managers had left for the wine, some went to use the toilets, only six people were sitting down and that’s Anita, Chief Nnamdi, Secretary and Mr. Ade and two other managers.

Anita and Chief Nnamdi were drunk, they are becoming unconscious.

“Please take the Chief to his room and you take Anita to her room.” A manager begged and commanded.

“Okay.” The secretary and Mr. Ade replied in chorus.

Mr. Ade smirk at the secretary and it seems she understands what he means; she nodded in approval and they escorted the drunks….


Shortly, most of the managers had left for the wine, some went to use the toilets, only six people were sitting down and that’s Anita, Chief Nnamdi, Secretary and Mr. Ade and two other managers.

Anita and Chief Nnamdi were drunk, they are becoming unconscious.

“Please take the Chief to his room and you take Anita to her room.” A manager begged and commanded.

“Okay.” The secretary and Mr. Ade replied in chorus.

Mr. Ade smirk at the secretary and it seems she understands what he means; she nodded in approval and they escorted the drunks….





The secretary lead the way to Anita’s rest room, she laid Anita on the bed, she heard a knock from the door, she is sure it must be Mr. Ade, she unlocked the door and Mr. Ade entered the room with Chief Nnamdi in his arm, he placed him on the same bed with Anita, he take some pictures of Anita and Chief Nnamdi sleeping on the same bed. He was about to escort the chief’s out of Anita’s rest room just then he had a knock from the door, he was shocked and dumbstruck, he wasn’t expecting any body, he look at both ends of the room and he couldn’t find the secretary, he thought it may be the secretary, he mustered some courage to open the door; he opened the door and he saw the secretary shivering and shaking.

“What happened? Why are you shaking?” Mr. Ade asked uneasily.

“They are coming, they are asking for the Chief.” The secretary replied shaking.

“To where? Who?” Mr. Ade asked panting.

“The Chief room, the chief room.” She replied twice sweating.

“What! The chief room?” Mr. Ade asked disappointed.

“Yes, what are we going to do?” The secretary asked baffled.

“Firstly, let leave here, lock the door and go to the comfort station.” Mr. Ade replied as he hurried to the hall; few managers were sited chatting and discussing, some were drunk to stupor, Mr. Ade gently sat down, he was thinking on what may be the repercussion if they were found out. Shortly, the secretary came back from the wash room (comfort station/toilet/bathroom), she was concerned and fearful.

“What will happen now?” She asked anxiously.

“Nothing, but I fear the work of the wine, it make one horny and one thing may lead to another and it may lead to s-x.” Mr. Ade replied concerned.

“What are we going to do now?” The secretary asked nervously.

“We have to leave them there till morning, don’t worry I will give the other managers an excuse that the Chief went somewhere and he told me that the Chief Directors should continue the programs.” Mr. Ade replied boldly.

“Okay sir, I pray this doesn’t not backfire, I am only working for a million naira…” The secretary replied sharply but unfinished.

“Ade where is the Chief?” Chief Directors asked audibly.

“Good evening sir…” Mr. Ade greeted but unfinished.

“Where is the Chief? Answer me.” The Chief Director barked.

“I don’t know about his whereabout he told…” Mr. Ade responded shivering.

“I was informed that you escorted him to his rest room; I have been there but he was nowhere to be found where he is?” Chief Director yelled.

“Some minutes ago, he received a call on our way to his restroom, after the call, he told me to tell you to continue with the programs, he said he will be back by 11pm.” Mr. Ade replied courageously.

“Okay, no problem, I have even been trying his phones but they are all switch off.” Chief Director concluded.





“What am I doing in your room?” Chief Nnamdi asked in an alarming tone, his disquieting voice woke sleeping Anita. Anita woke up, she noticed some changes in her body; she was braless and pantless.

“What happened?” She asked rhetorically; just then she looked the edge of the bed, she saw the Chief sitting there sobbing and weeping.

“Jesus!” She screamed, she was shocked and dumbstruck.

“What have you done? How did I get here?” Chief Nnamdi asked soberly.

“I don’t understand how you got here; this is my rest room sir. Sir! We had intercourse?” Anita asked in disbelief.

“I don’t even understand the whole scene, it seems my brain is blank, I tried to recollect how it all happened but I couldn’t.” Chief Nnamdi vocalized baffled.

“I got drunk yesterday… hmmmm… that’s all I could remember, God what has come upon me?” Anita asked sickly.

“It’s 6:00am, we have to get back to the hall on time, let forget about this discussion for now, we will talk about it later please, please let go to the hall, please am very sorry I don’t know how it all happened.” Chief Nnamdi begged and concluded modestly.

“Okay sir, this must not leak.” Anita replied as she hurried to the bathroom, Chief Nnamdi also went to his restroom to prepare for the day activities.



TIME: 6:40AM


“Sir, where are you yesterday night? I tried looking for you in your room and the whole hall but you were nowhere to be found, hope no problem sir?” Chief Directors asked respectfully.

“Hemmm, I got a call from my in-law and it’s a family issue so I had to attend to it, I came back in the midnight, I was very tired so I just went to bed.” Chief Nnamdi replied falsely.

“I was drunk to stupor that’s why I can’t check on you before I went to bed, my apology sir.” Chief Director replied smiling.

“Apology accepted.” Chief Nnamdi concluded. The directors, departmental managers, secretary and the chief accountant all burst into laugh.





“Done deal ma.” Mr. Ade alerted Chioma.

“Wow well-done Ade, forward your account details and the pictures you captured via Whatsapp.” Chioma replied happily.

“Okay ma but…” Mr. Ade paused.

“But what?” Chioma busted restless.

“They slept on the same bed overnight; I couldn’t help to convey the chief to his rest room because we (The secretary and I) almost got caught.” Mr. Ade uttered with a wobbly voice.

“So?” Chioma asked unconcerned.

“The wine they took made one feels horny; no matter how drunk one maybe, I fear they had s£xual intercourse…” Mr. Ade explained stammering.

“Don’t worry yourself Ade, they may had intercourse but it is just once, we called it ‘CHOP ND GO S-X’ so don’t worry she won’t got pregnant.” Chioma explained boldly.

“Okay ma.” Mr. Ade replied and ended the call.





“You received an alert?” Chioma asked warily.

“Yes ma, just now.” Mr. Ade replied instantaneously.

“Okay, see you some other time and well-done job, keep it up.” Chioma uttered and she ended the call.





“What!” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed with some kind of husky voice.



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