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Is It A Sin episode 24


Is It A Sin

Episode 24






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“Good morning sir.” Anita greeted as she barged the office’s door behind her.

“Good morning sunshine how was your night?” Chief Nnamdi asked smiling.

“Thoughtful.” She replied in a jiffy.

“Why?” Chief Nnamdi asked baffled.

“Sir, the twenty minute unsuspectingly play has resulted to this [she touched her stomach]…” Anita replied astonished.

“What!” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed with some kind of husky voice.

“Yes sir, here is the result.” She replied as she dropped a paper on the Chief’s table.

“Why me? Why this? What are we going to do?” Chief Nnamdi asked unrest.

“Nothing, I can’t abort this pregnancy, I had been warned several time by different prophets, priests and even my mother; that I must not abort any pregnancy that I am destiny to gave birth to only a child and here is it (touched her stomach).” Anita blasted naively.

“It’s not advisable for abortion, I am only scared about my wicked wife, she can do and undo.” Chief said concerned.

“Hmmm.” Anita expressed.

“Yes I also need a child of mine, I am tired of nurturing another person’s children, I can’t allow you to abort this pregnancy, please try to understand I’m only petrified of Chioma…” Chief Nnamdi retorted but unfinished.

“You mean you are nurturing another person’s children, as in you are not the biological father of Chinendu and Chiamaka?” Anita asked baffled and surprised.

“Did I just say that?” Chief Nnamdi asked in doubt and he opened his eyes wide.

“Yes you narrated everything to me “Yes I also need a child of mine, I am tired of nurturing another person’s children, I can’t allow you to abort this pregnancy, please try to understand I’m only petrified of Chioma.” She mimicked.

“Yes that’s nothing but the truth, I am not the biological father of Chinendu and Chiamaka, I’m only funding and nurturing bas***ds.” Chief Nnamdi lashes.




“Who’s there?” Chief Nnamdi roared from inside.

“It’s me Ade.” Ade responded outside.

“Oh! Ade please come in.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling.

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“Anita please go, I will get back to you.” Chief Nnamdi concluded as Anita was about to go out.

“Please Anita don’t go.” Mr. Ade begged as Anita moved back a little.

“Sir.. I have offended you and Anita; Anita please just forgives me, I have offended you and your spirit.” Mr. Ade begged as he dropped on his knee.

“What did you do? Okay we have forgiven you.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling; he was so happy that he is going to be a father in 7 months time.

“Thank you sir, thank you Anita.” Mr. Ade replied prostrating.

“Okay what did you do?” Chief Nnamdi asked suspiciously.

“I mistakenly made both of you sleep on the same bed during Mallshaft day {he paused}, it was a plan work between me and Mrs. Chioma, we only planned to take pictures of you and Anita sleeping on the same bed but one thing leads to other I was almost caught, I have to leave you in Anita’s room and that’s how you both sleep in the room.” Mr. Ade narrated and submitted.

“Thank you Ade.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling.

“Sir…” Mr. Ade was speechless and dumbstruck.

“What you did the other day that you thought it was a misdeed and transgression was something to be happy about for me, for this reason I will not sack you but I will retain you as the mining department manger, I will increase your salary by 7%, thank you very much Ade.” Chief Nnamdi replied smiling.

“Thank you sir, I will continue to be doing bad things toward you maybe that will aid my promotion on time.” Mr. Ade replied happily.

“What!” Chief Nnamdi and Anita yelled in chorus.


“Thank you sir, I will continue to be doing bad things toward you maybe that will aid my promotion on time.” Mr. Ade replied happily.

“What!” Chief Nnamdi and Anita yelled in chorus.


“I’m kidding sir, I will always be loyal and obedient to you sir.” Mr. Ade replied smiling.

“Okay you can leave but no one must hear about the increased in your salary and what happened between me and Anita.” Chief Nnamdi explained.

“I promise sir, no one will hear about it.” Mr. Ade replied as he barged the door behind him.

“Now, we have known the root of this pregnancy; that’s what I am telling you, Chioma is my wife, she can do and undo, I know her very well.” Chief Nnamdi paused.

“What are we going to do now?” Anita asked shivering.

“I suggest you leave this country for a while, when you are about to deliver, you will come back and deliver here.” Chief Nnamdi suggested.

“Okay sir, but what about my family no one will take care of them…” Anita riposted sadly.

“Don’t bother yourself about that my dear, I will take care of that.” Chief Nnamdi concluded. They chat for a while, they reveal the hidden feelings they had for each other, shortly, their lips collided and they engaged in a deep and romantic kiss (everything that happened inside Chief Nnamdi office should be left as imagination. Thanks).






“Congratulation sir, your wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.” The doctor announced smiling.

“Wow! Thank you very much doctor, please can I see my baby and my wife?” Chief Nnamdi asked smiling.

“Sure.” The doctor replied as he led the way to the labor room.


“Thank you my heart, you made me a father.” Chief Nnamdi said as he planted a romantic kiss on her cheek.

“Thank you doctor, God will always be with you and your family.” Chief Nnamdi appreciated.

“My pleasure sir, but we detected that the baby must not be far from your side because he had the same tract of blood with you, as in if he doesn’t see you for days or a long time, there is probability that he may fall sick for that period of time, this deficiency last long for 15 years in infant.” The doctor proclaimed.

“Doctor!” Anita yelled shockingly.

“Okay doctor that’s not a problem.” Chief Nnamdi replied.

“Okay chief please when you are going see me in my office.” The Dr. concluded and he opted out of the ward.


“What are we going to do? You must not leave the baby for a long time.” Anita said with some kind of sobbingly voice.

“Don’t worry, that’s not a problem, I know what to do.” Chief Nnamdi replied in affirmation.

“Okay I hear you darling, hope it won’t backfire.” Anita replied doubtfully.

“Trust me.” Chief Nnamdi replied boldly.

“Okay dear.” Anita replied happily.


Anita was discharged from the hospital, she relocated to her now house built for her by Chief Nnamdi to welcome their new baby.



“Ah!” Obinna expressed happily.

“Where is my mother now? Is she dead and how did I got here?” Obinna asked earnestly.

“Your mother is not dead, Anita is able and alive, she is living in the house I built for her at Ajah and she will be here in some minutes to now, I had informed her to meet me here.” Chief Nnamdi replied Obinna.

“I am already here.” Anita voice echoed from main entrance of the sitting room. She dressed in her favorite colour; pink; a well garnished gown, on her hand is a well bejeweled pink handbag, her makeup is moderated and irresistible, she was just as beautiful as she was during her youth days.

“Anita? Again?” Chioma expressed shockingly.

“Is she my mother?” Obinna asked with some kind of elastic voice.

“I am your mother Obinna; I am your biological mother.” Anita replied and Obinna walked up to her, he hugged her so tightly and firmly. “I felt my mother embrace once again.” He whispered to his mother. “I really miss you darling.” Anita replied as they were trying to disengage. Chief Nnamdi stood up and hugged his beloved wife; they disengaged after a long and romantic hug. Chioma was jealous and envious but she dare not jazzed or soliloquized, her fate has been destiny, she is just waiting for judgment to prevail.

“Father, I suppose to be living with mother, how did I end up living here?” Obinna asked directing his question to Chief Nnamdi.


“It happened that the constant illness of yours is becoming unbearable, it was more confirmed by another Dr. that you supposed to be living with me, it was very hard for Anita to believe and agreed such proclamation, I pleaded to your mother to allow you to be living with me, she later agreed after much pleading and persuasion, she wept bitterly for a long time before she let go of you. “My child will be living with a wicked and nefarious woman inside this crude and wicked world.” She exclaimed.


When I got home with you, I lied to Chioma that the baby was brothel to me by my family members; I lied to Chioma that the baby parents died in a gazed mother accident and the family members felt I am the right person to take up the responsibility of the child since his falsely proclaimed late parents are Chief Nnamdi brother and his wife, you (Obinna) were two years old as at that time, after much persuasion and pleading, Chioma buy the lie, she didn’t agreed to accept you as her son but she agreed to proclaimed you as a maid or houseboy, I bluntly refused her statement, I pleaded to her to accept you as her son but she struck to her words. After a lengthy and fruitless pleading, I threatened Chioma that I will send her packing from my house if she didn’t agreed to my opinion thought that statement doesn’t came from my heart but I just have to risk it, she agreed to accept you as her son, I added to my condition that she must not be harsh and wicked to you and she gave in. I know I risked my life to threaten her with such condition. Who knows that is one of the reason why she want me dead?” Chief Nnamdi concluded.

“Wow! What a wonderful secret unraveling I heard today, so I wasn’t the cause of all this misfortune.” Nnena expressed totally relieved.

“Not at all.” Collins replied in affirmation.

“What will be the punishments of these evil being?” Clara asked with some kind of gruff voice.

“We are not acclaimed to take the laws in our own hands; I have the alternative of their punishment.” Chief Nnamdi replied brusquely.

“Officers!” Jeff {gateman/insider/imposter/policeman} screamed, just then a team of policemen entered the sitting room.




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