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Is It A Sin episode 25 – finale


Is It A Sin episode 25 – finale

“Wow! What a wonderful secret unraveling I heard today, so I wasn’t the cause of all this misfortune.” Nnena expressed totally relieved.

“Not at all.” Collins replied in affirmation.

“What will be the punishments of these evil being?” Clara asked with some kind of gruff voice.

“We are not acclaimed to take the laws in our own hands; I have the alternative of their punishment.” Chief Nnamdi replied brusquely.

“Officers!” Jeff {gateman/insider/imposter/policeman} screamed, just then a team of policemen entered the sitting room.


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“Arrest her, handcuff her wicked husband (Chief Mattew) handcuff all of them, arrest their children {Chiamaka and Chinendu}.” Jeff yelled at the sluggish policemen.

“Officers…” Chioma tried to talk but she was restrained by a policeman.

“You have the right to remain silent because anything you say or utter here will be use against you at the court of law.” The policeman proclaimed.

“What else can be use against me at the court of law? Answer me what again? I have no way of defending that I am not guilty of all this accusations, I’m completely guilty for all the charges and accusations, please I will just beg Chief Nnamdi and the member of his family to please set my children free, they are innocents in the case because if I had been a good mother they won’t end up in this mess, please I’m begging you set them free and let go of them.” Chioma concluded weeping and sobbing.

“Chinendu is a rapist and Chiamaka is as devilish as you, the court will decide their fates.” Chief Nnamdi concluded facing another dimension.

Chief Nnamdi statement leave Chioma to opened her mouth wide, she was dumbstruck and surprised; Chief Nnamdi has never acted in such manners.

Chief Mattew, Chioma, Chiamaka and Chinendu were handcuffed by the policemen, they force them into their van and they sped off.



Chief Nnamdi sat down on the chair facing the D.P.O; he was waiting for the D.P.O to finish with what he was doing.

“Good day sir.” The D.P.O greeted stretching his hand forth for a handshake.

“Good morning D.P.O, how was your night.” Chief Nnamdi replied as handshaking the D.P.O.

“Splendid sir, hehem, Chioma and Mattew has been charged to court, their hearing and judgment will be in two weeks time.” The D.P.O replied smiling.

“Thank you D.P.O, you did a weldone job, please I wanted to collect the bail of their two children, I think I should let go of them since there parent are the cause of their misfortune.” Chief Nnamdi appreciated and pleaded on behalf of Chinendu and Chiamaka.

“That’s not a problem sir, since they have not been charged to court; I will assign a Sergeant to prepare their bail out for you now.” D.P.O replied.

“Thank you sir.” Chief Nnamdi appreciated. They discussed on some other issue; politics, football, salaries, education, petroleum and so on. The bail out of Chinendu and Chiamaka was granted, they were bailed out and Chief Nnamdi, Chinendu and Chiamaka leave the police station for Chief Nnamdi’s resident.



“Chiamaka, Chinendu, I deliberately bail you out from the police custody, I don’t want you to suffer from your parents ignorant and crimes; truly, if they had being a good parent such won’t have happened. Well, I will show both of you my last gratitude and generosity; I’m giving you 2 million naira each to start a new life and I won’t welcome seeing you again as long as I live.” Chief Nnamdi blasted and concluded.

“Thank you father…” Chinendu appreciated overjoyed.

“Father?” Chief Nnamdi expressed slowly.

“I’m sorry sir; I was just thrilled and ecstatic by your generosity and bounteousness.” Chinendu corrected himself.

“My pleasure.” Chief Nnamdi concluded; he brought out his check and hand over a check of 2 million naira each to Chinendu and Chiamaka.

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Chinendu and Chiamaka couldn’t help their present situation, they are just wailing and bawling in tears, this is the last time they will be seeing this particular building at Mighty Estate, what a misfortune, bad luck and calamity that befallen them. Chief Nnamdi couldn’t help, he went to the master bedroom soberly, his eyes were shook with tears, he was very sad that the children he had nurtured and fostered for almost 25 years are leaving his harbor and vicinity “What a life of fate!” he exclaimed. After Chiamaka and Chinendu left Chief Nnamdi’s house, they opted for the garage, they planned to leave Lagos for an unknown village in the far eastern part of Nigeria, they has no option than to accept their fates. {Everything that happened about Chinendu and Chiamaka afterward should be left as imagination}.





“This is Case No OSM/21/2017/ between the plaintiff’s Chief Nnamdi Richard and the Defendants Chief Okowkwo Mattew and Mrs. Chioma Mattew; the defendants charges and accusations are Child abuses, fornication, embezzlement, forgery, corruption, bribery and attempted murders. The hearing and the judgment will be proclaimed by the Justice Babatunde Olaoluwa.” The Courtendant announced and paused

“Mrs. Chioma Mattew and Chief Okonkwo Mattew are you guilty of the charges and accusation or not?” She asked assigned.

“We are guilty.” Chief Mattew and Mrs. Chioma replied in chorus.




“After the words or war between the plaintiff and the defendant’s lawyers, this court of law has been able to confirm the truth of all this matter.” Justice Babalola paused.

“It is a pity that people like you still exist in this country and this world at large.” Justice Babalola addressed, he adjusted his recommended glass and he continued with his statements.

“With the evidences and the proofs placed here before me, it is obvious that you are guilty of all the charges and accusations, with the power bestow in me, this court of law hereby sentenced you Mr. Mattew Okonkwo and Mrs. Chioma Mattew to life imprisonment.

“As your lordship pleases.” The lawyers concluded in chorus.

“Arise!” Justice Babalola concluded.

“Court!” the courtendant concluded and some warders handcuffed Chioma and Mattew.

“So this is how I will end my life of merriment, all my dubious and evil acts backfire in just a day, so it’s obvious and palpable that no matter how long evil succeed and progressed; the truth will surely prevailed one day. Well I have no one to be blamed, because I am the architect of my own destruction, I use my own hands to dig my own grave, I am the doom of myself, God, I will only asking your forgiveness because I destroyed not only my life but that of my children’s life, had I know I would have listened to my parent, so disobedient leads to destructions and ruins, God I’m asking for your forgiveness, please forgive all my sins and I promise not to go back to my evil acts as long as I live. Good bye to the life of merriments, Good bye sweet life, Good bye life of gaiety, Good bye life of glee and welcome life of a slave, destruction, shame and disdain.” Chioma concluded and she gently entered into the warder’s black-maria and they sped off.








“Their outcome’s are doomful, they truly pay for what they sow, that’s is the reason why we must always be good, loyal, kindhearted and devoted in whatever we are doing, how I wish they don’t play the dirty game, truth always prevails no matter what.” Chief Nnamdi gave his word of thoughts to his listening staff, he was grieved but what happened had happened nothing can be do to save their past, it is their result for the exam they sat for.

“I am using this medium to announce to you the new Director General of these able companies Mr. Obinna Nnamdi.” Chief Nnamdi concluded. The whole hall was rented with a standing ovation, Obinna was high in spirit, he wasn’t expecting sure a wonderful support from the staffs of Mallshaft companies.

“Thank you very much, I really appreciate, my joy came as triplet because my beloved father is going on retirement from work; that’s the TAIWO of my joy, and as his heir, he assigned me as the new Director General of these great group of companies; that’s the KENNY of my joy, I promise to step in the same show my father had use, I am also using this medium announce two new Managing Directors; I present to you Mr. Jeff Ayodele (policeman/gateman/imposter) and Mr. Collins Samuel (both came on the stage); and this are the “Eta Oko” of my joy.” Obinna concluded smiling. A standing ovation rented the whole hall.

“This is the best ever Mallshaft day.” Some staffs were whispering to each other.


It was a wonderful Mallshaft day for all the staffs; they were so amazed and stunned because they weren’t expecting such a wonderful announcements and revelations. Foods, drinks, assorted, breweries, wines, beverages were all available in excess as usual.



DATE: 14/2/2018


Chief Nnamdi, Anita, Clara, Jeff (The policeman/insider), Tessy (the hospital receptionist), Collins, Obinna and Nnena were chatting and discussing at the bar beach, they were all enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. Behold it was valentine day.


“Clara, please let me see you.” Jeff excused and he help Clara up, he and Clara walked to a far end of the beach.

“Clara, a love at first sight is truly hard and difficult to defy, I admit it, I don’t know I could ever find a pretty damsel like you, you are rare my dear, you are like a gem; a rare gem of its kind, you are as precious to me as a gold, how I wish I had know you earlier maybe I would have marry at 16 years old, but thank God it’s not too late and I couldn’t help any longer than to say it, I don’t know how to say this but I will just say the three words I LOVE YOU; this statement is not from my mouth but from the bottom of my heart, I don’t love you to date, use and dump you, am not asking for a boyfriend and girlfriend love from you, I really need a true love from you, Clara, I only love you to marry you as my wife.” Jeff paused; he dipped his hand inside the pocket of his jeans trouser and he brought out a gold engaged ring.

“Will you marry me?” Jeff asked seriously.

Clara was dumbstruck, she was so happy and bemused, she also love this handsome dude; Jeff, but it’s wrong for a lady to approach a guy; she would appear cheap.

“Yes…. Yes… I will…. I must….” Clara replied loudly but happily. Jeff slot in the ring and he kissed his wife-to-be passionately.



“My dear, please let leave this children for a while, it is cold outside and I am beginning to feel the other side of the breeze.” Chief Nnamdi said teasingly, he leaves with her wife for the restroom.


“Nnena, I will say this once, and I want you to listen carefully, this statement is coming from my heart, listen to his heart and don’t listen to his sugar-coasted mouth, that’s how to love. I LOVE YOU is just a mere statement expressing and showing that someone really like you. My dear, I find it irresistible to forget your love, I don’t know how to love but you taught me, you made me understand what is mean by LOVE without a single word, I don’t know love made a wise man to became a fool; you taught me all, I don’t know love made a strong man to became powerless; you explained everything to me without a single word; God himself created this world because of love, the affection I had for you is more that I LOVE YOU.” Obinna paused; he brought out a diamond ring and proposed.

“Will you marry me?” He asked waiting for her response.

“Say yes please.” Collins joked smiling.

“Yess….. yess…. I will marry you.” Nnena replied happily, her joy knew no bound, she is so happy and delighted, Obinna slot in the diamond ring and they engaged in a deep kiss.

“I’m happy for you Nnena.” Tessy expressed happily.

“Una weldone o.” Jeff greeted directing his statement to everyone. Obinna and Nnena disengaged smiling.

“Tessy, Nnena… I’m engaged.” Clara expressed happily showing her index finger with ring.

“I’m happy for you my friend.” Tessy expressed and she went to hugged Clara passionately, they disengaged and Nnena also hugged her friend passionately.

“Won’t you propo…….. wow!” Tessy was happy and surprised; she wanted to confront Collins for not proposing to her while others had proposed to their lovers but she was amazed to see Collins kneeing down holding a gem ring.

“Will you mar….” Tessy never allows Collins to finish with his statement when she replied.

“Yes…. Yes…” She screamed of joy, she hurried and hugged Collins passionately.

“Nice and interesting drama acted by six lovers.” Chief Nnamdi exclaimed happily.

“Is that why you were whispering to me to leave before?” Chief Nnamdi asked directing his question to Obinna.

“Sure…dad.” Obinna replied smiling.

“When is the wedding holding?” Chief Nnamdi asked teasingly.

Collins, Jeff, Obinna, Clara, Nnena and Tessy whispered for some seconds they later burst out the date they choose. “31st December…” The all replied in chorus.

“On my birthday?” Chief Nnamdi asked in disbelieve.

“Yes, on your birthday.” They replied in affirmation.


What a wonderful and rare wedding ceremony between Clara and Jeff, Collins and Tessy and Obinna and Nnena. The wedding was the talk of the town; the unusual and rare wedding ceremony and Chief Nnamdi’s birthday was marked as the best wedding ceremony in the whole country.

A surprised and fun-fill honeymoon holds in Paris for the newly wedded couples.







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